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Tue 10th Dec 2013

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Brett commented on First Impressions: Trying to Believe in Devil'...:

Looks fun to me. But hey, I even enjoyed 007 Legends.
In any case, I do feel like the rhetoric is going a bit beyond what I'm seeing the video. It just doesn't look as bad as the descriptions are suggesting at all.



Brett commented on Editorial: Cheer Up, There Are Some Exciting G...:

The reason this is all so frustrating to me is that it would actually be relatively easy to satiate the needy Nintendo fanboys. Seriously. A couple remakes and a translation. How hard would an F-Zero GX remake be? Or a Sunshine remake? For Wii U or 3DS, whatever's easier. And translate Mother 3. If they had done these things, or any two of these things, combined with the weak sauce they already brought, we would all be running naked in the streets in ecstasy.

I hate this idea that Nintendo's fans--who must certainly be the most tolerant and patient in the world--are somehow impossible to please. I've calmed down since Tuesday (I went way over the top), but I'm still very disappointed, frustrated, and just downright pessimistic about what Nintendo is turning itself into. Free or not, AC: amiibo Festival doesn't belong on a console really at all, and sure as hell doesn't warrant inclusion in the Digital Event over Devil's Third and Fatal Frame. Ugh



Brett commented on Iwata Vows To Listen To E3 2015 Digital Event ...:

As a fan for 25 years, and a shareholder, I'm pretty damn sure I will not be buying any of their upcoming consoles until at least ten million or so other people have done so.

I mean, you buy Nintendo consoles for the amazing exclusives, and by everything I saw today in the biggest conference of the year, they have nothing planned in that department. Not a damn thing for Wii U, that's for sure. People here talking about E3 being "just another Direct" are wrong. Watch the last two to see for yourself. This is where you make big announcements. Not where you re-announce big announcements from last year.

I'm aware that I'm being a drama queen, but really, I'm done with these morons. I'll probably buy a PS4 (my first non-Nintendo console) before an NX, and won't switch until I run out of games. And unlike Nintendo consoles, I bet I don't run out games.

Seriously, what a middle finger.



Brett commented on Feature: A Year in Development - RCMADIAX:

I haven't played this guys games, but I think the hate is pretty out of control. The prices seem reasonable, and there's no fraud going on. The games seem to be what he says they are.

Even the whole Flappy Bird phenomenon is something I don't get. When it was just a free mobile app, people were seething with rage about it (Kotaku, for example), and I don't see why. It's a certain type of game, the type of thing people might have dumped quarters into ages ago, that focuses on high scores in a hard game with a simple mechanic. Where's the problem?

Now, if he was behind the really crappy looking "Tested by Robots", that's not acceptable....



Brett commented on Talking Point: Platinum Games Has Secured a Go...:

Wonderful 101 is truly one of the very best Wii U games, and should be bought and played multiple times by any Wii U owner of a reasonable age. It's really up there with Earthbound, Super Metroid, and Majora's Mask in terms of being a brilliantly designed game that really has an emotional core for players to connect to. The climactic moment of the game, which I won't spoil, is a mix of euphoria, comedy, and relief that I've never seen so perfected in any other game (or film for that matter).

If you're a Wii U owner, you can probably track this down at a criminally low price at this point, and you really need to do so.



Brett commented on Naughty German Retailer Breaks Super Smash Bro...:

It really is all of Germany. It's usually no problem at all to go to Saturn and pick up a game days before it should be released. I now just assume it. Got Mario Kart 8 and Windwaker HD and all kinds of games early.

I think they shouldn't do it, but I can't help take advantage! Europe generally is a bit uninterested in following these rules, or obeying copyright, possibly as a result of not being a particularly creative culture for the past century or so.



Brett commented on NES Remix Confirmed And Available Today on the...:


Well, I just expected a bit more remixing than what you actually get. The bulk of this game is just five second bits of old games with no changes whatsoever. So, what was I expecting? A bit more "remixing". Not 16 ancient games for $10.

When I said it probably took them a week, it was hyperbole in that I think it took them less than a week. If you like, I am wide open to being enlightened by you, someone who has not played this game and almost certainly does not work in game development, as to how long a game like this takes to develop, particularly for a company like Nintendo, which has loads of developers. A game equivilent of a clip show with a few dozen short "remix" hacks does not require the amount of work you seem to think it does.



Brett commented on NES Remix Confirmed And Available Today on the...:

Playing now. Hate to say it, but to be honest, this isn't very good. Nintendo, in all honesty, probably didn't spend more than a week making it.

So far, the majority of the game is WarioWare style minigames where you just do something trivial in one of the 16 games. There's a bunch of challenges for each, but most are uninteresting and many are as trivial as "stomp the goomba". Really.

The remix mode has you do some little thing in a game with some weird handicap. It's slightly interesting, but not really. It would have taken about a second week's work to make all of this more interesting. Shame too, because after work I went and got an eShop card to get this. I recommend waiting for reviews. Maybe there's more to it, but so far, it's slightly insulting.



Brett commented on Nintendo Direct Focusing On Wii U And 3DS Game...:

I can't help but let my expectations get slightly out of hand. HD Starfox with Slippy annoying me right there in the Gamepad screen is too appealing not to get excited about. How Nintendo has managed to abuse this franchise as long as it has is beyond me.

Just give me one surprise for Wii U other than the Wii Sports expansion you'll almost certainly offer right after the presentation and I'll be thrilled. Even if it's Yarn Metroid or something ridiculous.

Actually...Yarn Metroid...hmmm



Brett commented on NPD Results Deliver a 3DS Milestone And Modest...:

I don't want to be optimistic just for the hell of it, but this 200,000 figure is mostly going to be from the last week of November, and December is definitely going to be better. Furthermore, does anybody know what kind of track GameCube/Dreamcast/whatever was on at this time? Wii U has been on a slow but steady upward trend, which may not have been the case with those consoles.

I won't pretend that any one game will make a huge improvement, but the numbers are climbing, not declining, and this could all work out okay after all.

That said, nine million obviously isn't going to happen, and whoever said Iwata must be looking over his shoulder is right....