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Club Nintendo Rewards Are Updated for December

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Retro Picross! Really Difficult Mario! Surprisingly Pricey Balloon Fight!

Nintendo of America has taken its time updating its Club Nintendo rewards for this month, teasing us an extra day before dishing out the final dose of downloadable treats for 2013. As always there are four new games to choose from, and for the first time one of the home console options can be redeemed on either the Wii Shop, as normal, or the shinier, flashier Wii U eShop.

This batch certainly has a retro vibe, featuring two NES games and one Game Boy entry, while the only title not on the Virtual Console is a DSiWare game. Check out your options below.

Mario's Picross - 100 coins (3DS eShop)
Starship Defense - 150 coins (3DS eShop)
Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels - 150 coins (Wii Shop)
Balloon Fight - 200 coins (Wii U eShop or Wii Shop)

These titles will all be available until 12th January 2014, and you can check them out on the Club Nintendo site. Let us know if you plan to spend any of your hard-earned coins on these in the poll and comments section below.

Which Club Nintendo Reward will you pick up first? (283 votes)

Mario's Picross


Starship Defense


Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels


Balloon Fight


Nothing for me this time


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User Comments (94)



TruenoGT said:

Funny that Balloon fight is more coins than SMBLL, when I believe SMB costs more points on the Wii shop (600 vs 500).



ThomasBW84 said:

@Kawaii_Neko Gah! Curse you Club Nintendo. Well, they had it wrong first...

I'll update the article, maybe Lost Levels is on the way (it's been out in Japan for ages).



Megumi said:

Lost Levels scare me...could never even pass the 2nd world, lol. (can't remember exactly, all I remember is that there was this massive hole)



SonataAndante said:

Oh that's just plain tricky. When you slap a Wii U banner across the picture of the game's title screen you make a guy think it's available on the Wii U. Nope, though it's technically on Wii U... if you go into the Wii menu and download it there. Bit misleading today eh CN? And hahah oh wow at Balloon Fight's price. I bought that for 30 cents, 200 pieces of fictional currency is too rich for my blood.



Cevan said:

They really need to quit it with the Wii Shop download codes and move onto Wii U eShop download codes.



simonhwsn said:

Ballon Fight cost 200 coins because is a WiiU eshop download, while SMB2:TLL is a Wii Shop download. Damn! I want SMB2 but for 3DS



Darknyht said:

Not really interested in the Lost Levels or Balloon Fight so I guess I get to save my coins for now.



joeb1kenobi said:

these coins are worthless if i don't have anything to spend them on! Gimme some GBA games already!



AVahne said:

Anyone else notice how the rewards page has nothing of interest and is shrinking faster and faster and how the Platinum rewards get worse every year? I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo of America decides to scrap the program within the next two years. If they continue, next year's platinum rewards will probably either be a Mario key chain or a Mario sticker set. Or a Mario drink coaster. Or a Mario-themed matchbox?



TreesenHauser said:

Nothing for me this time around, but lol at Balloon Fight being more pricey. What a joke! In the least, they could have put a SNES title in its place for 200.



technotreegrass said:

I was hoping for Mario Kart 64 again. I didn't have enough coins when it first came out. At this rate, I'll just buy the stupid game.



Brett said:

I may just be a stranger on the internet, but trust me: Starship Defense is the best thing on the DSi shop, and maybe the best thing on the DS. Played through it countless times.



Phantom_R said:

Balloon Fighter is so overpriced for nothing. Starship Defense has been on here before. And Lost Levels is much easier to control on the 3DS than the Wii. Mario's Picross is a steal though.



rtr0GMR1 said:

They should do something cool where once or twice a year you can redeem coins for games that are not available in the shop.



darklinkinfinite said:

Club Nintendo really needs a fresh batch of new rewards. They're down to like 10 physical rewards and 4 digital ones (3 of which are screensavers -___-)

It kind of feels stagnant. Not only are there very few prizes left, but those prizes have been there for a long time. In the rare cases something new or interesting is added (3DS XL cradle, Link Between Worlds poster set), they're sold out within days, if not minutes. Probably because everyone's waiting for something worthwhile to show up.

I was hoping Doc Louis Punch Out and Grill off with Ultra Hand were the start of a trend of exclusive Club Nintendo games but that never happened.

Very few prizes actually reflect Nintendo's current consoles. There's an Animal Crossing DS game case which can't hold 3DS games, a Wii Remote holder (really?). Where's the Wii U and 3DS stuff? Heck the monthly downloadable games are rarely 3DS or Wii U specific. They label some of the VC games as Wii U but only because the Wii U can emulate the Wii game, not because you're actually getting Wii U specific software.

I'm getting less and less excited about Club Nintendo and I think Nintendo is as well. You'd think they would promote each new game release with some sort of exclusive prize or anything. The Pikmin 3 tote bag was nice but its an exception, not a rule that keeps Club Nintendo exciting.



ZesuBen said:


Wrong. Shantae is on DSiware. So is Aura Aura Climber. But I'm willing to give this game you recommend a chance.



sinalefa said:

Picross is a great game, but I already have it, so I wont get anything this time.

Oh well, at least the awesome ALBW posters are on their way to my home!



millarrp said:

I'm grabbing the lost levels. It's the only one l don't have yet.

I was kind of hoping the wiiware titles were making the rounds again. There was a few that I missed last time around



rjejr said:

Maybe its just me, but that seems like a sad bunch to end the year. Not even an N64 game.

Mario's Picross is considered a "reward", but Nintendo doesn't "overuse" Mario, and they can't spoil their reputation by making "app" games? I'm pretty sure for 99c I can find a better game than that. Has anybody from COD or Halo ever been in a Picross game?



JaxonH said:

I never spend my coins on things I can buy with money. I only use them for collector items they add to the Rewards section, like the Zelda: Link Between Worlds poster set that I MISSED by checking a day late



ikki5 said:

So.... they label them as Wii U now..... but when you look at it closely, you'll read this:
"Go to the Wii Menu on your Wii U to play this game. Learn More >"

This is for Lost Levels, Balloon fight is on Wii U but Lost Levels is not.

I almost bought.... SO really, this is for Wii, not Wii U. they just labelled it as that as you can play your Wii on your Wii U.


Those posters were available for a few days.....


This years platnium rewards were not that bad. Awesome looking poster set, Music CDs



mr_nihilism said:

I never did play Balloon Fight on the NES, so may as well blow some points and give it a whirl.



Tasuki said:

Why is it the same stuff over and over come on Nintendo give some other stuff like the Mega Man games or Castlevania.



sleepinglion said:

Thanks for the post, I was able to give SMB The Lost Levels a whirl.
Ouch. It's famously rough for a reason!



UnknownNico said:

@Tasuki They're not allowed to put 3rd party stuff on Club Nintendo. That's why we see the same things over and over again. I'd love to see it happen, though.



Gerbwmu said:

blah is nice to see them giving an actual Wii U title though even if it is balloon fight. Hopefully this is the norm from here on out. I'm sure there are some Nintendo Titles on Wii U VC that I don't have and would gladly take for free.

Edit: Blah Month I guess......wishful thinking?



bizcuthammer said:

Lost Levels is tempting, but i'll hold off. Last month i got Dillon and LttP, so i'm cool not getting one this month. Its great that we have a WiiU option now though!



Unit_DTH said:

@darklinkinfinite I'm right there with you on this one. It does feel stagnant. The prizes are uninspired and they aren't even really for the 3DS or Wii U. Wake up Nintendo, we want more quality items to choose from, not this recycled dreck! This is the second time in the last 8 months that Starship defense has been on this list, weak. Why not give us the option to purchase $5-$10 eShop vouchers? Now that would be something that would keep me interested, because then they aren't forcing me to spend my coins on something that they want me to have, instead we would be given something that allows for more choice and variety, it also limits the possibilities of the items being "Sold Out" so quickly!



jjmesa16 said:

Wow a Wii U VC game!!! Too bad it's Balloon Fight. I already got that as part of the promotion. What's with the price of 200 coins for Balloon Fight? Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels is only 150.



ACK said:

Starship Defense is one is of my favorite tower defense games. It really is brilliant. Please don't overlook this DSiWare gem.



ACK said:

@JaxonH I only use mine on games because that's what I like to do. Play games. Lots of 'em, in fact. Everything else is just some junk to me...



suburban_sensei said:

Glad to see we are starting to get Wii U additions, just stinks it's an extra 50 coins (for an NES game, especially). Nothing for me this week, so I will hope January brings something good.



NESguy94 said:

Nah, I own all of them in one way or another except for Starship Defense and isn't something I want to spend my coins on.



ColdingLight said:

'Sigh'... Enough with Mario Picross.... And everyone seem to already own Balloon Fight in one way or another.



Gioku said:

Dang, I don't have a Wii (or Wii U), and neither of the 3DS games interest me at all...



tigermask said:

I don't want to moan because I've received a splendid set of Nintendo-themed hanafuda cards, an Animal Crossing soundtrack, a 'Year of Luigi' coin and Game&Watch Volume 1 for DS but....
Why don't Europe get free games too? The majority of the stuff on there is now old stock that isn't going to move (DSi cases for example). I don't want to be ungrateful but it is a bit of a raw deal of Europe's part.



BudDudSlash said:

Club Nintendo seems to not be deducting my coins? I just downloaded Lost Levels and Picross, my balance never changed from 550. Hmm.



Knuckles said:

@Savino Iwata helped make Balloon Fight. I think he might have even been the lead developer. The fact he is the Nintendo President might have something to do with it.



iphys said:

Mario's Picross and Starship Defense are well worth it if you didn't get them previously. Would have got Lost Levels if it were actually for Wii U, but it's not so I'll live with my Super Mario All Stars version. Got Balloon Fight for 30 cents, and it would barely be worth 150 coins in my mind, never mind 200. Way to reward your new Wii U purchasers, Nintendo, lol.



WindWakerLink said:

Just give me my 3DS Game case Nintendo. That's all I want. Don't care for anything else....just give me that 3DS Game Case. Why is it taking so long to have them on club nintendo?? Jeez....



crazyj2312 said:

Do they even want people to use Club Nintendo anymore because seriously the incentives aren't enticing at all. I hope they're planning on rolling in a new program by next year where you can trade in your coins to get eshop credits to buy something worhwhile on the shop. At least then I'd be more diligent in purchasing games if the potential reward could be a full retail one.



tripunktoj said:

I was looking forward to Lost levels as a CN reward, Im glad its finally here, the only elegible (1st party) Wii games I want as rewards now are Sin & Punishment, Rock 'n Roll Climber, Magnetica Twist and maybe Aqua Space. Ive lost hope for other first party imports I wanted to see in the American Wii Shop Channel, like Devils World and Mario's Super Picross. As for 3DS, there are a ton of NES and download-only first party games Im looking forward, WiiU? not really.



CaPPa said:

Doesn't Europe get to trade for actual points cards? If so then you get a better deal because you can get any game.



Kisame83 said:

I actually really love Starship DefenseDefense. I'll pitiably download Lost Levels. I try to snap up Wii games, so that I get them cheap when they convert to Wii U (as I'm sure Mario games will).



MortalKombat2007 said:

I have Super Mario All*Stars on Super Nintendo. I don't care for Picross or tower defense game. The asking price for Balloon Fight is too high for such an uninteresting game. There is nothing I want this month.



AltDotNerd said:

I redeemed coins for the alleged "Wii U SMB Lost Levels" game, and the code doesn't work on the Wii U eShop!



KillScottKill said:

I'll pass. I'm tempted to get the Lost Levels, but I'll hold off and pay for it when it makes its way to the Wii U eShop. As hard as that game is, I may as well take advantage of save states. Playing the Wii version will just get me really mad.



Radbot42 said:

I have all of these allready, everyone should give Starship Defense a try, it is an amazing game!



TreesenHauser said:

@KillScottKill Out of curiosity, why wait on Lost Levels when you can get it for kinda free now and pay only $1 for it later when it does arrive on Wii U eShop?

I don't blame you though--I've been playing it again this past week, and I do wish I had the restore points like Wii U VC has.



Gso said:

Club Nintendo page says both games are for Wii U... yet someone mentioned that the code doesn't work.



Luna-Harmony said:

I wish the club nintendo store in the EU would step up like the usa.
The ukclub nintendo site is pretty pants compeared to japan.



ivanmata said:

I hate that we've had the same rewards for over two years now (not games obviously), they barely update them, and when they do (like the 3ds xl charging cradle) it's sold out really fast....



nf_2 said:

Don't overlook Starship Defense. It's probably the best tower defense game on the eShop.



Beau_Skunk said:

Mario's Picross is tempting... (It's getting rare we get a good game for 100 coins lately.) As much as I love "Balloon Fight," you might as well just pay 5 bucks for it, instead of 200 hard-earned Club Nintendo coins...



Joygame51 said:

@KnightRider666 Tell you this, Star ship defense is a second timer on club nintendo...I could not get it the first time For the coins....dsi only then. NOW I'm getting this one for sure.

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