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Fri 24th Apr 2009

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pinta_vodki commented on Video: Fans List Their Favourite Star Wars Gam...:

I would like to join the gentlemen above: Episode I: Racer was great and I played it to death on PC. With so much love for FAST Racing Neo going on around here, you really have to try Racer now, it was a great futuristic racer.



pinta_vodki commented on Nintendo to Lead Design and Development of Sma...:

If the development is done mainly in house, I'm confident Nintendo won't screw it up. They are one of the best developers out there, and the don't ride on Minamoto alone. Just look at how awesome Splatoon is, made by a young team of devs.

Oh, and I am so waiting for this since I skipped the Wii U and haven't gotten a 3DS yet. Gonna be awesome.



pinta_vodki commented on Site News: Happy "Nintendo Life" Anniversary!:

Wow, congrats!

Four years ago was when I bought my Wii, and then I found this awesome website about Nintendo. Actually I don't remember which one, but I guess it was VC Reveiews. And then — whoa! — when I visited it again it was something completely different called Nintendo Life. Been in love ever since, you guys have the best writers and the best community ever.



pinta_vodki commented on Rumour: Flashback Remake Coming To Wii U eShop:

Whoa, that was unexpected. But a really nice surprise.

I remember when my friend had a floppy with Flashback disk simply labelled Prince 3, so we always assumed this was somehow a sequel to the Prince of Persia series. =D



pinta_vodki commented on Review: Trine 2: Director's Cut (Wii U eShop):

I have a PC version and while I can't comment on the controls, I think this article bashes the puzzles somewhat undeservingly. This is the way things are supposed to work. Usually there's a perfect matching solution, but you can always approximate it with another character, if not with that much elegance. This is definitely intentional and probably has much to do with multiplayer. It is very useful to be able to solve the puzzles by various characters in various ways, for example if one of your co-players is not so adept at controls or the game.

I find it strange that the same thing that may be considered an urge to be creative and get thinking in other games is criticized in Trine.



pinta_vodki commented on Wii to Wii U Data Transfer Details Emerge:

Couldn't they just release an update to tie Wii into the Nintendo ID system, so that you could upload all the data to your account and then download it on the U? And the SD card method would be for those offline only. Would be much easier and you'd have all your purchase data in Nintendo ID instantly.



pinta_vodki commented on Feature: 20 Years of Mario Kart:

Haven't played much Mario Kart Wii since I bricked my Wii and lost all the save games, but I got back into it recently and suddenly spent several hours in online play. Good thing, that game. =)



pinta_vodki commented on Nintendo Power Magazine Will End With December...:

This is sad indeed. I have actually never read Nintendo Power, since I live in Russia, but I read Russian gaming magazines, all of them are not doing so well today either. Definitely, the era of print magazines is ending. And sometimes it seems like it was only yesterday that you got a new issue of a mag and there was this super cool looking game on the cover, and you just couldn't wait to open the magazine and find out all the info about it. Sometimes when I had nothing to read I would just pick a random old issue and reread it over and over. Those were the times..



pinta_vodki commented on Wii U Box Art Breaks Cover:

Fits the Nintendo Life backgroud very well, so I like it. =)

Aslo, it's a nice touch that the N on the Nintendo Network logo looks really like an upside U, and only if you look closely can you see a little notch. Kinda cool.



pinta_vodki commented on Nintendo Confirms Live Stream of E3 2011 Show:

Haha, the smarties! Even though I rarely post anything, I LOVE the community here!

And I also wonder if it will be flash again. Last time my computer didn't handle the stream quite well... On the other hand, I've got an iPad, but I guess only Apple does streaming in html5.



pinta_vodki commented on Rumour: Wii 2 has Blu-ray Drive, Controller Co...:

I can see some interesting uses for the screen on a controller. It can be an additional trackpad/set of buttons or be like an ammo display on sic-weapons, or.. a Pokedex! Or display first person view in a platformer %)

And people who care about hardware... Really? Did you buy Wii because it was more powerful than PS3 or X-Box? Or did it outsell those because it was more powerful? Guess not. Think Nintendo Way, people.



pinta_vodki commented on Features: Staff NES Stories:

Ahh, good old NES days.. Only in Russia we had a clone called Dendy. But anyway the days were good. =D

And the thing that chicken brutus said.. So true!