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Buob commented on Nintendo of America's Damon Baker Explains the...:

"For a person that posts in double meanings, you have a hard time realizing that I joked twice about no one caring about how the outside of their 3DS looks only to follow it with me playing with the New MM 3DS XL."

Point taken. I just thought you were being a stuck-up jerk. Give me a break--it's hard to read sarcasm on the internet.

"Also, your hate should be reserved for those that bought the stock of the New XL to resell and those that pay ridiculous prices to scalpers to allow this to continue. I don't scalp, I just put forth the effort and persistence to preorder the New XL after I just missed my opportunity the first time online after the announcement for my own personal use."

Yes, the fact that you are actually using your MM3D N3DS XL is laudible. Yes, my hate was more directed at the scalpers, you're just in a very narrow margin of that window. Maybe there will be more stock later and I can pick up a US copy, who knows? Regardless, I do have an N3DS, so it's not like I'm missing anything important, it's just... I wanted a Special Edition one (I'm super jealous about the Club Nintendo PAL N3DSs, too).

"I accept your envy. ^_^ .|/"

You would.

tl;dr - You're a pretty cool guy. 10/10 would hang out with



Buob commented on Nintendo of America's Damon Baker Explains the...:

The link I posted sort of had a double meaning, and I understand both sides of the issue. People have been decorating their consoles with those decals for a long time. Now that there are official decals, they want those too, possibly for collections. Now, someone will make a decal that emulates the MM3DS XL and then any N3DS XL could be either a white, black, or gold MM3DS XL, obviously the gold ones being official.

Also, I hate you (not really). I had to settle for importing a Japanese MM3D N3DS XL cause of all the stupid scalpers. Excuse me as I go kill some things (in a game).



Buob commented on Nintendo of America's Damon Baker Explains the...:


1. It's been said here before, but the people at NoA and NoE are simply pawns. NoJ is the one who makes the names of the systems, and in order for everything to make sense, NoA and NoE decided to keep the names, even if the people think the name is stupid. 3DS > 2DS > New 3DS and even Wii > Wii U. These are all terrible choices, but no one has brought that fact up to the name-making people at NoJ.

2. I both see his point on not bringing over the N3DS -XL, but at this point, after bringing over Streetpass and the rather Japanese Tomodachi Life, I think they should have taken the plunge and brought it over.

3. They would have to do another design change and resell the N3DS XL since the N3DS XL doesn't change faceplates at the moment, but that seems unlikely as this would make many fans unhappy.

Really, we're in a damned if they do, damned if they don't situation up until NoJ releases their Quality of Life console (which might be the final straw for many gamers).

@sykotek (and places like Etsy) would like to have a word with you.



Buob commented on Nintendo of America's Damon Baker Explains the...:

Ah, well good luck then.

I forgot that two physical titles I own actually haven't been translated and probably never will be: an Anpanman game for children and a dating sim... Maybe I should have kept quiet about that one. And who knows if Project Diva Magical Mirai 1 and 2 will ever make it over. I guess there's some hope.



Buob commented on Nintendo of America's Damon Baker Explains the...:

At this point there's not much over there that isn't already translated, so importing a Japanese N3DS might not be worth it. In fact, all the Japanese games I own (save for a couple of free eShop titles) have been translated and are over here.

Not to mention that even if you can read the kana and Kanji, you have to know what the actual word means; it's not going to just be a simple "wii aru furomu za puraneto assu" ("we are from the planet earth").

It's your money and choice, but there's my warning.



Buob commented on Video: Mii Fighters Get Ready For Smash Bros. ...:

@Kaze_Memaryu @Yosher That's not all. If the girls are found on a date, they shave the girl's head and expel her from the one who just happened to be really popular.

One other thing I noticed is that they have trading cards of the girls in different poses, a lot like baseball cards in the US, but with the girls. It's certainly different and a little sad, in my opinion.



Buob commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Patch The Controversial ...:


"Say you can lock a ragdoll model in a specific door, causing it to freak out, but just that one, single door.
By your logic, that would mean that this would be a hidden feature, since it doesnt work with other doors, just this specific one."

I'm sorry, what? Just skipping to the part I know better (I know very little of game/3D programming), if that were to happen, it would be because you put it in the code that states "if character by Door107 == True: ragdoll_freak()" (obviously seriously over-simplified and not what any real code would look like), and therefore is a hidden feature because the programmer put it in themselves.

This is, of course, bypassing any other things that are currently above my head in this field (I'm a fledgeling at the moment).

Other examples given in this thread, such as missingno, were simply there because of hardware limitations. Go read about them, it's pretty fascinating.

As for my opinion on fire-hopping, let people have their fun; after all, items will keep things pretty even.



Buob commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:

@TrueWiiMaster I can answer this for you; your Mii will ask you to be friends with another Mii in the apartment complex. If you say yes, they'll go, become friends, and then hang out. The more they hang out, the better friends they'll be. Eventually, your character will say "I love this Mii, can I ask her out?" If you say yes, he'll go ask her out. She can say no, but if she says yes, they'll date. After they date for a while, they'll either break up or get married.

When they get married, They get their own house, but still have their own rooms in the complex. After a while, you'll get a call saying "can you come here?" They'll have a baby in their arms and you can choose its gender and name (or have the game generate one for you) (this means that you see no pregnant Miis). The child will grow up and take a spot in the apartment complex or will become an explorer via streetpass.

And, for some strange reason, they can get divorced too.

But yeah, that's the gist of the whole dating/marriage thing.



Buob commented on Nintendo Direct: Nintendo Shows Off The Peculi...:

@DestinyMan It's a random event that only lasts one battle; it's not a full fledged RPG game. (I think it's a dream sequence, but I could be remembering it wrong; I've only had it happen once.)

@3MonthBeef Actually, it's very little like The Sim. I hated The Sims, but I really enjoy this game (though it's probably because there's less to micromanage).



Buob commented on Nintendo Direct: Nintendo Shows Off The Peculi...:

@ollietaro In the Japanese game, a child will become a traveler when they get old enough and will streetpass to other games. Since no one in my area has a Japanese 3DS (or if they do, they don't own this game), I have been unable to confirm what happens after they travel. Of course, I'm hearing reports that NOA/NOE has removed the feature to have kids, but I'd take that as a grain of salt as that's part of the fun.

@navonod18 , @lunarkitty You watch the Miis, feed them, give them rooms and outfits, but they essentially have to make the first move and say something like, "Hey, I wanna be friends with this mii, what do you think?"

@Senario Yes, you can have kids (unless they took it out).



Buob commented on Illegal Nintendo Clones Are Running Rampant On...:

Yes, please tell us your sound. I think most people think you act like a bell...Ringing and Dinging and the like.

ON TOPIC: I have mixed feeling about this. I think that people are trying to use Nintendo's popularity as their own, but I also believe they're using premade sprites to become better. That may just be my "assume good intent" value coming forth but hey, you never know.



Buob commented on Feature: The Nintendo Easter Egg Hunt:

@Gnoll: Mistranslation is impossible. Erdrick in Japanese would be aadoriku (アードリク), where as Link would be rinku (リンク) As you can see, aside from the ending ku (ク), they look and sound nothing alike.

What really happened is that they purposefully changed the name in the versions. It's Link in one version, and Erdrick in another. See Stuffgamer1's post.



Buob commented on New "Luigi Code" To Provide a Fresh Take on Vi...:

The assets and coding in order to make this possible just don't exist. There is no way one could just add a character into thousands of ROM images and then say "Use the Konami Code to get Luigi in your game. Cool, huh?!" It's simply impossible. That said, you kinda had me for a minute before I realized the date and had thought the whole thing through.



Buob commented on Nyko Power Pak Boosts Wii U GamePad Stamina By...:

@Burning_Sphere - Nintendo can't know for certain that you had a third-party battery in the system. Like I said, if you need to send it into Nintendo into repairs just put the stock battery in and they won't know the difference. I have a Nyko 3DS Power Pack as well, and when I had to send my 3DS back to Nintendo for repairs, I just put the original battery back in.

Is it really that hard to understand?



Buob commented on Nyko Power Pak Boosts Wii U GamePad Stamina By...:


People, this is an accessory. There is no way this could void your warranty or not work on non-American Gamepads.

For people worried about voiding warranty, Nintendo made it possible to be able to change the battery because they knew people would be disappointed with the normal battery life. If your that worried about it though, change the battery back to the original if you have to send it to Nintendo.

For those worried about it not working on PAL consoles, it will. Accessories are not games, therefore they cannot be region locked. As long as all Wii Us have the same battery cable components (which they do), it will fit.

That is all.



Buob commented on New Super Mario Bros. U Director Explains Why ...:

ThreadShadow wrote:

If Peach is so much more stuck to her previous gameplay mechanics, then why not make a four-player Mario featuring Mario, Luigi , Peach, and Toad, with all the abilities each had in SMB2?

Because Peach would always be lagging behind since she's the slowest of the characters.



Buob commented on New Super Mario Bros. U Director Explains Why ...:

All I'm seeing is people screaming "Nintendo is Sexist!"


Sure, I'll admit that the Mario games have been cut-and-paste copies of every other Mario game ever, but boy-saving-girl does not mean they're sexist. They just need help coming up with another plot that does not involve Peach getting kidnapped.



Buob commented on Nintendo: There's No Such Thing As Too Much Mario:

DonnyKD wrote:

@FonistofCruxis: "Maybe because the 3 NES titles were more unique than the NSMB games are."
They're only "unique" because they came out in a time where video games BARELY started. They don't have originality because of choice, they have originality because of technology and the fact that almost NOTHING has been done at the time.
I don't know what's stupider.
The constant nostalgiaing or the fact that people pretend NSMBU don't exist....

...Oh, yeah, and to the kids who think SMB1-3 has an excuse of being even more used than the NSMB series (because its teh originals right?!?!?!?), yeah, 1) Lost Levels and SMB2 USA just proved you wrong The former isn't original at all and the latter isn't even a Mario game. So, in reality, between 1985 to 1988, only ONE Mario game was original. 2) There were MORE 2D Marios in between SMB1 and SMB3.

They had completely new game play elements. In Super Mario Bros. 2 (JPN), Luigi had a different jump than Mario did. You could also play as Luigi as player one. Not only that, but the addition of the death 'shroom, and aesthetic differences (and the difficulty) made it a whole new game.

The US version had even more differences; playing as toad or Peach as well as the brothers, the picking up of vegetables and "riding" enemies was definitely new, as well as the red door potion things (which I NEVER understood). Besides that, again, the aesthetic differences and the health hearts (which you could add to), also made that a new game.

Super Mario Bros. 3 saw an entirely new structure as you have the map you commonly see in the NSMB games, the addition of SEVERAL different power ups, the addition of new enemies, a new way to end the level (with the "lottery" cards), and the option to gain back up power ups (also present in the NSMB series.)

Of course I'm not mentioning other differences I could name, but it's already obvious that the differences between all 4 games is night and day (more so for SMB2 (US) and 3), whereas the NSMB series rehashes the same plot, same aesthetics, same type of play (single player for handhelds, multiplayer for consoles), same type of gimmick to draw you in ("Collect the three power coins hidden in each level to unlock a bonus!").

It's no longer as fun as it used to be, and I'm sick of playing Nintendo's game (no pun intended) with 2D and 3D Mario. I will play Paper Mario, a Zelda, and some of the other franchises I enjoy, but no more Mario for me.

Also.... 2) There were MORE 2D Marios in between SMB1 and SMB3.
MORE 2D Marios in between SMB1 and SMB3.
between SMB1 and SMB3.

Are you stupid? There were technically two of them in between 1 and 3, but how is this relevant? Or are you talking about the Gameboy Marios? In which case....No, that's wrong.



Buob commented on Talking Point: The Rules for Violence in Video...:

OlympicCho - I've noticed you've been acting like a jerk lately...Is there something up?

Either way, our hunting deer or fowl is just our way of population control. It's like your rabbit population problem.

Also, you said something about familial ties earlier. I really doubt they feel those kinds of things, as a buck has 4-5 different hinds that he mates with, and then totally ignores any offspring. IF he does get back to the offspring, it's female during mating season.

Back to the topic at hand, the airport level in COD made me sick. I stayed behind the other mafia members and shot at the luggage and other minor things in the background (I do that during FPS games, just to see how much detail they've put in. I find it fun to shoot tires on vehicles and watch the air whoosh out). As for other violent games, it really depends on the context and the amount of blood and stuff. If there's a war, I'm fine with it, but if it's random killing of NPC's, I don't pick it up. For hunting games, I think it's okay, as long as you put a disclaimer in the manual saying that the hunting of endangered species is prohibited in real life (if applicable). Killing monsters is also okay with me. I doubt I'll find a Goomba or a Moblin (or even a zombie) in real life who will judge me for killing their inner game counterparts.



Buob commented on Pledge to Cloudberry Kingdom, Get It Free on W...:

I'm just gonna say: give $15 now for the regular game (which, when posted, will probably be $10), or wait and pay maybe around $20 for the "special version." Hmmmm, tough choice...

Look, I'm all for helping people make good games, but when I can get it cheaper at when it's launched, I'll wait.



Buob commented on Talking Point: Why Skyward Sword Sales Failed ...:

I'm going to try to answer everyone.....whether they see this or not.

I'm seeing a lot of "Super Mario Galaxy (2) was such a great game, while Skyward Sword was quite dumb." I was the complete opposite. I found Mario Galaxy to be really short and dull, and the best thing about the first one was Rosalina. Don't get me started on the second one. I got less than five minutes into it and said "This is stupid" and promptly threw away the disk.

Skyward Sword on the other hand, was a lot better. The storyline was great, the "romantic" moments made me laugh, and the graphics were great. I do have a few bones to pick with the game...Fi, the backtracking, the giant potato guy with the terrible toenails, and the upgrading of items to name a few....

I'm also seeing a lot of "Skyrim is great, Skyward Sword should be like that." Glitchy? Dark and Depressing? Meme generating? Seriously...the people who say that need to take an arrow to the knee. What makes Skyrim so great? The fact that it's not Zelda, that's why. The Elder Scrolls has its storyline, the Zelda series has its storyline. Can we please agree on that? Zelda is not a freeroam RPG, so get that in your heads.

Something about Voice Acting as well.....Um, may I say "Other M--'Nuff said?" Seriously, if Nintendo were to go the Voice Acting route, they would get even more complaints. It's best for EVERYONE if they leave the voices out. I leave this paragraph with "Do a barrel roll!"

Also, I saw something about this game taking a year. A movie can't be made in a year, and a video game takes longer to create than a movie. 'Nuff said.



Buob commented on Feature: Nintendo’s Biggest Blunders:

@sdcazeres1980 - You're getting too worked up to read the posts right. Lordlz was never said that it was the ESRB that allowed Nintendo to pick up Mortal Kombat. He said, and I quote "Nintendo adopted a "no-blood" policy because at the time, there was no rating system for games." If you'll notice, the blood in Mortal Kombat was edited out.

In what way does technology = kid friendly? Are you trying to say that primitive technology is only for children? With that kind of logic, you're saying that a Kindle Fire is better than an iPad (as a tablet). The thing with technology is that there really is no "bad technology;" it will do what it was meant for. For the Wii, that's play games that may focus more on storyline than graphics.

As for putting the numbers together, that's cheating. You can't say that the 130 number would stay there if the console was " just one system," due to people buying multiple systems. However, to entertain you, say the HD consoles WERE one system, that would cut the number to approximately 75 million, making the HD consoles lose to the Wii.

Sure, the Wii is at the end of it's life span, so maybe the 3rd Party companies should start understanding NINTENDO instead of their System.

Nintendo going the route of Sega? Not when Wii Sports Resort can outsell both Skyrim and Modern Warfare 3.



Buob commented on Capcom Open to More 3DS Resident Evils:

Here's one reason why a new Resident Evil should come every year: Activision does that with the Call of Duty franchise, and used to do it with the Guitar Hero franchise and spin-offs. In other words, it would make the entire Resident Evil franchise a money grab. Games that take a few years between the core games, such as Mario, Zelda, Elder Scrolls, and I'm sure Battlefield falls under this category, are great; simply because they aren't for money grabs.

I'm not saying that Capcom will become money grabbers if they make a new RE every year, but it's sure possible, and it could really damage both the game and the company.

I, for one, see annual games as a money grab, so I would start losing respect for Capcom as a company if they started making the RE franchise a new-every-year thing. This may seem harsh, but I don't see how much quality can be put into a game that took less than a year to make. [/opinion]



Buob commented on Feature: The Desire for Physical Media:

I prefer physical due to the fact that if I get bored of the game, I can sell it. Sure, digital is easier, but what about buyer's remorse? If I bought a digital game and it wasn't as good as I thought it would be, I'm stuck with that game and wasted $X. That's just my opinion



Buob commented on eShop Game Size Limit is 2GB:

Lordlz is right. Team Meat never said the limit was 2GB. Quote: "Never said that 2GB was the size restriction on eShop. I do not know what it is."

(Thanks to Swiket for the link)