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I'm back!

Male, 32, Canada

Game collector since 1998 and I'm from Quebec Canada.I speak french and english.

Mon 3rd Dec 2012

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SKYW4LK3R commented on Nintendo Still Seeking a Product to Define the...:

I think they should bundle a classic controller pro with every Wii U! That way the system would have multiplayer potential right out the box and developers could make stabdard controlled games with the gamepad as a cool add on feature...



SKYW4LK3R commented on Poll: Nintendo and the Wii U Fight For Your At...:

Lately I heard WAAAAAYYY too many peoples complaining about the size of the "hard drive" inside the Wii U ... I think that Nintendo should sell a Nintendo branded hard drive because the average consumer seems to think that they're stuck with 8 or 32go... You can plug a 2TB hard drive!!!



SKYW4LK3R commented on Talking Point: With Calls for Nintendo to Foll...:

They should at least develop a media player capable of playing Mp3, MP4 and pictures, and a party chat feature similar to Xbox Live. These features have become standard...Even the Wii had a picture app that played mp3s...



SKYW4LK3R commented on The Nintendo 3DS Celebrates its Two Year Anniv...:

I think that after 2 years they should start releasing more apps like a decent YouTube app or a full fledged web browser could come in handy. On the games side I think that quality and quantity are delivered perfectly and they show no signs of decrease in game releases...



SKYW4LK3R commented on GPU Images Reveal Wii U Graphical Power:

I think Nintendo's strategy is to optimize last gen graphics and give us something unique to play with instead of just upgrading the overall system specs... And to my knowledge their strategy works very well!



SKYW4LK3R commented on Review: Zen Pinball 2 (Wii U eShop):

I'm absolutely ADDICTED to zen pinball and I want it NOW for North America please make it happen ASAP! Thanks! And maybe some other tables on 3ds if possible, that would be cool!



SKYW4LK3R commented on Wii U Software Sales Are "Struggling":

DLC? For NSMBU? When???? Also I'm really enjoying the web browser and apps like miiverse and the general user interface so I just bought one game considering Metroid,Zelda,Smash Bros etc. are all day one purchase so I need to make clever choices in order to have the money in due time...