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Sun 2nd Dec 2012

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WrongChops commented on Video: FAST Racing NEO's Hero Mode Melts Furth...:

Why does your vehicle only get the traffic lights drone things though? Only a small thing but that will bug me. I'll have to devise an elaborate back story to explain why this is so, otherwise the game's universe is already broken.



WrongChops commented on GAME Confirms Shovel Knight amiibo:

Pre-ordered mine this morning. GAME overcharge when compared to Nintendo store but totally worth it in this case. Will just cancel if found cheaper elsewhere in the meantime.

That trailer is great!



WrongChops commented on Those Yoshi's Woolly World Yarn amiibo Are Up ...:

Game itself is 25 quid to pre-order on Gameseek. Looking at a shade over 40 quid in total if you want to make your own +amiibo order by shopping around. That's decent if you want to take a punt on the game and plan ahead.



WrongChops commented on Animal Crossing Helped This Artist Get Through...:


What a horribly insensitive and thoughtless comment to make.

I've had chemotherapy and don't consider myself stupid. My cancer is in remission due to the choice I made. To call anyone stupid who has had to undergo such a horrific treatment is ignorant beyond words.

If cherries truly 'cured' cancer then I'm fairly certain it would be common practice by now. I would never recommend anyone decline the treatment recommended to them by their Doctor when it could ultimately end in death. If you ever have the misfortune of knowing someone who has cancer I'd keep your opinions to yourself. I can't repeat what I would have said if someone had come to me extolling the virtues of cherries when I was first diagnosed.

On a lighter note, Metroid Prime Pinball was my game of choice at the time.



WrongChops commented on Nintendo Download: 1st January (Europe):

Was so close to ordering Shovel Knight in order to top up my premium points before the cut off. Thought I'd wait it out in the hope of a discount and use my voucher for a future purchase. Alas, a week later and I'll be able to pick it up for much cheapness.



WrongChops commented on Nintendo Reveals New Wii U Footage and Details...:

Looking great. Some zoomed in videos on YouTube now which are helpful. Need to sort out the collision detection on the hood/shield. If we're not having horses running into trees I don't want to see fabric moving through wood. Other than that, I want the game inside me.



WrongChops commented on Wii U UK Price Reaches New Low As HMV Slashes ...:

Makes me feel sad that I've not had my faith rewarded after getting the console at launch, especially given that I did the same with the 3ds. I really thought Nintendo would have learned from their mistakes on that one, they certainly gave the impression that they had. It's 3 months later now and where are the games? It baffles me how little effort Nintendo are putting into making this console's 'launch window' a success. No marketing and a distinct lack of confirmed release dates for key titles only gives me the impression that they rushed the launch in order to be first to the punch. It seems really short-sighted and just means that anyone who feels stung in the pocket like myself will be much less inclined to buy any future console at launch. At least with the 3ds we got some free games out of it. These latest cuts weren't even instigated by them so the likelihood is we'll get nothing.

I have no doubt that the console will ultimately prove it's worth when e big-hitters arrive. I just feel a bit stupid for getting caught up in the pre-launch hype and paying full whack to play what has amounted to a couple of decent games (not really interested in any of the ports, already have a 360). Take note Nintendo; making your customer-base feel stupid isn't good marketing strategy.



WrongChops commented on Talking Point: The Pros and Cons of a Wii U Pr...:

I'd still feel like a bit of a chump if they went the price reduction/ambassador route, especially given the noise Nintendo made about 'learning from their mistakes'. That being said, fetting F-Zero for 30p has been a nice little bonus for joining the party (too) early. Make the Earthbound games part of the ambassador programme and you'll appease most of the hardcore Nintendophiles.

On a more realistic note though, I think a revised marketing strategy is the key. I think Nintendo Land is the U's main system seller but all I've seen on (UK) TV are poorly executed ZombiU ads that don't give a good insight into the system's key features. Nintendo Land does this and when I've had people round to play it they understand, they enjoy and it gets them interested in Wii U. Saying it needs more games is fine but they need to kickstart things now.



WrongChops commented on Wii Mini Shifts 35,700 Units in Canada:

This will be one of those things that I know I should buy for collectors value, that will end up being worth a lot more in future, but that I don't buy and later regret. If I had money to spare I'd take a punt, but would leave it on the box.



WrongChops commented on Feature: Reimagining The Wind Waker on Wii U:

I've tried to play through this game twice, both when it originally came out and again more recently and on both occasions have not been able to find the patience to see it through to the end. I just find the sailing fetch quests far too cumbersome and patience-trying to persevere with, which soured my experience and gave me little motivation to return. I am a huge fan of wind-waker outside of this issue, but its a fairly sizeable gameplay element that I think sours the experience and detracts from what is, up to a point, a magical game. I hope they do some streamlining and make this part of the game much smoother, then maybe I can see it through to the end next time around!



WrongChops commented on Balloon Fight On Wii U Reportedly Running At 5...:

Silly move by Nintendo but still worth 30p whichever way you cut it. I've never played the NTSC version so have no frame of reference. Wouldn't have known any different had it not been for this article and it plays fine to me. This is the version available to me and it cost less than a pint of milk. Sold! I still own a PAL NES so I must be accustomed to the missing 17%.



WrongChops commented on Review: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (...:

Anyone got any insights on the controls for this game? Is motion control optional and if so, what is everyone's preferred method? I still enjoy the novelty of tilt-driving and I'm getting this game soom, so your thoughts would be appreciated.



WrongChops commented on Amazon Distributes Nintendo Land Codes For Mis...:

Arrived with the copy of Nintendo Land today. I'm a happy camper.

Ordered from Zavvi on 18th September, they missed release date and couldnt tell me when it arrived. Ordered from Amazon on Sunday andnit arrived in 2 days. So much for forward planning.



WrongChops commented on Amazon Distributes Nintendo Land Codes For Mis...:

Had another email from Amazon. They've said that they're unable to confirm whether my inbound WiiU will have a copy of the game. The console was dispatched on Sunday, after they would have been aware of the issue, so this response makes things all the more puzzling. I would have thought they'd be checking to make sure once the games were in there. Oh well...the plot thickens.



WrongChops commented on Amazon Distributes Nintendo Land Codes For Mis...:

I ordered from Amazon on Sunday and emailed ahead of delivery to see if they were now checking all Premium packs before dispatch. I also said that I would not be happy with a download code should my WiiU come without Nintendo Land.

Thet have since emailed back saying that I can order a copy of the game and they will give me a full refund. This doesn't actually answer whether they've solved the isssue outright however, but at least I know I can get a physical copy of the game if worst comes to worst.



WrongChops commented on Some Euro Wii U Buyers Reporting A Distinct La...:

Hi all. First post from a long time reader/lurker.

Tought I'd chip in with some information on my ongoing WiiU'mare. Long story short I pre-ordered from Zavvi on 18th September yet they somehow found a way to not send me out my basic package due to a 'technical issue' (not having enough stock or any clue when more would arrive). In my blind rage I ordered a premim from Amazon who dispatched today. My heart sank when I remembered seeing this story though and then plummeted further when I realised it was Amazon who were sending out Premiums sans-Land.

Anyhoo, I've contacted Amazon for some information on the situation in the hope that they've been checking all Premium bundles prior to dispatch after being made aware of this issue. Once I hear from them I will post an update.