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Miyamoto Confirms Next Wii U System Update Is Already In Development

Posted by Damien McFerran

More improvements coming to the Wii U

It's fair to say that the last Wii U System Update was a bit special. The Quick Start menu is fantastic, offering the chance to get into your games with less waiting time. It was certainly encouraging to see Nintendo thoughtfully augment the abilities of the console and add something that is of genuine benefit for the end user.

The good news is that Nintendo isn't done with improving the Wii U yet. In an interview with Time, Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that the next big update is already in the works:

We’re definitely working on additional system updates. But the challenge is that any time you do an update that big, it requires quite a bit of testing. We can’t do those very frequently, but I can say that we’re already working on the next system update.

What features would you like to see in this new update? Unified accounts? Cross-buy capabilities? System-wide achievements? Let us know your sensible — and perhaps not so sensible — ideas by posting a comment below.

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DreamOn said:

The Wii U may not have everyone's support but more and more it has Nintendo's.



Tsurii said:

The only thing, I could think of atm, would be that account system. I'm starting to get a bit paranoid and am kinda worried, what'd happen to my purchases, if the console died.



maneauleau said:

Real accounts
Cross buy
Cross save
Cloud save
No region lock
Allow us to pre-download, pre-install.
VC update with GC, N64, NeoGeo, Nec PC engine etc



BooJoh said:

Cross-buy for VC. Please.

I really do not want to have to pay another upgrade fee to get my VC games onto whatever comes after Wii U after paying to upgrade from Wii and buying separately on 3DS and then pay another separate upgrade fee to update 3DS versions to the successor of that and... can we see how ridiculous this looks compared to PSN's "buy once, play on any compatible system" classics model yet?



erv said:

@Tsurii897 yep, the account system is a must.

I hate the fact that most of my purchases from wiiware back in the day got stuck on my brokendown wii. It is archaic and illogical.

I still love the convenience of digital purchases, but just the account system up and running would be great.



electrolite77 said:

"Unified accounts?" Yes!!
"Cross-buy capabilities?" Yes!!

Seriously Nintendo, it's 2014. You're getting very little digital revenue out of me until it's fixed.



jordanmarsden said:

System-wide achievements and cross-buy functionality are an absolute must.

Digital games are already ludicrously expensive on the eShop, and I refuse to buy the same game twice just so I can play it on both of my Nintendo systems.

I don't see Nintendo putting much effort into achievements any time soon, but it really does leave a gaping whole in the Wii U's arsenal.

... And a few GameCube VC titles would be nice.



EverythingAmiibo said:

GIVE US FREAKING PARTY CHAT!!!!! Also, better (aka in game banner) message and chat request notifications, please Nintendo, I don't want to use Skype to chat to my Wii U friends!!!



Drsasa said:

For start: Folders and Quick Start costumization.
Then offcourse Real accounts, like @Tsurii897 sad im really scared if console die. Maybe that is not issuse in some countries like UK but in some is even hard to manage to get WiiU its kinda impossible to send to repear or whatever.

Rest are mentoned but not urgent



SuperCharlie78 said:

"Unified accounts? Cross-buy capabilities? System-wide achievements?"
All of them, of course, but we'll get none.



Kejomo said:

I would like to get notifications during games when a friend has sent me a message or is wanting to play online.



SuperCharlie78 said:

Meanwhile, link your Club Nintendo account to your NNID (from the eShop), this way you'll ever see all your purchases in the Club Nintendo.
If your Wii U get broken or stolen someday, you would submit it to Nintendo.



BooJoh said:

I personally think system-wide achievements is absolutely not a necessity for Nintendo. Most of their first party titles have achievement systems already, but they're custom tailored to each game and it's so much more satisfying that way than just having a system banner pop up over your game saying "achievement unlocked!" If anything I would be in favor of making Miiverse stamps an account-wide thing so you can use them anywhere on Miiverse and mix and match instead of only using them in posts from that game.



0utburst said:

Vertically scrollable icons/list (kinda like windows explorer) to better organize games and apps and not windows or pages. And add folders with it.



TreesenHauser said:

Unified account, cross-buy, and folders would all be great additions. Some kind of achievement system would be nice but I'm not counting on it.



SCAR said:

The connections for more fleshed out account systems are there, they just don't do anything(yet). The NNID is your account, it just doesn't have any user accessible data associated with it, aside from Miiverse.
The NNID IS tracking purchases, it's just not transferable/managable at this time.

Nintendo did say you'd be able to download things to your Wii U from the eShop via your smartphone or 3DS.

Other features could be added. They could have an achievment system alternative, such as play coins.

I could see cross-buy happening. There's an abundance of 3DS games and VC that are on both, so I think it's just a matter of time.

Just remember that Nintendo announced Miiverse for 3DS in 2011, and we didn't get it until the end of 2013. We'll probably be getting another big update, by the end of this year.



BakaKnight said:

Save backups, that's what I absolutely need on my Wii U >_<;

My external HardDisk failed twice in a year and I lost lots of save datas. Problem is that it's very hard and complicated to make a backup copy of save files for downloaded games cause the Wii U allow only copy of software, updates and saves all togheter.

It would be nice the option to be able to copy only save files from HardDisk to Console or the possibility to hold the software on the external HDD and make it read the save files from consoles.



firebird3334 said:

Oooh ooooh, pick me!!
Support for contactless credit/debit card. i recently got one and would like to use that feature!!



tysonfury said:

  • A photo & video editing channel
  • Wii games load straight from Wii U menu without having to go into Wii mode first
  • Folders
  • post to miiverse straight from the home screen without having to go to the miiverse site first
  • In-game notifications
  • chat and photo channel in the home menu so that you don't have to quit your current game to use them
  • VC Suspend points 'in the cloud' and shareable between Wii U and 3DS versions
  • TVii in Europe
  • Wii VC games
  • Disc install

and then we're all done!



kyuubikid213 said:

tysonfury wrote:

  • A photo & video editing channel

A photo and video editing channel would be cool, but personally, I don't see why it'd be necessary on any console... It was a nice distraction on the Wii, but other than that, it didn't see much use.

  • Wii games load straight from Wii U menu without having to go into Wii mode first


  • Folders

Folders aren't an issue for me and they weren't an issue before they released them on the 3DS, but I can understand why people want them. I use them because it takes less time to organize, but again, it didn't bug me before they were a thing.

  • post to miiverse straight from the home screen without having to go to the miiverse site first

I don't understand this... A lot of Nintendo's titles allow this. Also, I wouldn't want a gimped Miiverse just to make a post. When I go on Miiverse, I look at other posts as well as write my own.

  • In-game notifications

I don't mind the Home Button flashing. I miss it when I'm in the zone, but at the same time, people can't pester me constantly with notifications. On top of that, it'd likely have Miiverse integration and popular artists' games would be interrupted by endless Yeah! Bombing.

  • chat and photo channel in the home menu so that you don't have to quit your current game to use them

By chat, I assume you mean the Wii U Chat. I also assume you mean for them to update it to accomodate IM as well as Party Chat because suspending a game to do a video chat is not my cup of tea. And again, I don't see the need for a photo channel on the Wii U.

  • VC Suspend points 'in the cloud' and shareable between Wii U and 3DS versions

Partially agreed. I don't want a ton of stuff in the Cloud, but there'd be no other way to sync it, I suppose.

  • TVii in Europe


  • Wii VC games

No. The Wii U is backwards compatible to the Wii. Just buy your Wii games and slap 'em in. Gamecube VC is more like it, but on the other hand, GameCube HD remakes could be cool. I love Wind Waker HD. And, while I still have my Wii, I'd gladly buy an HD remake of a GCN game if it had more features (which is a guarantee thanks to the GamePad and Miiverse).

  • Disc install

Eh. To be honest, I don't want this one. I understand games like Lego City would load faster or something, but on the same token, I'd have to give up memory so I could actually install it. As much space as the Wii U discs hold, that wouldn't be something I'd want implemented. I want Nintendo to keep making their games work smoothly without the need for a disc install.



xxAcesHighxx said:

For me, there's a number of things that I'd like to see, but only three that I REALLY need:

1 — The ability to actually play Wii games on the Wii U GamePad. We can already 'watch' them on the GamePad screen, but I want to 'control' them with it too! How cool would it be to play the likes of the Super Mario Galaxy games off-TV? My youngest daughter meanwhile, would love to play Kirby's Adventure away from the TV - a domain that her older sister dominates

2 — Another thing that'd be cool is for retail game icons to remain on the GamePad homescreen when it's disc is removed — it'd be great to see all your game icons in one place, both digital and retail.

3 — This one is a very small request, but like one or two readers have already mentioned, folders really are a straight forward implementation and absolutely essential for those of us with tons of eShop/VC icons cluttering up our homepage's. Especially if, as per my second point, those icons were to include 'all' of our retail games too.

Here's hoping!



Starwolf_UK said:

Given how well the quick start menu works (I've turned it off because every time I turned the system on it told me the menu was not ready yet) they need to take all the time they can on an update with features. Who knows what will happen if folders were to appear?

Who knows maybe they will write a change log that is more than "stability improvmantz" (keep trolling them, it is a shame as there are actual changes that are meaningful, remember the LAN speed boost?).

To people suggesting cross buy, there is no update needed. The eShop is already equipped to offer users specific offers based on purchases in thier NNID. See the Pullblox World promo. It just requires a change of mindset from Nintendo (which is gradually happening).

I would personally like to see a better offline mode than having to delete all connection settings (if you don't it will try to connect to those every time you boot up or close software).

@BakaKnight Wait, you can't move saves on their own to the NAND? I was under the impression you could. Irritating. Saves on their own on the NAND are the best backup you'll get currently because if the NAND breaks the external drive will be useless anyway (as a repair will be a different system). Edit: If Nintendo is keen on not having end users with public key encrypted saves (as these are easier to hack) then a cloud based solution linked to the NNID is an idea.



Charizord said:

I really hope they lift the US eshop restriction of only allowing credit cards from the US. Living abroad is a pain -.-



unrandomsam said:

Allow installing retail games to the hdd (With the disk still in).

Allow seperating the save data and the game / updates between the external hdd and the internal flash memory.

Optimisation to use a flash drive or ssd.



StarfoxFire said:

chat chat chat! simple in game voice chat to friends and text caht to friends. group or 1 to 1.



StarfoxFire said:

WOW theres no eshop in brazil!! bloody hell nintendo! OH and speaing of that WHY THE HELL DOES EUROPE HAVE TVII IF WE CANT USE IT!



Tritonus said:

Unified Accounts
HBO <------------
Dedicated looking for players rooms on Miiverse, since you removed that option, miiverse has been kinda dead for me.
Stability, performance improvments
Nintendo TVii in Europe
Integrated games catalogue, to keep track of what games you have completed, and at what %.
No region lock.
Pikmin 3 Online Play for battle mode!

Those would be my top priorities. I wouldn't mind seeing a return of Everybody votes channel, the mii contest channel, news and weather channel.



Volmun said:

Id like to see a File system to Miiverce so on your profile you have a list of the comunitys you have posted in with the list of your Post's in etch (ik thats a MiiVerce update not a System Update) -an achevemnt/trophy list would be nice but I sortof like not having the "stress" of having some of them looming over meas I like to colect stuff lol.



Link506 said:

Lemme guess. Stability. You can never get enough of it and Nintendo knows it.



unrandomsam said:

@Starwolf_UK You can delete the actual game content and then copy from hdd to internal. No idea what happens if it is then reinstalled to the hdd as it has not been something I have needed yet. (I do want to switch to the D4L version from the retail deadly six edition for Sonic Lost World so I guess I will find out then.)



sketchturner said:

#1. Universal Nintendo account
#2. Integrate Wii mode into WiiU mode so that it is not separate.



Tritonus said:

@Starwolf_UK You know that was just a one time thing with the , the Wii U just needed to set up the quick start menu once, after that it works flawlessly. Give it another chance.



ULTRA-64 said:

All about the account system.........
It would be nice to use the gamepad fully (Inc buttons) in wii mode aswell!!! I don't really see the need for folders yet -I'd have downloaded more if my purchases were protected by an account!!



_exalt said:

We need on screen notifications when a friend gets online or when receiving a message and the ability not to have to go to all the way to Miiverse to check messages.



RennanNT said:

@Starwolf_UK You have to put the Wii U in standby and wait a moment (until orange light becoming red), from then on it will load the quick start menu as soon as you press the power button.



jcross1978 said:

Party Chat or in-game friend chat... I love the system and games, but I miss my 360 that I traded in for the Wii U only because I can not chat with people I know other wise I am super happy with my Wii U. So please add a group chat or party chat that still allows you to continue playing your game...



DarkJamD said:

Change to receive and answer to incoming videocalls while console is turned off for quick boot.



DarkJamD said:

What actually happens when Wii U Menu goes full of games and software? I have only few more empty places left. Folders would be nice.

..And big yes for party chat and cross-buy!!



Starwolf_UK said:

@RennanNT Do you have to leave the Wii U on standby? I turn everything off at the mains when I'm done so that could explain why it was never ready.



Flugen said:

1) It would be great if retail copies of games could also grand you the right to download the digital copy of the game in case you have a broken or scrached dvd etc.
2) Cross game chat.
3) Themes from Nintendo Characters
4) Stream video from Local PC library with support of .srt subtitles
5) Skype Support



hypercoyote said:

1) Cross-platform purchases (ie, buy the game, but get it on both 3DS and WiiU)
2) In relation to the above, credit for any games you have on both systems.
3) Folders on the home screen (like the 3DS allows you to create)
4) Credit for any games that are lost when merging two eShop accounts that have purchased the same game (currently the one copy of the game just disappears).

Bonus) An awesome capability would be the ability to let others "borrow" your games. For 24 hours you can let someone play the same game you own given the condition that you can't play it during that same time period. It'd be a great way to let people try something new that doesn't necessarily have a demo available. This would only apply to digital content, of course.



SphericalCrusher said:

I'm fine with whatever they want to do. Cross-buy would shut a lot of people up - it does not really matter much to me, but it would be cool. I'd like a notification window when a friend sends me a message, and maybe a way to send messages without launching the MiiVerse app.



arnoldlayne83 said:

1) Instant chat with friend online in friend list without going through Miiverse
2) E-shop buys linked to the user and not the console
3) folders in WiiU desktop
4) Voice chat everywhere
5) Skype!
6) would be amazing to "emulate" 3ds title on WiiU, by just streaming the upper screen contents to the tv or by running the purchased games in a real emulator.....3ds which could also act as a 2nd pad... this would move so many 3ds owners in purchasing a wiiU too....



arnoldlayne83 said:

I know it is OT, but Ninty please, bring soon a new chapter of Kid Icarus on WiiU.... the more I play that game the more I am convinced would be awesome on HD with the same control scheme....



koochiekoo said:

I want to be able to play my games on another console , eg if i break or sell mine, i want to be able to buy another wii u and get my games back!



LazyShell said:

I definitely have to agree unified account system, cross buy, and folders to help organize everything better. I'm all for some nice Quality of Life changes.



617Sqn said:

All I want, is to be able to play more than 2 online races on MK8, with out seeing "communication error" Nintendo really need to sort there online play. In this day and age there is no excuse for how poorly Nintendo cope with online!



Dezsi said:

Account system above all!

Cross-platform VC would be great. I would have bought a few games if they'd been available on the Wii U VC.



Xilef said:

I would love to be able to chose how many games are on one screen (similair to the 3DS). Also, folders.



aaronsullivan said:

Make it easy for me to transfer my digital purchases to new or other hardware. Do this and I'll go digital all the way.

Allow streaming of 3DS gameplay to my Wii U (even if I have to buy a hardware attachment to my 3DS). I barely play my 3DS because I can't play well with a kid dangling off of each arm trying to see.



NES_64 said:

I'd love to be able to use the gamepad as a Classic Controller Pro in Wii Mode while playing Xenoblades. But need those Folders and Unified Accounts. Maybe with a better connection with Club Nintendo so I can scan (like a QR code) instead of having to type in long random numbers and keep having to log into nintendo's official site all the time.



Jmaster said:

@AcesHigh73 About the first one: Why I would love to see the Gamepad work as a classic controller, it won't ever be able to simulate a Wii Remote, so SMG'd be impossible.



timtimdaunholy said:

Cross-buy, Folders,Gamepad to work in wii mode.
really just keep improving, That Quick Start is so nice and the start up is alot quicker



IronMan28 said:

Cross-buy would be kinda cool, especially since we're getting some redundancy in VC and eShop games. Folders on Wii U would be awesome, too, I have a ton of digital games that would love to be organized.



PinkSpider said:

Unified accounts so I can download virtual console titles on my Wii U that I can also play on my 3DS and the option to load my profile onto a friends Wii U if I need to like xbox or ps.
Actually the biggest thing I would Like to see is the ability to be able to turn off the game pad when it's not being used. I don't want to have to leave it on charge when I'm watching netflix.
Make it happen nintendo



Longaway said:

1) Unified Accounts that support purchase usage on multiple systems on the same local network.

2) Crossbuy

3) My Pipe Dream update -
Replace the Mii Plaza with Nintendoland, add in temporary "exhibits" to showcase whatever MiiVerse communities they want (just like the current plaza), as well as "exhibit" space for all eShop purchases, Wii mode, and Disc games.



ProudasaPeacock said:

Give me that sweet, sweet stability.
Seriously though, unified accounts and cross-buy capabilities would be great.
Somehow I doubt that'll actually happen though :/



redwingleader said:

Tivo compatibility.
I know it seems small but it was supposed to be a launch feature which has yet to surface.



BertoFlyingFox said:

Folders, WaraWara Plaza themes, an easier unified account system, and the ability to add more consoles/handhelds to a family eco system.



markybbop said:

Friend notification when online or invites to a game or messages you. Pre download, pre install games ready for the release date. Some kind of update that will help you travel with your controller further away from the console



Hy8ogen said:

Double on on-screen notification. It really bugs me to no end constantly pausing my game to see who got online...



Rafie said:

@Maneauleau THIS!!! I definitely agree here. I would also like to see achievements. I LOVE achievements. I think that would entice some gamers to buy Wii U consoles.



kereke12 said:

What we need as "Whole" 3DS & Wii U is unified account system, & to let us add friends through 3DS & Wii U.



bofis said:

Attach all purchases to Nintendo ID for cross-buying and also so they are not locked to individual systems.



Tman said:

Am I the only one annoyed by the term "cross-buy"? It reminds me of PlayStation, didn't they coin that term? Anyways, cross-buy (or whatever Nintendo will call it), folders, not having to use gamepad in the e-shop are all features I would like to see. My most sought-after addition however, please Nintendo. . .add AV receiver support for the remote function. I want too be able to control my volume with the gamepad!!



xj220_afiles said:

@BooJoh PSN is not much better. Pretty much every game released on ps3 can't be played on PS4. For those that are, you ussually pay for your game to be playable on both platform.



GalacticMario28 said:

I'm not too concerned with achievements, personally. Cross-buy would be convenient. I'd like to see unified accounts, but I think it might be a little too soon for that. That is, I don't think Nintendo has worked out a way to unify accounts with a 'Nintendo' spin yet. But I wouldn't mind being wrong.



AltDotNerd said:

I want the Wii Mode unified with the Wii U Mode so you don't have to switch between the two.



ultraraichu said:

DVR features (play, pause, rewind, etc) for the GamePad remote. That way I don't have to grab my cable remote to fast-forward a show everytime while playing off-tv. More importantly, stability.



daveh30 said:

I want system wide achievements. So bad. Nintendo will always be my first love, but I find myself playing my PS3/4 and Vita more and more just because I'm addicted to trophies... If we can get achievements/ trophies in Mario Golf and Mario Kart, world peace cannot be far behind...



Nintendo_Ninja said:

This is what I want:
More server strength
Additional Miiverse features
Cross Buy
Club Nintendo app



xxAcesHighxx said:

@Jmaster How about the touchscreen - surely the best pointer ever designed is your finger, no? There, problem solved

EDIT: Plus there's always the right analogue stick!



xxAcesHighxx said:

@daveh30 I'm with you buddy. Even though I love it's stereoscopic 3D, I almost always favour Vita over 3DS when it comes to multi platform titles. Why? One word: Trophies!



ElkinFencer10 said:

I would love for them to drop the region lock and add in-game achievements, but I think the former is unlikely and the latter even more so.



Luffymcduck said:

Videochat usable while playing games? Or if that's too hard, any chat while playing games, not just in MK8 with friends.



Jmaster said:

@AcesHigh73 problem Solved? It's just create more problems!
We're talking about the Wii Remote here. A device that tracks movement in three dimensions. There's no way a tocuhscreen or analogue stick could replicate that, as they only track two dimensions. But say they only do it for Mario Galaxy, then you would still need three hands. One for the left stick, one for pressing A or whatever would make you jump, and one for either moving a cursor with an analogue stick (which is already horrible) and awkwardly shaking it every five seconds, or constantly blocking the GamePad-screen. It would ruin the entire game!
Now I don't want to sound pessimistic, but when you think it through, you'll find SMG was MADE for the Wii Remote. No other controller could replace it.



Yoshis_VGM said:

All I really want is a cloud system now. The last thing I want is to lose 3D World and Mario Kart 8 should my system die, since I have those games downloaded. Otherwise the Wii U OS is perfect in my eyes.

Oh yeah, and more stability.



DaemonSword said:

Updates Wii U NEEDS ASAP:
-Def needs a gmail app, music app, and a facebook app, linked with MiiVerse of course (and/or fix the web browser. It's irritating having the pages unnecessarily refresh, just because you clicked on another tab)
-Upgrade the TV Remote feature to have an 'OK' button and a 'Recorded TV' feature, since they are basic on all cable providers remotes.
-Provide a list of all keyboards that work with the Wii U
-Folders option, just like on the 3DS
-Cross buy for VC games.



UnseatingKDawg said:

I'd really like the ability to launch the Wii Menu without having to turn on my TV screen. That would be REALLY nice. I'd also like a more account-based system in case of hardware failure, as well as a folder system of sorts.

Oh, and more Virtual Console support, which they supposedly have "extreme dedication" to.



RFox182 said:

Updating the system so that you could be able to watch DVD's/Blu Ray's would be cool



Grimlock_King said:

I can't be the only person that wants the WII U to have RGB settings. Nintendo we want to control the RGB settings from limited range RGB to full range RGB. My monitor will thank you.



retro_player_22 said:

1. Cross buy
2. Make the Wii & Wii U Mode region free
3. Skype
4. ability to transfer files from one console to the next
5. Turn Game Pad into Wii Classic Controller/Wii Remote + Nunchuck combo in Wii Mode.



Blue_Guy said:

I just wish you could send messages directly to your friends, instead of having to enter Miiverse.



HeCaster101 said:

One thing I'd like to see in a future update would be a Wii U to Wii U transfer tool. I'd like to upgrade from my Basic Set to any kind of Deluxe Set. Being a huge Zelda fan, it was hard for me to miss out on getting the Wind Waker Deluxe bundle, while my friends were all buying it. I've also run out of space to store my game data, so I have to store everything else in an external hardrive. But at the same time, I'm pretty much stuck with the set I have now cuz I don't wanna lose any of my data. Especially not my NNID, since I've managed to get quite a large amount of followers on Miiverse.

So yeah, Wii U to Wii U transfer tool would be great.



BooJoh said:

@xj220_afiles That's the case with new games, yes. I was specifically referring to PSN classics, the closest thing PSN has to VC, PSOne and PS2 games which are playable on any compatible system once you've bought them. Even if you do want to bring new digital games into this, many brand new games on PSN have cross-buy either with PS3/Vita or PS4/Vita, while some of the very same titles don't on Nintendo (1001 Spikes for example.)



Saeros_Fae_Falla said:

Make the OS use half as much RAM. It would be great if TVii and Miiverse could be layered like as in being transparent with them taking the other half of the available RAM. I would also like a way to take screen grabs without interrupting a game and store more than one of them temporarily. When using the search button, I would like to be able to use the right stick to move backward or forward in the search bar. Most of all OUR ACCOUNTS WITH OUR GAMES TIED TO THEM!



Jazzer94 said:

Join friends game from the Wii U friends list 3DS has it now Wii U needs it.



xtndedPlay said:

I am calling it now. The main feature of the next update will involve activating NFC for amiibo



Mazor775 said:

A longer range for the controller. I hate how you have to keep it within about 15 feetish of the console. I want 50 or 60 feet.



Tysamu said:

Unified, detached from system accounts.


On Tv screen notifications (i.e. when you receive an invite or message while on CoD ghosts online)

Cross-buy features



Kolzig said:

Yes, yes, yes.
Agree completely with what this person wrote.

Only thing that Nintendo platforms don't need is achievements. That and micro transactions/DLC is the worst design invention in the past 10 years.



9th_Sage said:

Hm, yes. Only big thing I can think of (unless they can speed loading further, but I doubt it...and honestly, it's in a decent spot right now anyway) are a better account system, like others have said. Cross-Buy/cloud saves would be great too. Also, folders.



Nintenjoe64 said:

1. I want a unified Wii and Wii U menu (I'm guessing they won't because of all the issues like not being able to justify the upgrade charges for VC games and other Wii emulation problems)
2. I want that unified channel to emulate a Wiimote and classic controller with the gamepad or pro controller so I can play some of the better Wiiware games.
3. Add every platform from Wii VC + Amiga + Dreamcast + Saturn
4. I want a single emulator for the VC instead of downloading one with each ROM.
5. Folders would be nice
6. Multiple profiles for a single user account that can be switched inside games. (The Wii's library had better options for multiple users than Wii U currently has)
7. An app that tallies up your Mii's achievements on both the Wii and Wii U
8. Activity log to rank the games based on play time
9. A suggestion box for new games that you can only use when you register a game.
10. Plaza to show more games at once and to filter out spam a bit better.



Scomos said:

I'd like achievements, and the friends app to be intergrated onto the home menu so all you need to do is press a button to go to the left and the friends screen would be pre-loaded, like the ps3, because it takes too long just to see who's online!

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