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Sun 23rd January, 2011

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TulipWaltz commented on PETA Clamours for Attention with Spoof Pokémo...:

@JusticeColde It has nothing to do with killing. Abuse and killing are two different things. People always seem to miss that point. Also, killing and putting something out of its misery/euthanasia are also not the same. They don't flat out slaughter them to death. Please...

And no, I don't believe this is the right way for getting their point across. They never have been good at targeting an audience. Don't agree with the title of the article however.



TulipWaltz commented on Soapbox: Nintendo Could Have Ruled The Micro-C...:

@rjejr - The other 3 were released last year actually. Xenoblade was another release within the last 2 years which most assuredly sold well, as did The Last Story. They might not have been system sellers but were successful enough on their own to keep the system very much alive.