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Sun 30th Mar 2014

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Flugen commented on Video: The Nintendo Life Reaction to Nintendo'...:

It was a really tragic presentation for WiiU.

I dont care if WiiU has a ton of games in the back catalog or that they working "hard" to make more...

I just say my opinion about this presentation. It was a waste of time for us and a waste of money for them.

Better of without it.

Practically they killed WiiU.



Flugen commented on Miyamoto Confirms Next Wii U System Update Is ...:

1) It would be great if retail copies of games could also grand you the right to download the digital copy of the game in case you have a broken or scrached dvd etc.
2) Cross game chat.
3) Themes from Nintendo Characters
4) Stream video from Local PC library with support of .srt subtitles
5) Skype Support



Flugen commented on Talking Point: The Logic Behind Game Boy Advan...:

If Nintendo continues this overpriced policy for Virtual Console games, i dont think there is a chance in a billion that this will succeed.

You cannot charge people 7+ euros for games 15-20 years old!!!! I can find retail games for Wii in those prices!!!!