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Sun 12th Jun 2011

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MiyamotoSlave commented on Animal Crossing 3DS Trailer Rings a Few Bells:

I absolutely cannot wait, this might be a reason to pick up Animal Crossing again. Did anyone else notice the beehive surrounded by flowers in frame 0:25? I'm something of an amateur apiarist in the real world, so this is especially exciting. I hope harvesting honey becomes a task!



MiyamotoSlave commented on Wii U Uses 25GB Discs and Lacks GameCube Compa...:


"Not really - I think it's disgraceful to disregard gaming's past like most companies do."

Just scanning through the posts I noticed your comment and I agree that gaming's past shouldn't be forgotten, but one should be wary of criticizing the decisions of a company that has always relished its past and continually made available to current gamers the wealth that is that past. You ask who would only watch movies from the past five years, well it might be worth considering that all of those VHS tapes you bought in the 90s are pretty defunct. You had to repurchase them all on DVD and soon on BluRay. Technologies advance, it's almost impossible to play an eight-track or a vinyl LP, even cassettes are less and less supported, and CDs are on there way out with the advent of flash media. Nintendo cannot be expected to waste precious dollars on cross compatability, the next thing we'll be demanding is cartridge slots for our NESs, SNESs, 64s, et al. What kind of inefficient behemoth would that be!? And as for games being forgotten because of advances in hardware capability, they won't be. Nintendo knows that they can make money on the best of their historical catalog. Those VHS tapes need to be rereleased on DVD and Blu Ray, or so the analogy goes.



MiyamotoSlave commented on Wii U's IBM Power Processor Means Business:


Bespoke is a somewhat obsolete term in English meaning to "custom-tailor something to a client's specifications," it is usually used by flouncy millionaires wearing a $15,000 Vicuna-wool coat, driving a Bentley with a Natuzzi leather interior, while sucking back Cohibas from Habana. In this context, it probably means that IBM has (present tense, considering the system is operational) produced an SOI chip for Nintendo according to Nintendo's specifications. The processor (and as a result, as you say, the system's "strength") is not up for grabs, we just don't know what it is.


I sincerely doubt that Nintendo doesn't know what is going on or do not have answers to these questions. However, Nintendo has always been silent and secretive. They feed speculation with ambiguous, indeterminate side-stepping. That is part of Nintendo's existing and ongoing marketing strategy. Wet their appetites, but leave them hungry. Does it work? Are you searching frenetically to find out more about this seemingly illusory console? digesting every rumor?

And they've won, because they've got you talking, seeking, hoping. They've motivated the mob. They've equivocated you all into a frenzy. Which is good, it sells systems. Curiosity and desire are sister demons and Nintendo sold its soul to them long long ago.

The question is not "what else," but rather, "when will they tell us"? Let's try to be patient.