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Thu 29th Oct 2009

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Burny commented on Review: The Cave (Wii U eShop):

I tried the demo on the eShop. As it contains only one major puzzle, it's too short to find out, if the backtracking will get in the way later.

What's immediately noticeable however, is the low (imo unacceptable) framerate and the lack of off screen play. I'm surprised neither is mentioned in the review.



Burny commented on Wii U Will Require Day One Update for Key Feat...:

In that case you wouldn't be able to use the features supposedly added by the update anyway. (Edit, ah, too late )

You can still pack your Wii U, visit a friend who has an internet connection and kindly ask them, if you might use it for the update.



Burny commented on EA Attempts to Justify Selling Last Year's FIF...:

Nope. That's nothing but cold calculation by EA. Vanity or desperation has nothing to do with it.

Sales on the Wii have most likely decreased notably and they don't want to invest in the development of a completely new game for a platform that's on its way out. On the other hand, they see still some sales potential from uninformed customers (see @KenB anecdote).
How do they get a game on the shelves for these customers without having to invest in a new development? Give the old game a new lick of paint here and there and sell it again.

It's very low of course, but the people at EA responsible for this are bound to know exactly what they're doing here.



Burny commented on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Will Run At 1080p on...:

Is it actually confirmed that Rayman Legends is running at 1080p?

I remember that it was supposed to be running at 720p at E3. If so, that's good to hear. Not that it'd make a world of difference as long as the game runs smooth, but the slightly more crisp visuals would be appreciated.



Burny commented on Fluidity Is Your New Club Nintendo Reward:

This game would be absolutely perfect on the Wii U (or any tablet based device for that matter). In the meanwhile, you should really play this. Closest to a downloadable Metroid you'll get on WiiWare.



Burny commented on Square Enix: Nintendo Works With a 'Different ...:

@NTELLIGENTMAN "Sorry, but the majority of gamers care more about graphics than anything else."

Apparently the majority of gamers isn't playing on the PC and is perfectly fine with sub-HD graphics. (Edit: If we're talking about high profile multiplatform games. Taking mobile and social games into account, the actual majority of gamers seems to care even less.)



Burny commented on Rumour: Nintendo to Announce Bigger 3DS Tomorrow:

@Hyperstar96 Resolution will be the same. You're confusing this with pixel density. Personally, I take a screen with lower pixel density over one I have to squint at any day. A 3DS is already difficult to carry compared to everybody's favorite mobile general computing platform of choice: smartphones. Nothing Nintendo do will turn the 3DS into a pocket device, so they might as well make it actually ergonomic by increasing the size, so a grown ups hands won't cramp after 15 minutes of Mario Kart. Larger size also means a larger battery fits in. It wouldn't hurt the 3DS, if its battery life wasn't situated between "laughable" and "poor". Plus, on a larger device Nintendo might incorporate the second analogue slider and shoulder buttons. The ones they forgot their device might need, until 3rd parties apparently reminded them and they had to release that embarrassing circle pad pro.

Yes, I'm sure many people want that.



Burny commented on Review: The Last Story (Wii):

@battleToaD Why would a fairly niche JRPG get German voice acting, when Xenoblade didn't? IIRC there are some youtube videos of the European version with German text, but the voice acting is still English. One thing we won't have to worry about then.

Have a look!



Burny commented on Wii U to Launch Just in Time for Christmas:

@Mok Don't! You will be reusing all your Wii controllers with the WiiU, if you eventually get one. At least for local multiplayer, as Nintendo strongly implied that the console would be centered around only one tablet at last E3.



Burny commented on Rumour: New App Store in Development for Wii U:

Colors! This needs to happen.

I hope some of these days Nintendo realizes that it's a huge waste of time and resources to develop a new shop for digital purchases every time they introduce a new console. What they need is a general-purpose online-store that can manage downloadable software for all of their platforms. That would also go hand in hand with the concept of unified user accounts vs. the stupidity of tying digital purchases to the hardware. It just seems so much more efficient to maintain and extend one shop over time, than to reinvent the wheel with each new console.



Burny commented on 3DS Finally Gets Messaging with Nintendo Lette...:

Has there been any confirmation on how this works? For instance, will a message you send to someone in the friend-list be sent immediately and show up on their 3DS if they're online at the time, or will it be delivered by Nintendo's online service at some arbitrary later point?

The name "Letter Box" certainly doesn't imply "instant messaging", like pictochat was.



Burny commented on Review: Rayman Origins (Wii):

So, I get it, controls are perfect.

How is the game controlled though? Can you play it holding the Wiimote sideways like in NSMBW? Or do you need the Wiimote+Nunchuck/Classic Controller combo?

Thanks in advance to whoever can answer this!



Burny commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii):

Please let's not go there. If somebody was to play the game with a 10/10 in mind and where to find that there are several aspects, which they consider flawed, that can result in backlash both towards the game and the reviewers. And such aspects are definitely there in SS. If scores inflate too much (which has long happened), there'll be more and more backlash for good (8) or very good (9) scores, because everyone expects their game of choice to be perfect. And if flaws, such as the ridiculous hand-holding in the first hours of SS aren't pointed out in reviews, how are the devs to improve these aspects?

See, I really don't like Jim Sterling's "catch" of just spouting as much profanity as possible in his videos, but this is absolutely true (and comparably low on the profanity side, too).



Burny commented on Brand New Cave Story 3D Gameplay Trailer:

Looks at least decent. The first batch of screenshots were horrible. Still, it's 40$/€ for a rather short game that's available for free on PC and for an appropriate price as DSi/Wii-download. And in the same time frame as Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart.

I can see a problem here.

Why the heck isn't this a 20$/€ eShop download? :-/



Burny commented on Nintendo UK Launches New WiiWare Portal:

All these videos have been available in the Nintendo channel previously, haven't they? I know for a certainty I saw the MotoHeroz video when I checked the channel a couple of days ago.

Then again, who even knows there is a Nintendo channel. Nintendo's fault for not integrating the functionality into the shop channel from the start.



Burny commented on Feast Your Eyes on Skyward Sword's Intro Movie:

Heh, I'm always surprised at how much significance people attribute to Zelda stories. From a story point of view, Zelda games are simply poor. It's always game mechanics first, everything else later. In this case, they probably just needed an excuse for letting players fly around on birds in a sea of clouds. (Same thing with the trains in Spirit Tracks, the sea in WW and so on...)

That is not to say, the atmosphere can't be excellent and that's what I love about this intro and Zeldas in general. The music here really "tells" the story as much as what the text says.



Burny commented on Zelda: Skyward Sword Bundle Costs $115 in Japan:

Hey, while you're at it with pointless comparisons, how about you add this to the article:

"Zelda: Skyward Sword Bundle costs $95 in Europe."

At least that's what you get, if you take google's currency calculator and the 70€ which will charge as a basis. And it's still more or less the same to us as if we'd be paying 70 USD and lived in the US.

I wouldn't complain about having to pay 70 USD here with the current exchange rate, but effectively USD prices (before tax?) have been translated 1:1 into Euro prices including tax for ages.



Burny commented on 3DS Second Circle Pad Formally Announced:

@uel: I know. They'll hardly tell left handed people to just live with it though. Now that the addon is there and the most obvious games (MH, MGS, RE) are confirmed to support it, the Kid Icarus devs will hardly stick their heads in the sand and go "LALALALA".



Burny commented on 3DS Second Circle Pad Formally Announced:

@TheDarkness I'd wait to call it that until you try to tie your fingers into a knot when playing Kid Icarus with the stylus.

And the AAA battery is probably necessary to make communication between the "cradle" and the 3DS possible in the first place. The 3DS has no USB-ports where this can simply plug in, so they're most likely using the IR port somehow.



Burny commented on Rumour: Nintendo Readying Big Announcement Nex...:

@WaltzElf You're nicely ignoring my post, whatever.

You're blind if you believe Apple would acquire Nintendo, open their treasure vaults for them and otherwise leave them to develop games or even consoles at their own pleasure. Apple wants to push their own products and that would automatically mean they'd mandate Nintendo to develop for platforms Nintendo wouldn't otherwise and under constraints Nintendo wouldn't have otherwise. And as Nintendo mainly develops their software in Japan, Apple would have to coordinate all that across the globe on top of that. Doesn't sound like something the people at Nintendo Japan, who like to take years for a single game until it's done, would enjoy. Sounds much more like an environment were the important people would leave.

So, it's the rumor of a big game announcement and you're hoping for Fire Emblem? Well, if you interpret "big" as "most niche", you're probably spot on.



Burny commented on Rumour: Nintendo Readying Big Announcement Nex...:

@WaltzElf Stop getting all dreamy-eyed about how Nintendo being acquired by another western company - no matter which (because you're not an Apple fan, right? Maybe google wants a piece of the gaming pie, too?) - would somehow magically solve Nintendo's problems and result in a cure for cancer in the process.

Half of Nintendo's success can probably be attributed to the way they stubbornly do their own thing - as well as half of their problems. Why would Apple grant an acquired Nintendo access to their resources, so Nintendo can try to create something unique and possibly risky? What's Apple's motivation to grant Nintendo's devs the budget they need when creating a big title over a 5-year-span? Why wouldn't Apple just mandate Nintendo to churn out yearly Mario and Zelda games for some of Apple's devices that weren't conceived to support those games instead? Why would Apple even have any tangible interest in continuing some of Nintendo's lesser series?

What indicates that Apple and Nintendo would even be able to work together well? Microsoft certainly wasn't able to hold some of their studios together, although they're a Western company themselves.

The answer is: We don't know. You certainly no more than anyone else.



Burny commented on Colors! 3D to Brighten Up the eShop This Fall:

The very best homebrew DS application gets an official release for the 3DS? A big thumbs up for that!

It gets even better. Colors! saves a complete replay of the image you painted, which you can upload to their gallery together with the image. There is a neat little application embedded in the gallery, which lets you watch the replay. If you want to see how the avatar picture was painted, click the little "play" button below the image.



Burny commented on de Blob Developer Blue Tongue Shuts Up Shop:

There is just a tiny difference between THQ and Activision: THQ has less mega-hits in their portfolio.

Sad news indeed. Never played the De Blob games myself, although I was interested in the first one for a time. Had and still have too many games to play with higher priority, so it fell under my radar. But I hope all the talented people behind the games find a new enjoyable place to work!



Burny commented on Review: Wii Play: Motion (Wii):

@Environ: They probably just feel like royally ripping Club Nintendo members off and that's it. Heck, if you buy the bundle and sell the included Wiimote+ on ebay, you should get the game for less as a result.

If you have old Wiimotes with Motion Plus addons and have a use for this collection, I'd get this in your place and sell an old combo. You should get about 20$ for an old Wiimote including the Motion+ addon on ebay. This nets you 30$ for a brand new Wiimote+ and the game.

If you've already got Wiimote+, this is less desirable, of course.



Burny commented on Review: Wii Play: Motion (Wii):

@ZachKaplan: Which retailer is that? has the game only listed as packaged with a Wiimote+ for about 50$ as far as I can see. As has ToysRus. If Nintendo's official site for the game is to be believed ("includes a Wii Remote Plus Controller"), it should be only available in this form at retailers.

So, for all intends and purposes, this is a 10$/€ "bonus" that comes with a Wiimote+ and should be rated/reviewed with that in mind. As such, the package is not a good deal, but the only regular way to get this. Whoever paid more for the game alone - whichever way they got it - has had themselves ripped off, I'm afraid.



Burny commented on Review: Wii Play: Motion (Wii):

"Nintendo has said recently that it wants to work more closely with third parties, but here it's taken eight of them and together created what amounts to about half of a game."

...and sold if for 1/4 of a game. Buying this means spending about 10€ more than for the "naked" Wiimote. Less, if you catch a good offer.

I rather liked the mini games in this. Every game has little twists and is charmingly and for the most part flawlessly executed. It's not a game you'll want to play alone all evening. It's the perfect game to play however, when "non-gaming" people are around.

It's absolutely worth the small premium compared to the standalone Wiimote. That is, if you're looking for another Wiimote in the first place and have use for a charming "expanded audience" mini-game collection.



Burny commented on Get Ready to Catch Pokémon Rumble Blast on yo...:

@SunnySnivy, @warnerdan
Don't count on any Pokemon games on the 3DS' VC! Having the originals available on the VC might somewhat dampen enthusiasm for remakes like Heartgold and Soulsilver. I don't think that's in Nintendo's / Gamefreak's interest.

I've tried the WiiWare demo for Rumble and it was surprisingly compelling. It's a bit like a Pokemon-Diablo mashup. How I'm feeling about a 40$(€) retail game depends on how much content this has, but the potential to make this a full blown and worthy retail title is there.

Also: "instant Pokémon gratification" is nice marketing speak for "instant fix for Pokemon junkies (before we get the actual main games ready)".



Burny commented on NOA: "Never Say Never," But No Plans to Bring ...:

To those who are calling for boycotts - stop fooling yourselves!

More importantly: To all people living in the Americas who really want to play these games: You actually can, if you want to look it up for yourselves.

If you're serious about playing these games, import the games from Europe. Do under no circumstances download/pirate the games! That would not hurt NoA, but instead NoE and Monolith Soft, Mistwalker etc. would suffer the damage.



Burny commented on Xenoblade Chronicles Classic Controller Pack G...:

@MAddogz You already saw the press release on the German site. This means the bundle will be available in Germany, too. Unless they made a mistake, but that seems unlikely.

I want that red CC Pro.

@Rift It can be played with theWiiMote/Nunchuck combo as well as the classic controller. Thinking about it, I'm not aware of a single Wii retail game featuring Classic Controller support that doesn't offer other controller options. Devs just cannot assume everybody owns a classic controller.



Burny commented on Square Enix Pondering Dragon Quest X for Wii a...:

Some things might be lost in translation here, but this statement:

"Wada responded that Square Enix must consider making the game compatible with both the Wii and its successor, the Wii U."

...sounds to me as if they'd look into something like a "WiiU enhanced" game. Don't know if it's technically possible, but the thought that the game could run on the Wii and with the same disc on the WiiU (+ graphical enhancements) is cool.

Just having the game rendered in 1080p + AA on the WiiU would be fine. It does wonders for other stylized games, like Mario Galaxy (only 720p screens).

@SKTTR From a business perspective, you would not make it WiiU exclusive. When DQX is released, it's likely that there won't be a significant enough install base. From a business perspective you go for the largest install base you can find. In that sense, having a game that runs on the Wii and still has advantages when played on the WiiU means you can cash in on Wii owners while WiiU owners get a bit of extra incentive. Sounds like a plan.



Burny commented on Fils-Aime: "3DS Didn't Launch Prematurely":

Now the big question is: When will the other network updates follow?

Nintendo can't have created a friendlist for no other purpose than.. having a friendlist? Where's online pictochat? That's a "killer app" right there. Where is voice chat? Easy communication is also a feature that ties users to their devices.

Towards the end of the year when Mario Kart hits, I hope to hear a bit about those things from Nintendo. At least it seems Nintendo is going to maintain the 3DS' OS this time. What they did with the Wii was just poor, probably due to the static way the system was built.

@erv: A light version is not what you should hold out for when it's about battery life for you. A XL version is what you need. Have a look at teardowns of 3DS systems and battery comparisons between the DSi(XL) and the 3DS! There isn't much downsizing they'll be able to do.



Burny commented on Nintendo Not Interested in Producing Free-To-P...:


The whole Wii Sports/Play/Party/Music/Fit stuff are new IPs. Xenoblade is a new Nintendo IP (Monolith is first party), Excitetruck / Excitebots are new IPs, Pandora's Tower is a new IP (japan only by the looks), so are Endless Ocean and Another Code R. There should be some more I'm not aware of and some which will stay in Japan.

They have a whole lot of new IPs, but most people look only at the most prominent examples - mainly Mario and Zelda - and fail to see this. It's understandable, as these classic IPs eclipse most newer things in terms of critical reception and mass appeal, but the "no new IPs sentiment" is still a misconception.



Burny commented on Nintendo Not Interested in Producing Free-To-P...:

If by "featured" you mean that there are a million different hats, shoulder pads and mounts to buy, then yes, they are potentially infinitely better "featured".

But half of the appeal of such things comes from the MMO nature of many free to play games. That is to say: These games are designed to be a hobby in the first place. Most Nintendo franchises aren't. They are timely limited experiences that are more or less wrapped up when the credits roll. And in regular intervals, Nintendo will sell a new iteration of these experiences. It's a proven business model for them.

The two Nintendo franchises that might arguably fit into a free to play, MMO or microtransaction model, are Animal Crossing and Pokemon. But as these two franchises have been successful in the past and there is no indication that this might change, it's a completely valid choice not to imitate what Cygna and similar companies are doing. As Iwata says: Just because many other people are thinking that way, we aren’t thinking that way.



Burny commented on Nintendo Not Interested in Producing Free-To-P...:

That interview is an interesting read, but comes from a strange angle. The site seems dedicated to current online trends, social networking, smartphones etc., but not to traditional gaming. As a result the questions are mostly "why don't you get into this market" and "how do you compete with this market you're not even a part of".

That interview has two parts. The first was labeled "Nintendo’s Iwata Hopes the Wii U Will Steal Back Couch Time From the iPad". Fairly enough, they discussed what Iwata has been saying a long time now: How Nintendo has to consider anything that takes people's free time as competition for their products. They mentioned tablets in general, but the iPad never appeared once in the whole article. Greedy bastards caching in on hits.

From my experience with "free-to-play", aka "pay-to-win" or "grind-your-free-time-to-death" games, I don't mind if Nintendo stays out of it all.

@GEOFF: That's the problem. Some don't.



Burny commented on Rumour: Wii U is 50% More Powerful Than PlaySt...:

"The Wii U is said to be able to run it just fine."

Where did you get this nugget from? Crytek is porting their middleware to the WiiU - meaning: Cryengine 3, which is also running on the PS360.

Nobody ever claimed the WiiU would run Crysis 1.

You better stop daydreaming about how the WiiU is anywhere near a modern gaming PC right now. It will only prevent you from having outlandish expectations which will inevitably lead to disappointment.

If you want to see what kind of power a modern PC GPU consumes under load (=gaming), have a look:

That is probably more than three times as much as the complete WiiU will consume (going by the tiny case) and that's for the PC GPU alone.



Burny commented on Rumour: Wii U is 50% More Powerful Than PlaySt...:

Reggie has stated that "it is" 1080p and 60fps, great! So is my five years old Laptop - heck, even my netbook - when I hook it up to my TFT - if it only runs Word in Windows XP. What he said can really mean anything and nothing.

For instance: Digital Foundry has had a look at the real time graphics demos Nintendo showed at E3 and had concerns about framerate and suspected that they were running in 720p:

Yeah, it's early unoptimized code and all and it certainly looks great - but it isn't exactly miraculous or way beyond anything that has been seen. And these 50% more powerful rumors certainly reinforce that impression, because it's just not a big leap, as great as it is for a Nintendo machine.



Burny commented on Regional eShops Will Continue to Offer Differe...:

You should not generalize like that. Europe is getting Xenoblade this very year and there were rumblings about The Last Story coming here.

North American Nintendo gamers meanwhile have no clue if they will ever get any of those games.