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Wed 19th August, 2009

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DSman59 commented on Rev Up for Remote Racers on DSiWare Next Monday:

I enjoyed AiRace and this games looks nice, too. I also like the soundtrack, framerate looks stable. This might be the first DSiWare games I'll download this year. Not interested in [the overpriced, IMO] Shantae.



DSman59 commented on Review: Nintendo DSi Metronome (DSiWare):

Thanks for posting the reviews early!
There are two mistakes the author could correct: 1) those math rock bands usually play in odd-time not "off-time"; 2) it's bpm not "bps" (90 bps would be an inhuman tempo).
200 points is a really good value for a metronome with those features, my metronome, in comparison, cost about 70 euros. But I wouldn't bring a DSi for rehearsals.
I will probably buy that tuner app when it comes to Europe. It's also great value for those who need it.



DSman59 commented on Car Jack Streets Plans A Hit & Run In Europe:

I wonder how this game got a T rating in NA. I mean, you have an open city where you can kill people, steal cars, drive people over. Are we getting degraded even more? Years ago this would certainly have got an M rating.



DSman59 commented on Unleash Your Inner DJ With Rytmik:

Only up to four instruments!? I think they can do better than that. Without SD saving or Wi-Fi, Rytmik has limited use. But it's nice to see something like this for DSiWare.



DSman59 commented on Even More Nintendo Titles Get The Axe:

I think this is some kind of a marketing strategy. See, if people are afraid of not being able to buy some games they haven't already bought, there is a higher chance of people paying for them, full price. So gamers who heard the news can been manipulated into handing over their hard-earned money to The Big N.
Anyone can spend their money as they wish but I think Nintendo is messing with our heads. An example: the company is giving out press releases about how bad they are suffering from piracy, yet they are one of the best earning companies in the world. Manufacturing a copy of a game costs very little money, but it's retail price is 20+ dollars. I don't understand how does stopping the production of a new game (less than a year old) increase the profits so much to justify it. Someone will buy a copy eventually.
Maybe Nintendo really is preparing to launch a new console that would have download-only games. This could kill piracy and increase profits.
I think that if ones friend has a game he/she hasn't played, they could just borrow it. Why is not owning a game so bad?



DSman59 commented on Review: Reflect Missile (DSiWare):

I bought this before the review appeared. I couldn't decide between MFC and Reflect Missile, but I chose the latter and I'm glad I did. RM is an amazing game. I like it more than AS: PiCOPiCT.



DSman59 commented on DS Look-a-like Disappears From iTunes App Store:

Nintendo doesn't like to be messed with. That's why they are fighting homebrew and exploits so desperately. Nintendo probably has a special department that checks for copyright infringements and other things they don't like all over the Internet so The Big N can crush the people.