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Tue 15th Feb 2011

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Treetop commented on Talking Point: What You Want in a New Nintendo...:

Better Wii shop,ability to play all nintendo and sega games including portable Nintendog would be great on Tv, bluray But if you still have the Old game roms e.g. N64 there will be a slot for them on the wii stand which will be stuck to the wii.



Treetop commented on Rumour: We May See a New Nintendo Console at E3:

I think it should be called the iWii and anyway Apple is rivaled between microsoft so this could make Microsoft shares smaller if Nintendo and Apple team up That will help Kill off Microsoft from Gaming atlest so both companys win.



Treetop commented on Research Firm Predicts 12m 3DS Sales by 2012, ...:

Nintendo better hurry up with E-shop,good games like animal crossing 3ds, 3d video capture and ect. if they say they have the experience well....HURRY UP NINTENDO!!!!!!Page rumbles Anyway the Ngp is coming soon and it has better battery life and processing as much as a ps3 and Nintendo don't have the E-shop yet !!! I want the classic gameboy games!!! NOW!!!