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Exclusive: Lost Wii Game, Sadness, To Be Revived as Wii U Exclusive

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

HullBreach Studios and Cthulhi Games are collaborating on development

Update 2:

Following a rapid progression of events, HullBreach Studios and Cthulhi Games have retracted their claims to the Sadness brand — the details are available in this updated article.


In follow-up comments to our colleagues at Eurogamer, Cthulhi Games' Jeremy Kleve has stated that the development partnership is currently awaiting formal approval for use of the Sadness IP from the original owners, but confirmed that if permission is denied it won't stop the project progressing.

We very recently have contacted the old developers to obtain rights to the what little IP actually existed and their blessing. Should they work against us we are prepared to change the title of the game and drop any usage of their IP, this however will not slow us down in the least since most of their ideas were just ideas.

Sadness had us intrigued since it began years ago, and we decided recently that we didn't want to let it die off completely. We would have acted sooner if we were capable back then, but as you know the consoles weren't as open to indies as they are now.

Original Article:

Like any console generation, the Wii era had its share of development sagas — projects that were confirmed, teased, ignored and eventually faded to cancellation. Keen Nintendo fans of the early Wii era may, then, remember the trials and tribulations of Sadness. It was the work of Polish developer Nibris and excited gamers through its concept alone.

Pegged as an exclusive for Nintendo's console, it was to use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk in innovative ways to control the character's hands. It captured attention, also, for a promised black and white aesthetic and visuals — utilising the Gamebryo game development platform from Emergent Technologies — along with a horror approach to storytelling. Set before World War One, the limited pitch information stated that players would have to face their fears while avoiding the nightmares of the lead character, with eight endings promised. A black and white psychological horror game utilising the Wii controllers? It's little surprise that fans were keen.

As well as a few screens leaked — pictured below — there was also a live action concept trailer to set the scene.

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When assessing the whole saga today, it was a messy affair. The title's development and publication passed through multiple hands, was teased on more than one occasion, while screens that did emerge did so through leaks and mis-communication. Much was written and debated over a game that, in reality, barely existed in a tangible form — we know it was real, was in development, but that it faded and died when the Nibris closed its doors, all rumours of a pick-up by another studio falling flat.

Now, however it is coming back. We can exclusively reveal that independent developers HullBreach Studios — working on HullBreach: Uncloaked for the Wii U eShop — and Cthulhi Games — developing Ex Oblivione for Wii U — are teaming up to collaborate on Sadness as a Wii U exclusive. The project will be discussed and details revealed as 2014 progresses, and it's targeting a 2016 release.

We caught up with HullBreach Studios' Randy Freer and Jeremy Kleve of Cthulhi Games with regards to this reveal and to get some early details.

Nintendo Life: First up, can you give us an initial confirmation and a brief history of your role with Sadness in its past form?

Randy Freer: We're here today to tell you that our two studios — HullBreach Studios and Cthulhi Games — are working together on bringing back the Sadness IP. Your readers are probably looking at their screens in disbelief. Quite understandable! I think we should let them blink a couple more times and let this sink in!

For anybody in your audience who isn't familiar with us or who I am, surprise! I'm the IGN user Twiilight_Prince, who years ago (before starting HullBreach Studios with my brothers Daniel and Robert Gump) released the only three 100% real screenshots of Sadness thanks to Piotr Bielatowicz. I fought trolls for years, proving the game existed across the internet, while nIBRIS regrettably struggled in development with their Gamebryo programmers at Frontline and their graphics partner Digital Amigos, up until Sadness officially went vapor in 2010. Jeremy Kleve and myself have basically been unofficially involved in Sadness across the last 6 years in the background. I have to admit all those years of excitement is probably the foremost reason for me getting more involved in the video game industry today, without a doubt!

So, what are the target platforms?

Randy Freer: This is going to be a Nintendo Wii U exclusive, of course!

Jeremy Kleve: nIBRIS targeted Nintendo exclusively for all of their projects (Raid Over The River, Children of the Night and Sadness) and it just wouldn't do them justice if we made a drastic shift onto another platform holder.

Will it be utilizing the same core plot as the original?

Randy Freer: We really liked the Slavic Mythological concept represented in the original concept. The properties of fear that it would have imposed on players, using psychological methods rather than through mere violent mechanics. It will surely be a challenge to live up these expectations. We hope to include the iconic Sadness characters Maria Lengyel and her troubled son Alex into this new title as the child begins to suffer narcolepsy, nyctophobia and paranoid schizophrenia.

Jeremy Kleve: Without a doubt, the original concept is a huge inspiration to us. We will be sticking to the original idea pretty closely, but don't be surprised if there are some changes here and there in terms of characters, mechanics, and setting. Visually, the new Sadness will retain the Gothic noir scheme with a few exceptions.

Will any of the original source code be included, or is it ground-up development?

Randy Freer: The original Sadness was running on Gamebryo from Gamebase USA, which actually was one of the first companies to pledge support for Wii U with their own engine this gen. However, this new title will most likely make use of the Unity engine.

Jeremy Kleve: Since this is our own realization of the game, it would not feel right if we did not start from scratch. Besides, we are introducing new elements that were never intended in the original brief, including RPG and puzzle-based mechanics.

Randy Freer: Not to mention the shift to 2D.

Jeremy Kleve: Yup, that's the plan thus far.

So this a formal collaboration between Cthulhi and HullBreach?

Randy Freer: Most definitely! We will be closely working together from our respective studios side by side as equal partners on Sadness.

We are confirming both of your studios are actively working to bring this back? Forgive the scepticism, but this is a project that's had many false dawns.

Jeremy Kleve: Yes, without a doubt.

Randy Freer: There are a few gameplay concepts we are working hard to hammer out quickly on the new project, once we have those nailed down, we can then accurately complete our concept submission forms Nintendo requires before development, and at that point we will acquire a product code (WUP) officially verifying the game for development. This won't become the fiasco everybody remembers from years before!

Jeremy Kleve: Looking ahead, as we move forward, one thing is for sure: you can expect Sadness-related revelations at Indie Sanctum 2014 this October!

Randy Freer: Indeed! We will probably update the public on our adventure to bring the IP back to life on Nintendo Wii U via our Twitter now that the cat's out of the bag! So please feel free to scream your Sadness support there as the world watches!

Jeremy Kleve: Don't forget to stay tuned here at Nintendo Life for future follow ups too!

Randy Freer: Thank you for your support!

We'd like to thank Randy Freer and Jeremy Kleve for their time. Let us know what memories you have of the original Sadness saga on Wii, and whether you're excited by the prospect of its revival for Wii U. Be sure to check out @indiesanctum on Twitter as the year progresses for more updates, while we'll also keep you posted here on Nintendo Life.

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darklinkinfinite said:

Holy cow! This is a blast from the past! If it ever actually does come out, I'll totally buy it just for its historical value. Like Duke Nukem Forever. If it turns out to be a good game, then all the better.



EverythingAmiibo said:

"we are working hard to hammer out quickly on the new project, once we have those nailed down"
Hammering it out and then nailing it down? Sounds counter-intuitive and... carpentry related?



Maelstrom said:

A psychological horror game that doesn't hinge on violence AND is a platformer? Count me in.



Wolf_Link said:

OMG! This are absolutely awesome news for me! I remember the b/w screen shots and I absolutely loved the idea of a terror game like that. I always related that kind of art like a lovecraftnian tale. Geez, even my favorite lovecraftnian movie is black and white (the call of cthulhu). I felt very saddened when they canceled the game. Can't wait to hear more about about it! Gaming miracles do happen!



Yosher said:

I'll probably be getting this, if it sees the light of day this time!



SMW said:

I thought Sadness was all revealed to be a hoax? Is May 20th the new April Fools?



EverythingAmiibo said:




craigmoss19 said:

I was excited until I read: "Not to mention the shift to 2D."

So basically, it's not going to be anything like how sadness was originally intended to be.



PanurgeJr said:

I was excited for this back in the day, and I'm excited again. I very curious to see what can be done with this concept. I was disappointed never to have played this until I realized Fragile Dreams was probably pretty close to what it would have been like.



luke88 said:

@PvtOttobot Haha, my sentiments exactly as soon as I read that bit. The trailer looked great, can't imagine how this game will work in 2d.



DiscoGentleman said:

Shift to 2D? Skeptical now :/ but I won't make any judgments until I see it. I always welcome Wii U exclusives and true survival horror.



Fearsome said:

I had big hopes for "Sadness" when it was first promoted. I hope I won't be disappointed again.



dumedum said:

Looks like another cool Wii U exclusive.
But it does seem like it only uses the name of Sadness and the atmosphere most probably.



ACK said:

I truly appreciate their passion and vigor, but I really wish they would have put some pen to paper before dropping this announcement. Concept art of the new 2D style at the very least!

That said, I think this is a brilliant move. Resurrect a mythical (vaporware) IP to generate interest in a project that would otherwise be overlooked. Hopefully they can capitalize.



theycallmedrp said:

I was intrigued until I read the 2d thing. I was originally excited for Sadness as I'm a fan of survival horror games and I thought it would be along the lines of Sileny Hill. The Wii U could use some more cinematic adventures, and the original concept sounded just like that. There's gonna be a new Fatal Frame on Wii U right? And hopefully Nintendo will do something with te Eternal Darkness franchise. Sadness 2D though? I don't want another indie title which is just more 2d puzzle platforming and ladder climbing to collect keys. That's what I predict this will be if 2d



marck13 said:

Could be great! Not very sure about 2D.. but psycho-shockers are very very welcome!!



JJtheTexan said:

So... this is Sadness in name only, then.

I'm extremely skeptical, given I've seen nothing of Ex Oblivione, and the aesthetics of Hullbreach: Uncloaked leave a great deal to be desired.

If the Wii U has too much of anything, it's indie 2D platformers in development.



ricklongo said:

Looks intriguing. I wonder about control methods... I'm really not a fan of motion controls, and would rather not have to touch my wiimote and nunchuck again if at all possible.

Also, I'm a huge fan of sidescrollers, but the shift to 2D here seems like a letdown. This definitely looks like a game that would be better served by 3D graphics.



MussakkuLaden said:

@SMW Some people just cried louder and louder that it was a hoax, because they didn't seem to understand the complexities of video game development. The game certainly was real (one prove was that other, respectable companies, did actually confirm their involvement or the licensing of their technologies), but the communication was bad, not to say childish. In the times of Kickstarter, even the most inexperienced indy can no longer allow himself thinks like that. Surely, Nibris were the ones having made the mistakes first, but later they were treated rather unfair (but then again, this was not the reason why the development stopped).

I always liked this game, not because I had expected a particularly great game (as the developer seemed to lack experience and budget), but because the ambitions and inspirations behind it were really cool (at least as good as in Eternal Darkness, which, while a great step forward at its time, for today's perspective seems a bit trashy in parts).
By the way, I think the game on the Wii that may come closest to how Sadness could have been is "Cursed Mountain". I great game too, waiting to be rediscovered, not forgotten.



Agent721 said:

Ii like the concept, but like many, I'm a bit weary of a 2D version. I don't think they can generate the same level of fear in 2D. But let's wait to see what develops.. Fingers crossed!



Theober555 said:

I was really excited about this until I read the bit about the transition to 2D, and now my interest has pretty much gone. As a horror game I just don't think it will be as immersive on a 2D plane as it would be in a 3D environment. It seems others here agree with me



FishClip said:

Interesting, this makes me think about other wii games that never got completed. Who else remembers The Grinder?



JakeShapiro said:

The fact that it's going to be 2D RPG with puzzle-based mechanics makes me think this won't be like the original Sadness at all aside from the aesthetics. Oh well, I still hope this turns out okay!



Nintend0ro said:

2016 sounds a bit unreal. Wii U will be long dead by then unless miracle happens and it'll live another few years. Game will be black and white and 2D. I hoped 3D third person game. Sadness indeed.



Midayle said:

Now that Sadness has come back, perhaps we might be see "Winter" by n-space, "The Grinder" by HVS and most importantly "Project H.A.M.M.E.R." from Nintendo.



dkxcalibur said:

I still remember hearing about the game coming out for the Wii. I was excited then. I'm less excited now. I remember thinking how cool an early 1900's setting would be, and how cool the premise of horror without violence sounded. 2016 is a long way off though and I believe this when it's sitting in the eshop.



sketchturner said:

The only thing more bizarre than Sadness being brought back to life is the fact that it is now 2D. How can it possibly be anything like the original concept if done in 2D? Maybe it'll have a similar art style, but besides that??

In any case, I still have a piano song from Sadness on the Wii on my PC.



AceTrainerBean said:

I'm all for 2D games but the Wii U has a lot of them right now I was excited for a 3D survival horror game...



Yosher said:

Also, I find it funny that this news surfaced on the day Nintendo WiFi Connection kicked the bucket. Sadness indeed.



Garo said:

I remember looking forward to this. Not too happy about the shift to 2D, but it's interesting to see what will become of this.



Falkor said:

Will this be a full retail release or only available as an indie on e-shop?



AJWolfTill said:

@craigmoss19 @Theober555 @PvtOttobot
My thoughts exactly, basically they are creating an entirely new and completely mechanically unrelated game to the origianl concept and trying to rescue story assets as well as "possibly the main character"?
These guys may have good intentions but unearthing this so early on, yet again is going to lead to exactly the same situation as before.
Please prove me wrong.



MrV4ltor said:

@JJtheTexan HB:U has only been in development for roughly 5 months now, and they are always showing progress on twitter. They recently added effects like DOF and some other stuff. They've also been redoing a lot of the textures for the ships and some other stuff IIRC.



vonseux said:

2D ???
This goes from one of the most potential Wii games with top production value to just another 2D indie game. In a market highly saturated with "pixel art" lazyness



Malus said:

I'm kind of disappointed to see this turning into a 2D game. To me it seems like that will take away from the mood of the game. I know 2D games can be good (e.x. Limbo) but still, I'd rather this be 3D. Oh well, if this comes out I'll pick it up anyway. Wanted it since it was first announced in '06 or so for the Wii and am very surprised to see it's coming back.



Weird said:

2D? Does this mean the " control the character's hands" thing will disappear? I mean.. i cant imagine how they could do this in 2d... and when this disappears... the core element of the game would be lost... so this would be a huge mistake i think...
but we will see what happens



Smooty said:

This all sounds great and all....
But 2D? that's... awful, i don't know how it will work out.
And 2016? This is a 2D game, why would it even take that long? most people will move on eventually...
i really hope this doesn't turn out like The Mystical Journey (TMJ) eh Daniel Gump?, that game has been in development for about 6 years for the DSi browser THEN the 3DS browser, but nothing still.
If the game turns out good i'll get it, but i have no hope



WaveGhoul said:

A '2D' point & click.......for 2016.....Wonderful. Just wonderful. I was excited about Sadness during the Wii Generation, but the shift to 2D point & click is just flat out disappointing. I've lost all interest at this point.

Oh well, at least we're getting a new Fatal Frame which is another 3rd party horror based title that I personally never would of expected!



rbmoura85 said:

You guys are totally missing the point about this game!!! people were excited about the prospect of interacting with a 3d enviroment with the wiimote...if you guys turn this into a 2d point and click, it will be nothing like what people were expecting from the original Sadness! I went from super excited to completely disapointed after reading this...



Smooty said:

I hope all the negative feedback about people's opinions here change the developer's heart so they can switch again from 2D back to 3D, i doubt the development has even started so itcould be a good idea to make it 3D



MamaLuigi said:

@rbmoura85 2D "de-makes" of projects in the making aren't necessarily a bad thing. Take a look at Mutant Mudds for instance. XD

But even though this revival may not be what many were hoping for I'm still crossing my fingers for a Wii remote control option.



rbmoura85 said:

@MamaLuigi i dont mind 2d games, but this guys doesnt seem to understand why people like me were super excited about this game back was great because you were suposed to be able to interact with everything in a 3d enviroment...that was the whole point of the game :/ i hope these guys realize that



BigH88 said:

Was excited reading this until I read its switching to 2d. If I remeber correctly Sadness was going for a Silent Hill type of feel. Can't do survival horror in 2d.



IronMan28 said:

I was wondering about this one a few years ago and even a few months ago, hopefully it actually comes out...



Mega719 said:

Guys he means a switch from 3D to 2D perspectives like Sonic game
games not the whole thing as a sidescroller don't get skeptical i would still work



jcags said:

Let me guess, it's gonna be another 4 years of showing artwork and silence until Arkadiusz Reikowski confirms it was cancelled again. Sad indeed.



FritzFrapp said:

Hmm... Neither of these tiny teamed developers have even got a game out yet. All we've seen of Ex Oblivione is just bullet points; Hullbreach have no release window for their Uncloaked game, have pushed back the release of SDK Paint and yet they are announcing this now? For 2016?!
These boys have got more front than Margate!



Sean_Aaron said:

I'll be interested to see how they get on with this. To the people decrying 2D, take a look at the screenshot if the girl going up the ladder: now that is essentially 2D in mechanics, but it doesn't mean it's flat, visually. I could see 2D mechanics working with moving a torch around - it all depends upon how much of the surrounding environment you can see and use of dramatic zooms could increase tension or create frights.

It all comes down to the level of talent these guys have. The one thing I would ask is don't take a story idea and make a game out of it: take a game concept and add story to it. I found Darksiders II very disappointing because it felt like someone had this idea for a story and then couldn't figure out how to make an interesting game out of it so they mashed Zelda and Ninja Gaiden together. Opting for a different solution that would allow for better narrative flow and give players something to genuinely quest for beyond the next key or lever to open yet another room for yet another boss fight would have been far more bold and satisfying.



ICHIkatakuri said:

I waited and waited and waited for this, it was a major reason for me owning a wii in the early I will believe it when I see it




Are you seeing this HVS ?

Now gimme the grinder, and none of that top down rubbish, I want the FPS version.

I remember sadness, I'm willing to give it a chance



retro_player_22 said:

So glad this game is back on track, now if Retro Studio could somehow revived Raven Blade then I'll be a happy gamer.



MuchoMochi said:

UGH. Why the shift to 2D? Seriously Indie developers need to explore other genres, 2D platforming with a dark aesthetic environment? Almost as overdone as FPS.



Funny_Moblin said:

Sorry for being completely off-topic, but I just wanted to update you guys with the fact that a new Mario Kart 8 commercial came out. This time it's a lightning bolt test. You might wanna post it.



Action51 said:

Between this, possible Fatal Frame, Resident Evil Revelations, and Zombie U...the Wii U is shaping up to be a decent platform for actual horror games.



DJKeens said:

You lost me at 2D which is sad because when I saw the concept trailer the overall theme just got me so excited.



Dak908 said:

@KLZ My thoughts exactly. Making a 2D sidescroller these days is basically video game designer shorthand for "I'm too lazy to make a game with actual depth and immersion." I'm sorry but you cant scare me in 2D.



Dak908 said:

I'm so tired of hearing about a game and getting hyped for it until I see actual screens or gameplay and its in 2D. For the love of God, 2D is played out so much! Im tired of playing: 2D platformers, 2D puzzle platformers, 2D shooters, or 2D puzzle platforming shooters a.k.a. Metroid clones. Why are so many people afraid of the Third dimension? This game had me drooling until they turned it into a 2D (Insert whatever here)



Dpullam said:

I was pretty interested in finding out more about this game until as others have mentioned, it's a 2D sidescroller. I am really not that interested in playing another black and white 2D game, but perhaps this one will be unique enough to set itself apart. Only time will tell.



Zach said:

I too was turned off by the 2D idea, but I'm hoping to be surprised. I'm also more interested in how the developers are reacting to reading these comments...



Smooty said:

@Dak908 i don't want this game to be 2D, but i think the horror can be done in 2D, take a look at Lone Survivor (PS3, Vita, PC) it's scary as hell to play for me



Smooty said:

BTW the twitter of these developers doesn't seem to exist anymore!!! this smells fishy..



TulipWaltz said:

This is fantastic news, but I really hope for both the developers and the Wii U that it won't end up being an eShop exclusive.



CthulhiGames said:

@Zach In understand peoples skepticism, I really do but there is so much negativity around 2D these days, like it has no potential for innovation or to show us something new. Yes we are going with a 2D perspective, this does not mean its going to be a platformer/sidescroller. My development cycle for Sadness and Ex Oblivione will run parallel to each other, much of what is built for one will fit the other, and they will both maintain a pseudo 3D atmosphere. I am aiming for an Alpha build late 2014 early 2015.



R_Champ said:


I have to admit that does sound pretty cool. I loved the psychological aspects of ZombiU, but they did rely violence/jump scares quite a bit. I would love to see something master the creepy atmosphere without jump scares and guns.



SKTTR said:

This could have indeed been something like Cursed Mountain, Fragile Dreams, Project Zero 2: Wii Edition, or Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.
But if the turn to 2D is the only way to get this game, then yeah!
Better something than nothing.
Anyone remember MOTHER 3 on Nintendo 64? It was cancelled and later returned in 2D. All for the best.

@sketchturner Yeah, I had some piano tunes from Sadness too! As long as this great atmospheric music is still in the game I have to get it! Also getting it for the dark story and anti-stereotype human main characters.



TwilightAngel said:

This looks interesting i will get it and now to wait for a disaster day of crisis that was a wii game to be made exclusively for the wiiu i can only hope.



brandonbwii said:

Does this make anyone else think of the crowedfunded Monochroma? I'm getting that vibe from the description.



KLZ said:

@Dak908 It's not necessarily about laziness, If they are independent developers and don't have the resources or man power to do a 3D game it's ok. The thing that bugs me is that this game was suppossed to be a 3d game and they want to do it now in 2d because they loved the project so much, they could have made a new game inspired in what sadness was going to be and call it different name, because it is going to be a different game. My guts tell me they want to hang from the sadness name (if we can call it that even though it was never a thing) to hype people about this new game and their studios.



sugarshack said:

this is for those individuals that are skeptical about 2016 all realize we're already 5 months completed into this year. There hasn't been a release date announced for one of Nintendo biggest franchises. .zelda. That title has to be at least on the shelf for one year. If it is released in january 2015, it's possible other titles will have release dates in early 2016. This is just a damn decent guess.



brooks83 said:

I was excited until I read it's going to basically be an entirely different game. I thought I had read somewhere a while back that the original game was basically finished.



Sir_Deadly said:

I was pretty sad this nvr got released for wii. But VERY excited there bringing it back for Wii U and exclusive! Although, those screen shots dont look 2D to me.



Laxeybobby said:

"Not to mention the switch from 3D to 2D" - Thomas Whitehead - Why didnt you pick up on that comment, those few words are a major game changer and should have been challenged further for an explanation.

I bet this is going to be another cheep looking 90's retro style game which the WiiU can well do without. No longer on my list of titles I'm interested in.
In fact with a 2016 release date maybe the WiiU will no longer be around by then anyway if the lack of sales trend continues..



3MonthBeef said:

@PvtOttobot Could be interpreted in one of two ways: 1) starting the nails in place then quickly and methodically hammering each of the in place (started nails) down. As oppose to hammering each nail fully down one at a time. 2) The act of hammering out is the act of nailing down. Taking out the hammer (hammering out) to do work. Nailed down to mean tasks completed.



JimLad said:

Wasn't this one of the very first titles to be announced for the Wii before it came out? Bet they're gutted they missed that gravy train. Can't wait to see how it finally turns out.



Sean_Aaron said:

@CthulhiGames See that's what I was thinking. People read "2D" and think it's going to be Castlevania in B&W - how did people who play with such an imaginative medium come to have such limited imaginations? Here's hoping you can upset expectations!



EverythingAmiibo said:

@3MonthBeef I was just remarking on his conveniently themed choice of words. Although I think hammering out is refering to smithery, where one would hammer out the metal (the basic gameplay concepts) until it resembles an actual weapon (game). And then they will nail them down as a carpenter would secure a separate part (the now completed basic concepts) into the final product (the code/game) creating a solid structural piece of work. Rather than the all but imaginary original project



rbmoura85 said:

Its not about 2d not being scary...its about this game not representing what the original Sadness was all about. Back in those days, developers said you would be able to interact with every object in a 3d enviroment, search every drawer or closet, pick up anything and use anyway you want...this mechanic is what make the original idea for Sadness compeling, not its name, story, characters...without this gameplay mechanic, this game will not be what people were expecting from the original game, no matter what its called. Im gonna wait and see how this turns out.



Monkeyofthefunk said:

I keep reading NL to find a reason to justify splashing out £299 on another Wii U, after selling mine last year.

When I do read Nl I find re-releases of old Nintendo games, indie games and delayed releases. The announcement that another 2d platformer is coming to Wii U, only puts a tick in the negative box.

I love Mario Kart but I'm not happy spending that amount of money for one game. I love Mario Kart but the biggest problem for Wii U sales and future game development is that MK8, the game Nintendo hopes will shift consoles, launches 3 days after Watch Dogs.

Why is this a problem? Well most gamers have an Xbox or Playstation console and will be enjoying Watchdogs so why would they want to spend money on a new console?

Once the Watchdogs fire burns out, there is the Destiny Beta. Nintendo should have released MK8 at the end of April because there was a dry spell.

I really hope I'm wrong and sales of the Wii U pick up, but I'm not holding my breath.



Monkeyofthefunk said:

@Laxeybobby The sales figures are about to take a massive hit because the new consoles are launching a massive amount of AAA and indie titles this summer and into the winter. I went looking for the prices of Wii U deals on our High Street yesterday. I found one row of shelf space in Game and nothing at all in HMV. I also found that the best deals at Argos are all out of stock.

Not looking good for Nintendo and the fact that they are having a big reveal of a new 3DS game at E3, means the Wii U may be frozen out again.



Laxeybobby said:

@Monkeyofthefunk My thoughts exactly. 2016 is the end of a lifespan of an already two year old console that is no longer selling enough units in 2014 or being supported by shops let alone AAA devs & publishers.
In 2016 if the WiiU is still around with its online servers still up and running will I believe have a niche following supported by bedroom coders releasing retro 90's 2D platformers, RPG's or puzzlers via eShop.



Monkeyofthefunk said:

@Laxeybobby Spot on. The Wii U isn't going to last unless Nintendo come up with something that blows people's minds at E3, even then 1st party titles won't cut it, they need to bring in new gamers who haven't owned a Nintendo product before. They need some 3rd party support.

The delay to Watchdogs on Wii U is a massive kick in the teeth. I honestly think with all the coverage that this game is getting, MK8 will get lost in the melee and the delay could do more damage to Wii U's sales than even the next gen launches.



alLabouTandroiD said:

At first i also was disappointed about the shift to 2D but @Sean_Aaron 's posts made me think of Oddworld New 'n' Tasty. With its use of 3D perspectives while still retaining 2D gameplay it's got the potential to feel way more refreshing than your usual 2D game.
If Sadness delivers on that it might still turn out a fantastic game.



FritzFrapp said:

@Monkeyofthefunk said: 'I keep reading NL to find a reason to justify splashing out £299 on another Wii U, after selling mine last year.'

300 pounds! Is that South Sudanese pounds? Man, where are you buying your gear from, Littlewoods? Halve that figure.



Monkeyofthefunk said:

@Frapp £300 because I wouldn't be buying the console without games, I'd be getting a bundle with 4 games and a Wiimote, not a bad deal but I've played 2 of them already.

I just don't have confidence in where the Wii U is going this year.



CthulhiGames said:

After the populaces general show of negativity towards us picking up the pieces of Sadness and the situation with the IP coming to light we have decided to drop the project in favor of one of these other 4 development studios that are currently bidding on the IP with Bloober Team, hopefully the studio that comes out on top with this will be able to fully realize the game to its original concept. We have high hopes for the game and wish the winning studio the best of luck.



MeloMan said:

Sweet, so the Wiimote can now control live people?! Bout time!

...Cause I'm happyyyyyy... oh wait, I can't be...



Arngrim said:

Sounds good and all, glad to see something so old (man has it been long since the times of sadness on the Wii) but for some reason the whole move to 2d cheapens the view i always had for this game, how can they even get close to what it was supposed to be if it goes 2d? Guess we'll see how it ends up when they start showing it. Good luck till then.



mastersworddude said:

I'd have hoped you guys would clarify this story considering the "Developers" are a bunch of no name guys that do not have the money to make a game like this.

So if I say "I'm going to revive Project HAMMER" will I get an interview and article here?



sugarshack said:


haha just got mixed up. glad you pointed that out. Just a full not thinking.

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