Boot camp

Fed up of wasting all those precious seconds waiting for your Wii U to boot up from cold? Fear not, because Nintendo has the solution, and it's coming in a firmware update this year.

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed the new quick boot menu during the recent investor's presentation. The sequence shows the Wii U starting up instantly with a menu showing a selection of recently-used games — selecting one of these allows you to bypass the normal Wii U front-end and dive straight into the game, cutting waiting time dramatically.

Iwata says the feature is almost ready for distribution to Wii U consoles all over the globe:

The integration of this feature is almost complete, and this is how it will actually work on the Wii U system. We will deliver this update to Wii U owners when we update the Wii U hardware either before or during summer.

That's not the only good news for impatient Wii U owners — another future firmware update will speed up the standard Wii U menu, making games load around "20 seconds" faster. Industry analyst David Gibson — who was in attendance during the Q&A session which followed the presentation — appears to suggest that this is a separate enhancement to the quick boot menu:

Nintendo is clearly working hard at making its home console as user-friendly as possible — what are your feelings about these updates? Let us know by sharing your feelings below.