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Waiting For Wii U To Drop In Price? Not Going To Happen, Says Nintendo

Posted by Damien McFerran

NoA's Scott Mofitt believes console offers "great value"

We won't bore you with a summary of why the Wii U needs a price cut — after all, we've been over that many, many times. With the PS4 and Xbox One looming on the horizon and Wii U sales in the toilet, it's the most logical way of reigniting consumer interest and making sure there's a large install base to attract vital third-party support.

However, although retailers are screaming for a lower price, Nintendo seems comfortable with the cost of the Wii U right now. In an interview with VentureBeat, Nintendo of America's executive vice president of sales and marketing Scott Mofitt claims that the console offers great value, and that the games shown at E3 will be enough to trigger a revival:

We have no plans to change the price of Wii U. The Wii U is a great value. With great content coming, that will drive the hardware installed base. We’ve gone from being the highest-priced console on the market to now being a great value with the announcements from our competitors. The perception of our price has changed, but what’s also changed is that people now see what great content is coming. They’ll see the value in those games. They’ll be able to enjoy a Wii U in their household for a lot less than a competing console.

Mofitt certainly has a point — if anything is going to get people interested in the machine, it's Nintendo's amazing first-party output. However, Wii U needs to be significantly cheaper than Sony and Microsoft's new consoles when they hit store shelves this holiday season, because retailers will be sure to point out the technical disparity between the respective platforms. One of the best ways to overcome that hurdle — aside from killer games — is to have a much lower price than your rivals.

Do you think Nintendo will really enter into this hardware battle without dropping the price, or is Mofitt merely bluffing in order to prevent people from holding back on a Wii U purchase until the price is slashed? Drop a comment to tell us what you think.


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Grubdog said:

Good. Price means absolutely nothing when people are not interested, even people who already have Wii U's are too lazy to download 30 cent games.



Linkstrikesback said:

Of course they say that. No company has ever said "Yeah,a price drop is coming" until days before it was about to happen.



DESS-M-8 said:

If they plan a price cut nearer the launch of competing consoles it makes no sense to announce that now as they also need people to buy now, not hold off till November. I think it's is competitively priced. A PS4 is more powerful, but needs a Vita to deliver the same hardware and experience bring the total needed to £540 compared to a Wii U premium at £350. You could also get a 2TB USB3.0 drive for your wii U then totalling £420 a lot more hardware for over £100 less which is the relative disparity graphic wise



Jamester0722 said:

Nintendo has no reason to drop the price until November, when the PS4 and X1 release. I think right before "Black Friday" they may drop the price...



antonvaltaz said:

Wow... major mistake Nintendo. I got my Wii U at the Asda sale a couple of months back: £150 for the basic white model (they were also selling the Premium version for £200). Those prices feel about right, especially with the PS4 coming in at £350...



k0mmanderBlack said:

But its just 50$ less than a PS4. When the Wii came out it was much less than its competitors. Nintendo needs to stop bending reality and realize people don't want their console. The interest is much lower than the Wii. Those games they showed at E3 were good, but its not what I wanted, at least the games for this year.



stefenjc said:

Well, If your buying a $350 Deluxe Wii U, people may suggest buying a $400 PS4 instead since its $50 difference. Like how people suggested 3DS XL instead of 3DS since its only $30 dollar difference. Which for a console its not much for buying PS4 for $50 more since its more powerful. So if Wii U price dropped to just $300, a $100 dollar difference is much better. And plus, Wii U will sell more if they do, since more people are expecting price drops and upcoming games coming up, it will boost Wii U sales for sure.



antonvaltaz said:

Also, it seems to me that Nintendo's best hope is the 'second console' strategy, as it has/will have so many exclusives (first-party and third-party) but weak multiplatform showing. People aren't going to want to pay as much for their second console as they do for their PS4 / Xbone.



banacheck said:

I think this could hurt the Wii U more than anything and the fact it has no 3rd-party support, come this Xmas we are going to see how well the Wii U sells. A $50 difference is not a lot when you get a very much more powerful console for that extra $50, and it's the PS4 price that helping to sell the PS4, you go and have a look at it pre-orders as it's already sold out once.



k0mmanderBlack said:

@mjhopkin Well I'm not gonna buy the Xbone because I have never owned another console outside of Nintendo (except PC), but unless you are a really blind Nintendo fanboy, this E3 was disappointing. We were expecting Nintendo to shut the critics up with game announcement unlike any other, but what do we get? A 3D Mario game based off a 3DS game, ANOTHER Donkey Kong game, a Wind Waker HD remaster, a sad third party clip, and games we already knew about. The BIG HITTERS (MK 8, SSBIV, X. Bayonetta 2) are all coming out in 2014, which is late to try to get new consumers on board. There is no doubt in my mind all the games Nintendo announced will be good, but its not what many gamers wanted and it sure isn't the type of games to get new consumers on board. Along with no Third Party suppot, weaker hardware, and a price not far behind PS4, Nintendo needs to wake the freak up!



Will-75 said:

The price is good in my opinion as well, I think that after the 3DS Nintendo would have known better than to release a system without a steady flow of really good software that is the only major problem I see . I think people will notice this time that there will not be a huge difference in graphics between the current systems. When it comes to 3rd partys for software the TRUTH is the Wii U is different in it offers more options and they are to lazy to develop something unique they all want quick easy money it's sad really the Wii U has brought such great potential for video games even with what Sony and Microsoft are getting ready to release the Wii U stands out, it's heartbreaking to see all the greatness that could be (The Wii U) not even getting the surface scratched instead we will see more of the same old over and over from 3rd partys !



Fazermint said:

Am I the only one who thinks the Wii U price is fine and the games shown at E3 were awesome?



gurtifus said:

Sure the price cut will come eventually...
I'm not going to buy one before an eventual price cut and I'll wait as long as needed...



stefenjc said:

Well right now, I aint buying a Wii U. Im waiting until the release day of PS4 either I should buy a WIi U or a PS4. If Nintendo brings more great news about the Wii U that theirs a price drop, more updates, and show how much capability the Wii U can show, I'll give Wii U a chance. But it nothing impress me, Sorry but my money will go to PS4, which will be my first Sony console that I'll purchase. Ive always been Nintendo fan, but this is just going downhill for me, even though theirs awesome exclusives are coming .__.



Pod said:

They learned the hard way with the GameCube that lowering the price from already low to lower does NOTHING when the demand isn't there.

Nothing that is, but lose them money and dial down the perception of the console's value.



erv said:

Lol do people really think he'll say the price will drop in the future? Hint: nobody will buy it once they'd know.

By the way, it will probably drop, but I don't regret buying one at launch for one second. Had a lot of fun since then

@Pod good point. Maybe the price will stick and they'll be profitable with those 30 million in sales people keep iterating, instead of bleeding money with 60 million in sales in the long run.



smashbrolink said:

@antonvaltaz PS4 is $399, and XBone is $499.
The most expensive Wii U is $349.
So unless you're talking about a unit of currency aside from USD, get your prices right, or Trebeck will kill you in your sleep.XD



smashbrolink said:

All that power, as far as I've seen, isn't making an earth-shattering difference in gameplay, and the visuals aren't really THAT huge a leap, either, so I don't see why the higher tech matters this time.
Everyone's in HD now.
What's going to matter going forward is the gameplay, not the graphics.



ScorpionMG said:

Duh, why bother dropping the price down now, when ps4 comes you can drop it 50$ so it will be 100$ less cheaper than the ps4 and 200 from the one



ScorpionMG said:

@smashbrolink Well Said. Games are everything now cuz HD is what you all need, graphics are good, nothing else matters to the basic people and gamers, we just need fun games to keep us going for ages



antonvaltaz said:

@smashbrolink Wii U basic RRP £250;
Wii U premium RRP £300;
PS4 £350
Xbox One £425

Admittedly it's not hard to find the Wii U for about £30 less than RRP here, but still...



smashbrolink said:


That cheaper price is enough for another game and maybe even an extra pro controller[or third party equivalent of one], so I don't see an issue with how it is now.



GraveLordXD said:

@smashbrolink what? Don't you know anything the ps4 will bring the earth to its knees when it comes out!!
No but seriously I don't get it either, most people are talking about the ram it has and not so much the games and before anyone flips a lid I like sony and will get a ps4 but sony has to show me some games first that I'm interested in that I can't get on my more earth shattering PC! Nintendo has already done this, it does more things that my PC can't play Nintendo games, off screen play and the best couch co-op in gaming history



banacheck said:


Go and have a look at games like The Division, MGSV & Destiny which where made on incomplete hardware, and thay don't even scratch the surface on what the PS4 can do. Gameplay wise MGS is classed as one of the best game out there, also with more power comes smarter AI, better physic's, more objects on screen at once etc which enhances gameplay.

I also forgot to say some of the demo's shown off at E3, where old demo's Killzone Shadow Fall was a pre-alpha demo. The full rental versions will actually look even better.

Totally agree about gameplay wise, and thats one of the reasons why i'm looking forwards to the PS4.



banacheck said:


Sorry to say PC's are not consoles thay are both made very differently, also one uses custom hardware the other doesn't. And try buying a PC with the specs of the PS4 for £349, even tho most top end PC's use DDR3.



DualWielding said:

I'm pretty sure he is bluffing, but Nintendo is in trouble for the long term, the gamepad is just too expensive to make......



pc999 said:

Lets hope not, or they can really disappear from HW market.

It can be a great platform but that price is just to high,,,



GraveLordXD said:

@banacheck it doesn't matter you can upgrade a pc you cant upgrade a ps4 it is what it is 8 gigs of ddr5 doesn't = to 32 gigs of ddr3 people need to stop trying to think a console will ever top a pc it's impossible
Yes if money is an issue sure a ps4 would do the trick but so far there's nothing the ps4 can do that I care about that my pc can't do, Nintendo does 3 major things that my pc can't no matter what I do with it it wont be able to accomplish what the wii u is capable of and for $300 this is my point



Realgamer4life said:

A lower price point is not going to change their fortunes. When people go buy a system and spend their hard earned money they don't say hey this system has old ported games and nothing new and exciting I think i'll get it.

No they go damn it's $50.00 dollars cheaper has a ton of great games with more due to release yes I def see the value.

Lets not forget that once you figure in the $50.00 dollar online service you are paying $100.00 more than the Wii U.



Varia01 said:

Mofitt speaks the truth. The Wii U now has HD, more gigabytes, and the gamepad, so the price is quite reasonable. I don't think the Wii had a price change so early, so it makes since for no change.



valcoholic said:

The problem for Nintendo is that, no matter what they say, the truth is they just can't afford a pricecut yet. It's the first console they were selling at a loss from the launch on and they know it wouldn't really help them to make that loss even bigger. Of course it wouldn't be too smart to admit that and always acting as if everything would be strategy instead, but I really don't think Nintendo would've thought they'd need a pricecut 7-8 months after the systems launch.



belmont said:

Where I live Wii U premium retails for 379 euros while PS4 preorders are 399 euros.

If you search you can find it cheaper though.



Rief said:

The price is totall fine. I mean, why should they make a pricecut?
That won't sell a Console, look at the Ouya, no one wants that think, even though it only costs 100$



DualWielding said:

Another thing to consider is that PS4 is not region locked, if you live in the U.S./Canada/Americas that may not mean much to you but if you live Elsehere in the world, 100 extra for PS4 is nothing compared what you'll be able to save by being able to choose whether to buy games on your region or import



Linkstrikesback said:

Don't even try and call playstation+ bad value for $50. At least in europe, the free games you get in any one month outweigh the value of the subscription by miles. And you get 11 more!



banacheck said:


I'm not saying a console can beat an PC something you can upgrade, but in this day and age you don't need a PC for good graphics, 80-90's has long gone. As price wise your not buying a good gaming PC for £349, it's just not going to happen. And this has nothing to do with if moneys an issue, also most games are not made for the PC's meaning consoles are lead platform, so it is a total waste of money buying a top end PC because most games will not take advantage of a top end PC.


Yes i agree about region locked, why other consoles have to region lock everything god knows



Warbeard said:

The price is fine - as Moffit says, more games will heighten interest, and when the PS4 launches and then experiences no great games for months on end - BAM! Mario Kart hits everyone in the face.
The Wii U will do just fine, you'll see



MAB said:

Yeah the OUYA was tagged 'the WiiU killer'... One of my work colleagues got it and he said it sucks donkey dong



rjejr said:

@Linkstrikesback - Congrats on getting that in at the #2 spot, nobody usually realzies that until post 15.

Here's how Nintendo survives no price cut:

Basic White goes from 8GB to 32 GB (we already know this is happening in Japan), throw in NintendoLand, keep price at $299.
Premium Black replaces NSMBU for NintendoLand and adds a Pro controller. (FYI Pro controller support is being added in a patch). They should include NSMBU for 3 reasons - first, people will then spend the $20 to DL the Luigi levels or $30 on the disc, second, people may not buy this when Super Mario 3D World comes out (my kids told me as much). third, it's a known entity that will sell consoles.

No price cut, just rebranding. Nintendo needs a big new round of advertising. They probably should haev announced all of this at E3. (And seriously, who's idea was it to bundle NintendoLand in the first place? OK, it does the asymmetrical thing, but Mario sells consoles, not NintendoLAnd.)



Sir_JBizzle said:

I personally think the price is just fine. It's more competitive and get more value than people think. Sure, at the surface, you can say that the Wii U is only $50 less than the PS4, but with the Playstation do you get extra accessories, a rewards program AND a game? Nope.

If they drop the price great (though I don't think it's neccessary) Though if I were N, I would totally consider changing the pack in to Super Mario World 3D or Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze that would send Wii U's flying off shelves.



Warbeard said:

@JQuest - as another user said, linking the pack-in to some great DLC like Super Luigi U would also be quite a smart decision We can only hope for some awesome extra courses for DK - I can't get enough



Koltrus said:

Ehm... Your PC can't play MGSV, sorry. "It's all about games" and there are still a plenty of puiblishers who doesnt want to publish games for PC. And no, I dont have any consoles except for Wii and 3DS and I'm pretty much a PC fanboy.
And no, Destiny is NOT confirmed for Wii U.



dumedum said:

Yeah, there's no place for a price cut. In fact, like someone said, they learnt the lesson before. They could have also priced the Wii HIGHER and raised the price when it was at its peak as many studies showed. The price will drop in 2015 somewhere in the middle of its life.

[storage space - sure, but it doesn't give you the option to easily plug in a usb storage device]



Sir_JBizzle said:

@Warbeard Yea, I saw @rjejr say that right as I was hitting the post button I really like that idea... as I could see people throwing down extra cash for Luigi U. (and the other reasons he brought up)

@ferthepoet: Hmmm, do I want more storage or do I want a free game and 10% back on my purchases? I think I'll go with the latter option. I can get a TB or 2 for about the same price as the extra storage included in the PS4... don't take me as dogging the PS4 as it's going to be my second console. I'm just saying there's value in people buying the Wii U over the PS4 this holiday season if they choose to do so.



GraveLordXD said:

@banacheck in case you haven't noticed everything I mentioned is game play or game related to each system. Your graphics graphics graphics, also if you're a fan of strategy games its a must to have a pc. The ps4 isn't changing anything game play wise that hasn't been done already the wii u most certainly has once again you're missing my point



defrb said:

at the time ps4 and xboxone are released, there will be a price cut.
IMO the wiiu is worth every penny, its the best gaming machine in history.



GraveLordXD said:

@Koltrus yeah you're right but I don't care to see that movie and there's more exclusives for pc at this point buddy you're talking about one game here, I'm talking "games" and just as important "game play"
Also I have destiny preordered so unless they change things it is coming but the way things or going I wouldn't be shocked if it got canceled



suburban_sensei said:

I don't think the price of the Wii U is bad, really. Like Banker-Style just said, with no games it doesn't seem like a value. When SSBB, Mario 3D World, and other AAA titles come out, it will seem like a much better deal. I know in a couple years, they will start doing different bundles, and lower the price, so I will probably wait for that since I really don't have $350 to spare right now.



rmeyer said:

A price cut is coming but right now a price cut wouldn't make sense. This holiday season it would.



Dogpigfish said:

Wii U doesn't need a price drop. Month over month has never shown their performance; this is run by seasonal sales drivers. All indicators show Wii U at a reasonably healthy starting price. It's already bundled with a game and lots of other features. The other two will be an incremental starting price of $460 or above. Consumers are much smarter in this 'new normal' budget savvy economy; at least that's the case here in the states.



banacheck said:


With the games i've got the Wii U has also done thing gameplay wise you couldn't already do with any other platform, apart from show different types of maps on a second screen. Until Nintendo makes a game that uses the gamepad in a totally different way from what we are seeing the gamepad doesn't enhance gameplay , at the moment the gamepad is good for off screen play.



GraveLordXD said:

@banacheck local co-op with a friend without splitting the screen is pretty awesome and has never been done seems like I'm in the minority though because I rather that than something that looks 15% better



GraveLordXD said:

I have to give sony respect with that awesome price though and I'm sure they will have some great exclusives and that's what will sell me on it later on down the line



banacheck said:

local co-op with a friend without splitting the screen.

Your right about that, i'm just tying to point out Nintendo does need to step up there game a bit at the moment, wether that from more eShop/VC games hopeful more indie games until there other games are released.



RandomNerds said:

Bluff. Their will be a price cut heading into the holiday season… That or they will release titles that were not announced at E3 which spark sales, but the latter is highly unlikely considering everything is being delayed.



MrPanic said:

As far as I'm concerned the WiiU is too pricey, neither the features nor the games can convince me to buy it at that price. The promise of games to come is nice but until they're actually here they won't convince to get the console now. The console is nice for sure but offers nearly no new experiences compared to cheaper alternatives now. WiiU might have that gamepad but if barely any game makes good use of it it really isn't a good selling point either. Especially the E3 showed that Nintendo is going in a 'old experiences in HD' kind of direction, something that should come at a lower price in these days imo.

Of course they only say this because a price drop now would be a absolutely terrible timing for a price drop because a price drop around the holidays would have a way bigger impact than doing one in the summer. That price drop will come and I'll be one of the first to take advantage of that.



bizcuthammer said:

Wii U is not in any way a good value. Mid-gen power, no third party games, and only 32GB of onboard memory for $350?! I can get a PS4 with 500GB, true next gen power with 8GB of RAM, and confirmed excellent third party and indie support for just $50 more. If i'm a regular consumer with no fanboy bias at all, i'm buying a PS4 this holiday, not a Wii U, because the value is not there. The gamepad is supposed to be a unique selling point, yet hardly any upcoming games even require it to be played! Pikmin 3, mario 3D world, donkey kong, sonic lost world, etc can all be played withoyt the gamepad, and barely make good use of its features when it is being used! Wii U was never worth $350, but now that we know $400 for PS4, its even more obvious. Wii U should drop its price by at least $50, maybe even $80 like the 3DS did, and it needs to do it by the holiday season.



YChung said:

Nintendo remains as stubborn as hell. I don't care what he says, the Wii U needs something to happen to stimulate sales. Some games coming will help a little bit. It's hardly going to make much difference on it's own given the current situation. They should be making the most of the next few months to get more sales before the launch of the other consoles. This lack of activity quite frankly is bemusing. No new marketing push. No new prices or bundles. Games are way too expensive and need a price cut too. At this rate, kiss it goodbye Nintendo as everyone will be buying a PS4 come the fall not a Wii U.
Third party developers and retailers have been asking for a price cut, and Nintendo just ignores it. Too bad Ubisoft is scaling back support, but it is nothing more than Nintendo deserves.
Stubborn and very backwards thinking. They should price drop by £50 now, and the premium console should be no more than £200 by the time the others arrive. Come on Nintendo, get your act together. Fed up!



Doma said:

I'm actually waiting for it to be discontinued, rather than a price drop. It wouldn't be a bad idea for Nintendo to focus exclusively on the 3ds. Their console is just awful.



XFsWorld said:

I think after Wind Waker HD, MK8, 3D World, and the new Smash Bros is released, then they should drop the price. People would now have a reason to get a Wii U, at a great price.



jayblue said:

I will keep my u for first party games and buy ps4 for real next gen games.Xbox1 is a joke microsoft have lost the plot.Waiting for Earthbound and Mario Kart.



GraveLordXD said:

@Doma that's awful and backwards thinking on your part, I think Nintendo would lose a lot of fans if they did that and to think not to long ago everyone was saying Nintendo should get out of the handheld market because of cell phones and tablets now its stop making consoles and stick with handhelds people should think a little more before posting



Mk_II said:

Nintendo will just release a couple of "value pack" bundles like they did with the NES, SNES, N64 and all their other consoles. No direct price cut - which would iirritate existing customers and get loads of negative attention from Ninty haters - but a 50$ discount on a console plus game bundle.



Darknyht said:

A price drop may help a little, but nothing will fix that they lack in the games department. The biggest problem I see is that most of the games they have on WiiU are ports of old games or games that have a Wii version for $10-30 cheaper. HD Graphics are not enough for people to pay that additional cost just to play Lego: Batman 2 on the Gamepad. Likewise, most people are not going to purchase Mass Effect 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops, or Assassin's Creed when they previously bought it elsewhere or they can get more complete version (in the case of Mass Effect) on a second console.



GamecubeMan said:

There will be a price drop.... in 4 years. Ugh, I going to pay the $350 price tag then!!!!



KAHN said:

PS4 just punched WiiU and Xbone in the face.
PS4 is $50 above WiiU, $100 below Xbone. i hope Mofitt is bluffing. if anything, an ambassador program for the wiiU would encourage people to get the system. maybe some free games for ambassadors... that'd encourage me to keep my system anyhow...



tsm7 said:

I don't expect a price drop this holiday but I do think they will have very attractive bundle offers with the same 350 tag.



Shadowkiller97 said:

All you people comparing the Deluxe Wii U $350 to the PS4 $400... are comparing the wrong version. It should be Basic $300 to PS4 $400... a $100 difference.

The Deluxe comes with a game! If parents are going shopping for the holiday season... they can buy the Deluxe with a game and that's it. Plus if they have a Wii at home already, it can play those as well. With a PS4 you buy the console for $400 and you need at least one game at $60. You cannot play any PS3 games and it would be foolish to buy a gaming console and have nothing to play with it. That then brings the comparison to $350 vs $460... a $110 difference. So yes the Wii U has as significant a price difference to the PS4 as the PS4 does to the Xbox One.

On a side note, I went to the Nintendo Experience at Best Buy on Saturday and all the Wii Us were sold out at that branch.



belmont said:

@Shadowkiller97 Not exactly right. If you are PS Plus subscriber from PS3 or Vita you will have free games on PS4 day one including Drive Club. Most PS3 players updating day one to PS4 are likely to have a Plus subscription anyway so there is no real immediate cause to drop 60 more euros for a game. That's why I will get one close to the release date if I have the 400 euros by the time it will be released.

Also 32GB in Wii U is very very little storage. If you also buy an external drive wii U will cost more than the 500GB PS4.



GraveLordXD said:

@belmont no man you can get a wii u with twice the storage cheaper than a ps4 that's a fact I know I've done it. Wii u $300 1tb external $60= $360+ tax and you don't have to pay a fee to play your games online and to some people that's a big deal



SphericalCrusher said:

Not trolling, but I can't stand people who say it has "NO" 3rd party support. It has 3rd party support. Not much, but it has some. Take another look at the games already out and coming out...



UnseatingKDawg said:

@SphericalCrusher: Exactly. There is some 3rd party support. Maybe not a lot, but it's not nonexistant, either.

As for pricing, I can see them dropping. Eventually. I'm content with what I payed for - I might not have a lot of games, but the games I do have I can play right on the controller (which I praise the Lord every day for, because I was praying for that for a LONG time), and it improves how my Wii games look. That and the next three big ones coming out - Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, and Sonic Lost World. I might also get ZombiU.



SkywardCrowbar said:

I think that Wii U sales will increase drastically on their own this holiday (and possibly before then seeing as we have a great lineup starting on the 20th) but a price cut would REALLY amp up the sales.

I guess I'm ok with either.



Megumi said:

System just need more awesome games...not a price cut. Just ignore them Nintendo. lol



Rect_Pola said:

If Mofitt is being honest: I can certainly see the logic. Technical muscle aside (because we all know how great playing that card has been in the past generations), the other two consoles and Nintendo cranking out new product changes the entire ecosystem.

If he's stalling: I can see the logic there too. A drop certainly wouldn't hurt the market's preception of value in exchange of power, but they don't want to see people avoid sales when they need them. They once said they learned important lessons from the 3DS start, at this point it may be clear the lesson was to stand your ground long enough before you crack.



Relias said:

I think by Black Friday there will be a price cut.. and I also believe the best BF deals are going to be on Wii U... I think by the Holidays.. even though some of the heavy hitters are not coming out this year.. we will see the Wii U double maybe triple in audience.. when this happens the PS4 and XBONE will either be sold out.. and running behind in shipments which may help the WII U for people interested in it as a second or third console eventually.. (Specially in NA) so I think end of year numbers will look close to this for next Gen Consoles.. Wii U: Around 8-12 million sold.. PS4: Around 4-5 Million Sold.. XBOX One: Around 2-4 million sold.. making the Wii U the strongest next gen console.. and forcing developers to come back to it... even if somewhat temporarily.. and when they do... that will in turn boost the Wii U even more.. which will let it lead this generation for at least another year..



taffy said:

Do you remember in 2012 when everyone was asking them during e3 if a new 3DS was coming out and all you got was the usual bs "we believe the current model available offers the best value for consumer, blah, blah, blah.." and then 2 weeks later they announce the 3DS XL.

I'm not saying that they will announce a price drop soon but it's POSSIBLE that they'll announce a price drop later in the year. From a business stand point it makes more sense to announce a drop later so that you can sell the unit at the highest R.R.P to maximise profits.... oh god I sound like Patcher, i'm going for a shower!!!



SkywardLink98 said:

I don't think the Wii U can really compete with the PS4 at $350, with a mere 32GB storage and little to no 3rd party support. I hate to be the one to crash the Wii U's party but at least for me, the PS4 offers much more value at the current price range.



Dogpigfish said:

@banacheck Perhaps you should read my post again. The incremental starting price of a ps4 is $460. If you think otherwise, then tell me what game is being bundled with the console. People buy game consoles to play games, agreed?



Dogpigfish said:

@belmont you may want to watch the press conference for ps4 again. You are making a lot of assumptions. I own a ps3 and have playstation plus, but still haven't received remote play. Sony is like a bad politician. Don't expect to put down less than $460 to get your machine running at launch for the ps4. Incremental pricing has been their strategy for years; let's hope they provide an hdmi cable.



GraveLordXD said:

@Dogpigfish your right it may even be more than that if the games are $70 like i've herd also might as well tack on that $10 monthly fee to play online on top of your regular internet bill, but you are wrong about consumers being smarter than that, they really aren't they don't factor in any of this
Wii u 1tb storage $360-$370> ps4 500 gigs of storage $400
Wii u no monthly fee for internet> ps4 $10 monthly $120 yearly
Wii u games vs ps4 games =matter of opinion but should be the biggest deciding factor on what system to get
Wii u off screen play, 2-5 player multi 2player multi two screens vs facebook and uploading gameplay vids lol
Ps4 is not backwards compatible but people forget some of these faults because of a $400 price point (which is good)and no drm which shouldn't be on a system to begin with



Ren said:

That's too bad, I'll have to save my money for more ps4 games then. With a game it's still a lot more but the WiiU is just not a value proposition by todays standards and their botched launch still hasn't renewed my faith at all. They're operating at a VERY small loss with it (production anyway, poor sales is another story) obviously that's been their strategy since the Wii; stripped down console means immediate profit no matter what the sales numbers but it backfired this time. To come to HD late and still try to underperform and wow us with another controller update is just not enough, the games needed to be top notch and ready at launch so this could end badly. It's time for REAL damage control. BIG price cut (take a bigger loss like ps2 did at first) and then pump money into those dev teams to get this game stuff out yesterday. Time to take responsibility for what you screwed up N.



Rafie said:

@Ren I agree for the most part. That would be a pretty risky move for Nintendo to do. Take a price cut and generate revenue from dev teams to put out quality games. Seeing the position they are in right now, I don't know if that would be feasible. Then again, the PS2 sold more than any console in history. However, it was the weakest console as well. Just like the Wii was and it sold. (mainly to the family games and low price) I still think the Wii U is viable here. Their 1st party games will put them in a comfortable place once they release.



globalisateur said:

I am not sure people will rush to play mario kart Wii U. Personnaly I have mario kart on gamecube and wii if I want to have some mario kart fun with some friends. Myamoto already told us. Don't change a working formula (talking about mario kart 7).
So I don't expect mario kart 8 be fundamentally different (gameplay wise) that double dash or mario kart 7.
Nintendo needs an ambitious and technically impressive game similar to mario 64 or Ocarina of time. Thoses games had the magic Nintendo touch but also were a treat visually (they really pushed N64 hardware) and were ambitious, big in scope for their time.
For instance when we were riding with Epona on Hyrule's field, we could literaly see almost all the 'maps' of the world and go wherever we could see. The world was big. X is this kind of game.



kevkeepsplaying said:

If there were to be a price drop, I'd just hope it'd be for the 32gb model, and only down to 300$. With this, a removal of the 8gb model would make sense. I'm not worried, it's nothing they need to do til the end of the year, and companies NEVER announce price drops so soon.



Melkaticox said:

DMJared (check his channel! He's awesome!) interviewed a nintendo PR yesterday, asking if we were supposed to expect an apology similar to that of the 3DS...her response was literally "lol no".

("Hahaha. I doubt it")



GiftedGimp said:

A price cut would lead to Nintendo seemingly beind 'desperate' and would only fuel the anti-wiiu headlines sprawled over the internet.
So No WiiU doesn't need a price cut, nor will Nintendo cut the systems price.
What will probably happen is in a few months time New bundle packages will appear which while keeping the same price point will offer purchases more for thier money.



TreesenHauser said:

The only way they should keep the prices where they're at is to either offer another game in the bundles, or offer an extra accessory, like another Wii remote or a Pro Controller. Then the price would seem fair to newcomers.

Otherwise, I agree with the many others that have said it--Wii U is screaming for a price cut. Having that $1-200 difference when PS4 and Xbox One launch WILL help. I've owned a Wii U since a month after launch, and have no regrets... but a price cut would definitely bring more sales in.



StephenYap3 said:

Glad it's not happening. Sure, in some cases, it's overpriced, but looking at what's up ahead for the system, the Wii U has yet to reach its fullest potential to show that the price is well worth every single rusty penny.



Mario-Man-Child said:

Satoru Iwata; "Please send Scott Mofitt to my office"
Knock Knock "Er hello"
Satoru Iwata; "Come in Scott"
Scott Moffitt; "You were looking for me sir"
Satoru Iwata; "Scott your fired"
Scott Moffitt; "But Satoru what did I do?"
Satoru Iwata; "Scott your a tool and there is no room for tools in Nintendo, goodbye."

There is a price cut inbound and I know it.



steamhare said:

Since they're removing the basic model, they'll probably drop the deluxe model to $300. Since it will replace the basic model, it won't be a price cut. Then they'll start putting out $350 bundles with the new games coming out. They'll still have both price points, so it won't be a price cut, but the value will have changed.




Thing is if Nintendo drop the price now, they may need to appease the early buyers with some goodies like they did with the 3DS price drop. But even at 300 pounds for the premium you do get a game. And you can use existing Wii Accessories with it. Now i don't know if you can use a sixaxis controller with PS4 ,i read somewhere you could .
If Nintendo do keep at the current price then they should switch the premium bundle to include one of the killer new games which are coming. A premium with Pikmin3 or Super Luigi would make it a competitive console. Keeping Nintendo land with it may be a bad idea as it's a old game now.
Of course there's the hard drive issue to ,so it would cost another 40-50 pounds to add one of those for people wanting larger storage .In my own case i had a old drive around 320gb .i added it it worked fine .But i do believe the basic pack should be 200 pounds as it has no game ,no memory worth mentioning and not even a Wii sensor bar . I rest my case .



flibblesan said:

If Nintendo won't drop the price then I only hope that Amazon and ASDA do. Like they did a few months back. 150 pounds for a Wii U was an amazing bargain and I missed out



SCAR said:

I'm surprised no one even brought up that Sony is probably selling the PS4 at a loss.
If Wii U costs $350, and the basic PS4 costs $400. If you really think PS4 is SOOOO much better than Wii U, why is the price so close?
Sony is probably selling PS4 for $50 less than it should be already. Nintendo doesn't need to lower their price standards to a company that is selling at a loss.
The Wii U costs what it costs. Nintendo has already confirmed that. Does anyone know if Sony is selling PS4 at a loss, because that automatically makes any argument about the price difference void.



SCAR said:

Sony generally makes bad business decisions when it comes to Playstation.



AVahne said:

If anything needs a price drop, it's the Vita and it's insanely overpriced memory cards. If not a price drop, then at least bundle the 4 GB or 8 GB card with every Vita from now on and have a special $250 bundle during the holidays with a 32 GB memory card (also with more colors available, Vita isn't very attractive in black). Vita may as well be PSP Go 2 if Sony doesn't take the necessary steps to make it a more attractive buy. When a westerner can buy a PS3 at the same price as the Vita and have tons of memory without having to pay $100 extra, what does Sony think they would buy? Not even more games will save it (since plenty of nice exclusives already hit the system and barely helped in the long run).

As for Wii U, THAT console can wait to be judged once more games hit it. If sales don't rise once Mario Kart 8 hits (the usual high-selling series), THEN we can talk about a price drop.



GraveLordXD said:

@SCAR392 yep and that is probably why they are making it mandatory for a subscription fee in one year you would have already paid $520 for the system if you like to game online that is



Taya said:

The Wii U doesn't need a price cut. It's $100 cheaper than the PS4 ($200 cheaper than the XBone), has free online, supports used games, complete backwards compatibility with the Wii (including wii-ware and virtual console titles), no DRM, and some cool features like miiverse and netflix etc. It also has (or will have) great games that are guaranteed not to appear on other systems.

The Wii U just needs more games. I know a lot of people who are getting a Wii U, but they don't want one right now because there's not a lot of games for it. Personally I already have six retail Wii U games, plus a bunch of downloadable ones.



AVahne said:

You can not use any PS3 traditional controllers with the PS4. PS4 will not be compatible with any PS3 accessories other than the Move. Though actually, I'm not sure if PS3 drive wheels, flight sticks, and dance pads will work with PS4.



Sir_Deadly said:

I dont understand how people are asking for a price cut when the new consoles got announced and the Wii u is STILL the cheapest one to get. Its is priced reasonably and it is pointless to drop the price of the console. It just need more/newer games for the console. Just simple as that.



mercurio2054 said:

@Shadowkiller97 All you people comparing the Deluxe Wii U $350 to the PS4 $400... are comparing the wrong version. It should be Basic $300 to PS4 $400... a $100 difference.
The Deluxe comes with a game! If parents are going shopping for the holiday season... they can buy the Deluxe with a game and that's it. Plus if they have a Wii at home already, it can play those as well. With a PS4 you buy the console for $400 and you need at least one game at $60. You cannot play any PS3 games and it would be foolish to buy a gaming console and have nothing to play with it. That then brings the comparison to $350 vs $460... a $110 difference. So yes the Wii U has as significant a price difference to the PS4 as the PS4 does to the Xbox One.
On a side note, I went to the Nintendo Experience at Best Buy on Saturday and all the Wii Us were sold out at that branch



R_Champ said:


I think this is the best point that Sony Ponies refuse to see. PC and do EVERYTHING PS4 can, but better. But it can't do everything Wii U can. The last argument? Exclusives. And as much as the Ponies claim victory of E3, the PS4 actually had by far the worst and fewest exclusives...Even the precious (though IMO mediocre) KH 3 and FFXV are no longer exclusive.



Royalblues said:

For $50 more, I can buy a vastly superior console. That is a shame. I really wanted them to drop the price too.



drumsandperc92 said:

Nintendo holds the clear advantage at $150 lower than Xbox One, but it's the PS4 that really worries me.
First of all, I read that 95% of the 50,000 preorders for the two systems on have been PS4. And in total, I read that PS4 preorders are beating Xbox One 2-1.
Couple that with the fact that the PS4 is only $50 more than the Wii U deluxe (which is clearly the go-to package for the Wii U) and I think Nintendo is taking a major risk staying at $350.
As it is, because of the price only being $50 different I actually am going to be buying a PS4 first, even though for months now I've been saying I'm going to get a Wii U first.
The lack of a definite date on Smash, MK8, no Zelda U announcements, and my mixed feelings towards Super Mario 3D World, tells me I'm not quite feeling the need to own a Wii U just yet. Compared to PS4 with all the major 3rd party titles that I'm itching for, at only $50 more, sorry Nintendo but Sony won me over for this year.
The software they announced just isn't enough without a price cut, in my opinion.
If Wii U dropped to $250, or even $300, it might just be enough to win over a few people like myself who were on the fence after E3.
But right now it looks like the PS4 will hold the better value, for those who are interested in those games of course. And that seems to be quite a lot of gamers.
When Nintendo comes down in price, I'll definitely get a Wii U. Unless MK8, Smash and Zelda U come out before then. Only that would be enough to convince me to not wait for a drop.



Yodelman64 said:

Of course nintendo won't announce it right now. Half the reason for a price cut is all the buzz and advertising that will happen. If nintendo announced it now thawt they were going to do a price cut in october then that would ruin all of the buzz adn advertisign that they will get. But if they announce it the day they do it right before the other consoles launc ti will take a big chunk away from all the news goign on about them and turn it directly toward the wii u. So ti woul dbe very stupid if nintendo announced teh price cut right now, and ti would defeat the whole entire purpose.



McGruber said:

It's just not going to sell at that price. With the type of content on it currently I don't think its worth spending $350 either unless you reallllly like everything Nintendo puts out



element187 said:

Of course he's going to say that.. Why would they cannabalize their sales from now and when the holiday season arrives... But only being 50$ cheaper than the PS4 probably would hurt them going into the holiday season... I'll be shocked if there isn't a price drop in Oct/Nov.



element187 said:

@Happy_Mask The point of a price drop isnt getting people who walked in to buy a PS4/xBoned to walk out with a Wii U. You drop the price to offer a better value/price point this holiday season so parents who don't want to pay $400-$500 to get little johnny the PS4/xBoned he is asking for.

My parents did that to me all the time. Ask for 1 thing, and parents will get you something slightly cheaper than what you wanted, but mostly the same functionality.



element187 said:

@bizcuthammer You consider the PS4 to be next gen? I don't. PC's are next gen.. Even Epic's VP, Mark Rein says that a systems power needs to be at least 2.5tflops to hit that benchmark, and the PS4 falls way short... but most midrange gaming PC's surpass that.



timp29 said:

At a glance, most people seem to be thinking similar to me. That a price drop will most likely happen closer to rival system launches.



CanisWolfred said:

Good, I just got a Wii U at full price. Though a price drop would certainly drive sales, now wouldn't it?



LasermasterA said:

A price cut might be a dual edged sword fr Nintendo. Another early price cut may not be as effective as for the 3DS as customers might see it as another desperation move qand a high price difference can actually make the Wii U appear much more inferior than it is. A price point will help out though.

Storage is not everything considering the fact that external storage drives are pretty cheap. It is the package that counts. Wii U deluxe has 1 game, 2 stands (1 for the console, 1 for gamepad), a sensor bar and also a eshop retail programme where you get 10% back for every purchase (a full retail game).

PS4 does not have a game while PS+ is paid. I admit they offer free games but games like Driveclub are not full version and offer only limited content. Any stand, Playstation Eye and Move have to be bought separately. The 2nd screen, which is being made compulsory to develop for, is the PS Vita which one will have to purchase for $240+ in addition to $399.

Nintendo is already selling at a loss, it is actually unlikely they will reduce price but they can offer game bundles likes Super Mario 3D world version and DK versipon to boost sales. If they do announce a price cut, they will announce it near the release of Xbox One.



JaxxRaxor said:

I think a price cut for the Wii U is coming, but Nintendo isn't going to announce it until Q4 which is traditionally when sales of video games and consoles are the highest. Doing it now, as we approach the slow summer season doesn't make any sense.



ShortSleevedNook said:

$350 for a deluxe version with a game included is FANTASTIC for an HD system with a Tablet for a controller. It's not like dishing out $250 for a 3DS! THAT was a disaster!



ompgsag said:

Ha ha ha. Still going to wait for the inevitable drop. I have no need for a new console right now anyway; I can wait.



Nightingale said:

Bluffing, to be sure. If they don't drop the deluxe package to $300 for the holiday season, I'll eat my hat-- it's the kind of move that will help them stand out against the higher-priced systems from Sony and Microsoft.



Marioman64 said:

price is fine, anyone who says otherwise is silly. especially with an included 32 gigs of space. (my xbox360 is crying in a corner with it's 4gig space)



Sonic_tails1 said:

Nintendo: We're going to drop the price in November so go ahead and stop buying WiiU's in the mean time. It'll look good on our portfolio numbers.



YChung said:

That's why we see increase in sales when thr price drops, yeah right price does not matter. It matters to a lot of people who may be touch and go in terms of buying it. Honestly they have not hit the sweet spot with the price. It's expensive! And so too is the games.



deitypower said:

I don't know why people want a price drop for Wii U. The reason behind it's price is it's gamepad. The controller is expensive. If you are to make a comparison between the prices, you should use the $250 for Wii U since $400 PS4 and $500 Xbox One since those two aren't bundled with any games. It's not right to compare it to the $350 Wii U since it's bundled with so many things. The price of the Wii U for me is right and does not need any price drop. Don't just think of the console itself, consider the gamepad for the price of Wii U.



JayMiller1988 said:

I really want a price drop at least by next year. I understand they're selling at a loss, but PS4 is going to really look appetizing to a lot of people this holiday due to price.



scrubbyscum999 said:

They need to drop the price. Just too small of a price gap to the PS4 for more power. Lets also be honest, a lot of people don't like Nintendo just because anyway.



YChung said:

Just beacuse the price does not matter to you it matters a big deal to a lot of people. Whether children or parents. Don't just say you think it's good value and don't need a price drop. I already got the wii u at launch but I want a price cut to stimulate sales and so do retailers and publishers. Nintendo can afford it as well.



k0mmanderBlack said:

@rennandovale over 70% of Wii U sales come from the deluxe bundle. The 8GB basic model is a bad deal, considering buying a brand new copy of nintendo land is 60$ and it has 4x less memory than the deluxe bundle. Its not a false argument, its a fact.



k0mmanderBlack said:

@ILikeRead No. Matter of fact, I have my PC for that. I was expecting a Mario game that is original like the Galaxy series, or rather than another donkey game, a new Metroid? And rather than a Zelda remake, a new Zelda, even if they show a preview and its released in 2015, I don't mind. Also, the Wii U would be in such a better condition if most of the big hitters I mentioned were coming out this year. And if it had third party support, and if it had a 50$ price cut...

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