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theycallmedrp commented on Review: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Qu...:

DKC2 is definitely the best of the trilogy.

It made finding the secrets important with the bonus and DK coins which was a step up from DKC. DKC3 took a step back with the DK coins as the puzzles with the Koin Kremlin slowed the pace of the game and weren't always fun.
Diddly and Dixie complimented each other best of the three pairings. The introduction of team moves was great over what had been done in DKC and the Kiddy Dixie combo was unbalanced - Dixie carrying Kiddy was again slow and affecte the pace.
DKC2 took the familiar baddies from the first game and gave them a piratey twist which was fun. This gave them the factor that people like the familiar, but kept them fresh. DKC3 brought in an almost entirely new cast of baddies which were similar, but not as good IMO. Who wants a Buzz? The Zingers had more personality.
The new moves for rambi etc were fun and made sense. It was like when Sonic gained the spin dash - it was like they should have always had these. Also now Squarks was a controllable character which was a much better use than the first game. DKC3 replaced Rambi with the similar, but less fun Ellie - again more puzzle based than action orientated. Shame Expresso never came back, but Squarks was a better flyer.
The map on DKC3 wasn't fun to play - didn't need to be that style. Also Banana birds and bear coins were a sign of Rare's start of too many collectables in their games.



theycallmedrp commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U Ca...:

@zool Link has had lots of looks, but so has Mario. Look at the early Jump Man drawings from Donkey Kong publicity art and its a lot further away from the current Mario then Link is from the original Link drawings.

Mario has had various art styles - Jump Man and variations during the pre-NES years, 2d designs like his look in Mario Bros 3/World, cgi redesign from Mario 64 onwards, Paper Mario, 8-bit pixel Mario which Nintendo use a lot still, and games like Mario Strikers also used a different art style in publicity art.

Also there are only really a couple of versions of Link - toon styled Link and the more realistic version. Young Link is the same design just younger. Like baby Mario



theycallmedrp commented on Exclusive: Lost Wii Game, Sadness, To Be Reviv...:

I was intrigued until I read the 2d thing. I was originally excited for Sadness as I'm a fan of survival horror games and I thought it would be along the lines of Sileny Hill. The Wii U could use some more cinematic adventures, and the original concept sounded just like that. There's gonna be a new Fatal Frame on Wii U right? And hopefully Nintendo will do something with te Eternal Darkness franchise. Sadness 2D though? I don't want another indie title which is just more 2d puzzle platforming and ladder climbing to collect keys. That's what I predict this will be if 2d



theycallmedrp commented on Research Firm IDC Anticipates Worldwide Wii U ...:

If Nintendo can maintain enough third party support and show off enough new first party games (beyond those already announced) I think they could keep ahead of the Xbox One at least until the end of this year.

The Wii U is perfectly good hardware and games like MK8 show off how good the graphics can be. Sure it might not be as good as could be achieved on PS4, but there's nothing can be done about that now.

In my opinion the struggles of the Wii U are slightly baffling, and I feel that there must be a huge side to the story that Nintendo haven't revealed.

The Wii U was first shown in 2011, but it felt like when it was released it wasn't ready. How come? The huge day one update got it a lot of bad press and I was shocked the update didn't come preloaded months later when I got my Wind Waker console.

Also the system has had a couple of other major updates- like adding gamepad support to display Wii games- how was this not a day one feature??

What's the story with the lacklustre virtual console? We expected added Gamecube and dreamcast, but instead haven't even got what the Wii had. GBA and DS are cool additions, but even they have taken 18 months to start introducing.

Not even the Dreamcast saw such a quick decline in third party support, and this one really baffles me. Why did so many devs turn against the Wii U in early 2013? Wasn't there anything Nintendo could do to entice them to stay?

Personally I don't think the name confusion and the 8gb white version vs 32gb black version would have stopped many system sales as a lot of people point to. It doesnt affect sales of mobiles and other technology which come in all kinda of configurations with all manner of odd choices for names. The general lack of marketing however can be blamed.

Nintendo have said they didn't know HD games would take as long to create so that is why there have been delays. How is it possible they didn't know this? Did they not see or at least consult with any game makers over the previous generation?

I also think Nintendo made (and are still making) a huge mistake when it comes to announcing games. For months they only showed/spoke about the games from the launch period - didn't they realise that to a lot of people buying a console is a long term investment and to entice people you have to show games that are coming out in the long term? I don't want to assume there'll be a new Metroid- I want to know. even if its just through a teaser.

The delays meant things like pikmin, Wii Fit U and DKCTF did come out long after they were first shown, but if they were delayed what did they originally envision was coming out in those periods when they were actually released?

In the past nintendo have got big name games on their machines through deals, but not on Wii U. How come? Goldeneye, Star Wars Rogue Squadron, Resident Evil series, Metal Gear Twin Snakes are examples that come to mind of games that wouldn't have appeared on Nintendo machines unless they made deals with their copyright holders. Did Nintendo just assume after the success of the Wii that big names would come without the need for deals?

The gamepad. It's cool for miiverse and off tv play, but there's really no excuse for the lack of content that justifies it. Nintendo first tried the idea with the GBA/GC link up and that wasn't a huge success. Other than having your own private screen for pacman/chase me games what good is it? The tension of managing to look at both screens at once in Zombi U sum up its main problem: human eyes can't easily look at two places at the same time. The second screen is expensive and still isn't justified through adding to gameplay. How can Nintendo not have had great ideas for their main selling point?

I love Nintendo games more than any others and just find the whole Wii U situation frustrating and confusing. Personally Im happy with the Nintendo exclusives (though a few third party games here and there would be welcome) The annoying thing is unless the system over all is a success it will just mean a shorter lifespan and less of those Nintendo exclusives in the long run.