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Mon 17th March, 2014

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endy_n_omni commented on Rumour: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Dat...:

I sorta think the "check downloaded stages" could be used with the create-a-stage feature on wii u. You might be able to share stages.

If we get any DLC at all I'd imagine it would be new colors and costumes. Everyone wants Dad Bowser and I could see those costumes, plus more, coming to the games.



endy_n_omni commented on It'll be Possible to Catch All 719 Pokémon Us...:

@rjejr The bank stores the pokemon on a server and when you pop in a game (X/Y or any future game they said) you just load up the bank and move them to the PC. Just drag and drop. It's easier than needing two 3DS systems to trade back and fourth and you can use any copy of the game. For example, I paid for Bank but my wife didn't. Whenever she has a pokemon she wants to keep but not on her game, like an event pokemon, we just put her game into my 3DS and I transfer it to my bank.

Hope that helps answer your question.



endy_n_omni commented on Developer Hints At How Minecraft Could Shape U...:

As long as I can build structures in a creative mode and it is priced accordingly with the version's capabilities I would get it. I never got PE because I can't stand playing on a phone, but I would get it for 3DS. I don't need survival mode or anything, I have PC for that.
But knowing it's coming to Vita as the full PS3 version sorta makes the 3DS look less enticing. I always have my 3DS on me, and my Vita is collecting dust, but it would be a portable version with multiplayer and all the features the PS3 one has, with the ability to transfer map data back and fourth. So, again, depends on price. Give it to me for around $5-$7 and I'd get it just for on-the-go building. Anything more than that and I'll stick with what I have.



endy_n_omni commented on Nintendo TVii Update Adds New Features and Imp...:

I tried to use it during the Super Bowl because they were having some kind of contest tired to it. I don't even like sports, but my friends and I had it in on the background. I just find it a lot easier to use my TV remote than the Wii U's app. I do use the GamePad to do volume and change to HDMI for gaming, though.

Really, I don't want any of my consoles to help me watch TV. I can do that just as easily with my remote, Netflix and Hulu.



endy_n_omni commented on Zen Studios Collaborates With Telltale Games a...:

@ULTRA-64 I don't see why we wouldn't see the table on Wii U. The telltale game never made it, but nearly all of Zen Studio's other tables have (save a few older ones). Zen Studios supports the Wii U pretty strongly, even if it takes extra time to get their stuff to the system sometimes.



endy_n_omni commented on Masahiro Sakurai Shows Off Touch Screen Usage ...:

I like it. It's simple and is something you can ignore if you need to, meaning you don't have to try and focus on the touch screen during play. In some larger levels it might be easier to find yourself (my wife hated New Pork City because she'd get lost when it zoomed out). I think this works well.



endy_n_omni commented on Photos With Mario Official Website Launches Wi...:

Target has had the cards (ours has Goomba and Mario) for about a week now. My friend picked one up, since he was planning on getting some of the Mega Man games on the VC anyway. Oddly, unlike other point cards, these had tax added to them.
I love collection cards and I buy a lot of eShop stuff, so I'll try to collect all of them. I dearly hope we get the Animal Crossing card Japan got. It isn't enough for me to just print it out. I want the real thing.



endy_n_omni commented on Hands On: Photos with Mario and AR Card Fun:

I actually found this a few days ago, looking through the eShop. I didn't see any information on the internet so for, like, a day I felt special.

I kinda think they might make it known on the eShop once Target gets the AR point cards? Regardless, I buy a lot of point cards and I like collecting things so I'll get them. I really hope we get the Animal Crossing and Pikmin cards, too. Mainly because I want to increase my AC merch shelf.