There has been some online chatter over the past 24 hours suggesting that the overworld in Pokémon X & Y is 2D only, naturally leading to some disappointment amongst all of the hype around the title.

Speaking to Digital Spy, director Junichi Masuda confirmed that to be the case, explaining that the developers sought greater environmental detail and reserved stereoscopic 3D for battle scenes.

We really wanted to make the overworld - the field - as beautiful as possible. We could put in a lot of grass and flowers, and try to make them as pretty as possible. When you don't use the 3D effect you are able to render quite a bit more on the 3DS. That's one of the reasons why we wanted to leave it off in the overworld, because it gives us more power to show off more beautiful graphics.

...That plays to the strengths of the 3DS, where you don't require glasses - you don't have to put them on and take them off at certain moments. You can just leave it on and then at certain specific moments, the 3D will come on and it will be more surprising or impactful to the player.

In truth, this seems like a rather odd decision, with performance perhaps being an important consideration. Does the absence of the stereoscopic 3D effect in the overworld areas bother you?

Keep your eyes peeled on Nintendo Life, meanwhile, as we'll have a Pokémon X & Y preview live in the coming hours, with an interview to follow.