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David Jaffe Is A Massive Fan Of Nintendo, But Thinks The Company Should Sell Out To Disney

Posted by Damien McFerran

"I just think it’s time to bring in some new blood"

Outspoken game developer David Jaffe — famous for his work on the Twisted Metal and God of War series — has suggested that Nintendo should sell itself to Disney if it wants to move forward as a company.

Speaking to Hip Hop Gamer in an interview which contains some profanity — this is Jaffe, after all — he said:

I say this with love as a fan of Nintendo. But if I was Nintendo, I’d be sitting my a** down trying to figure out how to sell my company to Walt Disney, because if you look at sort of what they have done sort of the reverence they’ve had towards Marvel, if you look at what seems to be happening with Star Wars and the Lucas brand they’ve acquired, they clearly understand marketing, they clearly understand their audience. To imagine going to a Disney Land park and having an entire land – like not just like Tomorrow Land but others like Nintendo Land – and sort of integrating that into that world, doing more with those brands.

Jaffe also spoke about Shigeru Miyamoto's influence within both the company and the industry as a whole, and how Nintendo should be seeking to find new talent as soon as possible:

You know end of the day, we’re all standing gratefully if you’re lucky in the shadows, the very long and powerful shadows of Miyamoto. But ultimately, he said himself he’s setting up younger developers to step in, he’s talking about retirement. I’m not a big Pikmin fan, I don’t think he’s making a game that really has spoken to me as a gamer in awhile. But what he has done has been industry-altering and super important and his characters live on and they should. But I think the idea of, you know, some new blood getting in there appreciating what they’ve got and doing more with it would be awesome…

…I’m a big Nintendo fan, but I just think it’s time to bring in some new blood that really is going to appreciate what they’ve got and bring it to a new generation and do some new s***. Never lose that essence, never lose that core, but for the love of f****** God, do some new s***.

What do you think of Jaffe's comments? Does he speak sense? Could Disney really do to Nintendo what it's doing to Lucasfilm, or is the Japanese giant a different proposition entirely? Post a comment below to share your opinion.


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Grubdog said:

This comment is probably going to get more coverage than his failed Kickstarter attempt.



antdickens said:

I find it amusing when people say Nintendo don't do new stuff... they do plenty of new stuff, just with existing IP. You can't say things like Mario Galaxy or 3D World is "just another Mario game".



SpookyMeths said:

"For the love of f****** God, do some new s***."

-Developer of God of War series

I lol'd.



Peach64 said:

I read the headline and thought it was ridiculous, but he has some good points. They're handling Marvel brilliantly, and it's the only way we'd ever get a good Nintendo theme park. It all falls down after Disney saying they're only interested in casual games however. They'd probably like the Mario/Pokemon brands but would have no interest in making the games.

His point about them doing new stuff I agree entirely with how ever. It's like Nintendo doesn't have the confidence to create new IP and instead every generation we're waiting for the next Mario, the next Zelda , the next Metroid and Donkey Kong. I really just want to see them show is some new characters and worlds.



Mallard said:

I'll be in here all day reading the comments, it's going to kick off! hee hee



Grubdog said:

The Wonderful 101 proved nobody will put their money where their mouth is regarding a new IP



readypembroke said:

I am surprised that he didn't say that Nintendo should sell out to Sony. Also Disney is outsourcing Star Wars games to other companies like Electronic Farts oops..... I mean Electronic Arts.



Volmun said:

Uh no ... why wold thay? The wiiu is the only thing "strugaling" atm 3DS is doing insainly well and as far as iv see Disny games are mostly lazily bilt and shoddy desighn... ik you get the rare 1 every so often but the boulk is very week



BestBuck15 said:

Selling to Disney is rubbish and I'm sure Nintendo are constantly looking and nurturing new talent. One thing he said does have a ring of truth; Shigs is past it. The older a person gets, the less creative they get, I think he's 60. Pikmin is not that popular, that's Shigs baby.



readyletsgo said:

Haha he knows he's talking out his butt, Ninty are money making with their handhelds now, the poor WiiU isn't doing great, Mario will help but we'll just have to wait and see tbh. The 3DS I think is where they will go for the next generation, maybe leaving home consoles for a gen or two, don't get me wrong I love everything Nintendo but if a home console isn't making the company money they will look to other things.

As for getting new blood in and new franchises, couldn't agree more but it looks like they are doing this after seeing that trailer for 3d world yesterday, looks like so much fun!

I wonder what they will do after the WiiU, maybe a handheld that acts as a home console too. Would mean they could put all their resources into one console instead of struggling with 2(I know they are not struggling).

Not trolling guys, just half agree with what he's saying is all



Maustallica said:

You know, I can actually appreciate the broader point of Nintendo partnering up with a similarly creative company with more marketing nous, one that could inject new ideas and provide Nintendo with (much-needed) help on how really push its brands and characters back into the public consciousness...

...but good Lord, the idea that that company should be DISNEY is just about the worst suggestion I've ever heard. I'm a huge fan of Disney in terms of their filmmaking output, but they as a company have no idea what they are doing in the videogame business. In the last few years their strategy has been all over the bloody place, buying up talented developers before screwing them around and shuttering them, failing to anticipate market trends and trying to jump on gravy trains that have already departed. Look at the closures of Black Rock and Junction Point, the filleting of LucasArts, the destruction of their sole decent remaining franchise (Where's My Water) with a horrendous freemium model. If Nintendo were a broader entertainment company like Marvel or Lucasfilm, then Disney might be a good partner for them, but the Mouse House's videogames division is basically an abattoir these days, and Nintendo need to stay far away from it.

As I say, I don't think Jaffe's overall idea is fundamentally bad, but the fact that he would suggest Disney of all companies suggest that he's pretty ignorant about what's actually happening in the wider industry.



shaneoh said:

How long have Disney been relying on Mickey Mouse and his supporting cast to generate income?



SpookyMeths said:

@Peach64 Marvel Studios is still mostly autonomous, thanks to the great work by Kevin Feige and Joss Whedon and the amount of trust Disney has in them. Other areas of Marvel have already been gutted though. For example, The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series was regarded by fans as one of the best representations of the character ever, in film, in comics, or in cartoon. It was produced by Sony. When Disney acquired Marvel, Spectacular was cancelled and replaced with Ultimate Spider-Man, a show aimed at young children and based on selling as many toys as possible.

Pixar, on the other hand, went from being one of the most creative and acclaimed studios of all time to churning out uninspired sequels under the House of Mouse (Toy Story notwithstanding). Pixar films have high potential for merchandise, and so that's what Disney focuses on. Cars was the least regarded Pixar film, but it has received a sequel and a spin-off, because they sell a lot of toys.

Disney cares about selling toys and maximizing profits. They don't care about new IP or creative video games any more than Nintendo at their worst.



Marshi said:

Nintendo are alot cleverer than people give them credit for. They do make new s***! But either they create a new ip with new characters (rainbow man,anybody remember him? Exactly) and it falls flat because nobody cares,or they take mario,the most iconic and recognisable character in videogame history and create a new ip around him. So they make galaxy,the make paper, the make rpg.
Case in point,w101 has sold badly,its a new ip,but I guarantee if the original idea was put through and all the w101 were nintendo characters it would probs be this years biggest nintendo game and be winning awards for its inovation. Nintendo may not be too savvy when it comes to marketting,but they sure as hell know the power of a brand name. Jaffe,as usual is talking out of his f****** a***



shaneoh said:

Also I love the title of these articles "XXXX is a fan of Nintendo, BUT XXXX."



Volmun said:

@antdickens ikr... well when thay do make something new all thay get is "THIS IS SH**" Rant rave rant... -_- its ppl's own ignrace and stupidity saying Nintendo never dose enithing new as all thay can think of is Mario i had it the other day.. a Games shop imployiy i was chating with got all twitchy when i mentiond WiiU saying "Oh i dont like WiiU its only good for mario witch i dont like" this was recently... i dont like mario and i love the WiiU as i did the Wii and the GameCube befor that.. not for mario but the other games that nintendo makes... (big one being Metroid tbh) saying that thow i do enjoy the 3D mario games and 3D world looks brilient



WYLD-WOO said:

Mr Jaffe Cake you seem like a charming man with a wonderful way with words... Someone needs to wash your mouth out with soap. I could be wrong but did`nt the gaming part of Disney make a massive loss last year?



ReigningSemtex said:

Well David Jaffe I think if you were really a fan you wouldn't want nintendo to sell out to anyone let alone Disney.



faint said:

@Cruznbaby85 they can't afford it and what on earth would they do with it? They skrewed the pooch with atlus so maybe Platinum. Disney? no way



Kohaku said:

I think that Nintendo needs new blood. More new games, less remakes. And do like Sony next time, ask devellopers what they want when you are working on a new console. Now it is only Nintendo who has to made the Wii U succesfull, I don't think that after Watchdogs we will see more 3rd party games which can help the Wii U.
There are a lot of nice RPG's on the 3DS, why is no one at Nintendo having the idea to bring some nice RPG's to the Wii U? Focus more on games for everyone instead of only Mario and Zelda.



NintyMan said:

As much as I've dreamed of Disney and Nintendo teaming up since I'm a fan of both companies, the idea that Disney should lead Nintendo in video game development is flat-out stupid. It should be the other way around. Disney is a film and cartoon company at heart. They are not a video game company at heart. They don't exactly have a smooth record of making good games either, just look at games like Disney Universe and the Epic Mickey series (although I did like the first one).

Of course we all want Nintendo to get some new talent, but I think many of us would agree that Super Mario 3D World, which looked uninspired to some at first, now looks quite imaginative. So tired of people saying Nintendo isn't doing anything new. That's usually an argument from trolling fanboys, but it's disheartening to see that come from game developers. Also, if he's supposed to be such a fan, why would he want such a thing to happen to Nintendo? Getting bought out is a terrible experience for a company.



ULTRA-64 said:

He's well off the mark about Disney benefits to the brand, Disney only bought more brands in because there's is dying! They do run an impressive theme park but they have had to buy successful business to remain relevant ( e.g.,pixar). Kids don't watch mickey mouse cartoons anymore they watch sponge bob or even family guy. Disneys only real success in recent times of their own back, is pirates of the Caribbean which has now been milked to exhaustion as their only popular ip right now. As for star wars, has anything,good or bad, even come out yet from Disney?



Goginho said:

I'll just answer the questions posed at the end of the article:

1) I think he's thinking wishfully and I don't like his style of articulation, or is paid to propose something absurd like that. Or ..he's just jealous of Nintendo's ongoing and supposedly "unexpected" success with titles he wishes were on the "cool" consoles (God of War lol says a lot about his supposed thinking, preferences, style of writing...etc.)
2) He does not speak sense. He speaks very nonsensically.
3) I don't really know what Disney does to this Lucasfilm, so I can'd judge on that one, but I can surely presume the Japanese giant is a different proposition entirely.

Bonus) Try and imagine Mario and Mickey together. Mario is a whole different league than Mickey. Mario and Mickey don't go well together. He wants to see Nintendo Land in Disney Land. I say, let's have Nintendo Land seperately, not having anything to do with Disney Land, if at all.




Boxmonkey said:

A real life nintendo land would be cool! They could make some amazing rides. But I wouldn't want Disney anywhere near nintendo thanks.



NintyMan said:

Besides his dirty mouth, I think he has a point as far as new development talent, but I just can't take seriously the notion that Disney, a film and cartoon company at heart, can tell Nintendo how to make a video game. Nintendo can make video games very well thank you very much, unlike what some ignorant critics would claim. Nintendo is an entirely different company. The only thing I can see Disney and Nintendo getting together to do is if they agreed to make a Kingdom Hearts-style crossover of the two universes developed by Nintendo, which would be awesome to me. Otherwise, they can stay separate.



Rief said:

David Jaffe is a massive idiot.
Obviously, he has no idea how the gaming world works.



Nintend0ro said:

Sega would never have enough cash to buy Nintendo. EA would neither. Nintendo though should join with Sega instead as partners. EA are too cocky to join Nintendo . Disney would have enough cash to buy Ninty but they would rather capture larger audience buy developing games for every platform than just one or two. Sega in other hand are very good friends with ninty and they used to develop hardware, so the union of them two would be ideal i think



FluttershyGuy said:

I actually thought the other day how interesting it'd be if Queen Regina were to visit the Mushroom Kingdom, or Hyrule, in an episode of "Once Upon a Time." Then, I realized they'd make Link a villain, Ganondorf an anti-hero, and Zelda would dabble in prostitution after getting amnesia.

Such is symbolic of the weirdness that might be done in gaming with Nintendo franchises, along with what I fear would be a colossal drop in quality. It was a fun fantasy, but that's the way I'd rather it be: A fantasy. Reality would be nowhere near as good.



kereke12 said:

WOW So this idiot thinks Nintendo should let Disney buy Nintendo. Why doesn't he sell himself to Disney, that's like Sony buy Microsoft.



retro_player_22 said:

3rd party buying 1st party? Not gonna happen, Nintendo had more money than both of them, it would make more sense if both just work for Nintendo. Ninty will be sure to give them suitable jobs.



Bluezealand said:

@CaviarMeths Disney Animation and Pixar are both under control of John Lasseter. Anything Pixar did wrong with their last films is not really Disneys fault as Pixar is still relatively autonomous. Cars was made before Pixar was acquired by Disney and it's not that good of a movie. But John Lasseter just loves this world. I'm quite sure he was the one who wanted to make a Cars sequel more than any other. Planes on the other hand is not a Pixar film, but a Disney Toon Studios production.
Last but not least, while it is true, that we get way more sequels from Pixar than five years ago, the reason is, that they are trying to increase their output. The next five years we will get 5 Original movies in ADDITION to two sequels.



Reynoldszahl said:

The headline was very misleading. I get his points and they are reasonable but I think Nintendo should be on his own so they can take more risks and invent more interesting gadgets and gaming devices. And the thing he is mentioning about bringing new blood to Nintendo and his franchises: it's already happening . New developers take Nintendo Franchises to new glory like Donkey Kong country or Metroid.



PAppleyard said:

The second Disney buys Nintendo is the second I list my Wii U on eBay.

Look on Youtube at some perverted things Disney shows in their videos.



cookiex said:

You can't really "bring in good talent" when you shut down LucasArts the moment you bought them and disbanded the people involved.

Though if Disney were to buy Nintendo then they could easily force EA to put Star Wars games on Nintendo consoles, so...



FullbringIchigo said:




Maxrunner said:

"I’m not a big Pikmin fan, I don’t think he’s making a game that really has spoken to me as a gamer in awhile. "

Talks the guy who makes movies desguised as games..true gamer indeed...



Bliquid said:

From a marketing point of view, i agree completely with him.
Disney is a communication juggernaut, they really can sell ice in the north pole.
That said, when i saw Mickey Mouse on a hovering bike from Empire Strikes Back with Chip'n'Dale, my childhood died.
Nowadays Disney is all about money and shoveling teenage trash into audience mouths, and although Nintendo is heavy on milking their most "innocuous" and family friendly franchises, they still seem to have a heart. More than brains, imho.
So,no, mr Jaffe, we don't want to see this. Money isn't all that matters, especially since it can't buy souls.
Or can it?



withoutdk said:

hahaha... what about shutting the ... up

nintendo has been delivering quality software & hardware for ages... most disney games (and new movies) suck... what about disney sold itself to nintendo!



TheLilK98 said:

How about no. I remember when Disney first bought Marvel. My friend would bring Marvel Zombies comics to read everywhere. One day he stopped bringing them. I asked him why. He looked around, reached in his binder, and showed me a picture of donald duck on the cover of the newest issue. The last thing I need to see is Mickey Mouse and Peter Pan in Zelda or Metroid.



WiiLovePeace said:

I don't want Nintendo to "do some new s***." ... I'd prefer them to make quality games over producing s****



Keep said:

a nintendo land would be awesome.
i wonder how peach would look like iRL.. XP



TreonsRealm said:

"Do some new s#!%" - This coming from a guy who has only 2 major franchises to his name in his close to 20 years in the industry. He should know better than anyone how hostile the video game industry is towards "new s#!%" (The Wonderful 101 illustrates this perfectly). It's quite funny how he also ignores all of the new franchises and IP's Nintendo has introduced over the last 5+ years simply because they aren't "hardcore" and he personally doesn't care for them (Wii Fit, Brain Age, Steel Diver, Wii Sports, Nintendogs and more eShop titles than can realistically be listed and they are all fresh new franchises).

Also, John Carter, Mars Needs Moms and Disney's idiotic "Vault" marketing shows that Disney makes horrible decisions and doesn't understand their audience well at all (seriously, what kind of company say's "you can't buy our movies because they are in the vault"). Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars are doing well because there were safeguards put in place during those purchases to prevent Disney from taking too much control (because it is well known how Disney will run something into the ground). On the surface, I can see what he is trying to say but he clearly doesn't have a real grasp on the whole picture and is speaking from a selfish (and emotional) point of view. His claims of being a "true Nintendo fan" come off as hollow due to his lack of understanding what makes the company special. He sounds more like a nostalgic fanboy who wants Nintendo's IP's (and only the one's he likes apparently) on his system of choice (which in turn would take away what makes their games special as Nintendo's hardware is an integral part of what makes their games special in the first place).



Maxrunner said:

This is the god of war guy? I was mistakiing him for the beyond two souls yeah pikmin should not speak to him as gamer because he wants to kill and destroy things up in games....mature style...



cfgk24 said:

Please, no, don't do this, please no don't even suggest this! Leave Disney be Disney and Nintendo be Nintendo! I don't like Disney's commercialism and stereotyping. . . .



Bliquid said:

Oh, jeez. Not again.
The guy just expressed an opinion.
And now all saying s*$t about him.
Well guess what, he made 3 blockbuster games, which make him waaay more entitled than all the ppl in this site, me included.
You may agree with him or not, like his games or not, but he has more rights and experience than all the "experts" around here.
Can't you expose opinions that don't sum up to "well, you are ugly"?



Artwark said:

Let's put it this way. Nintendo is richer and Disney and that Nintendo keeps milking their franchises to an extent that works unlike Disney who have lost their touch of making great TV shows, Movies and comics.

The only reason why Disney would ever thought of getting Nintendo is to prove they are rich and the power source of entertainment. They know by buying Nintendo, they can make even better games and such.

Isn't that what happened to Lucasfilms? to make better movies. Obviously this guy just wants Nintendo to end.

But I really wish that Nintendo would buy Sega. We can get more IP's and Sonic can be the best(Don't get me wrong, he's still the best but if he's on Nintendo, he's even better!)



ajcismo said:

I keep promising myself I'd stop commenting on articles like these... but I can't help myself lol.
I think he's right about new blood. I fear Mr.Iwata's time at the helm is nearing its end and we'll have a major change at the top by the time the Wii U's 2nd anniversary rolls around next Nov. Lets face it, change is coming and it might not be a bad thing.
However, there is no way in the bluest of blue Hells that Nintendo would ever sell out to an American company. Its a veiled attempt at saying American devs want Ninty to be like everyone else to make their jobs easier. Disney already has a stake in EA, and I believe will be buying them outright after dismal Xbone sales throughout most of 2014 get both companies nervous.



Galadan said:

@TheLilK98 This will possibly be the geekiest thing I've ever written, but some googling tells me that was not Donald Duck but rather Howard the Duck, an old Marvel character from the seventies.



Drobotic said:

LOL,it's gonna happen eventually when Disney takes over the world.Seriously,they are a freaking empire by now.



wombatkidd said:


Link would be working with the Red Queen (who has Zelda imrisoned and will kill her if Link doesn't do as she says. And he knows she will because she destroyed his vocal chords) and Jafar would turn out to be Ganon.

Yes, I'm saying they would stick them in the spin off.



Araknie said:

Uhm Nintendo does this internally.

Why every move that Nintendo does is wrong for everybody who isn't playing the actual game? Like all reviews saying that Sonic Lost World is bad because Sonic dosen't go fast: you double tap the left trigger and you get an infinite spin-dash, witch was max speed in 2D Sonic games. That's what they did with that game, with Nintendo collaboration, took 2D Sonic gameplay and put both 3D and 2D levels in the game.
This makes it hard because of platform? Yes. Is Sonic a platform game? Yes. So why people think it's bad to think what you do in a Sonic game when you go fast? I don't know, noobs maybe?

Super Mario 3D World is not done by Miyamoto, hence why it's different from any other title. Aonuma now handles Zelda, hence why the revolution in that. The Wonderful 101 is a concept made by Nintendo that originally had to have 100 Nintendo characters, but it seemed redundant so they literally ordered Kamiya to change the concept and make it original.

Yes, Nintendo isn't revolutionary at all, isn't in continuous change and all that. They make games with japanese developers...uuuuh that's



Bliquid said:

@Fazermint: why, you had dinner with him and he left without paying?
@ taps: poor thing, you can question him as much as you want, if that makes you feel better.
I'm just saying that spitting on someone who you don't know and has done much more than you in the gaming industry won't MAKE you better.
But feel free to join the mindless s*#t bot army, i don't mind.
Nor care.



Grubdog said:

@Subie98 lame is the last word I would use to describe it. Even if you can't play it it's incredible on Easy, the most action packed game ever made



XavandSo said:

What a Gaffe.
This dude, who I've never heard of, is saying that Nintendo, one of the best entertainment companies in the world, sell out to Disney, one of the worst entertainment companies in the world. My brain does not compute.



ikki5 said:

Oh gosh.... I cannot bare the thought of Zelda, Midna, Ruto, Peach, Daisy, Rosalina all becoming Disney princesses....



hiptanaka said:

So a bunch of animation/movie people bossing around the game developers at Nintendo is a good idea? One main reason I like Nintendo is they put gameplay first, in an age where games are becoming Hollywood movies.



eza said:

Turn his point around for fun and to point out how nonsensical it is:
"I say this with love as a fan of Disney. But if I was Disney, I’d be sitting my a** down trying to figure out how to sell my company to Satoru Iwata, because if you look at sort of what they have done sort of the reverence they’ve had towards Sonic, if you look at what seems to be happening with Mario and Wii Sports, they clearly understand marketing, they clearly understand their audience. To imagine running a Disney Land game and having an entire land – like not just like Nintendo Land but others like Tomorrow Land – and sort of integrating that into that world, doing more with those brands."
Jaffa Cake rambles on incoherently:
"You know end of the day, we’re all standing gratefully if you’re lucky in the shadows, the very long and powerful shadows of Walt Disney. But ultimately, he said himself he’s setting up younger filmmakers to step in, he’s talking about staying in cryogenic stasis for another 200 years. I’m not a big Mickey Mouse fan, I don’t think he’s making a film that really has spoken to me as a film-fan in awhile. But what he has done has been industry-altering and super important and his characters live on and they should. But I think the idea of, you know, some new blood getting in there appreciating what they’ve got and doing more with it would be awesome…

…I’m a big Disney fan, but I just think it’s time to bring in some new blood that really is going to appreciate what they’ve got and bring it to a new generation and do some new s***. Never lose that essence, never lose that core, but for the love of f****** God, do some new s***."

Yeah, it makes about as much sense in reverse.



Mallard said:

by eck some of the comments in here are gold ....... we all love nintendo games, but not one of us have an idea how nintendo work as a company, the blind faith and silly fanboy ism is shocking! But make for some cracking comments made by people who have far to much to say about stuff they have no idea about!!



Rensch said:

Still, when you think about it, if there is any video game brand at all that is like the Disney of video games, I think we can all agree that would be Nintendo. It's just as recognizable, just as loved by old and young and has similarly recognizable characters. Miyamoto really is the Walt Disney of video games.




I would not mind Nintendo partnering with Disney to bring us some Nintendo movies, but as far as gaming goes...NO.



StarBoy91 said:

"famous for his work on the Twisted Metal and God of War"

Don't forget Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse, which was David Jaffe's first game he worked on.

As for the news; ummm, I find that suggestion of his very inconceivable. I like him and all and think he's a good professional, but I just don't see that happening.



oreqano said:

I think Nintendo selling to Disney would be a terrible decision per gaming. I don't see how this would make the games better in any way. Even the best advertising campaign in the world wouldn't magically make the games better.



kotetamer said:

I don't think disney could afford the money required to buy out Nintendo right now. It's really funny because a lot of these developers treat the big N like it's poor and on the edge of bankruptcy because of struggling wii u sales. It's almost as if the 3DS doesn't exist to them. Nintendo could use some new blood I suppose, but miyamoto is working on a new IP and there are supposedly more in development.



Quickman said:

I don't know about a buyout, but a Nintendo/Disney collaboration would be a very smart move indeed. Especially if Nintendo were allowed to make Disney games. Imagine a disney pack in game with a Nintendo console that's also available in Disney Stores? Nothing but money..



jjmesa16 said:

I'm am a huge fan of Disney but I'm not a big fan of their games. They should stick to movies and theme parks. However if Nintendo developed a game with Disney it might be worth purchasing. But I don't think that Disney would buy Nintendo because it would limit their market to just Nintendo consoles. It would be smart for Disney to buy a game development company just not one that makes consoles.



jjmesa16 said:

I'm am a huge fan of Disney but I'm not a big fan of their games. They should stick to movies and theme parks. However if Nintendo developed a game with Disney it might be worth purchasing. But I don't think that Disney would buy Nintendo because it would limit their market to just Nintendo consoles. It would be smart for Disney to buy a game development company just not one that makes consoles.



Tobias95 said:

As a consumer of both Nintendo and Disney produts, no. Disney managed to ruin their own brand (looking at Mickey Mous Clubhouse wich should be more like Mickey Mouse club) And they would probaly sooner or later destroy pokemon since its so marketable



Bliquid said:

@Fazermint : well, no.
That's why i consider his opinions as a professional AAA game developer, not on a personal side.
I just find that dismissing someone's opinion based on who you THINK he/she is and not based on the opinion itself alone is, well, poor judgment.
And to make things clearer, i'm not a big fan of his games.
As i'm not a big fan of Mario games as well, but that doesn't prevent me to recognize their high value.



LztheQuack said:

Do something new? Perhaps he should check the eShop for those "new ideas". Actually, anyone who asks for new IP needs to go onto the eShop and support other games like Wonderful 101.



JudgeMethos said:

But-- but we don't know what Disney has done to Star Wars yet. Nintendo shouldn't have to go to someone else but I do agree they need to change some ish up.



DilMan33 said:

This is just so stupid, it beggars belief. It's pre-school talk.
No company would be able to buy out Nintendo for a start. And certainly no company would be able to run it viabley at this point in time.

If worse came to worse, I see Nintendo being a subsidary of a conservative Japanese corporation like Panasonic. But Nintendo are such a strong business, acquirement by a larger corporation is absolutely not even an option.



Volmun said:

@PvtOttobot -_-... and so what if i am? Besides i have Dislexia.. alow me to re itarate my profile "hello i have problems with my spelling as i have Dislexia i triy my best to spell so please dont go on about it." Mabe read about ppl befor going in for the insalts



JuanitoShet said:

As much as I've enjoyed the God of War and Twisted Metal games over the years, I have to completelty disagree with his opinion. Disney csn keep their Marvel and their Star Wars; Nintendo needs no one else to stand tall successfully.



UnseatingKDawg said:

This man is obviously off his rocker, to put it kindly. Disney has more than enough stuff. Nintendo's fine - jeez, one console that doesn't sell as well and everyone panics...



Fazermint said:

@Bliquid Bro. I don't know who the guy is, and I have never played any of those games. How can my judgment of his statement be personal? The statement itself is stupid, so I assume the guy is stupid, that's all.



3Daniel said:

If every entry in mario or metroid or zelda was cookie cutter then id be screaming for new ip. However most games are fundamentally different in the way the player approaches the game so long live existing ip! I wished however they did a larger scale new ip. I liked dillon. Loved pushmo. Eh for sakurai. KI:U if youd count it was awesome. Never played harmoknights.



yuwarite said:

Nintendo has made loads of new franchises in the last ten years; Jaffe is an ignorant Troll.



ricklongo said:

No. Hell no. The last thing we need is Nintendo becoming a Western company.

A Nintendo Land theme park is an awesome idea, though. Maybe they could partner up with DIsney for such an enterprise.



WanderingPB said:

Everyone entitled to their opinion but its funny how a guy who has twisted metal and god of war under his belt even try to give advice about Miyamoto…sounds more like he's more intimidated by the sheer variations of creativity Miyamoto-san posses. Its like Wheldon giving Scorsesse advice about making films…every game developer will agree creating new IPs is very difficult and risky. Miyamoto should do what he does best until he decides to stop because once a "gamer" opens their mind and tries all type of games they will realize and appreciate the value of everything each game has to offer.

People who huff and puff about new IPs are the same ones who dont support new IPs! Wonderful 101 being a great example its a great new IP but since it doesnt hand hold and people have to invest actual time to learn the games control mechanics but nope people complain and are quick to disregard it instead of learning and getting better.

ZombiU a one of a kind survival horror that truly took advantage of the gamepads capabilities couldnt find an audience because those "hardcore" gamers forgot what a survival horror was and approached it like an action game and decided to give it bad reviews

Nintendo should sell to Disney…really? I question the person who would say that especially after playing Disney Infinity…at least Nintendo respects each of their IPs and gives them quality time and is very particular about how they are used if they do show up together like in super smash or mario party they are used appropriately

Lastly hiphopgamer…i used have a lot of respect for him because at core he was all about games he preferred Sony but he respected all companies and was about the games…recently that has changed very drastically and he flip flopped on the Nintendo is doomed band wagon…i respect anyone who loves games regardless of the system they r on but when u flip flop and dont even reflect before speaking and not really taking the time to listen or research the information or talk from experience then dont expect everyone to drink the kool-aid u chose to drink and i will prepare myself for the apology he will make once Nintendo's numbers change to his approval.



DerpSandwich said:

I don't agree that they should sell to Disney, but I whole-heartedly agree that the company is stagnating and needs to bring in new blood. More devs and new management. Things right now are really stale and they make a whole lot of decisions that don't make any sense, in addition to overall just not being very efficient at what they do. Things need to change.



Dr_Corndog said:

Once Nintendo stops making the best games on the market, perhaps then they should consider selling. Not before.



Captain_Gonru said:

@eza I actually think your version made more sense.
As someone else pointed out, we don't know WHAT they'll do with Star Wars. And the Marvel franchises are in the same boat. Though, if the "twist" in Iron Man 3 is any indication, I may be bailing on those movies soon.
Remember, this is all from the guy who made the same two games about a dozen times. Twisted Metal, while fun once, is now all but dead. We'll see about God of War.



LoveSugoi said:

Another developer that has bought into this "Nintendo doom and gloom" fad and suggests they do something stupid to "save" themselves. NEXT.



MadAdam81 said:

Selling, no. Exclusive license for Ninty to make Disney, Marvel and Star Wars games? Yes. Exclusive license for Disney to make Ninty shows? Maybe.



FluttershyGuy said:

@wombatkidd Knowing OUaT, and the Gerudo/Arabian similarities, I can totally see that! I can just see an episode ending with Jafar's search for the Triforce of Power ending in futility. Suddenly, he notices an odd triangular object beginning to glow on the back of his hand (with typical cheesy OUaT special effects ). He realizes he's the reincarnation of Ganondorf! And Dark Link, who is now actually good Link (for the time being) lurking in the shadows. But, it needs to be a crossover episode. As an Evil Regal & Zelda fan, I need Regina vs. Twinrova handicap match in my life.

I have 1,001 things running through my mind right now. Maybe this Nintendo/ Disney thing isn't so bad. (Imagines Navi in Tinkerbell's shoes, powerless, but running around human-sized yelling, "HEY, LISTEN") Or not.

Oh, and how does OUaT Wonderland fit into the Zelda timeline? I'm sure Disney would commission another Hyrule Historia just for that, and to hype the new OUaT Wonderland season, and Termina spinoff.



MadAdam81 said:

If Disney hadn't bought Marvel, the Avengers wouldn't be the number 1 grossing movie of all time. If, through extra funds and amazing marketing, they could make the Wii U number one, should Nintendo go for some sort of partnership?



MadAdam81 said:

@ricklongo Disney could pay them by making Ninty the exclusive Disney empire games machines. Imagine if Disney Infinity, LEGO Marvel and New Star Wars games were all Wii U and 3DS exclusives?



jon45030 said:

heck no disney would do anything for power there allready a legal monopolly allready i hate disney there lack of origanallity discusts me. i dissagree with this idea and anybody else who thinks its a good one.



Megumi said: the Wii and Wii U are just like every other home console out there right?



Neram said:

Isn't this the same guy that said if he could make a Mario game he'd make it an ultraviolent shooter where Mario is high on magic mushrooms?

Nintendo becoming a world class industry leader on their own is reason enough for them never to sell out to any company, never mind and American one.



kyuubikid213 said:

If he was saying for Disney to make second party games for Nintendo, then fine. I'd be glad to see what Disney puts into a video game since I enjoy their movies so much.

Selling the entire company to Disney? Wishful thinking for getting rid of the competition, isn't it, Jaffe?



ModernMARVEL said:

HA! Sell to Disney? HA! Doing good with Star Wars and Marvel? I beg to differ. I heard the Spectacular Spider-Man's cancellation was because they were selfish. And they're doing the same stupid thing they did with Marvel and Phineas and Ferb to Star Wars. But wait, they also took LucasArts out of developing if I remember correctly. So, selling the company to Disney? If they did that, I would definitely ban Nintendo from my house. (well, prob'ly not, but I wouldn't support it!) (I also feel like I went somewhere else then where I wanted to with this comment...)



MamaLuigi said:

This guy is too self-absorbed into rehashing sequel after sequel to understand how business truly works.



Subie98 said:

@Grubdog well thats your opinion and youre very entitled to it. Its not a matter of needing easy mode, I assure you. I like action. I think the characters and story is very blah. Therefore the new ip would need not to suck for me to spend money on it. Ill support a new ip on any system as long as its good in my opinion.



Subie98 said:

@Kohaku monolithsoft X says hi. I agree more rpgs this generation plz. For the love of god. Snes had tons of great ones.



Hamguar said:

This guys seriously is wacked out on goofballs. I really mean it. All his quotes read out like he's a bit touched in the head by...well...stuff.



Galadan said:

@TheLilK98 He was always pretty similar I think. Disney threatened to sue for copyright infringement at one point, and I believe they changed the look a bit then to avoid that. They might have changed the look back since Marvel got bought by Disney, but I don't know.



jon45030 said:

i hate disney they soyal everything they touch they cancalled the best spiderman series ever to replace it with there insignificant attempt to make a better one and failed miserably rip spectacular spiderman i will miss you. : (



MagicEmperor said:

I'm a hardcore Disney fan and even I think this is a terrible idea. puts on Groucho Marx glasses to hide himself



Henmii said:

"David Jaffe Is A Massive Fan Of Nintendo, But Thinks The Company Should Sell Out To Disney"

He's no fan then!!



EverythingAmiibo said:

@Volmun Dude, I didn't insult you and sorry, but I don't have the time to click on EVERY person I talk to's profile! We all have problems, I've got asburgers which impedes my social awareness, not exactly great for online chat either

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