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GloryQuestor commented on Club Nintendo Rewards are Updated for January,...:

@Reusinck I'm not thinking of myself, as I definitely do not have thousands of coins. For those that were loyal enough to have that many coins, however, shouldn't said loyalty at least be compensated if what Nintendo offers in the last days is not enough? (We also don't know if Club Nintendo might already have such an offer lined up...)



GloryQuestor commented on Video: A New Game Theory for Pokémon Lore Get...:

Even though ORAS was the first direct claim of multiple dimensions, it isn't the first time we see it in the X/Y universe. The X/Y anime had an episode where Ash and Pikachu get lost in a "mirror" dimension found in the Cave of Mirrors.

Also ... could this be the answer as to why Ash never ages? Maybe we're seeing multi-dimensional Ash Ketchums every few seasons ...



GloryQuestor commented on Club Nintendo to Close, With Replacement Loyal...:

It was really a good promotion while it lasted. For a time, the physical rewards were well worth the effort — eventually, I got one of the small cloth bags, the messenger bag, Game & Watch Collection 2 (still sealed up), and two of the 18-card cases through the promotion. The Platinum Rewards also have been more than worth their weight in ... well, platinum.

So, in the end, I'll really miss the system for when it offered these really great loyalty gifts, and can only hope that the replacement system will be even better.



GloryQuestor commented on Club Nintendo Rewards are Updated for January,...:

Nice list, although I already have all the 3DS games. Still, anyone who wants to get these games, and does not have them yet, should do so now — all 8 are worth getting, especially if you have coins to spend.

I agree with KnightRider666 — no matter how many coins are left over, Ninty should convert them over to some sort of credit, rather than cancelling them outright. Those retaining thousands of coins shouldn't just have them disappear in a snap if Club Nintendo's final offerings aren't enough to spend them on. >_>



GloryQuestor commented on Review: Best of Solitaire (3DS eShop):

The review is right in that it's not a perfect experience, though I would recommend this to anyone on the sheer notion of being able to play 40-50 times more solitaire variations than any other iteration on the eShop to date. You can only play enough Klondike, Freecell, Golf, and Pyramid to realize that you're missing out on other great variants like Canfield, Calculation, Yukon, and Beleaguered Castle. At the price they offer for it, this opportunity more than makes up for the failures in the interface.

Now, if we could get a version of solitaire with this many games and a really nice, polished interface...



GloryQuestor commented on Hands On: We Check Out The New Nintendo 3DS XL :

Hmm... might be on board for this, if GameStop decides to do another swap discount promo.

btw, I just now checked on 32GB microSDs, and they all dropped down below $20. If you plan on getting a New 3DS, you should buy your SD now while the prices are so low.



GloryQuestor commented on Best of Solitaire:

Decided to give this a try, and I really don't regret it.


  • It has pretty much what I found lacking from other solitaire games on 3DS — a huge variety of the most popular solitaire games, even the more obscure but yet well known, like Canfield.
  • Controls are pretty fluid. Pick cards up, put them down with stylus, and it all works perfectly (unlike some other 3DS solitaire games that were either too loose with placement or way too restrictive as to where to drop cards)
  • The large amount of rules you can change with each game does tailor the game to the player's strengths.
  • The music is very nice, and there's quite a selection of music tracks--more than you would expect.


  • The top table really didn't do much to enhance the experience, as most of the concentration will be on the bottom screen (I usually turned on the "Stats" option to cover the top table up completely).
  • Some games didn't have enough options to make this truly "open" rules, but these were minor nitpicks.

Overall, this is worth the asking price. It's slightly more expensive than most of the other solitaire offerings present on the eShop, but for that extra bit you are getting a ton more solitaire favorites and a lot more options than those could ever provide. If you like solitaire, this is your choice to get. :)



GloryQuestor commented on Retrospective: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish...:

I agree with many here — even though the original Ambassadors were lucky to get it on 3DS, that Nintendo is not giving it a 3DS release robs many other gamers of the experience in playing it. 3DS owners shouldn't have to buy a whole new console to play a game that has been proven to play on 3DS. This is especially true now, when Nintendo is already thinking ahead to the next console. I'd rather wait for what's next.



GloryQuestor commented on Capcom Licenses a Mega Man Runner for Android ...:

The game looks nice enough, and I don't mind the Powered-Up graphics style — I still replay Powered-Up on my PSP consistently. If it does well, then good for Capcom. I agree with the ragers, tho — we all want to get some more "classic", mainline experiences.

Since Capcom isn't going that route, though, it's nice to see so many outside of them keeping the spirit of the franchise alive: Inti Creates with GunVolt, Ifaune with Mighty 9, and all the great games available from talented, die-hard fans.



GloryQuestor commented on Two Tetris Titles Pulled From the 3DS eShop in...:

...and sadly, as long as Ubisoft has console rights to Tetris games now and the others are being pulled down, does this also mean it's highly unlikely that we'll ever see Tetris DS show up in any VC form in the future? Now that is truly sad news, as Tetris DS is arguably hands-down the best Tetris version on any platform ... now seemingly never to rise again. :(



GloryQuestor commented on Poll: Which is the Best Pokémon Game?:

I've played almost all of them first-run, and it's tough to make this decision. Since the basics of Pokemon have never changed, singling out one title amongst them is a hard choice. Even though it was only the third game, Yellow was one choice I initially considered, based on utilizing the anime story and having Ash's Pikachu as your starter. The only problem is there isn't much more to it — it's still Red/Blue otherwise.

The only one that really stood out from all the others was the Gold/Silver/Crystal line, for one important reason: It is the only Pokemon game where you crossed back into Kanto in order to face the gym leaders & Elite Four there. No other game in the series presented the Pokemon world as being connected to each other — they all stayed self-contained in their little countries and never presented challenges in the old countries, not even the newest games. There's a world out there to explore, but Game Freak seems a bit afraid to show it, and as a result, post-game play hasn't been as great as it was in Gold/Silver/Crystal.

So, because it allows multi-country challenges, but also for being the current best of the various revivals for DS & 3DS (IMHO), my ultimate choice is HeartGold/SoulSilver. It's the Pokemon games that provide the extensive cross-country post-game adventure people would want, but revised in a manner that vastly improves upon the original.



GloryQuestor commented on Review: Mega Man Zero (Wii U eShop / Game Boy ...:

@unrandomsam @LasermasterA I have the collection, and it's definitely the preferred version you want to play. In addition to having all four games in their original difficulty, it includes a "easy mode" that combines all four games into one long campaign and starts you off with a ton of perks that make the game less of a grindfest. Anyone who has a 3DS should track the Collection down instead of paying into this one game.



GloryQuestor commented on Review: Fairune (3DS eShop):

This is as close to Ys as we will probably get on 3DS. It's fun and well worth the price of admission.

btb, what wasn't mentioned in the review (and in case it was overlooked) is that you can zoom in the main screen through the Options. The zoom is a bit more pixel-y, but it was nice to see that included.



GloryQuestor commented on Nintendo Download: 18th December (North America):

After checking out the game, I think I will grab Fairune, although not right away.

Interesting to see Mega Man Zero appear, but not on 3DS? Well, since Mega Man Zero Collection exists, there might be a case there. Also glad to finally see Metal Gear Solid SE3D appear on the shop — anyone on the fence about that one shouldn't be, especially when the New 3DS arrives in NA.



GloryQuestor commented on Review: Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire (Wii...:

I agree with everyone here — what is keeping Nintendo from putting GBA and SNES classics on the 3DS? It is more than capable of handling both, yet they won't even come out and admit it.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: All we want from all of these companies is the true reasons why they make the decisions they do. If gaming history has proven anything, it's not the bits or the technical aspects of a video gaming platform, it's what you can do with it. I just wish Nintendo would be the company that levels with its user base and shows up all of these other software developers that want to be on the shiny new hotness rather than build a quality product on a proven legacy platform. :(



GloryQuestor commented on Review: Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire (Wii...:

I have the cart still, and it's currently a permanent fixture in my Gamecube Player.

Now if only the original would show up on the 3DS eShop, that would be great. We got Pokemon TCG, now we only need the original Pokemon Pinball to go with it. :D



GloryQuestor commented on December's Club Nintendo Rewards Aim to Bring ...:

Sadly, the 3DS options are still lacking: only 2 DSI and 2 GB VC? Ehm... not really that interesting, although I think I will jump on Radar Mission. I played it back when it was originally released, and thought it was an amusing hybrid Sub Action/Battleship Clone. I'm eager to give the game a replay after all these years. :)

Truly, the only must-have recommendation on the list would be Kid Icarus 2, and everyone should grab it while they can if they never purchased it before.



GloryQuestor commented on Nintendo Download: 4th December (North America):

sigh Not liking that NES Ultimate Remix is $30. I would have been more interested at $20, since it's only a certain number and not the whole combined package (which I really think Ninty could have shoehorned into the download).

Nothing else here for 3DS says "must buy" except for the ATLUS sale offerings. :



GloryQuestor commented on The November Club Nintendo Rewards Are Now Up ...:

Tokyo Crash Mobs for me, if only because it's the only 3DS game on that list (and in lists for months now) I don't have or didn't already get via Club. :|

Seriously, Nintendo ... we want something to spend these coins on, and you started phasing out the really good physical prizes and recycle the same game lists over and over. Please start giving us MORE, not less! >_<



GloryQuestor commented on Nintendo 64x64: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina o...:

btw, if you are an N64 collector, there's plenty of reasons to get your hands on the gold limited Collectors Edition of the game more than just being the first-run copies. The gold carts still contain the content that was later cut in the gray cart, GC, and N64 re-releases (like the crescent symbols on the boxes and some changes in music). It's Ocarina of Time as it was intended to be, not as it turned out later.



GloryQuestor commented on Video: Take a Look at All of the 3DS HOME Menu...:

I really like the ALBW one. Bought it right away, and never going to change it out (unless there's another Zelda one). Not sure about the other themes — I thought that the Mario Jumping one was fun to watch, but the black and white pattern ones seem very headache-inducing. @_@



GloryQuestor commented on Nintendo Download: 18th September (North America):

Legend of the River King 2 for me.

I'm also surprised to see such low indicators for it. It's one of the better RPGs for the GBC, refined greatly from the original release, and you won't find an RPG quite like it (other than the original). If you especially like the Harvest Moon series, you should give it a look.



GloryQuestor commented on Nintendo 64x64: Cruis'n USA:

I did like Crusin' USA at the time it came out. Unfortunately, not only did first- and third-party racers eventually overtake it in popularity, but it's sequel Crusin' World is probably the worst racer I've seen on any platform, which taints the original's namesake.



GloryQuestor commented on Nintendo 64x64: Hybrid Heaven:

I used to own this, and found it to have an interesting story but overall was not a game I really liked. I also thought at the time it was mentioned that Hybrid Heaven was intended to be part of another Konamiverse, but now I can't quite remember which. :-



GloryQuestor commented on Square Enix Wants To Bring Dragon Quest VII To...:

I echo the sentiments of many here who say that translation shouldn't be the issue. I agree that they already have a baseline English script with the PS1 version and a lot of fans who could volunteer to do translation work just to see this come out internationally, so what excuse is there really?

Right now, I see DQ as SE's best line. Final Fantasy has been grating on me lately — the last installment I played all the way through was X-2, and Dissidia 013 and my steelbook copy of XII are collecting dust figuratively. After hearing comments on XIII and XIV, I don't even want to try them. On the other hand, I consistently pop in DQ games into my 3DS every time I get. Between the tight storylines, balanced system, and Toriyama's artwork influences, DQ I - IX remain my all time favorite RPG games ever.

Another thing SE Japan could do is pull a Capcom: Don't worry about physical cartridges and make it eShop exclusive for international release. If Capcom is doing it to save money, why can't SE?

In the end, yes, they are running a business, but every business (especially a long-time one like theirs) should realize that you have to take the most risks to eventually earn the most profits. DQ VII isn't even a risky proposition, it's one of the major franchises they are known for and they already have what they need to get halfway to international release. Whoever is telling them different should be fired. :-|



GloryQuestor commented on Natsume Confirms A-Train: City Simulator For 3...:

I still have the original A-Train from back when it was published by Maxis, and it was a good transportation management game. I'll bet the series has gotten even better since then, so I might be willing to give the new A-Train a try. :)



GloryQuestor commented on Review: Mega Man II (3DS eShop / Game Boy):

I'd agree that 3/10 is a bit harsh for it. The static sliding sprite isn't much different from NES MM3 and above, and you still have to give CAPCOM props for fitting what they could on the original Game Boy, especially considering it's an early generation cartridge game. Sure, it's very far from the perfect MM game, but I thought the control was good and the graphics were cleanly presented on the Game Boy's original display, and are really crisp here on the VC version--the screenshots show that more than anything. It deserves at least a 5 for these reasons. >_>



GloryQuestor commented on Pokémon X & Y Happy Meal Toys Heading to Nort...:

@User1988: Happy Meal toys are quality ... over in Japan. But they have a sponsorship partner in BANDAI Namco there.

Not sure who they have making the toys in North America or Europe, but they need to either step up their game or find a partner in a more professional toy maker. -_-;



GloryQuestor commented on Game Boy Advance Games On The Wii U Virtual Co...:

@Senario It's not that people want to be negative, but they really are doing things half-baked. "Multiplayer support on all VC titles" is a pretty good marketing tool for Nintendo to pitch, even one that might sway a lot more customers their way. "VC crossplay with 3DS" would also serve them pretty well, since you could sell more of both systems that way. Instead, they seem to be rushing this out the gate without giving it time to be refined and making it single player, with no mention of 3DS support.

From an objective, business perspective, it's a bad misstep on their part that won't sell more systems or win more customers. If they can't make these options happen, they need to provide their customers with a solid reason why. Even if it's overly technical, it's still something that customers could at least base an informed opinion on, rather than the constant negative speculations. :(



GloryQuestor commented on Nintendo Download: 13th March (North America):

I'll probably get Steamworld Dig, now that it's at a good price point.

Right now, I agree that Nintendo's a bit ... fractured. They keep pushing SNES and GBA to Wii U, when the 3DS is clearly the system of choice and it could handle both. Same with a lot of VC and titles on 3DS that still haven't jumped onto Wii U. Both of them could benefit, but right now, neither are.

(And yes, I'm frustrated about SMB3 delay as most everyone. Another example of Nintendo fumbling in terms of VC. -_-; )



GloryQuestor commented on The Club Nintendo Rewards Are In For March:

Already have Kid Icarus: OMAM, and it's easily the best of the three, worth getting if anyone's on the fence about it. Number Battle looks interesting, although I already have more than enough puzzle games right now and will wait a bit longer to see if a better deal pops up.



GloryQuestor commented on The Denpa Men 3: The Rise of Digitoll Is Sprea...:

I really like dungeon crawlers, and I liked the 1st DM game (although it was a bit too simplistic).

When I read that the 2nd one finally added in more activities, more item types, and a larger world, I've wanted to get it for a long time now. With the sale on, it's finally time I check it out. :)



GloryQuestor commented on Nintendo Download: 20th February (North America):

Got Weapon Shop de Omasse, and so far, I like it. It's not the first game to twist classic RPGs around with item sellers (Dragon Quest IV's Torneko and Recett did good jobs of that, too), but it's still a very welcome change — and a pretty nice RPG nostalgia trip. :)



GloryQuestor commented on Review: ARC STYLE: Solitaire (3DS eShop):

2 games? Seriously?

sigh — Games like this really makes me wish that someone would bring a very extensive solitaire game to the 3DS eShop at some point. Hoyle 2: Solitaire on PC brought 28 different versions and QQP's Solitaire's Journey brought 105 variations, so why can't someone out there get us something akin to those games on 3DS at some point?



GloryQuestor commented on Review: ARC STYLE: Solitaire (3DS eShop):

It's decent for the price, although I would put Digital Leisure's 5-in-1 Solitaire well above this one. Monte Carlo is an interesting twist, however, which made me wonder why every company so far has limited the amount of solitaire games to 2-6 games rather than throwing in the 28+ I've seen done before (as in the original Hoyle 2: Solitaire for PC). :



GloryQuestor commented on Pac-Man Museum Reportedly Cancelled on Nintend...:

"Delay in development"? Sorry, but I don't buy into companies giving the end-user's weak reasons for why something that they previously and publicly announced is abruptly cancelled. Too many companies are doing it now, and it has to be just as frustrating to many of you that a company can't act mature enough to provide a concrete reason.

tbh, I think every game company out there really needs to take a good, long look in the proverbial mirror. They need to see that we aren't mindless rabble or sheep, but mostly mature and rational people who would probably accept a reasonable justification as to why a particular project is scrapped. Even if it's a bit technical, it'd still be the truth.

(And yes, being a classic gamer myself, I was waiting on this project to play on 3DS. The user base on 3DS is more than enough to support this game, so "Namco-Bandai" needs to explain this cancellation a lot further.)



GloryQuestor commented on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Reduced to $19.99 on...:

I had played the 3DS version demo and liked it, but not enough to pay $40. Now that it's half off, I think I'll finally go get it. I like solo adventure games and I do know some friends that still have the 3DS game, so it works out on my end.

I think of it also as a good primer for when MH4U 3DS comes out, which will probably be more refined and (hopefully) more Metal Gear 3D-ish in its one-stick gameplay, or at least a better touchscreen camera control. >_>



GloryQuestor commented on Project X Zone Price Slashed To $20 On The Nor...:

Since I own (and have played in the past) quite a few of the main games of the characters represented here, it was a must-buy for me, as it would be for any Japanese video gaming fan.

In particular, I like that Kite and Blackrose are here, since I've noticed that .hack is starting to get pushed aside with the anime release of Sword Art Online and getting more forgotten as newer fans come in. (Even though SAO is the older of the two, it's nowhere near the multimedia juggernaut that .hack was.)

Also, one of the biggest cameos for me is Tron Bonne, since a long time ago I played through The (Mis-)adventures of Tron Bonne for PS1 and now miss it all over again. I really wish CAPCOM would just give her more games. :(