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taps commented on Square Enix Temporarily Pulls 3DS Dragon Quest...:

There are obiviously a lot of contributing factors here, but to me this is sort of endemic to JP console gaming. Shows me this isn't just a problem for Nintendo. I know there are Western games with server problems, etc. But Dragon Warrior is the most popular videogame in Japan by a country mile. SE releasing the most popular game on the most popular system using a server-side resource intensive solution means your infrastructure is going to tested & stressed, you better have the resources in place. They weren't even able to get through the first shipment, were they expecting to slowly build up their servers as they sold out the first shipment? Seems flimsy and honestly unrealistic.
Just seems like ignorance to me. I don't necessarily blame SE specifically, but I think most of the leading companies in the Japanese videogame industry share blame here. I feel like its a byproduct of an an intensely insular mindset, now not even able accommodate like the 2nd most affluent population (Japan, that is) that is their native market. Maybe there are a lot of people, executives in charge who are just so darn out of touch. Maybe mobile isn't the only (though it is obviously the largest) contributing factor to the decline of the console industry in Japan.



taps commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2013 - Aut...:

Wonderful 101 isn't on the list because it's already out in Europe & Japan. I believe North America is where the majority of console video game companies make most of their money. I realize this site is kinda euro-centric but I doubt the majority of your traffic doesn't come from North America. Seems a bit dense, Europe has only sold like 5 Wii U's anyway.



taps commented on Video: The Mysteries of Evolution Are Solved, ...:

Kinda presumptuous for this video creator to call out a nation of 315 million ppl. Painting them with a broad stroke as simple and "not as smart as you are. They believe in creationism, and the author doesn't." Meanwhile, surely (educated guess) at least 50% of the people who've opened the link are American. It's on, yeah an American site. My guess is the Western game titles the author likes aren't all European. But when it suits him, Americans are religious bumpkins.
I've been dealing with (sometimes irrational) foreign hate my whole life, and my problem with it is: have the courage to stand by your convictions. Can't bite the hand that feeds you and keep gourging out of his palm. Or maybe you can, because I see vitriol like this all the time on the net and Americans keep coming back. I guess they are just more forgiving than I.



taps commented on Features: Things We Miss About the 8-Bit Era:

for post # 71, according to wikipedia Spider-Man (vs Kingpin) and Home Alone were released in 1991 (the movie was released in November 1990.) Also, Mega Man X apparently came out early 1994.

Thanks for all the great game recommendations and I love the Tecmo Secret of the Stars reference, I thought my friend Dave was the only one in North America who played/beat that game, well done!



taps commented on Lumines Dev Not Impressed With 3DS:

Originally stated by: KDR_11k:

"This is a cheap shot but...
What do you expect from a Mielke?"

My thoughts exactly. I've been watching this guy troll since his FF IX review for EGM in 2000. In the dev community it seems like people either have to love or hate Nintendo games/hardware, I don't know why some of them can't just calm down and accept the games for what they are. He's more of an opinionated journalist than a dev IMO and seems to be taking his association with 'Q' as an opportunity to flame Ninty on tired 15 year old topics like cart space

When I read the headline I was expecting disappointing takes on the 3DS from the talented Tetsuya Mizuguchi. Instead, I got some knee-jerk from columnist-at-large and VF4 fan MIlky.



taps commented on Review: Klonoa (Wii):

Um, I guess I have to clarify because it wasn't clear enough the first time I said it. Your review of Kororinpa 2 was a disaster. Your criteria for reviewing games is pants. You clearly didn't play the game for very long because you failed to describe many of the game's additions and improvements. Instead you gave a non-passing score largely b/c it 'duzent play like teh furst won!!1' To quote user accc: "This review completely misses the mark... Once you unlock the customizable figure roller the controls barely feel any different than the original. it outclasses the original in almost every way." The comment about the faster marbles is quite accurate, once you spend some time with the game you get marbles that control as sensitively as the originals, the problem is Hudson attenuated some of the speedy stats for the first marbles in the game. Not to mention that most of the tracks after the first world or two are exponentially more challenging than the originals. I'm usually not one to cite capricious GAF, but you would be laughed off the message boards for this review. Maybe you should think of applying to Eurogamer, I hear a reviewer spot just opened up.



taps commented on Review: Klonoa (Wii):

Favorable review for a great game, but after the Kororinpa disaster I don't know if I can trust this reviewer's opinion anymore.



taps commented on Nintendo Download: Bit.Trip Beat, Dr. Mario, M...:


In to say that I think the 1st Space Harrier is an all-time arcade classic, up there with the likes of Strider, Legendary Wings, and Donkey Kong (except that Donkey Kong is the king IMO.) I must respectfully disagree with the author's postulation that it is anything but. It had one of the first (if not THE first) full-motion arcade cabinets - which though it may seem gimmicky by today's standards was quite novel in the 80s and just cool. Also the "super scaling" (less refined mode 7) looked great, especially for 1985. I can go on and on, sure it can be hectic and frustrating but when you get on a roll it's poetic pixellated perfection. Tied with Shenmue for Yu's best.




taps commented on Ten Game Boy Games You Should Be Playing:

Once again great piece by Corbie and some great user mentions. Lots of new discoveries for me personally on this little webpage. A couple of questions, has anybody played/have comments about the following games: Balloon Kid GB (1990), Bionic Commando GB (1992), Bionic Commando Elite Forces GBC (1999), or Wave Race GB (1992?) Any opinions are appreciated, all release dates North American.



taps commented on Reggie says "important" Wii titles coming:

hmm Wii Fit + sounds mighty tasty but my question is whether the upgrade will be modular like motion + or an entirely new unit that will render my current balance board useless for Fit+ titles.