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Thu 9th May 2013

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Nightingale commented on Talking Point: E3 2013 Is All About The Games:

@LonDonE Haha, come on, the fastest logged typing speed in the world is around 212 WPM, you're not pulling 360.

I am cautiously optimistic about the Wii U's future. I think they're in a position that can be capitalized on, here-- if they can get some powerful titles out in the Christmas window, and couple that with, say, even a 50 dollar price drop of the deluxe model down to that 299 window, I think they're going to look pretty attractive by comparison.

Here's hoping for a Wii U Ambassador program for those of us who were early adopters and have had to ride out this long lull.



Nightingale commented on Konami: We Had To Take Risks With Castlevania ...:

Taking risks is great, and I like new gameplay experiences - certainly I'm not some kinda purist - but those experiences have to WORK.

I also don't get how "taking risks" equates to "making a God of War clone." That seems like a different kind of playing it safe to me, though certainly a sales-conscious one



Nightingale commented on Tomodachi Collection: New Life Features Same-S...:

@theblackdragon Didn't really think my comments were tearing anybody down-- certainly that wasn't my intent, anyway, and certainly not ALL of them-- guess I'm a little unclear about what's permissable and what isn't, here, because other similar comments are still up, and this article frankly invites them.



Nightingale commented on Nintendo Download: 9th May 2013 (North America):

Those VC choices are baffling. Seems like there should be about a thousand other games that would take priority - and sell a lot better - than either of these choices. Who in the world is going out of their way to buy the first - and worst - Xevious?