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Thu 26th December, 2013

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Midayle commented on High Voltage Software Developing 3DS Version o...:

I remember the hype around the Conduit. There were many post of forms which thought that High Voltage Software was going to become the next Rare. It would be nice if this Spider man game turned out well, and without Matt Casamassina and Mark Bozon this game will not have unrealistically high expectations.

On a side note, I am overcome by memories of fondly looking forward to The Grinder (which was announced before the release of the Conduit). I suppose now it is probably safe to say that the Grinder will never see the light of day.



Midayle commented on The Next Batman Game Is Arkham Knight, And No,...:

I will probably get this game when it drops to the $5 on steam. I got Rayman Legends WiiU over the PC version because the WiiU version was the definitive version.

Even if this game came out the WiiU, I do not think it would be better than the PC version.



Midayle commented on Wii U and 3DS Nintendo Direct Confirmed for 13...:

I will predict that we will see the Nintendo Fusion DS. It will be a WiiU console that can also play 3DS and DS games. This will be an attempt the make the WiiU software profitable in the same way the DS Lite the DS software profitable.

A few new trailers of previously announced game might be shown. The game I would happiest to see would be Cult County on the 3DS by Renegade Kidd, but I am not holding my breath.



Midayle commented on Iwata Looking To Emulate iOS And Android With ...:

If Nintendo does do that, I might play play an iOS or Android game. Due to the monopolistic completion of cell phone companies in Canada, I have intentionally avoided getting a an iOS or Android device.

Hopefully the IOS and Android competition can bring the Nintendo eShop prices down to a level near Steam prices. (On Steam you can get a Sega Genesis game on sale for about 1 dollar).



Midayle commented on The Nikkei Reports Potential Nintendo Smartpho...:

I do not appose the concept of Nintendo expanding into mobile gaming on phones. My fear is the consequences not only in the quality of the games and the resources (primarily money) reallocated to make them. The resources used on mobile gaming could be more effectively used be make and F-Zero or Star Fox game of the WiiU. To reiterate, I fear another Wii Music quality mobile game.



Midayle commented on Shadow Of The Eternals Isn't Dead, But Don't E...:

As much as I would like to see a finished version of Shadow of the Eternal, I also fear it. This game could have the quality of Eternal Darkness or it could have the quality of Too Human. I would rather not have this game see the light of day, then to see another failed project of Denis Dyack.



Midayle commented on Silicon Knights Loses Appeal in Epic Games Law...:

Silicon Knights died the same death that Factor 5 and Rareware did. They are victims of a desire for greatness and something more than what Nintendo could provide. This is how it had to end, but not how it should of.



Midayle commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014:

There are a few other games that could come out for the Wii U in 2014 if not 2015. They are:
-Fire Emblem x Tenshi Megumi
-Zelda Wii U
-Yarn Yoshi
-3rd Sonic Wii U game (Nintendo and Sega made an agreement for 3 exclusive sonic titles to come to the Wii U. The first two being lost world and Olympics, let hope the best is for last)
-Masamichi Abe's new Nintendo IP (Director of the original Pikmin is working on something new. Probably 2015 at the earliest, but we can still hope)

Lets not forget Super Mario 3D world was announced during a Nintendo Direct during E3 2013 and was released later that year. Nintendo probably has a few announcement for game coming out in 2014.



Midayle commented on Nintendo Network Services Now Starting to "Ope...:

I am still trying to get A link between world as a digital download for my 3DSXL. When ever I try and redeem to code the eShop gives me the error code 011-6561. Nintendo website is unable to determine what that codes means and the email support is down. I might try and call or just pirate the game to get around Nintendo's customer service.



Midayle commented on Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter Releases D...:

I am still trying to download the Legend of Zelda a Link between worlds from the download ticket that came with my 3DSXL. It is nice they are reducing the strain on the servers, but I will only buy physical copies of Nintendo games in the future because of this.

Nintendo has failed to provide a service I paid for. If I can not get Zelda 3DS soon, I might just take an easier route (and buy the physical version).