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Reaction: Doom and Gloom Merchants on Wii U Being Nintendo's Last Home Console

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

We discuss the casual dismissal of Wii U in some quarters

In a regular series of features, we're going to take a rather strong statement or opinion expressed about Nintendo, and give our own take. These opinions aren't those of the site as a whole, but rather of a collection of your humble Nintendo Life writers.

This time around we're looking at a fairly strong dismissal of Wii U in UK magazine GamesTM, which wrote the following in an entry referencing the launch of Nintendo's system last year.

18 November 2012 - Wii U released. Quite possibly Nintendo's last foray as a closed platform, this features 360-generation tech — which won't be enough to cut it against the Android consoles.

Below are responses from three Nintendo Life staff, in the order they were written.

Mike Mason

To dismiss Wii U as nothing more than an Xbox 360-level system does a disservice to its greatest asset, the GamePad. No other console has such a function, which has huge potential for exciting gameplay ideas – or simply lets you continue to play games without invoking the ire of television-desiring family members. The landscape is no longer about power alone; unique experiences and convenience also play big roles, as proven by the rise of media and social services on consoles. To consider the system in such black and white terms is ignorant; if power was still the sole barometer of success, Wii would never have made it off the production line. Wii U might not be soaring just yet, but at a few months old it's still only a fledgling console.

Flippant predictions like this never seem to acknowledge that Nintendo is, aside a recent blip, consistently profitable. Financially, if push came to shove, it could grumpily eat the consequences of a failed console and spit out a fresh one – maybe a few times over if it deemed absolutely necessary. Though I'm not sure the shareholders would be massively impressed with such a turn of events.

Why would Nintendo leave behind the hardware business, trading in the profits provided by console sales and royalties from third party developers, in favour of a software-only approach – and likely a smaller cut of the money generated by its own titles – on other manufacturer's machines unless it absolutely had to? Nintendo will continue to make hardware for as long as it makes economical sense – and let's face it, with properties such as Mario, Pokémon and Animal Crossing exclusive to its platforms, thus driving sales, there probably isn't much reason for Nintendo executives to be waking up in a cold sweat just yet.

Jon Wahlgren

Had we taken a pinch of salt each time someone cried "doomed!" about Nintendo then surely we'd all be dead of sodium poisoning by now. But let's not be insular and dismissive here: the gaming industry is changing, and no matter how big a boat Nintendo is they are very much affected by the tides.

GamesTM aren't necessarily wrong, although that doesn't mean they're right either. I don't think the company is anywhere close to going under, but its obvious that the industry is shifting right now and it's increasingly opaque what the other side will look like. I find it interesting how they refer to the Wii U not as their potentially last (presumably home console) platform but as their last closed one, as if to suggest an App Store-like ecosystem that anyone can get in on. I don't know how attractive that idea is, personally.

However valid its points may seem now, I think the criticism is very much premature and full of assumptions. The Wii did OK for itself with lesser specs, all told. Android platforms like Ouya haven't yet proven themselves to be desirable to mass audiences, even if the fantasy is seductive. Only one direct competitor in the space has even revealed its next platform, leaving a lot of questions open about what Nintendo is up against this time. And while Wii U sales may be pretty poor now, Nintendo has shown with 3DS that they can right a ship even if it's painful to do so.

Let's just give it a year, shall we?

Tom Whitehead

I think both Mike and Jon are spot on. I agree with Mike that it actually makes little financial sense for Nintendo to become a software publisher, and they also have the financial clout to roll with the punches and stay in the industry; with its huge franchise power, it has every chance of making it work. As Jon follows up, the Wii enjoyed success with lesser specs, while these Android platforms have done nothing to prove that they'll succeed on any level, and it's unknown whether many gamers — as in the millions that would make it "mainstream" — actually want to play smartphone/tablet experiences on the TV. I'm not convinced.

I also think that the dismissal in some quarters of Wii U is remarkably similar to the 3DS headlines in summer 2011, when Nintendo was supposedly exiting the handheld market. Some top-notch games and a price drop quickly showed that the market is still there, albeit not as big as in the DS' heyday, and I think a combination of big games and, yes, a price drop, will in all likelihood prompt a similar boost for Wii U. It won't hit Wii levels, I don't think, but its brand, concept, software and a more accessible price (lower than PS4 and Xbox next) will see it compete and help Nintendo make an operating profit again. If that plays out the doom and gloom with skulk away, to return again with Nintendo's next system.

I think one thing that this quote does show is a level of gaming snobbery that exists right now, with the "360-tech" and comparison to un-tested Android consoles demonstrating it perfectly. A lot of self-proclaimed hardcore gamers and, also, quite a lot of people — paid or otherwise — that write about games, have decided that Nintendo is no longer representative of real gaming. Just look at mainstream coverage in many outlets; articles about the "next-gen" that don't mention Wii U at all, minimal space dedicated to a big Nintendo release but pages and pages to the new CoD. The snobbery goes in the opposite direction, too, as some Nintendo fans will dismiss Xbox and PS3 gamers as FPS obsessives with no love of fun, creative gaming. Both sides are often, I believe, in the wrong and far from the whole truth with those attitudes.

In summary though, I don't think Wii U is doomed; we won't know either way for a good while yet.

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Tertis said:

Let's just wait for that 3D Mario game to come out. And maybe Square Enix's new title for the Wii U will lift sales.



Kyloctopus said:

Great article. And I believe you guys 100%. There is alot of criticism on power, which is the worst argument ever, because now that the Wii U is at the power of their current consoles, and can do much more, they still want to criticise for the sake of it.



Chrono_Cross said:

I don't think the Wii U will be the end of Nintendo in the home console market, but I do think the Wii U won't catch on with developers and consumers outside of the Nintendo audience and Nintendo itself.

The main reason is the lack of creativity in the industry as I can't see many developers taking advantage of the Wii U's potential in unique and benefiting ways.



Dr_42o said:

C'mon people.. Think happy thoughts so Wii Us can fly.. (off shelves)



Haywired said:

I hear a lot of talk of "people just need to play the Wii U to understand it", but I (and I'm sure others here as well) have shown it to other people and let them play it. And while they enjoyed themselves (though sure, a lot of that would be down to my amazing company right...?) seemingly not enough that they would go out and buy one. It's not wowing the casual masses in the same way that Wii Sports did. I mean, if we take Nintendo Land, the ultimate showcase of what the Wii U Gamepad can do, while most of it is very good, to be honest, there isn't really much that's truly amazing. I would say the only truly great thing in Nintendo Land regarding the Wii U Gamepad that couldn't be done on anything else is the 3 multiplayer games Mario Chase, Animal Crossing: Sweet Day and Luigi's Ghost Mansion (which are essentially 3 variations of the same concept, the awesome Pac-Man Vs idea). The rest, while certainly good fun, either has use of the two screens that's contrived at worst, tenuous at best, or is standard touch-screen/gyro based stuff that's freely available on phones and tablets.

The non/casual gamers I've played it with have thought it was neat, but there's no way they're going to spend the money on one as they're probably not going to buy another console again and the core gamers I've played it with (who are by no means anti-Nintendo "dude-bro" gamers or whatever) have thought it was neat, but there's no way they're going to spend the money on what (to them) is another current-gen console with another short-lived novelty crowbarred on, when the (to them) proper next-gen consoles are just around the corner. And if Nintendo Land, the ultimate showcase of the Wii U isn't exciting people then the other Wii U "innovations"; map on the screen, HUD/inventory on the screen, or gimmicky stuff like "hold the pad up to your face and use it as a viewfinder to scan..." etc. ie. solutions to non-existent problems, that no one cares about, certainly aren't.



Captain_Toad said:

Prepare for the obligatory "Nintendo is going nowhere." "WiiU is not Next-Gen." "(Insert game here) isn't coming to the WiiU because it sucks." counter-arguments

And to think the WiiU hasn't been out for a whole year..



Undead_terror said:

But we can't forget that the wii u also opens a opportunity indie developers and the few who released games on either the 3ds or wii u had a good time, just sit back, and wait to see if things go more smooth.



Dr_42o said:

People I show Wii U to are mostly impressed with the non game related apps and the fact that it is a tv remote.



TenTen said:

Even if the Wii U is the last console (there'll probably be at least one more), it doesn't have to be a bad thing. Nintendo will still develop games for the console. Soon, we'll get to a saturation point when just increasing power won't work; technology to do so will become to expensive.

In my opinion, Microsoft and Sony are more likely to stop making new consoles after 'next gen', as Nintendo's focus is more innovation-based. I'm even tempted to say the 3DS could be the last handheld; Nintendo will just keep developing more games for it. No doubt I'll be proved wrong.

Also, the 3ds struggled a lot during it's first 2 quarters or so.



Discostew said:

It's like people have completely forgotten what a console launch is like during the early months of the first year when all sales are down the tubes.



DreamyViridi said:

Really, it's not worth the judging the console until at least a whole year has passed. Besides, Ninty's recovered from a lot worse; don't make me bring up the Virtual Boy!

Anyways, the 3DS also received its doubt and look how well its doing compared to its launch.



bofis said:

Remember when the N64 was DOOMED because it didn't use discs, but instead expensive carts, and had fewer games than PSX? Nintendo went on and on about quality over quantity and somehow N64 managed a fine collection of A+ games without exiting the market after it.



LordJumpMad said:

Unless Nintendo pulls something amazing out of Reggie's ready body, the Wii U will be.....



Daz-brum said:

Nintendo needs time i think they are waiting for third party guys to have ago before releasing a triple A game... Come what would you buy Mario or a third party attempt at a in-depth game.. Oh i heard Eternal Darkness had it name licence renewed do i hear a new Eternal Darkness on the way or even better a WiiU remake of the gamecube yeah!!!! Come on Nintendo



C-Olimar said:

I feel sad that someone at GamesTM was actually paid to write that.
They have about as much knowledge of the industry as Michael Patcher.



Void said:

Jon Wahlgren wrote:

Had we taken a pinch of salt each time someone cried "doomed!" about Nintendo then surely we'd all be dead of sodium poisoning by now.

I have to say; that made me laugh.



gamefan71 said:

They are in trouble. They were lucky with the Wii gimmick but the market has changed and the Wii U gimmick is not going to sell the console. They should have spent the money on better hardware (no pad). I love Nintendo's first party games but they need third party support, they are not going to get that with the Wii U.



Kyloctopus said:

What the Wii U needs is Console Exclusives. Especially when some developers can't make console exclusives
(/me looks at Ubisoft)
At the end of the day, what makes a console sell well and/or makes it really popular is console exclusives.



Shotgunryugan said:

Eh i decided to give up on wanting to purchase a Wii U,to be honest looking at the games i am not interesting in most of them,aside from some that i can get cheaper on other consoles

Might just stick with the 3DS,so far most of the games i am wanting to play have been for the 3DS.

The Wii U needs better games and a price-cut in my honest opinion.



gamefan71 said:

@Assassin87 - No, they are also gimmicks but most of the games do not depend on them. Also, when I say they are in trouble, I mean that the Wii U will not sell like the Wii. The Wii U will sell around Gamecube levels, maybe a little higher.



GameLord08 said:

If it's such a ridiculous notion, why make banter of it then?

Next to none of the criticism on the Wii U being "doomed" is relative to its technical ability (or the "next-gen, hurr-de-durr" waffle) - that's a superficial argument. The main worry actually lies in its marketing. "I need to play it to appreciate it?" That's an absurdly weak conviction, most especially to a consumer who has had no prior experience with consoles. I want you to show me why I should play it. I want you to show me how I'll appreciate it.

Furthermore, very little on the Wii U so far convincingly demonstrates its individuality - the GamePad. The GamePad is a very important and unique asset to the console and I myself have only imagined less than a quarter of the wonder it can bring to home gaming. Everybody acknowledges its vast potential - but we currently have no reason to believe any developers themselves do right now, if not Nintendo as well. So far, the Wii U has presented itself underwhelmingly so far.

The Wii U's timing is somewhat awkward and games aren't coming as they should. E3 is still three months away - quite enough time for a console to be left in the dust, believe it or not. With the competition fast approaching, Nintendo had better devise a solid, watertight strategy to draw people to invest in the Wii U - not a relatively effortless "you have to play it to get it" ideology.

TL;DR: Nintendo: big on ideas, weak on strategy.



DrKarl said:

The Wii U has no killer app. Things won't begin to look better until it gets one.



Dr_42o said:

Miiverse alone is a killer app, imo. It only makes sense for the other companies to do the same thing. Of course they'll add something to it and say they have been planning it for years..



Cygnus said:

Truth be told I'm not surprised. There are only so many times you can release a console with nothing but things that resemble the killer apps from the last console which had nothing but games which resembled the last console.....

Protip: when you make a new console, you might want to invest a fair bit in a few original IPs to show that it really is a new console or at least make a massive change in an existing IP (ie Metroid Prime) to show that it is in fact a new console.



Cygnus said:

If Miiverse is a killer app then this really is Nintendo's last console.



dragon_rider said:

Right, and the PS4 not being backwards compatible natively, marginal graphical differences and having invasive social media features is revolutionary.



Ketchupcat said:

3D Mario and Mario Kart worked wonders for 3DS, and soon they'll do the same for Wii U-and this time, there'll even be Super Smash Bros.



gsnap said:

"quite a lot of people — paid or otherwise — that write about games, have decided that Nintendo is no longer representative of real gaming."

It is sad that many outlets have taken this side against Nintendo. Especially when it's the exact opposite of the truth. Outside of the indie scene, Nintendo still makes the most gamy games out there.



DerpSandwich said:

The funniest part is that no one tends to realize that Nintendo just made a machine that's about 500% more tailored toward the "core" gamer than the Wii was. But people are good at throwing around judgement without really looking at something.



Dr_42o said:

These articles hurt the industry more than anything else. Everyone should judge the here and now, stop trying to predict the future.



WaveGhoul said:

Game & Wario and Wii U Party will be the next 2 titles to show off just how unique the Gamepad really is. But lets get real here, the Wii U game Pad is still a half baked next gen innovation, and is quite dissapointing when stacked up to just how revolutionary and innovative the Wii remote was...I can safely say that this is the most underwhelming Nintendo console...Even the design makes it look like the 'Wii's Big brother! Curse you Nintendo for not supporting Smell-O-Vision. I was looking forward to getting a whiff of Wario's greasy cheeseburger farts and Pincess Toadstool's peachy golden locks.



YorkshireNed said:

I don't think it's NIntendo's fault but the market is changing, so I think it is now clear there will be no repeat of the Wii's success. However, Nintendo does have a loyal audience who appreciate both the recurring characters, the sense of continuity and the innovation of Nintendo's consoles. Whether or not that is sufficient is something only Nintendo knows.



mookysam said:

Nintendo must be quicker to adapt to the challenges of game development on an HD console - specifically team sizes and just how much extra work is involved. Not to mention other areas such as online. The other platform holders and third party developers have had the best part of 7 years to change and adapt and streamline (or go under in the case of THQ and many others) and Nintendo now find themselves in the precarious situation of playing "catch-up". They've been too slow announcing games and too slow at getting games, such as Pikmin 3, released. This is Wii U's big challenge. It seems that Nintendo is starting to face up to this challenge, as they've already publicly stated that they have started collaborating more and increasing team sizes to get their games out there, but I do get the impression that they were caught a bit unawares. Could the tremendous software push they've given the 3DS be partly to blame for this?



OdnetninAges said:

Being sued by an Ex Sony employee doesn't really help the failing sales of Wii U that much, either.



GameLord08 said:

@3DSonicPizzaHD: Tomita just happened to be an ex-Sony employee - the lawsuit concerned only Nintendo and his independent tech firm. There was absolutely zero affiliation with Sony. No idea why everybody has to find a reason to nitpick on that one little irrelevant detail.

I'm also not quite sure what that has to do with anything either.



BetweenTheTrees said:

i'm not worried. nintendo will always be around. when people come to their senses and get bored just shooting at things mindlessly, they will come around for some actual fun.



Melkaticox said:

The Wii U is the most innovative 8th gen console, that's for sure (is anyone expecting Microsoft to be innovative with the Xbox 720? lol)

-tl;dr version-
Nintendo should've tried what they did with the Gamecube (powerful console, more mature approach). Nintendo NEEDS to buy more studios to develop games for the Wii U.

-Full version-
However...innovation is not what gamers care about now. Even though all Wii U games ARE a brand new experience thanks to the Gamepad (compared to PS3/360 games), Nintendo shoulda turned the Wii U into a Gamecube 2.0 (in other words, a VERY powerful console with better design and better Gamecube controller [two improved Z buttons, better d-pad {this is already a given since Nintendo can't use the previous d-pad design anymore}, a second analog stick and classic "ABXY" face button order]), however, make sure this time it's aimed at ADULTS, Nintendo (I mean, the Gamecube was supposed to be aimed at adults...but its design [purse console lolz] and main color [purple is so girly!! ...-_-] didn't reflect that)

There IS hope for Nintendo, though. They just need more games for the Wii U...and sadly, they can't keep making games for both the 3DS AND Wii U with the studios they have right now, it worked 6 years ago (even 2 or 3 years ago), but it's not working now. All Nintendo needs to do is buy a few new studios, Monolith Soft was a VERY nice surprise, so why don't you try buying Platinum Games, Wayforward, Shin'en, Two-Tribes and Vigil Games (well, implying that one still exists), Nintendo? I really doubt they would say "omg nooo" considering how much they love you

Uh...I think that's it, just sharing my thoughts.



Oscarsome said:

I don't even know what to say anymore. It seems like it has all been said over and over again. Their marketing for the Wii U was absolutely horrid. I have heard many people thinking that it's just a revision of the Wii and not an entirely new system. They don't have many interesting and exclusive titles. There's not a big killer-app on the system that would make people curious about the Wii U. To many people, the Wii U just comes off as dull and uninvolved. Nintendo needs to fix it and I'm pretty optimistic they will.



Cygnus said:

Yes, the WiiU innovates, I can't deny that. I would have bought the console if there were game worth playing that took proper advantage of it. ZombiiU was a ton of fun to play but right now that's it. Why didn't they have a killer app that really showed something the console could do at launch? Pikmin 3? Mario Kart? Anything?

Look at past consoles and the highlights from their launch titles:
NES: Donkey Kong, Clu Clu Land, Duck Hunt, Excitebike, Super Mario Bros, Wild Gunman, Wrecking Crew
SNES: Super Mario World, F-Zero, Gradius III, SimCity
N64: Super Mario 64, Pilot Wings 64
Gamecube: Luigi's Mansion, Super Monkey Ball, Stars Wars Squadron 2: Rogue Leader
Wii: Wii Sports, Excite Truck, Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

Each console had a major franchise/name in it like Mario or Zelda. Each had reasons to buy it. WiiU had the 5th NSMB title which did what exactly? Copy a SNES launch title as opposed to continue the trend of doing something relatively new. Marketing helped to make sales poor, but no self respecting person buys a computer without worthwhile software to run on it.



link_hatchet said:

This is not going to be Nintendo's last console for crying out loud. Just because they're not number one, or that they don't make the most graphic intense systems or games, doesn't mean they're going to kick the bucket. At least not any time soon that is. Maybe in the next couple of decades.



ULTRA-64 said:

Have to agree there, Nintendoland doesn't really impress me much!! I've never ever not finished a Nintendo made game b4 but not gone back to it since the 1st week. I'd like to see nintendo be more aggressive in terms of marketing and push their products more, to maybe flex their finances and take advantage of the developer crisis by buying out some more hurt to see Microsoft buy rare out, they were the differnce for an entire console generation! Nintendo will never fail to make the best games for me but they can't compete in the business dept unless they do more to grow....roll on mariokart!!



SpaceApe said:

Don't know about last home console but certainly they will always play the 3rd wheel against Microsoft and Sony. The decision to launch the Wii U in Nov was a huge mistake and not having good enough games at launch was another. Nintendo needs to stop rehashing Zelda and Mario. They need a new ip that will attract not just the younger players but the older players as well. You know like what Bungie did with Halo and Naughty Dog with Uncharted.



GameLord08 said:

@3DSonicPizzaHD: Again, how does that relate to Wii U sales numbers? Other than that, the "irrelevant detail" I was actually referring to is Tomita being an ex-Sony staffer.



Ryo_Hazuki-san said:

lets see people sad thsi about the wii the 3ds and now the wii u and we all know how well the wii and 3ds did wii u will be no different watch when smash bros and new zelda and metroid games come rolling out oh yea dont forget mario kart!!!



hYdeks said:

if android consoles are the future (OUYA) than I'm not gonna be a gamer when it happens

People keep giving Nintendo doom and gloom because it's a bunch of grown-ups saying this poop, if a kid talked about Nintendo they would talk like there the best thing ever And from the sales of Wii and DS alone, I have to say Nintendo is doing better than it was before. I take things the media saids very lightly, only cause there stupid and don't actually know.



Melkaticox said:

@SpaceApe That's a very bad idea. First of all, none of the Uncharted games have sold as much as Halo, nowhere near close. Let's not even mention Mario.
Second of all, Halo is the only worth noting Microsoft exclusive, there's a reason it's so popular (and yeah, it's also milked as hell)
THIRD of all, Nintendo has so damn many IPs they don't need to make new ones. Nintendo just needs to pull a Mario 64/OoT/Metroid Prime/Kid Icarus Uprising on their old Intellectual Properties: A 3D open world StarTropics game set in a modern world. A 3D Mother/Earthbound game with cel-shaded graphics. A beat 'em up Mystery of Murasame's Castle/Takamaru's Ninja Castle game with lots of combos, puzzles and deep gameplay. A 3D Ice Climber game with lots of platforming, puzzles and some combat.

The list goes on...Nintendo doesn't need new IPs. Stawp.



GazPlant said:

It's interesting that everyone (and I mean everyone) I've physically showed the Wii U to has been pleasantly surprised by it and even expressed an interest in buying one. People I talk to about it dismiss it and don't understand it's uses. Marketing needs to step up, Nintendo Land is the perfect advertising tool is used well



Obvious78 said:

The can so much story about the unique ways the gamepad has...BUT WITH NO GAMES ITS DOOMED!



FullbringIchigo said:

even if the WiiU was the last home console from Nintendo they would still continue to make handheld's and in that area they shine

but i can see what people are going on about because it seams more and more developers are not making games for the WiiU so it does look bleak but of course all that could change as soon as some of Nintendos big hitters come out like Zelda



-KwB- said:

Nice article and I actually like the last sentences of your article !!



BakaKnight said:

Interesting, interesting, interesting, can't wait for the next article, the opinions of the staff here are worth a reading

On the opposite side that opinion from GameTM was quite dissapointing...
Can't believe it was a quote from a professional gaming magazine >.>;



Dpullam said:

I would give a long and detailed paragraph about my opinions of the Wii U but it seems the Nintendo Life editors have already said what I wanted to say. Thanks!



Shining-Void said:

The whole attraction of mobile gaming is that it's.... well mobile. I can't imagine it doing half as well if they were turned to consoles. I mean, what would they have as exclusives. Angry birds? (though its already on the 3DS) How many times does it need to be proven that being the most powerful doesn't mean anything? Just look at the PS2. The guy who wrote that comment must not know anything about hardware. They just go with popular opinion of things. Which is quite a shame.



bizcuthammer said:

I hope wii u doesnt pull a dreamcast. Its a really exciting system in terms of gameplay potential, and i'd hate to see it wasted. Even if it does though, nintendo has more than enough in the bank to stay in the console business.

Once the new 3D mario, mario kart, wind waker hd, wii fit u, and other first party titles are released in the fall, wii u will see some decent sales. It will never reach wii sales levels, but its not going to fail, especially if ninty gives it a price drop around holiday time.



Slapshot said:

First of all, I'm sick of hearing that "Nintendo is doomed," especially here. Even though NL is trying to spin the message around, it's still doing nothing but feeding the fire.

Secondly, Jon, you hit the nail right smack dab on the head man. It doesn't matter how you piece it together, Nintendo is affected by the current shift within the gaming industry.

Nintendo has to work harder to get the Wii U into a position where it's a viable component within the industry and right now, it isn't cutting it - sales numbers reflect this. Also, one thing that I've noticed that NL hasn't talked much about and is one of the hardest blows to the console, which is that it isn't getting full third party support on current generation titles. This creates a fear with those who are on-the-fence about purchasing the console, because there's likely a high probability of it having even less once the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft take the stage later this year. It's a major factor that I feel is contributing to the consoles poor sales, regardless of what Nintendo is/isn't bringing to the table.

Microconsoles are indeed going to chip away a portion of the money that's currently flowing into the home console sector. Jon made a mistake in the piece in thinking that there's only one other Adroid console outside of Ouya coming, which isn't so - there a quite a few players in the game now. Samsung even has a new phone/tablet coming that will double over as a full-on gaming handheld. When parents see a brand new console that's only $79-$99 USD compared to $299+ this Christmas - which one do you think is more attractive?



Dpishere said:

@gsnap And that is exactly why I prefer Nintendo games over all others. I prefer games that are intended to be just games, and don't try to mask that with high-end visuals or cinematic experiences. They focus only on being fun for the player and those types of games are the ones I get the most enjoyment out of. Though I do own many non Nintendo consoles, those are the ones I always come back to.



DreamOn said:

M Rated games. What other console can families and folks turn to where the highest rated games are not M rated ones? That's a big point for me and I would think for many people. So I know the Nintendo Home console offers a true gaming experience but without the explicit content that seems to be defining what makes a real video game these days.

Now regarding the Wii U, it's positively the best console yet for all of nintendo's franchises. It offers what the wii and every console did before it and more. Nintendos games are well at home on this console. Now let them come and people will see that and the sales will be there.



MysticX said:

Let's be clear here, Nintendo isn't dying, but the WiiU's sales figures are embarassing, it's in a vicious cycle now: People are holding off on buying it until some more games come out, and the small install-base (And issues with CPU-power) are keeping developers from making games for it...

The whole gaming market is slowly changing, high time too TBH, churning out the same series but a bit prettier every generation isn't really cutting it, not sure i want it to be like the Android/iOS either (All that in-app stuff >_< ), but $60 a game for the same stuff in a new box isn't going to work forever...



TwilightV said:

Amazing that almost everybody constantly fails to notice the biggest part of this. It's the fact that this affects not only Nintendo, but, and let me bold and capitalize it, THE VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY AS A WHOLE.

Anyways, they've survived worse (N64, PS, Saturn era anyone?), so i'm sure they can handle this.



DreamOn said:

@Slapshot Majority parents who going shopping for video games with saving money being the highest priority are not buying a console that plays the games they can already get on their phone/tablet. That group of parents are typically where the last gen console sales are if saving money on gaming is priority one.



BestBuck15 said:

I totally agree with what you are saying, especially the bit about it not making any financial sense for Nintendo to go software only, that is definitely not going to happen ever. Nintendo have practically invented modern gaming. There are problems with Wii U at the moment but nothing that killer in-house software can't fix. Hopefully Nintendo will make the games we all want them to make because at the end of the day nobody makes games as good as Nintendo, that something I learned a long time ago. I buy Nintendo consoles to play Nintendo games, I think the third party thing will always be an issue with Nintendo consoles, it is hard for a third party to make money on a Nintendo console.
I'm just going to finish up and say, if Wii U were a major flop (which I don't think it will be) Nintendo would just go back to the drawing board, change its approach and give us some of the best games ever made because thats what they do, make great games. They should bring back slogan they used in the 90s "THE NAME OF THE GAME IS THE GAMES"




Ok you lot need to read this to understand the logic behind the average gamer in the UK today.

So I just got a new job and today we all had a company induction, and during the break we all got talking about games. One guy said to the other "have you seen the PS4 ? it looks sick" then he replied "yeah I'm getting one when it comes out" so I got involved in the conversation, I said "what games did you like" " I aint seen any games, my brother showed me a picture on his phone of the joypad, its got a touchpad and it looks so good"

I then told them that I have a wii u, and they looked at me without a clue of what I was on about, "a wii what" so then I got my phone out and showed them a zombi u and batman armored edition trailer on youtube.

"That looks alright actually"

That's a 100% true story that happened today.
I'd say that 80% of the wii u's problem is product awareness, another 10% is the price and another 10% for absent software i.e. tomb raider bioshock infinite and so on.

If nintindo wanna be stubborn and keep relying on their old ways to carry them forward, then yes, their competitors will leave them in the dust.

product awarness is crucial if the Wii U is to be successful. Nintendo could make the best games console ever, but what good is it if nobody knows it exists, and to be honest I'm surprised ninty hasn't done anything yet to adress this problem.



DreamOn said:

@sonic-doom thats funny. I have no doubt that Nintendo right now is preparing post-launch marketing for Wii-U. They aren't as isolated as people think sometimes and I'm confident the next round of ads and so forth will be very much refined from the launch stuff.

Nintendo had a big challenge for Wii-U marketing coming off the Wii and rolling in the next-gen that's in an entirely new gaming and economic landscape (hellscape) than when Wii hit.



Mulder1617 said:

I have a good feeling that when they merged together their hand held department and with some other department that they are possibly working on another totally different type of system. So, I don't Nintendo is quitting anytime soon in the hardware business.



gojiguy said:

The only thing we can do is buy the console and good games. especially third party. A lot of "nintendo fans" like the ones on this site stick only to first party releases, killing the consoles potential.



Yosher said:

The Wii U will pick up at some point. Maybe it won't outsell the competition this time and sell units close to the amount the GameCube did but that's in no way a failure I'd say. Later on this year it will start selling more and more.



AlexSora89 said:

Okay, the Doom 'n' Gloom guys should just stop acting like vultures for once. They're really so sure the Wii U's gonna fail, without ever mentioning E3, to no one's surprise. I'm sure the next E3 will be focused on the so-called "doomed console", the Wii U. And it's gonna rock.

Seriously, as if Nintendo's gonna fall like this. I mean, such guys as that Cliff What's-his-name-again are like "I KNOW THE WII U WILL FAIL" and Nintendo, especially after E3, are gonna be like Moe on this awesome clip from the Simpsons:

(I can't embed it, can anyone do it for me?)



AlexSora89 said:

@KodyWB-98: Thanks. That comparison was the first thing that came into my mind when thinking about all these gaming vultures. They're like "Nintendo, if your console sinks, then why don't you just quit the home console business?", and Nintendo replies, "Because it's just too soon to say that. Besides, you know that one moment where your hope to see us going third party dies? I feed on that".

Speaking of Matt Groening references, the shout out to the Futurama episode "The Farnsworth Parabox" is just pure gold, pun not intended.



ajcismo said:

So tired of the doom and gloom stories. We went through all of this at 3DS launch and look how that's turned out. This whole thing of the Wii U being the last Ninty console is such bs, it makes me want to break my copy of Zelda II in half. Where are the articles about how Sony and MS aren't talking price points because they don't want to scare their hype away? We haven't seen a Wii U price drop yet because we don't know what Sony and MS are doing. A Wii U at $249 with an HD Windwaker and a VC with hundreds of games available is going to look a helluva lot better to the mass consumer if the PS720 weighs in at anything over $500 at xmas. Its not Nintendo I'm worried about, but the PS4 and 720 are at risk of eating each other.



luminalace said:

How do people make judgements about the console before the big hitters launch. The Wiiu's greatest asset is Nintendo themselves and with only 2 games published it's far too early.



JGer said:

@luminalace That's just it though. Only 2 games have been published (Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros.) and we know about - what? - coming in the future? Wind Waker remake, Pikmin 3... and as for anything else gamers will have to wait until at least 2014. It's completely insane that Nintendo only had 3 - 4 games ready for the first year of Wii U's launch. The only reason to pick up a Wii U is to play the next Zelda, Mario, Metroid, or other Nintendo AAA title, but as of right now, there's not a whole lot in sight, is there?

And look, I get it, some of you on here will be quick to reply to this comment and post a long list of obscure games. But the reality is that if Nintendo does not bring the big guns, people will not buy a Wii U.

On the other hand, I've been listening to stories like this for well over a decade now, and Nintendo always seems to silence those critics. Time will tell.



BossBattles said:

Such a sign of our times. People are less and less intelligent. They lack discernment, patience, understanding, common sense and awareness.

The most disturbing thing people lack is nuance. Everything is either DOOM or AMAZING. nobody had a dial to understand there is always a middle ground and almost nothing is truly all one way or another. Life is a mixture of things.

I'm so tired of gamers cannibalizing their own hobby. What is is the point of constantly criticizing and whining about your own hobby. Why not be welcoming to new consoles and give them a chance? Why is there this madness among gamers where they feel like they have to belong to a "winning team"?

It's that reflection of society that we are currently in. People are losing it. They aren't as intelligent as they think they are, and this is more proof that people jump to conclusions because their attention spans are shot, and they need immediate stimulation.

These uncreative and unhappy people sit by the sidelines of life and pass out negativity when its not applicable and don't understand the creative process and how these things TAKE TIME.

Gaming is not going to go away and fail because of the games themselves, but because the person playing the game lost touch with it, and truly does not understand it anymore. Very sad.



JSuede said:

I agree with just about every word in this article 100% It's a shame other sites don't take a step back and actually analyze the industry and the reality of the situation. Instead, they peddle DOOOOOOMED cakes and people regurgitate the anti-hype

It will be interesting to see how the PS4/720 will do if the current gaming economy continues the trend of shrinking. What I can't stand, is when people compare the Wii U to the Wii sales-wise. Of COURSE it isn't going to sell on pace with the Wii....the PS3 didn't keep up with the PS2 yet I can't recall ever seeing that comparison. The price will definitely hurt both of the offerings from MS and Sony as will a slow schedule of games. As of right now, we have 2 launch titles for PS4 (KZSF and Knack), one late port (ACIV) possibly another (Watch_Dogs), and that is it. Sure E3 will reveal things, but I expect delays considering a year and a half isn't exactly the best idea for a new console launch title.

Anyone who dismisses the Wii U as having "360-tech" is a complete moron in my book. Looking at the actual technology inside, there is absolutely no way it is "360-tech" and is definitely "next-gen" (even though not near the PS4 which has ridiculous specs....$500 incoming) Usually it is "gaming journalists" who just want clicks, devs who don't bother trying, or fanboys who compare launch titles to late cycle titles.

Unripened apples to apple pie. Sure the current games are a tiny bit better than last gen titles....but that doesn't mean they will always be that way. No one compares the games to 360/PS3 launch titles and the immense amount of growth shown there.

@JGer Yes, I am responding quickly as you predicted, but I won't have a list of obscure titles. The only "obscure" game I will mention is W101 which will be out likely before E3. Speaking of which, the next Mario and Mario Kart will be playable and considering Nintendo's history of announcements, they will likely be out this year. At the very least, one of them will. They didn't even say NSMB2 existed until 3 months before it launched for crying out loud. They are the best at keeping secrets in the industry. It isn't out of the realm of possibility that Retro will show off their game at E3 and have it ready for the holidays as well.

They will likely show off SMTxFE at E3 as well as "X", more likely to release in Japan this year rather than globally. SMT and FE have been gaining steam recently and "X" pretty much shocked everyone when it was revealed (possibly in Alpha but more likely Beta). Expect these to do well.

Nintendo is publishing Lego City next week and Monster Hunter seems to have a lot of interest from what I can tell. Not saying they will sell tons of systems or anything, but the games ARE coming.

Nintendo will pull a 3DS and start rolling out the games, they have worked hard to get 3rd party support and even though it isn't present at the moment, it is there. Even IF it sells around Gamecube levels, each system will likely produce a profit by the end of this year without needing a game sale. The Wii U is likely another 5-7 year console and by the time they are ready to move on, PS4 and 720 will be the ones with "outdated tech" while sitting around for another 5 years or so.



BossBattles said:

I remember the Nintendo 3DS doom. all along i just said to wait and see.

It ALWAYS takes a minimum of a year to even begin to really see how much content will be coming to a console. 2 years before you really see things get fully into gear.

I'm really exciting for Lego City and may even pick up Monster Hunter. Having a blast with Runner 2, and looking forward to Toki Tori 2. Whatever. There are games to play. Not tons, but they are coming, and some of the games coming are truly exciting.



Solatorobo said:

It's been four months.

Why do people always complain about the Wii U when it has a promising line up when the PS4 has nothing of worth and people think it will sell like hotcakes.

(Before anyone even tries to pull the "URE A FANBOI HUEHUEHUE" thing I love my ps3. But it is Sony, not Nintendo, who need to change)



zionich said:

All I can do is buy and play the games I love for as long as they make them. Thats all I can controll.



YChung said:

I will always buy Nintendo consoles as will others who love their franchises. And we are not talking about 2 or 3 franchises. Let me see:
Mario, Zelda, Star Fox, Metroid, F-Zero, Fire Emblem, Xenoblade, Donkey Kong Country, Smash Brothers, Kid Icarus, Mario Kart, Pikman and the list goes on and on. Many of those could be system sellers. We've never had any of these games in HD before, this is new to the Wii U. These are games that cannot be played elsewhere. We also have 2 exclusives in Bayonetta and 101 which should be out this year. I am not concerned with the graphical ability of the Wii U. If it can deliver visuals like the Zelda demo at E3 a couple of years back, that is good enough for me. Look at what's being produced for games now on PS3 and Xbox 360. They look pretty damn impressive too me (Last of Us), Wii U is capable of more. The naysayers will be eating humble pie! And look, I will be buying a brand new 3DS to play Fire Emblem Awakening. Proof that Nintendo games sell hardware.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I find it funny how everyone that criticizes the Wii U for being "weak" and one of the main reasons it will fail always seem to forget that the weakest consoles usually are the most successful. Of course its not set in stone especially with the other two consoles using x86 architecture, but thats reason enough not to count your chickens before they hatch.

@BossBattles I have to agree, people these days seem to have the attention span of a ferret (trust me on this one, I'm not just using a figure of speech). Once something catches their attention they won't leave things alone until they either get bored or something new comes along that catches their attentionand the cycle continues.



SteveW said:

Its funny how everyone seems to forget how bad the non-HD Wii kicked Sonys and Microsofts butt already!



Melkaticox said:

Being completely honest, one of Wii U's main problem is...Nintendo fans.
Or at least, most of them.

Most Nintendo fans think Nintendo makes the best games ever and third party developers are the suck0rz!! ...I'm sorry, uh, so most of them don't buy multiplatform games. They don't even buy 3rd party exclusives, you just need to look at No More Heroes.

When Nintendo fans start buying (good) third party games, like they should, more third party developers will be attracted...until then...



Lyndexer said:

Well, if Nintendo didn't release their consoles first, I think they'd be doing much more better. Sony and Microsoft lurk in Nintendo's shadow and steal their ideas only improving them.

If Nintendo did the same as them, I think they'd be in a better position. As well, some of the games that're released on Nintendo are somewhat okay. Only the Nintendo franchise games make the most money makers. Honestly, I think Nintendo should stop being lazy, look back at the days when they made Nintendo 64 games, and try to improve from that. Nintendo 64 had a lot of great games.

But, Nintendo will probably rise up in the markets and overcome Sony again. Just thinking that the newer generation of gamers are looking at what everyone plays now which is Xbox.



Will-75 said:

Did PS3 or xBox sell like 10million their first five months out ?, how about their first year sells I can answer that NO! - it seems we live in a time where every game system is compared to the number of phones sold and its just ludicrous . I wonder what the headlines will say come November/December , as for the ps4 I've not seen or read anything to make me think it's gonna blow the Wii U outta the water by no means I think this Nintendo is doomed is the same old negative BS it always has been which in the end is a waste of our time and thought ..



WrongChops said:

Too sleepy to read the full article/comments, just wanted to congratulate Nintendo Life on the excellent choice of picture. I love that episode.



AVahne said:

"360-generation tech"
It's pretty much obvious to anyone with a functioning brain that GamesTM knows very little about gaming and should not be taken seriously.



JFug said:

In all fairness, I don't think we should count the Wii U out yet as E3 hasn't even occurred and surely Nintendo has unannounced titles for it, possibly Ubisoft, Warner Bros. Interactive or Activision as well



gsnap said:

"Nintendo shoulda turned the Wii U into a Gamecube 2.0 (in other words, a VERY powerful console with better design and better Gamecube controller [two improved Z buttons, better d-pad {this is already a given since Nintendo can't use the previous d-pad design anymore}, a second analog stick and classic "ABXY" face button order])"

Add a screen to that "better Gamecube controller" and you just described the Wii U Gamepad.



AVahne said:

Technology gets cheaper over time. Power will continue increasing, but there will probably be less emphasis on wanting to increase power and more on creating new ways to play or improving what we have now.



ToxieDogg said:

As long as the Wii U has at least a 5 year life span and we see a load of memorable titles in that time, then who really cares? Maybe the Wii U is 'doomed', I dunno. But Nintendo? Not so much. As I said to people when they laughed about the 3DS, just wait until better exclusive games are launched and the price of the hardware is more affordable to the masses.



DarkNinja9 said:

just wait soon we will be talking about the same subject just a sony or ms console

if the companies knew there consoles wouldnt be any good or it was the last one cuz it was going to fail then they wouldnt be putting any effort no more or money in that case yet we are seeing the opposite from all 3 companies ppl need to wait and stop judging



JSuede said:

@Koto Until graphene or quantum computing become the norm. Either of those will absolutely rock the gaming world. Graphene being an atom thick and hardly having any electrical resistance (unlike silicon) means transfer speeds of data are astronomical. Wireless data transfer rates of 100tbps.....holy cow.

And since it is just an atom thick, it can be placed even on a painted wall without anyone knowing. If the rumors about Nintendo's next console being a console/handheld hybrid (possibly similar to, but better than the Vita), graphene would be the way to go. It is also extremely inexpensive to produce....scientists built >100 graphene supercapacitors in under 30 minutes with a consumer grade LightScribe DVD burner. Nintendo REALLY needs to look into that. Imagine.....console grade graphics, streamed flawlessly to your TV, on the go, for $100 if that. Graphene supercpacitors also store just as much (or more) energy as a Li Ion battery, but can charge in seconds. The future is going to be AWESOME.

Anyway, gameplay will ALWAYS trump pure graphics. Killzone Shadow Fall looked pretty (not better than Crysis 3 at max, but I digress).....but it was still just.....Killzone. Horribly linear shooter with a story that is just like every other action movie imo. Not saying the PS4 won't have great games (I plan on buying one when the price is good and there are games), just that graphical showcases are just that.....showcases.



Drobotic said:

With games like Pikmin 3,LEGO City Undercover,and more coming soon,the Wii U can't fail.



Zodiak13 said:

I never know how to feel about these things. I love Nintendo, I probably can be called a fanboy, but yet console gaming doesn't grab my attention like it used to. I play my 3ds way more than any other system I own. All the games on the PS3 and 360 feel like more of the same. Heck it took Ni No Kuni on the PS3 for me to finally get one. Although I don't play my Wii or Wii U all the time, at least the games don't feel like everything else out there when I do. I've often wished that Nintendo would merge with someone (i.e. Microsoft), let them deal with the hardware and trends, and just let Nintendo make great games that innovate. I know Nintendo w/ anyone is considered sacralige by some, but I just want great games.



retro_player_22 said:

I say this once and I'll say it again, there ain't no way Nintendo is going third party let alone dropping out of the gaming market this soon. Even if their console failed to sell, Ninty still makes a ton of revenues from their IPs and handheld device. Until Reggie or Iwata walks up on stage at E3 and say "the Wii U is not our future" will we know that we could no longer leave luck to heaven.



MAB said:

11 hours and only up to post #125... I don't think these things are effective anymore



Zombie_Barioth said:

@Zodiak13 The problem with that is (I thnik) one of the reasons their games are so well made is because they design the hardware themselves. They decide what they want to do and design the hardware to handle it, so they know everything inside and out. If it was up to another company they'd likely try to design the hardware the way they want it and expect Nintendo to just deal with it, resulting in a dispute. Thats not to say they wouldn't benefit from partnering up with another company for other reasons.

Bet that wasn't the kind of response you were expecting, huh?



guest37 said:

@bofis uh, the POKEMON franchise and the gameboy kept nintendo alive during the N64 years. you are a fool if you think the N64 had any success against psx. it was nintendo's worst system outside of virtual boy which was an experiment.



AtomicToaster said:

It's just silly to say they're doomed after we saw the very same company turn 3ds around which had all the same problems at its launch! First party content will be great of course,I just want to see awesome third party stuff too!



miletich3 said:

First a sore loser sues Nintendo for $30M and now this. If the Wii U is the last home console, then I'll pray that Apple will buy Nintendo.



SKYW4LK3R said:

Wii U graphics WILL be better than current gen maybe not by far but it will take time to handle the hardware...



Gamercake said:

Simply put, when the 'big' games start rolling out, the Wii U will sell in bucket-loads this Christmas. And titles like LEGO City Undercover and PIKMIN 3 will also make an impact to Wii U sales. Also, let's face it, a super powerful console with no games is pretty useless. The Wii U will have a massive library of high quality titles throughout its lifetime.



Kohaku said:

Are there consoles anyway after this coming generation?
In 3 years cable is just as fast as glassfiber internet so in 6 years everyone can stream their games. You only pay a monthly fee and you can play all the games you want.



retro_player_22 said:

Virtual Boy didn't have any Zelda game and the Pokemon mini handheld line didn't have both and look what happen to them, failed and was never seen or remember ever again.



retro_player_22 said:

Well considering Microsoft and Sony are trying to turn their next Xbox 720 and PS4 into the next PC wannabe, the Wii U is the only system this gen that is still primarily just a console.



dananlau said:

I love my Wii U - thankfully I didn't grab some of the older ports like Mass Effect 3 and Assassins Creed 3 on my PS3 so have a lot to get through in addition to Mario, ZombieU etc.

I think this is all a little over the top and just boils down to games - the Wii U is a great console and if you've played it you will realise its definitely next gen.

That being said there's no reason for people to buy a games machine without any new games (!) - especially with big names due to come out on other last gen consoles, so the sooner Nintendo (and hopefully other devs) get a regular release schedule together I'm sure gamers will be quick to invest.



SneakyStyle said:

Nintendos like dubstep, it starts out slow n interesting, then just freaking booooooooms!!! hehe ''Dude .... Wait for it.....'' DOOF DOOF DOOF



LordessMeep said:

That comment from GamesTM reeks of ignorance. It's silly to predict the end of a console that hasn't had the chance to show off it's potential yet. I agree with @Tom's latter paragraph - the one about gamers being snobby. I am guilty of reverse snobbery myself. For example, the GamesTM comment clearly showcases the impression I have of these so called 'hardcore' gamers. Adding to that is the way they salivate over something like the PS4 (whose announcement trailer doesn't bother to show actual gameplay aside from some dancing thing using the PSMove) leads me to believe that they're more impressed by 'games' offering high quality graphics rather than actual games. I'm not saying that everyone is like that, but this is just what most of them seem like to me. :/

Regardless, the games for the Wii U haven't come yet, so it's really too early to tell. I said this before on another similar article but - the problem with the Wii U isn't now, it's after the games have released AND the console still isn't selling. Every console needs some time - look at the 3DS's drought. I managed to keep my interest in the system because I adapted late (Dec 2011, following the price drop) and I didn't own a DS before that - ergo, a whole lot of games. I believe the only game I brought at launch in 2012 was Pokemon White 2 (which was actually a DSi game).
Nintendo will bounce back - they've gotten past worse. In the mean time, they need a really good marketing campaign to spread awareness about the Wii U.



AyeHaley said:

It's the same with every new gen Nintendo hardware. I'm getting fed up with articles like this one cause its just feeding the trolls. Why is a site like this paying so much attention to those ? It's the same old story everytime and its making visiting a Nintendo-centric website less enjoyable. (Just my opinion!)



Realgamer4life said:

The WII U is more powerful than the 360 and ps3 and there next system will be more powerful than the ps4 and 720. Nintendo is smart they have set themselves up for future success. The Wii U is is actually not struggling with all things considered.

1. No marketing
2. No games
3. System issues
4. The economy is rough



SpaceApe said:

@Realgamer4life Maybe so but do you actually need more power for Mario and Zelda ? See my point ? It isn't just about being powerful it is about bringing good successful games to your console. Right now Nintendo doesn't have those kind of games because the Wii U isn't selling.



MadAdam81 said:

When DS & PSP were announced, respective fanboys announced that the other would fail. The "Ninty is doomed" statements are really no different, and are made by people who follow the directive that "controversy is cash", especially on news sites.
For those who follow wrestling, it's like the WWE fanboys who keep predicting that TNA wrestling will fail within a year - 11 years later, it's still doing quite well, and Nintendo will keep doing quite well too, and in 5 years Ninty still has a decent possibility of returning as market leaders.



AaronB said:

Even if Wii U sales continue to lag, at worst I see a GameCube-like scenario where there are a solid dozen absolute classic titles and Nintendo still managed to turn a profit, though smaller than they hoped.

With Nintendo's fat bank account, even if they had to eat every Wii U produced, they should be able to try at least one more console - probably something with heavy crossplay with their next-gen handheld given they merged the divisions. The only way they'd get out of consoles is if the entire console industry died - then we'd see appstore Mario.



kereke12 said:

Everyone here including myself, is getting ahead of themself. Nintendo, just released the consle it's bit annoying, really ill say it again give nintendo time. This the exact samething as when sony & microsoft released there consle. As for me in not even worry about it.



MarkyVigoroth said:

'Nintendo is doomed! vs. 'It prints money!'

I had been reading semi-conflicting reports from two 'video game hierophants': one said that Nintendo is underpowered and limiting potential (see the low strength that Wii has alongside how the FABULOUS graphics on the 3D Pokédex are not present in Pokémon X/Y, alongside how Nintendoo seems to focus on minigame collections, Rhythm Heaven being an example). Another said that Nintendoo is losing due to them wanting to force things THEIR way (for example, 3D Mario even when 2D obviously sells, or again, a puzzelda series when the better game was A Link to the Past), being 'artsy' instead of focusing on what others want. Neither were that good with the Nintendo Café (The second hierophant thought that the Nintendo Café 'gave up' by copying its competition with the GamePad. I forgot what the first hierophant said, but I think that the strength of the Nintnedo Café was also bashed.)

Myself, yet another video game hierophant, think that Nintendoo would be the one who will be the sole game provider eventually, given history.



8bitforever said:

@dragon_rider Their backwards compatibility will be the ability to steam PS3, maybe PS2 games, and even be able to play them on a Psvita (which I own). That is awesome because I know that Sony will get all the third party support out there. Gamecube was no different. No one supported it because of the stupid idea to make the games on those tiny discs, and Sony won that battle too. I love Nintendo but I agree that their direction is wrong. They are not making money off of the WiiU and they probably never will. The 3DS has good games, but the 3DSXL should have improved the resolution and made for a better experience, but yet again, Nintendo doesn't know how to upgrade their own devices and the 3DSXL just stretches the images. I have run out of patience and am moving on. I will still play some games on the 3DS, but lately my kids play it more than I do. They need to move in the direction of Sega and make their games for everyone else. Iwata is keeping the company from being successful at this point.



TheDreamingHawk said:

I'm not worried. Even if the wii U gets killed by the PS4, The 3DS is still selling very well, and that caused MORE Name confusion. I actually saw a gal in target the other day who tried the wii U demo station (You know, the "worthless one with no game demos?" It's not as worthless because of videos. :3) And she bought a basic bundle after finding out netflix was on it. When more appealing things are released, we'll see a soar in sales. Wii Fit U and lego city will probably be the systen sellers.



Ducutzu said:

Well, I have to say that has been surprisingly positive and understanding towards the Wii U so far. Unlike with the 3DS launch.



Osc-Sync said:

I find it ridiculous that people are already saying the Wii U is going to fail and that Nintendo are doomed! The Wii was stupidly popular, the DS was even more popular than that, the 3DS is selling quite well (especially in Japan), so there's no way Nintendo are doomed in that regards.

Plus, the Wii U is still a baby console, it's been out for 4 months...I wish these "critics" would understand that. In their opinion, if a console doesn't sell over a billion in a month, it's destined to fail. But the bad thing about this, is that everyone has started to think like that, so pretty soon, all the consoles will be considered obsolete.

My friend is constantly going on to me about how "the Wii U isn't next-gen, it's a catch up gen. It hasn't got much better graphical power than the PS3 and will be completely outshone by the PS4 when it comes out". But I think people forget that what we play, are called "videogame consoles", not "machines that can play; games, DVD's, Blu-Ray's, go on the internet, stream videos.."blah blah blah. Nintendo have, and always will be, the king of videogames.

Nintendo is a far from doomed as imaginable. Especially with the whole A-list games they have coming out; 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Smash Bros., Zelda (not 1, but 2), X, Bayonetta 2, Game and Wario, Pikmin, Wonderful 101, Dragon Quest X, Retro's mysterious game...and how many of these are exclusives? Oh yeah! All of them!

Critics just need to get off Nintendo's back. No matter how many times they say they're doomed and going to fail, it never happens.



sadsack777 said:

sick to death of ppl saying the wii u is doomed as i can say it is sill here and being played but must i say bringing good successful games to the wii u instead
of takeing them away would be big success for nintendo but ps4 xbox720 dont want that to happen game developer arebeing paid to make just for ps4 and xbox720 nintendo its time to kick there back side now before its to late



ado said:

This website is going down the tubes with all the articles like this...all doom and gloom.try getting some decent news on here.



retro_player_22 said:

1. There are no such thing as "no one support the GameCube" considering the GameCube itself also had a fair amount of great titles, that includes classic like Baten Kaitos, Tales of Symphonia, WWE Day of Reckoning 2, Resident Evil 4, Skies of Arcadia Legends, Lost Kingdoms, Eternal Darkness among many other greats.

2. The 3DS is selling briskly now and with tons of game coming as well as those already being released, both physically and digitally.

3. The 3DS XL is not an upgrade, just an alternative for players who prefer wider viewing perspective and had larger hands over the smaller original.

4. It's only four months into the Wii U lifespan and it sells more units than both to the Xbox 360 and PS3 during their same launch period. Give it the same treatment as any launch lineup and we could see some awesome titles coming soon too.

5. You have kids means you're an adult now, adult's taste in gaming is different from kids and Nintendo made games according to their target audience, they don't just make games that only you like, they make games for everyone to enjoy, for every rated E titles like Mario, Pokemon, and Zelda, there's some rated T titles in there too like Xenoblade Chronicles, Fire Emblem: Awakening, and Metroid Prime.



kakah said:

It doesn't help when G@me is selling games for £60 when the equivalent game on the other consoles are £35-40.

Furthermore, releasing games which people have bought on pc,ps3 or xbox at much higher prices don't help. I think the people (inc myself) who have purchased wii u early on will likely have another console/pc and would have played these some time ago.

Nintendo needs to:
1. lower the price to £199/250 for the respective models;
2. better marketing (i don't think I have seen any marketing in fact); and
3. more exclusive/interesting games like lego ciity undercover, nfsmw. They need to work with external teams to ensure they have capacity to produce enough software.

BTW mii verse is great but it needs to be more in your face and not hidden away e.g. on start up have your feeds come up on the tv instead of those miis surrounding various titles people are playing (it's good but need to have choice_).



KAHN said:

games are what sell systems. i bought my Wii U in hopes that games would come out in the future. as for the launch titles, every new system always has crappy launch titles.



Kage_88 said:

Did you guys hear? The power of the Wii is the same as the Gamecube's!

THIS is on top of the ridiculous, idiotic name of the machine.

What the hell is wrong with Nintendo? The GCN was a flop...and now THIS?

Do they WANT to become 3d party? Sure, the DS bounced back from a rough start... but lightning can't strike twice. Mark my words, the Wii will mark the death of Nintendo.



jayblue said:

mario kart ,new mario,new zelda these games cant be played on xbox or ps3 thats why i own the three consoles,and will get the next two as well there a thing called saving for the things you gamepad are u mad gamepad is what makes the games stand out,xbox and ps4 both will copy gamepad as its the way to go.



Araknie said:

The Gamecube sold poorly, but everybody now punches it's own head for not having it.
I agree with a C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker of the three of your opinions: it's early, it's early, it's early.
I been two months with no games, that's simply why it's not selling, it's starting today with Lego City.

If people wanna get creative games they want Nintendo, always will be this way.
In 2012 Nintendo bought the Fatal Frame and Bayonetta franchise, they have big plans, i'm sure of it.



AugustusOxy said:

And a lot of people thought the PS3 was going to run sony under, it didn't. Also, people forget, nintendo pretty much dominated last generation's sales up until here recently. I think people like to open their mouths about this crap because they think they understand the industry.

But if you had told me, say, twenty years ago that Sega was going to lose out to sony and that nintendo was going to discontinue the gameboy in exchange for a 2 screened system and it was going to destroy everything esle in the market, I would have laughed at you.

The wii-u has longevity. When developers can't afford to make games for the PS4 or the third xbox, they'll turn to nintendo. Just how its going to be.



Luffy said:

4 Million units sold world wide in 4 months. not bad at all for a launch.



StarDust4Ever said:

N64, Game Cube, Wii, heck even the original NES, all had "Doom and Gloom" predictions. Nintendo persevered. Top Dog or Underdog, Nintendo will survive and it will be business as usual. Nothing to see here. Move along...



krunchykhaos said:

One: 360 Hardware? Please. Its maybe one step lower than the ps4, graphically.
Two: I'm interested to see the age of half of you commenting. If you weren't old enough to play the SNES and coherently remember it, you shouldn't be commenting and create a facade of nintendo intelligence.
Three: Classified info is a biznitch isn't it? We have no idea what Nintendo has planned. Within ignorance comes speculation which in turn creates madness. However, history has shown that in the midst of chaos humanity has made the greatest strides. (Dumb version): back a beast like nintendo into a wall and you will regret it.

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