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Thu 19th Nov 2009

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Plastifish commented on We May Have 8-Player Online with Mario Kart 3DS:

Please. Please. Please map the course so people can't 'snake'. That was the biggest flaw with the first DS version. I can live with a blue shell, it happens once or twice a race - I just can't stand the snaking.



Plastifish commented on SEGA: "Wii U Due in Spring or Summer 2012":

I will wait for another source other than Sega. It would be nice to have a mid-year release. I liked that with 3DS - just as your Christmas games need a little shelf time.

We will have a good idea come this holiday season.



Plastifish commented on Following Wii U Unveiling, Nintendo Shares Dro...:

Some people are never happy. What is so confusing about this? We asked for HD. We asked for a controller where we didn't have to jump around the room to use.

I know many people who believe the Super NES to be the best Ninty console. That's a carry on of a 'name'. That had better graphics. That had a controller that allowed for more options.

I think Nintendo just took what worked well and didn't from their last console and moved on. (Obvious influence from the DS. If you sit back on the couch and look over that controller it will be a mirror image.)

Overall, I'm happy with the decision and don't care about the stocks. I think this looks like a long-life system. They better get the on line right, though, if they want to expand the audience.



Plastifish commented on Wii U Hopes to Rectify Problems that Wii is Ex...:

I'm an old guy. To me hardcore gaming has just come to mean you play on line - which I don't think is a correct definition, but what people think something means is all that matters, right or wrong.

An active on line community and HD is what the Wii didn't have and is what differentiated it from the the other system. I have friends who asked me what I was doing when the PSN server went down... come on, man. I love playing the PS3 when I want to play on line. Other than that, it hasn't been a difference for me this generation.

Hardcore gaming means you play a lot of games. It doesn't matter what kind - it's just a person who is dedicated to the hobby. I did some hardcore gaming back in the day... before Al Gore invented the internet.



Plastifish commented on Talking Point: 3DS Launch Line-Up Lacks Fresh ...:

Dude. I just dropped $250 on this 3DS. My wallet only has a one game credit beneath the moths. Surely we can all find one game to hold us over for two months and another nice wave? Besides, how many of you will dust off Mario Kart and other old favorites because of the new system? I will. looks like another 4 days on Fire Emblem, too!



Plastifish commented on Interviews: Richie Knucklez - The Kong Off:

I made my wife watch 'Fist Full of Quarters' and she ended up loving it. So, during the event I let her read your earlier play-by-play post and she was cheering Wiebe on...until the media got in his face. I got to mess with her and told her Billy Mitchell won - that got her fired up - she wants to meet him and punch him in the face. It wouldn't be nearly as interesting without the bad guy, though.



Plastifish commented on Mario Kart:

Yeah, my wife loves Toadette. We just played some Mario Party the other night. You have to love the weird fungii pigtails! And do not get her started on why Toadette wasn't in Mario Bros. Wii instead of a blue AND yellow random Toad... This would be my number two character added in as a sleeper character; first would be Koopa Troopa.



Plastifish commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D:

Tell me I won't have to blow into the 'ocarina' to play my classic tunes... we old guys still remember which yellow arrows to push to zap ourselves here and there and back in time, and pray that they correspond to the XYBA button layout.



Plastifish commented on Star Fox 64 3D:

The cheesy voice acting was part of the fun in the original. You know you won't get a medal bonus if one of your partners dies during the board, so basically you have to bail them out... but you are conflicted... you say to yourself 'if Falco keeps asking what's taking so long, I'm gonna let him die', or 'Slippy's voice is so annoying I think I will shoot him/her down myself''. So, do a barrell roll!



Plastifish commented on 3DS Could Cause Eye Problems in Later Life:

Are the developers crosseyed yet... But, seriously, being that this is a warning for younger children, I would say, at this point, that this is a generic precaution; just as excessive TV time has been noted in the past, and 'do not sit too close to your TV'. It is better safe than sorry. If you notice that your eyes feel strained after a few hours of high-set 3D, then you probably want to limit a younger person's play time even lower.



Plastifish commented on Hardware Impressions: Nintendo DSi LL:

Never got around to buying a DSi yet. This may help the normal sized version's price drop. We always welcome price drops. However, as an old time video gamer, this XL version is VERY tempting to me. I could care less if it fits in my pocket, I'm not pulling it out on the bus. The DS, for me, has simply offered a different library of games - like the rebirth of SNES RPG's and games that rely on great mechanics and story over horsepower and 'pretty' appeal. So, a larger screen, better sound, and an easier to hold system might be nice while sitting on the couch. My son or daughters won't want the mammoth thing, so I can pass on my Lite version and quit switching to the original DS so my hands don't cramp while playing Mario Kart DS!