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Animal crossing new leaf addict.

Female, United States

I am an american artist who works in watercolor and fabric arts.

Thu 15th Sep 2011

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Joygame51 commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:

Ok,,, so no same sex stuff... Nintendo is not just for adults its for kids...why should they have to deal with such issues... I have nothing against folks doing as they see fit for themselfs ... heck I want to be left to my own Christian understandings of things to. Kids games should probably not get into sex ....LOVE is fine .... when Person loves another person ...Or Mii. or Wii...enough is enough. OK gang I two Miis or Wiis love each Other VERY VERY MUCH .... little miis or wiis can happen ...ya know SO thats that . If i do not personally agree with this or that way of living for my own life...thats fine...not trying to force my way of thinking on anyone else but this is a KIDS game RELAX and enjoy the game.... lions and tigers and bears.....OH MY... Miis and Miis OH MY. just let everyone have fun.



Joygame51 commented on Galaga:

Me want. Me get, Me happy! (primal emotion)



Joygame51 commented on Game Boy Advance Titles To Hit Wii U Virtual C...:

GBA belongs on 3ds! Not that I would mind the WiiU having them mind you. Just Hand helds belong ON a handheld... It make perfect sense to me. OH WELL I'm a Catholic and the Pope has never called me for advice on how to run the church either....hmmmmm, wounder why?



Joygame51 commented on 3DS Sales Tracking Ahead of Game Boy Advance I...:

Love My 3DS XL I waited long enough to get one( PALEEEESE ) it took me over a year to get one after my Dsixl I almost always get thing used but my 3DSXL is still nearly brand new since I got it OCT 13. A bit bemused to hear that it is still lagging behind Japan in sales here in the US but hey ...Such is life.



Joygame51 commented on Review: Mario Bros. (3DS eShop / NES):

Not sure why this is such a "Bad" game its fun and easy to learn to play ...can be addictive if one is in the mood. I like this ! Don't enjoy old school don't down load it ....easy !



Joygame51 commented on Nintendo 3DS Guide: Louvre App Released Alongs...:

Being an artist who unfortunately will most likely never get to the Louvre myself... (yes, there are still "starving artists" in the world ) I would love to see this in the USA. I would be willing to spend the 25 bucks for this as a download . Perhaps I should email NINTENDO? I want this in the US. REALLY!



Joygame51 commented on Luxor:

have had a few games like this in the past I doubt I will get this.



Joygame51 commented on Bravely Default:

Windy Grubby paws aside, ( I'm sure your paws are no more grubby then mine I would love this too.



Joygame51 commented on Two New Limited Edition 3DS XL Consoles Coming...:

I already have a the royal blue one....with black inside but the Turquoise is soooo nice.... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh well, go figure...I takes me over a year to get a 3dsxl and I only had a few months to get one nicer...he he IF I GO TO JAPAN THAT IS and a Carry case ....DRAT YOU NINTENDO.... It would seem they are partial to the Japan,,. Naw, how could that be? HE HE HE...oh yeah ... its a Japanese Company! Do ya think?



Joygame51 commented on Cypronia Reveals New Wii U eShop Games, Includ...:

He he he Love the artwork... bucktoothed ticked off bunnies...he he he ! What the heck, the bunnies should get a shot at it.... however I think " Bunnies" should have the little fur balls catapulted off teter- toter type thingies..I mean that would at least be different... ahhhhhhh... NOT MUCH!



Joygame51 commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About the 2DS and Wii ...:

Good for the parents of the Kiddies... they needed a less expensive alternative to the pricey 3DS without the problem of 3D for the little tykes. Good deal...stop grousing you Teens and 20 somethings.... its not meant for you.
Nor for the Oldies like me. But, Good for the Kiddies and great for Nintendo.



Joygame51 commented on Exclusive: Exploring The Mysterious Cities of ...:

This seems like such fun. I am USA resident and only understand french a bit I guess I would have to find this series in english...but I used to love Cartoon series very much in the states. I might If I can find the series think of investing 15 bucks or so on it however it really still has to do with how good the series is.



Joygame51 commented on Nintendo's Scott Moffitt: 3DS and Vita Have Ve...:

Since I have just recently been able to get my hands on a 3DS and will most likely never have a Vita (what can i say?) I think the 3ds is best for me...As for gaming time and space I prefer Portables to home consoles to begin with ....maybe because I have no gaming partner at home. I enjoy playing online with my 3ds at least I can play with /against others in that way...My husband is not a video gamer at all. He thinks is pretty much a waste of time (hehe) to bad for him....hehehe!



Joygame51 commented on Heavy Fire: Black Arms 3D:

No thanks there is enough fighting still going on around the world I really don't want any on my 3DS screen when our Boys and Girls are still dying for us .... I know I'm not a 14 year old any more but I am old enough to know Death is no fun for so many losing Brothers ,Sisters , Sons and Daughters. So I'm an old poop.