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Rumour: Wii 2 has Blu-ray Drive, Controller Contains a Screen

Posted by James Newton

Whatever next?

The rumour that Nintendo may unveil a new console at E3 has sprouted legs and run away with the Internet rumour mill today, with reports of various levels of believability hitting the web.

French site has allegedly leaked the system's specifications. According to the site (which scooped the specs on Sony's NGP before its official reveal) the system will be comparable in power to the Xbox 360, with a three-core custom IBM chip running things behind the scenes.

It's the controller that will raise the most eyebrows however, with the site claiming it contains a six-inch touch-sensitive screen, a camera and can function as a Wii sensor bar. It's got the standard D-Pad and other buttons too, of course, making it a cross between a tablet and a control pad, an intriguing proposition indeed.

Other sources are also claiming the machine will make use of a Blu-ray disc drive, allowing far greater storage capacity than the current DVDs. If this particular rumour were true, it would all-but confirm the console's ability to output HD resolution images too.

As always we advise you to take these rumours with as much salt as you like while we try to get to the bottom of this situation.


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Mars said:

If true, this sounds intriguing. A wii sensor-like bar on the controller? Hmm... I wonder if this will allow the controller to detect hand gestures or face movement via an added attachment. I'm also hoping for 3DS functionality. Blu-Ray is the future disc format for the time-being, so I hope it's true. Hopefully, Nintendo launches this with a decent size hard drive. They shouldn't name this console the Wii 2; I would prefer SNES 2. Nevertheless, this year's E3 will be big for Nintendo.



Cia said:

"The system will be comparable in power to the Xbox 360". If this is true, i may finally ditch Nintendo. Xbox360 is already 5 years old, and i'm tired of playing with old hardware. They should absolutely make the next Nintendo more powerful than PS3 or 360, because otherwise Nintendo will once again lost proper third patrty support for way more powerful PS4 and Xbox720.



James said:

@irken004 Nope, I have a Samsung Blu-ray player. It was developed and is owned by the Blu-ray Disc Association, so doesn't belong to any one format holder



Shiryu said:

The Dreamcast VMU display unit was quite fun if a somewhat underused feature on the console. So... who knows, if true, Nintendo would surely know how to use it in conjuctuion with it's IPs.



Tasuki said:

I cant see Nintendo using Blu-Rays since they would have to cut a deal with Sony to do that. I am sure that we will here all kindas of crazy rumors from now till E3. Just going to have to wait till than and see if Nintendo says anything.

BTW I heard the Wii 2 also makes great pop tarts if you put them in the disc slot .



Scarkaiser said:

Here is something I cannot wrap my mind around. Why does a systems power have to define how good it is? Remember when games were just gasp fun?

Never mind if it has great games or not... Look at some of the best looking games for PS3 or 360... Like platformers or shooters... How are they any different from ones before their time? Uh... Well... They look prettier? That's it...

In my opinion we aren't ready for any new consoles because no developers are even bothering with what we have now. People just make HD HD HD HD and suckers buy it up not needing to know anything else. Motion controls are mostly just a gimmick, and despite the processing power no developer actually puts that to good use (how about actually making better AI in games...) save for OOOO SHINY...

I think the current Wii looks fine, without any need for HD. Should Nintendo make another console I hope they use lesser hardware than that of whatever Sony/Microsoft counters with. Using older hardware makes something both more reliable and affordable.



Cia said:

Well, at least they should bring Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to the next Nintendo. Wait... that's actually possible.



Cia said:

^If the hardware is on par with old 360, it shouldn't be expensive.



Monsti said:

It dosen't make sense to me that it's only comparable with the Xbox and PS3 and not better. We all know Nintendo wants the 3rd party support back and they won't get that if Sony and Microsoft have their next consoles out 1-2 years later. But the rest sound 100% Nintendolike. But please bring more buttons back....I don't want to shake my controller anymore....not even in DK returns!!!!

@Scarkaiser: I would completely agree with you if it wasn't for the fact that Nintendo misses out on so much 3rd party stuff because of the specs.



V8_Ninja said:

Come on internet! I haven't even set up my salt dispenser yet!

OT: The Blu-Ray is NOT going to happen seeing as it's a Sony product and Nintendo are pretty much in direct competition with them. However crazy as it seems, I do see the whole "Controller Touch Screen" being a reality. Nintendo would be daring enough to try something like that.



KaiserGX said:

I don't care if the hardware is 5 years old. It looked pretty good to you before didn't it? Why not now. This is what happens when you compare. Enjoy something for what it is. Eventually there will be a point were the graphics won't be able to advance further, besides maybe better animation and physics.



Malkeor said:

@Tj92: I know right?

And the six-inch screen? I don't understand...that's kind of a turn off.

Hopefully these are false. but it is true...I wanna see if it's all gonna work well..



James said:

Sony also developed the original Compact Disc with Philips, and Sega used that technology for Mega CD and Saturn, so I'd say it's certainly possible for Nintendo to use Blu-ray.



pinta_vodki said:

I can see some interesting uses for the screen on a controller. It can be an additional trackpad/set of buttons or be like an ammo display on sic-weapons, or.. a Pokedex! Or display first person view in a platformer %)

And people who care about hardware... Really? Did you buy Wii because it was more powerful than PS3 or X-Box? Or did it outsell those because it was more powerful? Guess not. Think Nintendo Way, people.



KaiserGX said:

No, they will come in basic script and code which we have to read. Based on the decisions we choose, it says go to page 23.



Kriedler said:

I'll be pissed if Nintendo comes out with another console and it's only as weak as a 360. Seriously. Nobody will ever be able to shut the Sony fanboys up
Also, it still feels a bit soon after the Wii. I know it's been a few years, but I remember how long the NES and SNES were around. And the handhelds had long reigns, all of them



bboy2970 said:

Honestly, even if the graphics of the next Nintendo console are on par or just over 360/PS3 graphics, i'll be happy. Even though I'm sure both Sony and Microsoft will be pushing power like always with their next systems, and it will likely look better than the next Wii, I don't really care. 360/PS3 graphics look great already. The consoles are reaching the end of the line as far as looks go. There IS a limit on how good something can look. They need to start putting all that processing power into better physics, or something else that can actually be significantly improved upon at this point. As far as I'm concerned, a processor on the same level as 360/PS3 is all we really need. If all gaming hardware from here on in had those graphic capabilities, I would be just fine with it.



Graph said:

Ok, for all those who think SONY owns Blu-ray, you are wrong. The Blu-ray was developped by the Blu-ray association, which SONY is a member of. SONY does not own the exclusive rights to it AT ALL. Just because SONY has been pushing the Blu-ray a lot more than the others, doesn't mean they own it.



PSICOffee said:

A 6 inch touchscreen on the controller? First off, I like the little nod to Sega with a screen on a controller like the Dreamcast. However, this size sounds to be big for being on a controller with regular buttons in the middle. I can only assume it will be something like a DS, only both screens are merged into one. I wonder if Four Swords somehow inspired this, with the gba connectivity and all.



KaiserGX said:

Thanks James... I didn't know it was called a DualShock.

That same speculation about a 3D handheld?



thanos316 said:

nintendo is a very smart company, and they know they have to provide something different from the other consoles thats out there and that will be coming in the near future. lets hope that the developers and nintendo are on the same page this time around. i like good graphics just like the next person, but its all about gameplay for me. i just want some fantastic games. i've always said that ninteno is behind the scenes developing something awesome for the next gen. the wii was a great system for me and it was truly revolutionary look at what its accomplished over these years thats why i say that. so the wii 2 will blow some minds away



WiiLovePeace said:

The future is Blu ray discs, it's that simple. It went from video tapes, to DVDs, to Blu-ray. Don't know why people doubt Nintendo's ability to utilise any given technology. Although I could understand that Nintendo won't use it if it's too costly or whatever. But don't you all think that Nintendo announcing a new home console is too close to the release of the 3DS? It's like just been out to market, for a few months by the time E3 comes around. I don't think Nintendo will want to go trample on potential sales, having heaps of people choose to holster their wallets to save for a new home console instead of getting a 3DS. Plus Nintendo isn't really interested in being the 'latest' in technology, knowing that having the best technology doesn't last long & doesn't guarantee new gameplay experiences. Also i doubt the whole touchscreen controller thing, since Nintendo has said they already tried that originally with Wii & it didn't work but we'll just have to wait & see I guess.



MasterGraveheart said:

Now HERE'S something they should consider... Add in a small hard drive into that controller... allow for the ability to temporarily download a console game onto that controller and allow a user to play it anywhere. If motion controls are needed, a stylus can be used in its place. How about THAT?!

Power-wise... I think Nintendo needs to be on the highest end of the spectrum... IF it were starting the generation on time with the other companies. Since its not, it becomes a trickier endevor. Because now you want people to buy your next console, which they WILL, amist other consoles. Besides, they just shelled out $300 for their shiny new 3DS plus a game... more if they bought more games or, if they're like me, bought a carrying case. It's a tricky road for Nintendo... charge into the current generation's market with an on-par system and a head of steam, or get a jump on the beyond console generation, which I think they should. The problem becomes when you're the first company to reveal your system for the next generation, everyone else has the chance to improve upon your specs. On the other hand, there may be a case where your head start may be too much for them in general, i.e. the 360 vs. the PS3, which barely caught up with the 360 before faultering again.

It's a complex conundrum. Wii is the underpowered workhorse of this console generation, in spite of it being the undisputed winner.

Now for Blu-Ray. Nice idea gor game storage... but how about movies? I know Nintendo's avoided this concept before, but doubling as a Blu-Ray/DVD player would REALLY help their sales numbers. Heck, I was THIS close to getting a PS3 before 3DS was announced... for it's Blu-Ray player. Sure, I'd buy a few games, but that still could have been $400 in Sony's greedy pockets. It's something Nintendo needs to think of.

Now for that controller. Intriging. If it's no bigger than a non-XL DS, I'm on board. The most important thing to it though? Ergonomicy. Sure, we can play with a flat handheld nowadays, but controllers have changed since the days of the SNES or my beloved NES or even the Sega Genesis, which had only the SLIGHTEST bit of ergonomic griping. It COULD get a bit busy, but let's also think of it this way... six inches... not horizontally, but diagonally? Ah, now that'd be something. Speaking of which, what about sensor bar? Would we have to put it on top or at the foot of our TVs then whip out the Wii Remote? One of my problems with the Wii, which are few and far between mind you, were the several attachments that came out for it. I have, for my Wii Remote, a nunchaku, a wheel, two kinds of arcade sticks, two kinds of Zappers/guns, and a banana. Switching them out for specific games can get a little overwhelming (keeping track of where they are, not using them, thankfully), but some work better than others. I hope there is more of a sense of universal interfacing with this next controller.

Finally, I need to say this to Nintendo. MARIO CANNOT BE LATE FOR THIS PARTY! If you're going to launch a system, you need to have your big-name player primed and ready. And if not Mario, then Metroid, Zelda, or the no doubt unlikely main gameplay Pokémon game because these are your Four Kings of Nintendo. And heck, maybe use it to launch a new AAA franchise alongside it. People see the "Made by Nintendo" label on it. They'll buy it. It's why Wii Music of all games wasn't a TERRIBLE failure.

No doubt this has become a "Too long, didn't read it" kind of post, but I had a lot to say. Nintendo is my company. They've been there since I was ONE and just barely able to grip an NES controller... granted I never did too well, but still. I want them to succeed and I want them to stay as the kings of the industry. It isn't so much that I hate Sony or Microsoft. I'm sure if I had extended time with them, I'd like LittleBigPlanet, God of War, Kameo, or Super Meat Boy. They're just not Nintendo.



6ch6ris6 said:

just launch the new handheld generation and now a new console generation? HELL NO!!!

and nintendo would make a big mistake if the next home console is not more powerful than the current graphics (360/ps3).

and i dont get the idea behind that controller. but well it is nintendo so that is the most realistic thing out of this article.

but for now it is all rumors. E3 will bring the truth...or a pre E3 event from nintendo like every year



killer6370 said:

Heres the best of Wii2 it will be availlable for free, nintendo will give a wii2 to all long time fans you just need to prove that you know everything




Ecto-1 said:

"Other sources are also claiming the Wii will make use of a Blu-ray disc drive"

I thought it was a well known fact that the Wii does not use Blu Ray discs. Just kidding.

I'm not entirely convinced that these specs are true, but the screen on the controller thing does sound like the kind of thing Nintendo would do. I don't understand how a camera on a controller could function as a Wii sensor bar. Doesn't the Sensor Bar track IR?



warioswoods said:

A screen on the controllers could be a wonderful move.

I remember playing Four Swords Adventures on the Gamecube and quickly realizing the beauty of individual screens: you can have your shared area on the television, play together, and yet still have separate, private screens which allow you to do things apart from the group (or hide your choices).

Think of how many board game concepts fail when ported to a console due precisely to the privacy issue... with individual screens, we could have a whole host of really clever and faithful ports of board game ideas never before attempted on a home system.



Burny said:

All you people crying that it's too early for a new console, give it a break already!

The INITIAL and most believable "rumor" from Gaminformer mentions a LATE 2012 release. That'd be full six years after the Wii. That's a perfect time to release a new console.



WaveBoy said:

I call BS on this rumor....Well as far as being powerful as the 360 goes...There's no way it's going to be that weak. if so....Than at least we can expect full 1080p HD games.

Also, the Bluray doesn't interest me...I'd rather have a stand alone Bluray player anyways....There's just something i don't like about watching movies on a video game system.

As for the touch screen controller, sounds pretty interesting!



DF2506 said:

starts laughing

Sounds like someone said " Oh I know, I'll start a rumor. What about an Apple product meets the PS3 meets the 360 meets Nintendo? Genius! "

lol. Nintendo would never be that lazy. Sounds more like something Apple or Sony or Microsoft might come up with. (and I say that as a Sony fan too. I like Sony, but they haven't been that inventive lately...)

I think whatever the next Nintendo console is it will be announced NEXT YEAR and it'll be far more interesting than this rumor.



thesignpainter said:

@37: thats actually a really good idea! who here thinks it would be a good idea to include gamecube games on the virtual console?



Spoony_Tech said:

I'm also happy with x-box 360 style graphics. I've always said how much better can the game look!? I don't think the next generation of graphics is going to take that big of a leap anymore anyways and Nintendo is all about being able tokeep the costs down as much as possible and provide the best product they can produce.



Cia said:

After thinking about this awhile, i have actually started to hope that it wouldn't be more powerful than the current gen HD consoles. My wallet just couldn't take it. Also i'll agree with the fact that graphically, games can't get much more realistic (or better looking) as they already are (and my TV isn't even full HD so what's the use anyway).



TheGreenSpiny said:

@zezhyrule: We already have that... It's called the Classic Controller Pro. The Dual Shock is the worst video game controller ever, it Nintendo ever went to that design I would stop buying thier systems.



killer6370 said:

@40 not really, the wiimote tracks IR the sensor bar just emmits ir thats why it works if you replace the sensorbar by 2 candles(yes i tried it and the pointer works)



WaveBoy said:

Tech101...Well I can agree with you on the graphics, I mean we're talking Nintendo here. They're not going for super realism.....A Mario title would look absolutely amazing given the 360's power. Hell, look at how great Mario Galaxy 2 already looks.

As far as horse power goes, I guess for games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, having even more power would be awesome so they can finally match the prerendered environments from the Remake and Zero, but in '3D'. But honestly, I think Nintendo realises that graphics can't get that much better...I mean sure they can, but at what point will it all even make a difference regarding their franchises? But at the same time havin even more power is a great thing....Because i think 60fps should be the standard...Imagine seeing the next Resident Evil mind blowing graphics but at 60fps?...And what was this BS about PS3 games running at 120fps? So much for that BS.

Realistic graphics only matter to me in a Horror game anyways. I don't care how realistic a sports game looks for example....I'd rather be in control of a Mii for crying out loud. The same deal for racers...I HATE Simulator realism in that regard, i can do all of that in real life.

Anyways, the Wii 2 will most likely be more powerful than the 360 with a couple of more bells and whistles, but I have a feeling Nintendo is going to come out with a big innovation, make their games full 1080p HD and of course of a much cheaper and affordable price tag when stacked up against the PS4 and Xbox 3. As for bluray, for them...i think it's a must at this point.



Corbs said:

If they announce it dispenses Pez, I'm buying one on day one!



Platypus said:

@44 that would also mean the games are on Blu-Ray disks making them more powerful.



retro_player_22 said:

Finally, as long as Nintendo doesn't use those silly motion thingy they did with the Wii then I'm all for this.



Urbanhispanic said:

Well this will remain a rumor until further notice. We have to see what happens at E3 and when Nintendo does its own press event thing. No one saw what the 3DS brought to the table until the details finally came out. Nintendo can surprise us again, in a good way. Stay tuned.



pixelman said:

Hey, the more polygons in Hyrule field the better. :3

It'd be awesome if they kicked off the announcement with that Unreal Engine 3 tech demo and said, "Hey, our new system can do this is in real time."

I'm really hoping the controllers don't have touch screens, because they're going to be freaking expensive if they do. Just give us 1:1 motion controls, please.



Ecto-1 said:

Wow, your absolutely right. I just viewed the sensor bar and wii remote with a infrared night vision camcorder, and sure enough, the sensor bar emits infrared light while the remote doesn't. All this time I assumed it was the other way around.

Regardless, I really do not see how a camera mounted in the new controller could act as a Wii sensor bar.



zezhyrule said:

mmmm... 1080p Mario and TLoZ...

@57: Is that real time? If so, then wow.

Edit: lol nm... I see now you said that in your comment >_<



The_Fox said:

Well, the Wii is about as graphically powerful as the original Xbox, right? So I guess I could believe that the Wii 2 would be about as powerful as the 360 if Nintendo keeps the same approach.

Just improve your online structure for the next system, Nintendo. It's getting a little embarrassing as far as that area is concerned.



bboy2970 said:

@55: yeah no. I doubt very highly that Nintendo is gonna ditch the "gay" motion controls after building that whole thing up for 5 years. I don't know a lot of things about the next console for sure but one thing I DO know is that it WILL have motion controls. That is a given.



rwq said:

Aw come on, do we have to keep optical media around? Im boycotting blue ray for everything. I just want everything to be streamed. I want to buy all my games online.

Also please no screens on the controller, keep it minimal!



MeloMan said:

I don't think THIS is the new system... I'm pretty sure Nintendo isn't doing a "Wii iteration" like they do their portable consoles, so meh on this rumor. I'M waiting on news of Wii "successor".



Rensch said:

Sony only developed the Blu-Ray format, winning the battle over HD-DVD from Microsoft as the new main storage format.



Highwinter said:

@Rensch. Sony HELPED developed the blu-ray format, they didn't create it and they don't own it. It's very likely we'll see the next Xbox using blu-ray as well. It's no different from what we currently have with DVD's or did with standard CD's on the Xbox and Dreamcast.

It also only won out over HD-DVD, because they bought out the rights to practically every movie studio, making it literally impossible for HD-DVD to release any new films. Something that's usually considered an underhanded Microsoft tactic, hm?



BluTyGer said:

@Ryno I want them to keep optical, or at least some kind of physical media for two reasons
1. You actually own something physical.
2. I don't want to know how long it would take to download an HD Zelda or 3D Mario game with my family's internet speed.



Hokori said:

RUMOR of the year 2007: wii2 is coming
RUMOR of the year 2008: wii2 is coming
RUMOR of the year 2009: wii2 is coming
RUMOR of the year 2010: wii2 is coming
RUMOR of the year 2011: wii2 is coming
your right it is coming



evimonkey953 said:

this is obviously just a rumor and nothing more unless of course the answer is so plain we can compare the Wii 2 to all of the DS family the screen on the controller is a touch screen then everything would make sense again because motion controller+touch screen= more ways to play the newer games it all makes sense that has to be it http.// WARNING this is not a link and if you click on this you are a douschebag



Tylr said:

I dearly hope they do not call it Wii 2. I want someting new. Not another Wii.



Highwinter said:

I really wouldn't write this off as a simple rumour. These are pretty high profile leaks coming from numerous sources.. not just some internet analyst making guesses.



Kid_A said:

I believe that the controller has a touch screen. That sounds just Nintendo-y enough to be true. I'm not sure I buy that it will mirror the GameCube controller, as IGN reported, though. This system has to be backward compatible with Wii games, so I would guess that the new controller won't be too far off from the current design.



Sabrewing said:

All of this won't mean much if Nintendo doesn't bite the bullet and put a hard drive in the thing.



NintyMan said:

Very interesting indeed, but we won't know a single official thing until E3, so let's not lose our heads over this right now.



premko said:

I think this time the innovation will be the full compatibility with 3DS games (of course w/o 3d effect - but on the other hand, who knows...)
You know, playing the game in your flat, saving, and then finishing it on the lake camp or something.



MitchVogel said:

I can remember you guys posted a rumor a long time ago that the wii successor would have a blu-ray drive. This pretty much confirms that.



armoredghor said:

Well this is crazily blown out of proportion. first off there's no way I can fit a six inch touch screen on something that is also about the size of a handle for motion games. second of all if it had any descent resolution it would be over a hundred dollars per controller. (although it would keep the casuals off it) lastly I always believed the "Wii+ remote" would just have x and y added to it with of course much more under the hood and an amazingly madeover nunchuk. I highly doubt Nintendo was planning on announcing a new system this year but if people keep pushing them then we may get another Dreamcast.



triforceofcourage said:

This sounds awesome. I really hope all of this is true exept for the "comparable in power to the Xbox 360" thing, which disapoints me... I would like it to be greater in power. (of course this is just a roumor and even if they did find this information and it's reliable, they probably don't know the exact power so it could be more... in theory.)
I like the sounds of this though. my Potential meter is going through the roof!



hamispink said:

Please don't let this be true! Nintendo should be all about local multiplayer and party games, which would be VERY expensive if I'm buying controllers that are basically handheld gaming devices on their own.



zezhyrule said:

@50: Considering the Dualshock 3 is my favorite controller of all time, and that the Classic Controller Pro is nothing like except like having the exact button placement... but still, the DS3 feels a lot better, is wireless, has rumble, motion sensors... CCP can't really compare.
did I mention teh Sony? ymmv I guess :3



astarisborn94 said:

I think Nintendo's next console will be much stronger then the Xbox 360 and stronger then the PS3. It can't be that much more expensive to buy the next Nintendo console if it's at least 1.5 more powerful then the PS3.

@The_Fox: Nintendo said it themselves that the Wii is over twice the power of the Gamecube. Just to correct you.



LuWiiGi said:

Oh man, E3 is gonna rock this year! The 3DS was awesome last year, but this year - a new Nintendo home console, tons of anticipated games (Super Mario 3DS and Mass Effect 3 at the top of my list) - bring on June!



Ren said:

This all sounds plausible and just fine to me. I'm not sure about 6" screen, maybe a little smaller, but it's a workable idea.
I think the IR thing they're talking about is something like that demo that the kid on youtube did a while back see this link:

kind of a 3d simulation, and it seems like a simple and smart move. All he did was reverse the camera and the sensor bar. The current remote has a camera in the end, it's not expensive, but the little lcd would be.
Blu ray also makes sense, it's just what is neccessary for the storage size of HD games and we all know the 360/ ps3 are not "weak". that kind of power is plenty graphics wise, as long as the hardware features are designed in a smart way with a new interface; i.e. 3D, motion control, etc. Throw in a little touch screen and you have a cool 'next gen' system from Nintendo that will sit nicely on my shelf. Why go further than the current HD graphics standard with better interactive features and more storage? That means it'll rock and stay affordable. Can you say 300$? These may be rumors but not unrealistic at all.



Treetop said:

I think nintendo should do a swap for people's regular wiis to get a wii2 for paying 50 since Bluray drives are cheap and plus it will kill of sony for a while.



1080ike said:

This sounds good. I still think it's a bit early for them to be releasing a new system because, as several people pointed out, the 3DS just being launched. Gamers only have so much money, and Nintendo knows it. I still think they'll wait until next year to announce when they're going to release it and whatnot. However, they probably are showing a prototype of the controller/console, like with the Wii.



Ryno said:

"Update: Sources now confirm to IGN the new Nintendo controller allows players to stream entire games to the device from the console, saying it's like a miniature television. The screen size on the controller is also confirmed to be six inches in size."

Why would you want to stream an "entire game" from a console to a controller?



FlaccidSnake said:

Whatever shape and form the wii 2 takes, all i want is bloody good games being released. Im sick and tired of seeing so many party games on the wii. Just normal fun games like the nes and snes had.

Oh and if it could forge money and pop it out the disc tray, that would be nice too



Pj1 said:

I will believe this when I hear and I see it, Nintendo have tricks up their sleeves. I'm not sure if this annoucement will come at E3 though as the 3DS is still so new and fresh but I will wait and see. I just hope whatever Nintendo's next gen console is VC titles will be transferable (some how) and it will allow you to play Wii games on it.



SigourneyBeaver said:

If, somehow, these rumours do have some truth in them, the only logical thing I can think of for some kind of screen to be built into a controller is for Nintendo to make some kind of docking station which will contain the meat of the console. The screen part could dock into it and provide sensor bar functions for the motion controller from its position in front of your screen. For non-motion games, the screen could be undocked to provide controller capabilities. Games sent to the hand-held screen could be VC games or special add-on content like with the Dreamcast's VMU. And if any of this is serious, I think they will resurrect the Game Boy brand - for the screen controller part at least.

Of course, because these rumours are FAIL, that's just a best guess. I doubt it will be anything like this, and after the Nintendo On debacle, I'm airlifting tons of salt in via Chinook hlicopter to take with this announcement.



Link79 said:

I'm not going to believe one bit of this poppycock until Nintendo themselves confirms it. The supposed abilities of this magical machine sound way too made up. A screen on the controller? Yeah that sounds pretty stupid. Reggie himself said sales of the Wii would have to drop dramatically before they'd make a new system.
I'm gonna have to call BS.



Link-Hero said:

Even if Nintendo announces their next console (I refuse to call it the "Wii 2") at this years E3, I doubt it will come out this year. Maybe 2012 at the earliest. The 3DS was just recently released at a price of $250. I don't think Nintendo is stupid enough to release another system so soon. It will negatively effect the sales if they do.

Also, Microsoft and Sony have said that they wont release their next console for another 5 years. The Wii is still outselling the other consoles too. So I don't think Nintendo is in a hurry to release their next console right now.



MasterGraveheart said:

@104. Ryno: Basically, you'd wanna do that for when you feel like playing your game away from the TV the console is connected to. I, for one, have my consoles connected in my room, but sometimes it'd be nice to play them out front in the living room when I'm watching WWE with my dad, another tradition from my infancy, lousy through it is today by comparison. To be playing Super Mario Galaxy 3 while I get to spend quality time amongst family. That'd be awesome.

Or, better yet. Say I'm playing a multiplayer game with my girlfriend and I need to run out and check something, but don't wanna stop the game and bring my gf's immersion down. I could keep playing out of the room while she continues to play in my room.

Maybe more importantly, I can play a game outside in the beautiful weather while doing my body good at the same time? I know I'd like to pick up and play my console games anywhere.



Gamesake said:

There might be truth to this. I've had a feeling Nintendo was going to tap into something with tablets--they're just so hot right now.

But if "Project Cafe" really does use Blu-ray it better load faster than a PS3.



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

I don't own any blue-ray so this feature would be a wonderful edition to my home. If this does happen I'll finally be able to see what blue-ray will look like on my tv.



Hokori said:

wait the wii is less powerful then the GCN?????????
wasnt the GCN more powerful then the original Xbox



Henmii said:

"the system will be comparable in power to the Xbox 360"

Plllllease no! I hope the other rumor is true, namely that it is more powerful then xbox360 or ps3. It must be (well, in my opinion anyway), since I think in a few years ps4 and xbox720 (or whatever it is called) will arrive. By then, the wii 2 will be even more outdated as the current wii is now.

Many people consider the wii as Gamecube 1,5 because of the graphics. If the wii 2 only has the power of the xbox360, people will call it wii 1,5, even if the controller is fantastic.

I hope that Nintendo is first, with a console that is much more powerful then the xbox360 and ps3. And that they can steal away all the developers. But if that will happen...



Link-Hero said:

No! No! You got it all wrong! The original Xbox is more powerful than the Gamecube, and the Wii is more powerful than the original Xbox. You need to get your facts straight.



Vinsanity said:

I hope the Blu-Ray rumor is true:) That would be SO interesting, at the end of the day, years from now when someone talks about the history of Sony + Nintendo. Who would've thought that, back in the day, Nintendo contracted Sony to make the SNES-CD, and then they screwed Sony over. And then 4 generations later, Nintendo ends up using a disc drive of theirs anyway XD



moosa said:

"The Wii 2 will use Blu-ray!" Okay, yeah, why wouldn't they?
"The Wii 2 will support HD!" No duh.
The Wii 2 will have iPads for controllers!" Yeah umm no.



linkster55 said:

If the controller was a tablet I wonder if you would be able to change the layout to your liking, cause that would be cool!



HappyHappy said:

I consider this a lie, why would the controller be like a tablet when we have the Udraw tablet, and I'm pretty sure Sony owns Blu-Ray.



Corbs said:

Sony does not own Blu-Ray. They are merely one of the companies in the Blu Ray Disc Association, consisting of Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, Philips, Thomson, LG (Lucky GoldStar) Electronics, Hitachi, Sharp, and Samsung, who helped design it.

Plenty of laptop makers who compete with Sony's Vaio line of computers include Blu-Ray players with their laptops.



theblackdragon said:

Sony doesn't own Blu-ray, no, but considering the Wii didn't even come with a proper DVD player installed, there's no way we'd get something as awesome as a straight jump to Blu-ray awesomeness. Not holding my breath here, lol.

that said, if the aforementioned Association were to attempt stopping an interested potential competitor from going through the normal process of licensing the technology and creating a new item to sell using said technology, wouldn't that make them a cartel? pretty sure there are anti-cartel/antitrust laws in place that wouldn't allow it; Nintendo would be able to sue for the right to purchase a license fair and square i think. attempting to block Nintendo from putting a blu-ray player into the next Wii would be far more trouble than it'd be worth for Sony.



Corbs said:

If Nintendo goes into the next generation using optical media and doesn't include Blu-Ray, especially as cheap as the technology has become, they're idiots. I personally would rather see them use a flash media of some sort, but I don't have a say. LOL



Ernest_The_Crab said:

It's doubtful that the BluRay is true. Nintendo has pretty much always used a proprietary format with their consoles. This really hasn't changed over time. If anything it may have similar storage capability to that of a BluRay disc, but it wouldn't actually be BluRay.



timp29 said:

The Wii 2 needs a hard drive or at least some kind of network connectivity so that it can become a media centre. That and the ability to function as a dvd player or blue ray player. And, the most important thing of all if Nintendo chooses this path, is an excellent user interface. I've seen many media centres that just suck because of their interface.

The graphics debate, I must agree with what most people have said... graphics don't need to be better than PS3 or 360. Just go for the full HD offering on the Wii 2, and if you really want to impress people, squeeze out a few more FPS. Increase the draw distances in epic outdoor games like zelda and monster hunter etc.

I think the big thing nintendo should emulate is microsoft kinect. It doesn't have to go as far as kinect, because you still need some kind of controller for a more immersive experience. Finally, if Nintendo keeps some kind of IR pointer device, give it rechargable batteries and increase the range on the thing. The range on the wii remote at the moment sucks. If you have a couch and a coffee table, chances are the wii remote pointer will jump around on your screen.

Oh and for an added bonus, make it 'green'. If it can do all this and use less power than your competitors, you can advertise that you will be 'saving money' when playing. Many people are dumb enough to snap that rubbish up.



Wolfenstein83 said:

I think the reason Nintendo holds back on the graphic power is probly cause in the last generation, the GameCube was more powerful than the PS2, and yet it sold very badly in comparison, but then again, Sony had better third party support.
Ironically, in this generation, the Wii is the least powerful system in tech terms, but has outsold the HD consoles.
I guess it's all about the games in the end, and also innovation.
Can't wait to see what Nintendo pulls off this time, and I will believe it when the news is from them, and not some online rumor mill.
It has to go beyond just having HD obviously, and I would assume that with all the profits Nintendo has made with the Wii, that they can afford something a bit more powerful than a 360.
Nintendo has the innovation part down, now they need to just stop holding back in the other depts, and create a killer beast of a console.



thesignpainter said:

i'm not suuuuuuure about this new controller. i actually like my magk wand right now, i think for the next controller they'll add another joysgd and another button on the nun-chuck and of course better motion control. playing legend of zelda TP is more fun with the wiimote than it is with the GCC why go back now?



Corbs said:

The only problem with making the next console only equal to the Xbox 360 or PS3 is that within a year or two Microsoft and Sony are likely to bring out new console and they will almost assuredly be quite a bit more powerful from a graphical standpoint and Nintendo will once again be lagging behind early into the next generation of consoles and third-party companies will begin flocking to the power and whatever the newest version of the Unreal Engine is at that time. LOL



rwq said:

The Wii ii

Thats the name of the new console, im off to register now. Laters!



PALgamer said:

Not another old slow noisy optical media, let us use the ancient cartriges again.
If the 3DS can do it so can the Wii 2.



JayceJa said:

im guessing the wiimote will be used like the gamecube controller is on the wii, but more comprehensively

motion control games using wiimote, other games using new controller

at least thats what i hope



superphilman said:

  • Full True 3D - 1080p output.
  • Wifi controllable media - via laptop or phone app. (for films and music)
  • Better online gaming servers, with ability to enter a user name, and gain online awards like the xbox 360.

They should call is the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.....

....wait a minute haha



Rob_mc_1 said:

If it does have a Blu-Ray drive they will probably make a modified format of the disc to avoid paying a fee to the Blu-ray Disc Association and the new console won't be able to play movies.



StuffyStuff said:

I'd probably buy more games for the next Wii if the games don't focus so much on motion controls.



Nintendoftw said:

If Nintendo produces another crappy underpowered console like this gen then I am going to have to look to sony for my home consoles... I don't know about you guys but power DOES count. That is what makes it able to process the great gameplay mechanics like ragdoll... While next gen Sony and Micrsoft are pulling something even better off like metal bending physics while Nintendo is just catching up to this gen then I am leaving Nintendo.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

Putting a couple of Wii Remotes on the TV would allow for motion tracking if the new controller can really act as a sensor bar.



Link-Hero said:


Sony does not own Blu-ray, they are one of the companies that helped fund it. If you go look for a Blu-ray player, you'll find Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Phillips, and more branded onto one of them.

If Nintendo wants to use Blu-ray, they have the right do so and Sony doesn't have any say in it.



DrDaisy said:

So from now on, Nintendo's systems will be at least one step behind the competition's technological power?



GameLord08 said:

Apparently, from another source, it has graphical power way over the Xbox 360 and PS3.
*/me screams for more salt. And seafood.



Big_A2 said:

@Tech101: Almost every 360 and PS3 game is 720p, not 1080p. So there's still room for improvement, I guess, in terms of resolution.

@150.DrDaisy: You could argue that it's been like that since the N64's days.



Edwrd said:

Even PC game devs like Valve is making PS3 versions of their games, Nintendo needs to come out with a system that makes sense for the big western dev companies to develop for in a multi-platform development environment. For example, like being able to deliver Modern Warfare or Battlefield games the other platforms get.



brainofj said:

Awesome, it'll be as powerful as a 5 year old machine! That's cutting edge ... of children's safety scissors.



Robo-goose said:

I hope Nintendo doesn't try to go so "hardcore" that it ends up in the same position that the PS3 was in.
Also, the controllers will be power drinkers if they really have a six inch screen.



Noire said:

Doesn't Sony own Blu-ray? Nintendo can't use it, that's just silly. DX

Oh I went there ... again.



retro_player_22 said:

@ PhoenixSage

Nope, Sony doesn't own the Blu-ray format, they own the rights to use it just like how they own the rights to use DVD on the PS2. The Blu-ray format is owned by the Blu-ray Disc Association, any company that wants to use their format as the main function for their device must had the legal rights from them in able to use it. Nintendo could 100% use it for their next console if Blu-ray Disc Association allowed them to. Almost any company can use Blu-ray as long as they had the rights, Samsung, Toshiba, and HP used it on some of their laptop computers too.



Wolfenstein83 said:

For some reason I doubt it would have Blu-Ray capabilities.
Knowing Nintendo, they would just finally add the function to watch regular DVD's, years after everyone else.
Even better, Nintendo will make their own format like Sega did with the Dreamcast (GD-ROMS).
I just want to see some awesome new games, and play a few older ones in HD.
Also, I thought the idea of the controller having a screen was one of the rumors people made up about the Wii before the real details got released?
I don't think controllers with screens would be a step forward, the motion sensing is innovation enough at this point.
That, and something to do with virtual reality, which sounded cool on paper, but kinda blew in real-life.
Damn Reggie, he knows more than he is saying, we need to abduct him and zap him with a cattle prod until he tells us what is really going on.



SanderEvers said:

They will use Blu-Ray discs to play the games. BUT there will be NO Blu-Ray Video on it.

Just like the Wii Discs are DVDs, but the Wii doesn't officially play DVD Video.



Buob said:

@anyone who says Blu-ray is owned by SONY:

QUOTE: "Blu-ray Disc (BD), is the name of a new optical disc format jointly developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), a group of the world's leading consumer electronics, personal computer and media manufacturers (including Apple, Dell, Hitachi, HP, JVC, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Pioneer, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, TDK and Thomson)."



Edwrd said:

@161. SanderEvers
The difference is, DVD was commonplace when Wii came out. At least I hope there will be video player software if it does use blu-ray.



danschemen said:

@#1 no it was around before sony picked it up. blueray is just the next thing after DVDs and sony got a jump on it with their games



GamersCorner said:

If the Wii 2 is to have seriously more powerful graphics than the PS3 and XBOX 360 then it will need to use blu-ray technology to be able to store the required gaming code. A DVD won't cut the mustard at that point. An alternative could be to dispense with discs altogether and make games download only but I think that's a little too risky at this point.



Chi said:

Wii out sold the competition because no parent was prepared to pay $400- in a recession for a game machine.
3DS shows parents might not be that quick on the credit card when the DSi is $100- cheaper.
Nintendo has no choice but to up the tech ante, or at least stay competitive.
Guaranteed it will have some gimmick to create buzz.
Please Nintendo no more awful shovelware. 50% of Wii software is unplayable by
anyone over age 4 1/2.

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