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Tue 29th Jan 2008

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deadly_by_design commented on Top 10 Neo Geo Games We Want To Come To The Vi...:

Nearly half way through 2011, the Wii successor is being announced, but still no Last Blade 1 or 2 on the Virtual Console. It's a shame, because it's a really hard game to get legitimately. (without buying an actual NeoGeo.... or Dreamcast... and I don't own a PS2 to buy the compilation w/ the censored port)



deadly_by_design commented on Research Shows More Consumers are Choosing The...:

It's true, though my case would be an iPod Touch instead of a phone. I don't want to be that nerd playing a DS/PSP game in public. Touch games have a certain cool/casual factor to them, and are easy to get observers involved.

That, and my real gaming mostly happens on the PC. A little on the Wii, but not much.



deadly_by_design commented on Dark Void Zero:

This just released on the PC over Steam. Trouble is, they felt the need to include SecuROM and a 5-machine activation limit on a $5 game.

What is Capcom smoking?



deadly_by_design commented on Feature: The Making of Star Fox:

Great article. I recall hearing rumors and scant details of Star Fox 2 in my Nintendo Power days, but nothing real.

I still remember playing the Star Fox demo at the local mall, where they had a competition for logging the highest scores. Even if I'm primarily a PC gamer now, I miss those kinds of promotional ventures.



deadly_by_design commented on Earthworm Jim Wriggling Onto DSiWare:

Isn't a remake also coming to WiiWare? I'd rather wait for that.

I was disappointed after buying EWJ for PC on It was a great deal with getting both games for $3.99, but the controls just aren't doing it for me. My Logitech Rumblepad 2 is a great controller, but the game doesn't have the most intuitive button-mapping setup.



deadly_by_design commented on First Impressions: Cave Story:

With the inclusion of the DLC content, I'm hoping the price stays at or below 1500. 1000 would be ideal, but releasing at any price would be progress.

I toyed with the early stages of the PC version, but have been saving myself for the WiiWare release. Nice to see it actually releasing, but I have to wonder what Nintendo was thinking. All of that promotion at shows, etc, then yanking it into obscurity.



deadly_by_design commented on Review: Mega Man 10 (WiiWare):


I think there are two main reasons:

1) They wanted to nail the feeling of early games, a la Mega Man 2

2) It facilitates the multi-character feature of 9's DLC and 10's 3-way. Proto Man and Bass help to flesh out the gameplay, while Rock keeps his original abilities. (relying on precise timing and platforming ability alone)

I haven't had time to play through the entire game yet, but Wily's 0.5 is amazing. A little atypical for the series' style, and it almost sounds more like the Gameboy than NES, but still great.



deadly_by_design commented on Review: Mega Man 10 (WiiWare):

I take back what I said... the music is growing on me. There are still some real duds, by comparison to MM9 and the rest, but its top tracks can hang with the best of 'em.



deadly_by_design commented on Review: Mega Man 10 (WiiWare):

Good review, but I disagree with saying that its music surpasses that of MM9. They did a little less recycling, but I feel its original scores are weaker, on average.



deadly_by_design commented on Netflix on Wii confirmed:

So does this solidify the defeat of Nintendo's naive "Gaming Device Only" concept? (no DVD playback, anyone?) Here's hoping the next Wii will have all of the modern perks of Nintendo's contemporaries. (Movies, Robust online services, etc)



deadly_by_design commented on Mega Man 10 Heading to WiiWare!:

Great news - I'll buy it day one.

Keep that X-sequel crap to yourselves, Capcom. (only the first was worthy, IMO) You're smart to continue with the better half of the franchise. (and burn all copies of Legends)

Are you just trying it now? Are you a fan of that genre and period normally? 8-bit Megaman is a period work, and should be judged as such. It's not breaking new ground, but refining and refreshing take on a genre from years past.

Then again, Megaman games weren't everyone's cup of tea back then either.



deadly_by_design commented on A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia:

This game appears to have been ahead of its time. Not sure how I missed it as a kid...

As for it aging "terribly," I think it has to do with the art style. It looks more like a 1980s PC game than the often highly-stylized appearance of NES games.