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Fri 19th Jun 2009

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premko commented on Rumour: Wii 2 has Blu-ray Drive, Controller Co...:

I think this time the innovation will be the full compatibility with 3DS games (of course w/o 3d effect - but on the other hand, who knows...)
You know, playing the game in your flat, saving, and then finishing it on the lake camp or something.



premko commented on Feature: Retrofitting Your Console for the HD Age:

LCD connection reciepe: S-video cable for N64 (because it doesn`t use the rgb), component cable for WII (equals games for gamecube) and basic gamecube euro cable for SNES (if connected with RGB cable there are some problem with white color-I think it would be better to use second S-Video cable,but most of the LCDs have only one port).
Plus if you want to connect nes with chinch there is still one euro slot free.End of story and the old school games look really nice.



premko commented on Want Kid Icarus? Hey, Just Ask:

StarFox Wii, Pilot Wings Wii, 1080 Wii, Wave Race Wii, Kid Icarus Wii some new Wario/WarioWare games ,and a bit of big DSi hits !!!



premko commented on Review: Wario: Master of Disguise (DS):

Jonathan Wahlgren, we were really playing the same game ?
In my opinion this game is as good as WarioLand 4, and everybody - don`t listen to mr.Jonathan- T R Y T H I S G A M E !!!!



premko commented on Red Steel 2 Sharpens Up:

Can`t wait. I hope they will sell a lot of theese - MadWorld was incredible and the sales - we all know...