E3 just got more interesting!

Well it seems that our little hint about a new console possibly coming from Nintendo in our recent article about the Wii price cut might be coming true after all.

Game Informer has just let loose with what could be the biggest E3 rumour to date: according to multiple sources, Nintendo is getting set to announce a brand new HD home console at this year's E3 trade show in Los Angeles.

Very little is known about the new console, although these sources claim that it's exactly the step in the right direction needed to bring back the wealth of third-party support that has been lacking on Nintendo's current Wii console.

We'll keep you posted on any new information about the console and we'll be live at E3 to cover the show every step of the way.

Update: Reports are already rolling in that the new console will feature a brand new controller that will even feature its own HD screen. A handful of publishers have also stated that the system will feature graphical capabilities beyond that of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles and will be backward compatible with the current library of Wii releases.

Bear in mind that these are just rumours at this stage and should not be taken as solid information until confirmed by Nintendo.

[source gameinformer.com, via computerandvideogames.com]