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Pachter: "I think Nintendo becomes completely irrelevant"

Posted by Damien McFerran

Outspoken analyst casts doubt on Nintendo and Wii U's third party appeal

Michael Pachter - Managing Director of Wedbush Securities and someone who can always be relied on to stir up emotions - has made some interesting comments regarding Nintendo at the Digital Game Monetization Summit in San Francisco.

Speaking mainly about the state of the games industry as he sees it, Pachter focused on a wide range of topics, two of which were Nintendo and its new Wii U console.

He stated that he was unsure about the long-term future of third party support for the fledgling system:

I think you're going to see now with the Wii U, notwithstanding its early launch support, nobody's going to support it. I don't think we're going to see every game on the Wii U next year. I think when next-gen consoles come out they're going to be better than the Wii U. Call of Duty is amazing on the Wii U this year. The problem with playing Call of Duty online is it's a community and if there's only four people playing it on the Wii U it's no fun. Nobody in their right mind would buy a Wii U and say 'I'm going to play Call of Duty.' That's like saying 'I gave up Facebook, and it's Google+ now'.

Later in his presentation, Pachter turned his attention to Nintendo itself, communicating his opinion that Nintendo's once-dominant grip on the industry has weakened as other platforms have increased in popularity:

I think Nintendo becomes completely irrelevant. They have their niche, Nintendo's first-party content is great content, and hardcore people will keep buying their consoles, but they're not going to only play with Nintendo consoles.

Other topics covered were Zynga's spectacular fall from grace and Activision's decision to make Call of Duty's online element free to play - something which Pachter feels is a costly mistake given the massive subscription revenues earned by games like World of Warcraft.

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Onion said:

I think Michael Pachter becomes completely irrelevant. Oh wait, he was never relevant.



Birdman said:

Before we all get mad here, keep in mind this is Patcher we're talking about. Has he ever been positive about Nintendo?



tardis10 said:

I tire of Pachter. I feel like he says these things just for the sake of saying inflammatory things.
Either way - he gets paid for his opinions and I don't.



shingi_70 said:

Eh I disagree with the completly irelavnt part but I do agree that I'll probably never go with just a nintendo console again.



shingi_70 said:


But the 3DS is doing below expectations in all markets expect Japan. The 3DS and Vita are both losing ground to mobile games.



theblackdragon said:

he's no better than any other cold-reading 'psychic' phony out there IMO; a chicken pecking at symbols on the ground would probably be right as many times as this guy has been in his lifetime. i wonder how long it'll be before investors wise up and realize that they're better off going with their own gut instincts and in-house research on these issues instead of listening to him.

i just wish he'd stay off the topic of Nintendo so that i didn't have to see his name popping up all the time.



KingDunsparce said:

Well, at least he said it had great first party content. I'm hoping third party support stays for a while though.



NintyMan said:

Rather amusing statement he made there. I've learned to ignore him like the devil.



Damo said:

It's worth pointing out that during his talk at the summit, he said some equally negative things about other companies. But then that's his job - he's there to tell investors where to put their money so they make the most cash. As it stands, Pachter is right in that the video games industry is not a great place to invest your spare dollars right now.



frnroj said:

Only 4 people from more than 400,000 are going to play Call of Duty? This is an absurd analysis.



rayword45 said:

He's gonna keep making predictions until one is right.

He needs to use words like "It's a risky investment" rather then saying "Nintendo is going down like the Titanic!"



Chunky_Droid said:

I don't understand the 4 people playing CODBLOPSII? I haven't played it so is it like only 4 people can play online at once, or is he just being a bit of a douche about it?



SteveW said:

Call of Duty is all about online play? huh? I never play those online!



Damo said:

@Chunky_Droid He's exaggerating, but yeah, the online figures for Wii U COD are low. But then this is a new system with a small install base, so that's bound to be the case.



Chunky_Droid said:

@Damo: Fair enough, it's like some other site I saw once that said CODBLOPSII was doomed on the Wii U because only 50 or so people were playing it online at one time worldwide. This was on day one of the American release, so yeah, as if anyone'd be playing it on a launch title online at that point in time, plus the fact that they used worldwide figures when only America actually had the console.



Jaz007 said:

If CoD made people pay continuously to play online like WoW then they could easily lose most people who don't play games very often or people who play alot of other games as well as CoD and most potential new customers for playing the game. The fact that Activision made CoD elite free further proves my point as well. The CoD comment and other past predictions make kind of doubt his abilty to do his job in the game industry. @Stevew CoD' online is big part of the deal for most poeple.



ThreadShadow said:

Nice Christmas touch to your avatar!

About the article. It's funny, because I just bought a Vita and a 3DS XL, and next summer will be the twenty year anniversary of me buying a SNES, so I'll buy a Wii U to celebrate. But, I'm done, especially with Sony and MS. One reason is their increasingly anti-consumer behaviour. But I'm not going to get a PS4 or an Xbox 720. I'm going Nintendo-centric again at the least. To sum up; I think people would consider me a "hardcore" gamer, and I'm getting a Wii U and nothing else of the next generation. So there...



AlmightyDerek said:

For clarification Black Ops Wii U tends to have between 300 and 1500 people online at a time. It has been growing every few days though. Obviously not a ton of people have Wii Us yet so the install base can't be super high. Although as long as their are at least 600 people online there are enough to play all the modes fine.



Chunky_Droid said:

@turtlelink, yes, for established consoles that have been on the market for 6 years.

Figures for a CoD on launch day one that coincides with the launch of the console that it is on, competing with the likes of Mario and ZombiU, then factor in that Black Ops II was available I believe 12 days prior to the Wii U launch on the other established consoles means that the Wii U version wasn't going to have strong figures on day one, and that it's unreasonable to expect it to.

As @AlmightyDerek pointed out the figure is growing every day.



shingi_70 said:

Why are people taking his COD comment as being literal. He means that the playerbase on the Wii U is lower than what will be on the PS3/360. The Wii U version doesn't really have anything that makes it a big selling point compared to the last gen (360/PS3) versions like the 360 had with Call of Duty 2. Wiimote controls would be enough for me but lacking content from the other versions (DLC support, nuketown). The same thing could be said about franchises like madden and fifa.

Why are people taking his COD comment as being literal. He means that the playerbase on the Wii U is lower than what will be on the PS3/360. The Wii U version doesn't really have anything that makes it a big selling point compared to the last gen (360/PS3) versions like the 360 had with Call of Duty 2. Wiimote controls would be enough for me but lacking content from the other versions (DLC support, nuketown). The same thing could be said about franchises like madden and fifa.



C7_ said:

This man is given credibility not through his predictions (Always wrong and always against Nintendo), but through people posting his nonsense on the internet. Please stop quoting him and calling it "news", it only adds to all the hate, and if people stop giving him face as an investor but rather what he is, then he'll lose all of his fake credibility.

What is he? A troll who gets paid to make predictions with no evidence to back it up.



Ryno said:

I'm only going to "only play on Nintendo consoles" from here on out. To many other great things in life besides video games.



C-Olimar said:

@Sony_70 That's not what Happy Mask was saying at all. Patcher predicted that the Vita would annihilate the 3DS. He was wrong. In Japan, USA and Europe 3DS beats Vita.

Do you also have data that proves the 3DS is losing ground to mobile phones? If you do then great, because the last graph I saw proved that the 3DS is currently selling in line with the GBA and DS.



TanookiMike said:

Nintendo could probably rock the handheld market, should they decide to follow that path (and not get wrecked by mobile platforms).



Hokori said:

I agree no one would buy a WiiU just for COD, but I play ninty for ninty games not some overrated war simulater, if I wanna play COD I go to my friends house and PWN! But Nintendo is ment for mii tyme. Patchers irrelevant and I gotta wonder what he thinks about these types of comments



TrueWiiMaster said:

We'll see what the other next gen consoles bring. I doubt they'll be as powerful as Pachter apparently thinks they'll be. Either way, at the moment I guess I'm just an exception, as a "hardcore" person who will most likely stick to just the Wii U this gen.



C-Olimar said:

From what I've seen on Miiverse community numbers, CoD is one of the best selling launch titles. There's the big 3 (Ninty Land, Mario, ZombiU[mature games won't sell on Wii U herp de derp]) and then I think CoD is 4th or 5th.



AVahne said:

Too bad Pachter has been irrelevant for several years now. At least with his prediction, it means Nintendo will be getting TONS of support.



Obywan said:

lol, I love it when Pachter says something. Not because I agree with him (quite the opposite just like his predictions) but because I enjoy the aftermath xD



gohanrage said:

I watch his show on Gametrailers. its like hes being paid by everyone except Nintendo. I am real sick of him. praising SONY and MICROSOFT. yet everything Nintendo does is CRAP in his opinion.



RupeeClock said:

@Tomatoboxer Because it makes for great comment section chatter.
Everyone knows he's wrong anyway.

Which reminds me, Pachter sat down with Reggie following the E3 conference this year and talked about the Wii U, I think Reggie even had a unit alongside him.



ueI said:

"I think Nintendo becomes completely irrelevant. They have their niche"

Isn't this a contradiction?



Gigagator said:

Every comment I've read on this article shoots Michael Pachter down in flames, but regrettably, I think he could be right. We already know a fair few third party developers are not bringing their games to Wii U for various reasons, because they can't work around this 'weak CPU' for example.

I don't think the next systems from Sony and/or Microsoft will be as 'Wow' as people think. I hear rumours that the next system from Microsoft has a 1.6Ghz CPU, which sounds about right when you take into consideration the advances that have been made in CPU architecture in the last half a decade. But despite all this, its inevitable that the competition will be more powerful than Wii U.

Im a big Nintendo fan and preordered my Wii U and I absolutely love it, but Nintendo make decisions that will put off third party developers. I think people should pay some attention to the mistakes that Nintendo do make. They need to move a little further away from the casual gamer market then they have done. It will do them wonders.



rippedwhiteguy said:

Pachter is a fanboy for anything NOT nintendo. He is a graphics whore and probably still believes the Vita will beat 3ds. He is an old man that doesn't understand the industry anymore. Everything he says becomes less and less relevant every week



krunchykhaos said:

Well Epic, gearbox, crytek, and square enix beg to differ sir. If gearbox, as a third party developer saying aliens is the best on the wiiu, succeeds there will be no excuse from third party guys.



ShadJV said:

Pachter, go away. Go focus on your clients, not doomsday prophecies to gamers.



Trikeboy said:

What does Patcher think the next offering from Sony or Microsoft is going to be? Playstation is basically the same since it first appeared. The graphics and processor just got a better. The same with Xbox. They do have excellent online bases for games but the recent online pass thing is going to turn people off. Sony's venture into hand held gaming was just putting the PS2 into a hand held case. They then copied Nintendo by adding touch screen for the Vita.

Nintendo do have a lot to prove since in history, 3rd party support of decent games isn't the strongest moments of Nintendo hardware. However, I think they are going in the right direction with WiiU. Bringing big names in for the launch was brilliant. Assassins Creed, Mass Effect, Arkham City are huge names, it's just a shame they are late to the party. Patcher is being a bit presumptuous, Wii U still hasn't launched worldwide yet and games are still to be released.



krunchykhaos said:

Well i disagree on a couple things. One: the "inevitability" of the next consoles being noticeably stronger has yet to be seen and what i've personally seen so far isn't impressive. (As far as gaming goes). The way the WiiU is built may as well put it on a higher visual level. I've heard reliable sources say that it is going to support UR4 and cryengine 3 (at a higher level than the current gens are) we can than Retro for that. Everything i've seen seems to point to Retro saving the WiiU for hardcore games. At the very least it will bring the gaming market to a preference level instead of a "MY SYSTEM IS MORE POWERFUL" level.



RevolverLink said:

Pachter and the reactions he inspires are always good for a cheap laugh; he's just such a fantastic troll.



GuardianKing said:

And the previous post on this website was, and I quote:

"3DS continues to decimate the competition in Japan" with the tagline "Nintendo's handheld outsells all other platforms by more than 2.5 times"

I don't think you know the meaning of irrelevant Pachter. I don't give a crap if I accidentaly spelled your name wrong. You are worthless.



Vampire-Jekyll said:

He is right about something. Not many CoD fans are going to convert to a different platform to play. But you know who will convert? Mario fans. Wii fans. Mario Kart, Zelda, and Donkey Kong fans. Kirby fans, Mario Party fans, Super Smash Bros., Metroid, and Animal Crossing fans. Heck, probably even Pokemon fans. Regardless of whether the 3rd party support continues, the Wii U (and 3DS) will continue to be the only destination for many of these hot franchises.



TsunamiSensei said:

Crawl back into the primordial ooze Patcher, but feel free to complain about Nintendo to the other devolved organisms.



CrazyOtto said:

"I was going to get a Wii U, but nevermind after I read everything Micheal Patcher said about it, nevermind." — Nobody



AugustusOxy said:

Does anyone else remember the fact that Pachter has been wrong about everything for the last five years? He predicted that the public would pay up to six hundred dollars for the 3DS and that it would be an instant success. He predicted that Playstation Move and Kinnect would run nintendo out of business. He predicted a Sony buyout of capcom... does anyone remember all the bullfrogging he did?



CyberNature said:

I honestly don't care if the Wii U doesn't get super strong third-party support. I'm getting a Wii U for the same reason I get all my Nintendo systems: So I can play Nintendo's superb first-party franchises, and the OCCASIONAL third-party gem.



Jaco said:

It bugs me so much every time I hear or see comment from this guy. He has been wrong so many times, why do people still go to him for his analysis? Do they just wan't a laugh?



hamispink said:

I'm at the point now that I hope the Wii U doesn't get third party support. I'd like to see Nintendo be a third party publisher for ALL platforms. I say that because Nintendo hasn't released a system since the SNES that didn't have at LEAST one major flaw. I appreciate that Nintendo is trying to bring something different to the table, but I just haven't been motivated to use their systems for anything other than Nintendo games, and them becoming third party would save me some cash.



9th_Sage said:

Time will tell how much of a success WiiU is, but at least as far as I"m concerned, they're doing something INTERESTING. I mean, I guess it will be great if Durango and Orbis are more powerful than their predecessors, but I feel like that's way less interesting than it used to be. It's not like the leap from NES to SNES any more you know?



Korbin64 said:

Pachter didn't play cops and robbers; he played lawyer as a kid, and audited his parents.
Then he became part of a dating service... and changed his name to G8R for some reason...
And then he chose the safest job he could think of; a fake one!



Korbin64 said:

@hamispink :If they became third party they would go against what they stood for... QUALITY games on THEIR consoles so that they have the creative liberty to make beautiful games instead of stupid ones like COD (Good graphics doesn't make for a game with long-lasting appeal).



Bankai said:

NintendoLife has an amazing number of analysts that visit it, who know more about markets and investment than Michael Pachter, who works for one of the most successful Securities firms in the world.

That or it has a lot of armchair experts. Not sure which.

Actually, that's a lie. I know which.



LztheQuack said:

@OnionOverlord I have to side with WhiteKnight on this one. Nintendo is not as dominant as it used to be in previous generations, so how is Pachter wrong? Are you able to see into the future?

Also, guess what guys, he was wrong about the 3DS's success in its first months (he actually praised it ya know)!! >:3



Bankai said:

That's right. To be an analyst it's not like you have to do years of tertiary education and then work for years before you'll be given a portfolio to look after. And then it's not like you have to be an expert in financial markets and business to get a job at a firm with the kind of prestige that Wedbush Securities has.

Nah. You just need to use common sense. Why, given how much money an analyst at a Securities firm earns, I'm going to go be one RIGHT NOW

BTW - generally armchair experts use that "common sense" excuse because they don't understand enough about what they're criticising to properly demonstrate their point.

I look forward to you proving to me that you're not an armchair expert by offering extensive research and data that demonstrates that Pachter's predictions for the Wii U are incorrect. It'll be expensive for you - the kind of data that Pachter has access to is going to cost you thousands if not millions



Onion said:

None of that has anything to do with how right or wrong someone is. You can be the most educated person in the world, but that wouldn't change anything if 90% of your "predictions" over the last 5 years have been dead wrong and made a mockery of your credibility.



Bankai said:

@OnionOverlord Can you prove that 90% of Pachters analysis and predictions are wrong?

Nah, of course not. To you all Pachter does is once every couple of months say something "Anti Nintendo."

I would love to have Pachter's job. Apparently all he does is one or two hours of work a week.

And BTW, my point had more to do with this: if you're not an expert yourself how the heck can you criticise the experts? I sincerely doubt that you understand how markets work, and therefore I sincerely doubt you understand why Pachter is making the predictions he is making. If you don't understand what Pachter is doing, why do you think you can criticise him on the basis of a single sentence that he said?



ajcismo said:

Why does Pachter hate so much? Its almost as if he goes out of his way to be as negative as possible. I never hear him actually state any facts either, its all outlandish opinion. Whatever, he served his purpose and got me to read his stupid story and comment on it. I need to learn when I see the name "Pachter", to just look away.



LztheQuack said:

@ajcismo It's because fanboys only care when he bashes Nintendo. Funny thing is he actually praises Nintendo for certain things from time to time



fortius54 said:

Just look at him everyone. He probably has no real idea about video games period.



sinalefa said:

Pachter criticizes Nintendo, Damo publishes it in Nintendo Life, lots of people comment on the article, criticizing Pachter. The usual couple defend him.

Rinse and repeat ad nauseum



TysonOfTime said:

Isn't that the only time that any of us consumers really care about market analysts? When they make statements that get to us?

I doubt none of us, save for the odd few like @WhiteKnight truly care about the logistics behind it, and just react because Nintendo is some kind of "perfect being", and talk that it is not is inexcusable.

Am I right? If not, am I close?



gundam00 said:

...hardcore people will keep buying their consoles, but they're not going to only play with Nintendo consoles

What's wrong with that? Hasn't it been that way since the beginning? I owned a Nintendo alongside Sega and Playstation. Why is it bad when a Nintendo owner buys an Xbox to play Halo, but it's okay for an Xbox owner to buy a Nintendo to play Mario?

The problem with playing Call of Duty online is it's a community and if there's only four people playing it on the Wii U it's no fun.

Perhaps, COD should make their community universal so Wii U owners can multi-play with Xbox owners. Why segregate your online community into console communities?



Pierceton said:

i agree with some of the things he said but to say that Nintendo will become irrelevant is kind of out there to me because even if the Wii had low third party support it still sold over 90 million consoles. Even if they are just running off of first party games doesn't make them irrelevant the only other company in the "console war" that has near the first party content that Nintendo does is Sony and most Sony titles aren't nearly as well known or beloved as Nintendo's, not saying Sony doesn't has a lot of quality content some of it just isn't AS WELL KNOW. So consumers will buy other consoles for other experiences that is almost always going to happen as long as there are multiple consoles.



Onion said:


I can, but nothing that you would accept, since you're clearly some kid of Michael Pachter fan. I could detail quite a large list of current failed predictions. In fact, I think I'll do just that, complete with sources.

-Price of Xbox Live doubling
<a rel="external" href=""></a>

-"Platinum" Membership for Xbox Live
<a rel="external" href=""></a>

-Release date of GTA V (way off the mark on this one quite badly, and even back-peddaled and changed his prediction when it was wrong)
<a rel="external" href=""></a>
<a rel="external" href=""></a>

-Wrong Kinect pricing

-Claim about this being the "last generation of consoles" is particularly hilarious considering we're now entering the Wii U and Vita.
<a rel="external" href=""></a>

-Wrong multiple times about release dates, mergers, and other bits of information including his claim that Sony would buyout Capcom.

-Claim that Call of Duty is a failure, despite being a huge hit in sales. His logic being that because they didn't charge for online, they're losing money. A claim I laugh at, considering that people already pay fees for Xbox Live and would most likely refuse to pay an additional fee just to play Call of Duty.
<a rel="external" href=""></a>

-Gamers are somehow unaware of a recession despite it being otherwise global knowledge
<a rel="external" href=""></a>

-Setting of AC2
<a rel="external" href=""></a>

-"Nintendo is Doomed" comment in regards to the iOS market (I think we all know this one is wrong)
<a rel="external" href=""></a>

I could honestly go on forever with this. The only thing I agree with Pachter on is that GTA V probably will one of the best selling games, but that isn't much of a prediction.



theblackdragon said:

@gundam00: I can see the logic behind the segregation, actually — if the game plays differently in the online version depending on which console you're using (and thus which control schemes are available), that can give some users an unfair advantage over others. it's better to level the playing field in that respect IMO.



Nintenjoe64 said:

@Chunky_Droid I've seen up to 1,200 players online and I've been on twice since I got the U.

I don't think that is too bad compared to the other consoles considering the PS/360 have 100x the consoles out there at the mo and every wii u owner is still having fun with lots of other games too as it is launch window time.



Bankai said:

@OnionOverlord I love how I become a "Pachter fan" as though that's a dirty word simply because I ask you to be accountable for your own actions.

I'm not a fan of Pachter, and I'm not emotionally involved in this discussion in any way. What I care about is accuracy.

Here's the thing: not a single article there is proof of anything. Pachter's job is to observe market trends, sales data, the broader economic environment and then provide guidance about the health of companies and the industry they exist within.

Companies don't always perform as expected. That doesn't invalidate the assessments that Pachter makes for the customers he works for (investors). His job is to advise on what he expects to happen next. Whether his predictions actually come "true" or not is largely irrelevant to his job.

Since you don't seem to understand what the job of an analyst actually is (or understand that Pachter's comments are not really there for your benefit, unless you're a market investor), then, again, you're not qualified to comment on whether Pachter is good at his job or not.



ogo79 said:

heeey smart-guy, i bet i know more about retro games than anyone you have ever known in your entire life. i crap pixelated turds



TysonOfTime said:

So would the best thing to do just be not to report on his market analyses anymore? Would that cease all this clear confusion of what we don't fully grasp?
Not being sarcastic or snarky BTW, genuinely asking if that would be best.



Slapshot said:

I've read his entire commentary and he had some good point in several different aspects - especially his prospects on the future of digital gaming. I think he's dead-on that the next consoles from Microsoft and Sony will ship with 1-2 Terabyte Hard Drives. As always though, it's the few statements he makes that gets all the talk.



Bankai said:

@TysonQ7 - I think the games press can do a better job in explaining where Pachter's analysis is coming from. See, the thing is, very few games journalists have a background in business or analysis. It's unreasonable to expect them to therefore understand business or markets.

But when it comes to the trade press - Gamasutra or, for instance, they're doing a terrible job of writing about the business side of the industry at the moment. I don't know if it's just they they're recruiting inexperienced journalists or whatever, but when you've got a guy like Pachter talking, and no one is taking his comments in context, you end up with fanboy wars.

If Gamasutra and Gamesindustry could start hiring business journalists like they're meant to, the reporting of comments from people like Pachter would be better, and then the consumer games press could in turn leverage quality reporting for their own coverage.

I am very, very disappointed in the games industry trade press at the moment. We really need a gaming-focused Bloomberg.



gundam00 said:

@theblackdragon I don't think the GamePad's advantages would be that significant. The GamePad makes inventory selecting and map viewing more accessible. It would be like someone playing Zelda Ocarina on N64 versus Zelda Ocarina 3DS. The accessibility doesn't change the way you play the game. I still have to go into my menu to change items or look at maps.



Onion said:


So you ask me to provide proof, I do so, and now you want to dismiss it? I'm sorry, but you can't just decide what articles are acceptable evidence, especially when YOU are the one who demanded it in the first place. Trust me, when an analyst is wrong about something it DOES "invalidate" him. Wrong is wrong. He's been consistently wrong all throughout the years only being right a couple of times so far. Besides, you didn't ask me about what his job is or whether or not I am qualified for it, you asked for proof and then acted like a spoiled child when I provided it. "Nuh Uh, that's not proof! I win!!".

I could just as easily turn your own argument against you. Are you an analyst? Hm? Are you? Unless you are, your entire argument is invalid. Until you become an analyst you are no longer allowed to discuss this.

In fact, Damien should take down this article. He's clearly not an analyst. Why stop there? No one else can post in this topic either because they aren't analysts. You hear that? NO MORE POSTING! You're not analysts and are not qualified to speak on this subject.



theblackdragon said:

@gundam00: I didn't necessarily mean that Wii U users would be the ones with the advantage :3 there's also network infrastructure and in-game coding to be considered, would Wii U users lag compared to PS360 users, or vice versa? Would differences in the classic controller vs. sixaxis vs. a 360 controller be significant or cause undue delay from one to the other? do they have to do things one way for one of the systems that could cause a glitch while playing with a user on another system? these things could all cause problems with getting the versions to work with one another... again, i can see why they'd just leave it segregated for ease of use (and troubleshooting when problems arise) :3



Onion said:


Ah, good to know this is a common tactic...Good way to waste a persons time I must admit. If I wasn't so sure WhiteKnight believed his own nonsense, I would say he's trolling.



Bankai said:

@OnionOverlord I asked you to prove that Pachter was wrong. You're right, that was my bad. I should have asked you to prove that Pachter was doing a bad job, since that's really what determines when someone is someone to be dismissed or not.

My apologies for not making that clearer - I was working on that implication when everyone started dismissing Pachter as being "wrong". But I will say this: Pachter is never wrong at the time where he makes his comment. There is a strong market and economic argument to support every one of Pachter's predications. That's his job.

And yes, I'm a qualified analyst. The rest of the discussion gets a little silly, but one particular point - no, why should Damien take the article down? He's a reporter, and he's reporting.



Onion said:


Of course he's not wrong at the time of a comment. It's a prediction. Predictions rarely start off wrong, they're proven wrong with time. Doesn't change anything really.

I'm sorry but I'm going to have to ask for your credentials here. Do you have any evidence to support the claim that you are in fact an analyst? Since you have no trouble demanding random articles from other people, it should be no trouble at all for you to provide me some kind of web article or something of that sort that confirms your claim. If you are in fact an Analyst and are actually qualified, I will leave you to your delusions without another word.


No problem, I'll leave him be IF he can support his claims about being an analyst. I think that's more than fair.



Bankai said:

@OnionOverlord Again, do you understand the job on an analyst? It's to make predications based on what is likely to happen. That's the information the clients want, and it's useful information, whether it is proven "right" or "wrong" eventually.

I'm more than happy to provide my credentials. I have an undergraduate degree in media and a masters in commerce. I have edited two different publications as a journalist/ editor. One was IT, the other is a games publication. I have also worked on a freelance basis with two different analyst firms to write reports on the consumer electronics business. I am also a regular keynote speaker at industry events - including the games business. My current role is in conference production, where I meet, interview and prepare content for the CEO and CIOs of major banks throughout Asia Pacific.

And you?



Onion said:


I understand the job. I also understand that he's wrong more often than he is right. Funny how that works isn't it?

So I asked you to provide credentials and you type them up? Talk about someone who isn't comprehending... Anyone can type up any random degree and qualifications. In fact, I'm a certified in Neuroscience, Terminology, Mythology, masters degrees in German, Italian, Spanish, and on top of all that I'm a certified spy working for the US Government. I have invented cameras that can fly all the way across the galaxy and photograph naked aliens. I also perfected time travel and have went forward in time to verify that 20 years later, Michael Pachter has continued to be wrong about most of his predictions. I have also worked on machine that proves that reality as we know it is nothing more than a simulation being ran by talking animals from another dimension. I am also The President of the United States, King of England, Pharoh of Egypt, and Emperor of Japan. My current role is as a gunslinging ninja cyborg, where I run around on rooftops at night and fight crime.

Yes, I called you deluded. You're not providing any evidence, you're just typing things up. That defines deluded quite well.



theblackdragon said:

Both of you knock it off right now or I will ban you both. Either we're discussing the article at hand or we're not discussing anything at all.



Kage_88 said:

To paraphrase Amy Wong: "Pachter used to be crazy like a he's crazy like Fox News!"



Bankai said:

Anyway, back on topic, here's the reason Pachter has a point:

The big publishers with the big games will support the big communities. The reality is that there is way too much money involved in making AAA-games as a third party to take any risks for a game that has a lesser market penetration rate.

What we can expect to happen then is for third parties to trial inexpensive ports, in the hopes that the Wii U game will add a little margin to the substantial PS3 and Xbox 360 userbases. The problem is that, aside from the Wii U-exclusive console owners, players won't preference an inferior port. If the sales on the Wii U platform aren't all that robust, third parties will pull back even further.

It doesn't help that Nintendo doesn't have a great track record in supporting third parties, especially the western ones. You've got Sony and Microsoft throwing money at Activision and EA to get exclusives and the like Nintendo's answer is to form a close working relationship with the likes of Tecmo Koei. That works in Japan - and Nintendo should have healthy support in that market as a result. It doesn't help in the west, and a lot of the Japanese third party Wii U exclusives will get limited releases at best outside of Japan.

So the danger is that by the time the next gen consoles roll around, the third parties have all-but given up on the Wii U.

What needs to happen for Nintendo is for some third party cross-platform releases to outperform on the Wii U. If the third parties don't see positive signs from the console in the first year, than you can expect the third parties to treat the Wii U like they did the Wii.

On the plus side for Nintendo, they've kept their own first party releases small scale to start with. As nice as a new 2D Super Mario Brothers is, it's B-grade by Nintendo's standards, so at least they're trying to give the likes of Rayman Legends, Assassin's Creed 3 and Darksiders 2 a chance.

Either way, it's far too early to be betting real money on the Wii U being a long term success. Just like Pachter I wouldn't recommend investors hedge bets with it just yet. We'll be able to reassess in six months.



JayceJa said:

i feel the first part of his statement is 100% accurate. the second part however is complete crap, even if the wii u got ZERO third party support the wii u will outsell the other consoles



SCAR said:

Nintendo hasn't even released Wii U in Japan, where it gets the most attention, so I don't know where he's coming up with this stuff. The only thing that he said was true, was that COD is great on Wii U, but there's alot more than 4 people online right now, and being a professionally paid analyst(or whatever he does), he should not exagerate as much as he does.



Ridien said:

@WhiteKnight is right. It's just common sense. The thing that really kills me though is when people complain about what Pachter says regarding third party support on Wii U, and then immediately afterward say "it doesn't matter because I only buy Nintendo systems to play Nintendo games." I mean, whether or not you agree with him, at least acknowledge that you're directly proving his point.



Haxonberik said:

Why do you guys keep posting about him? I mean, there must be other game industry analysts, some that actually say something right once in a while.



Bankai said:

@SCAR392 Japan alone won't be enough to hit the kind of numbers that Nintendo investors will expect for the Wii U.

The games industry in general is down in Japan at the moment thanks to broader national economic challenges, which means disposable income for the Japanese is limited. The 3DS is performing will, and that might just hurt the Wii U, ironically. One console is a luxury at the moment for the Japanese. A second is a difficult sell.



SCAR said:

I believe that you right about there being proof behind his predictions, but exaggerating, and not even playing the games himself is enough to get people not to believe him. He's said some good things, but 90% negative most of the time. If he knows so much about the market, it's him if anyone considering his position in the business to make things better for the consumer.



Hokori said:

Japan you say... If its good in Japan then that's wonderful for me
It's seems to work for Microsoft and apple (catering to its homeland) something sony doesn't seem to do and look what's happening to them



Bankai said:

@SCAR392 I'm also a little surprised when he exaggerates. For an analyst I would have thought he would be more committed to being accurate than that.

However, with regards to whether he plays the games or not. He's a market analyst, not a critic. He's not even criticising Nintendo. He's commenting on the broader market which will head in such a direction that Nintendo might find the coming years challenging.



SCAR said:

As for 3rd party support, I feel like devs got what they asked for from Nintendo, and are going back on their word about what they would do if Nintendo met their developing needs. I have no doubt in my mind that Wii U is the best console as of right now in terms of graphics, processing, function, gameplay, which is exactly what devs have said they wanted in the past. Did they change their mind or something?



Ren said:

Jeez people. big deal. He's not that far off, I think. I'm just going to wait and see. Why is that such an affront to everyone?



SCAR said:

I understand he's not a critic, but he does make his analysis data seem like he's criticising these products that he has little to no understanding of, going as far as saying 4 people are online on COD for Wii U. He must think playing N64, SNES, or PS with the 4 player attachment is online I guess... Like I said, if he has such great ideas of how the market should be, and what people should buy, why the hell is he an analist instead of making and supporting the industry himself?



Pierceton said:

@WhiteKnight I agree with most of what you say about the Wii U being out performed in the future but when it comes to porting other games from 360/PS3 as of now it is tricky/costly business. As you stated it is very costly for a AAA game to be produced let alone putting it out on a platform the developer isn't sure about. When it comes to companies like Ubisoft it isn't as much of a problem because they have such a large fan base but when it comes to smaller developers it is hard to spend that money. Another problem for Nintendo at the time is that most of the third party content that they are putting out for the Wii U are games that have already been played by many gamers on other platforms and it is really hard to spend Sixty dollars on the same game twice let alone pay full price when you can go buy a used copy cheaper than for another platform. Then there is always the fact of the CPU and GPU it's not that they are lacking it is just a GPU heavier console and developers are not use to that. When it comes to next gen I feel like more consoles will be built this way a heavier GPU supporting a CPU but until that happens it is going to be hard for developers to port games to the Wii U but if all else fails Nintendo has a good handful of first party games, and a lot of old first party titles that fan are begging to be brought back.



Bankai said:

@SCAR392 I'm not sure that Nintendo has met the needs of developers, actually. Certainly Nintendo has improved, but consider this for a second - none of the Wii U launch titles support online passes. Already that would have cost third parties a chunk of revenue - critical revenue.

It's just one example, but from what I've seen and read it seems that Nintendo has indeed improved, without offering third parties a superior system to what Sony and Microsoft support.

Analysts do support the industry. There are two sides to the games industry - the consumer stuff, and the business side of it. Businesses need analysts to succeed.



Chunky_Droid said:

@WhiteKnight: Surely though it's up to the 3rd parties to supply their own online passes? I assumed EA didn't have the time to come up with the goods on launch titles, and possibly held them back for FIFA and ME3 since they were already available elsewhere and would have driven sales of the Wii U versions at least a little. I'd expect them to start putting online passes in their games once they come out at the same time as the PS3/360 versions. Though I could be wrong, I've never used an on-line pass so I'm basing it on my limited knowledge here.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

Nah Pachter isn't as bad at his job as everyone seems to think especially based on the data he had at the time.

Frankly, I've seen worse, my Canadian Finance Minister for one. Somehow magically turns a huge surplus into a substantial deficit. Now this guy has been wrong with every statement he has made and in his case it does indeed matter when he's wrong (still referring to finance minister).

I don't believe Nintendo is going to become irrelevant anytime soon (more likely to happen to Sony if they don't get their together though that doesn't mean it won't happen to more than one company). They have the whole portable market which keeps growing. The support they will get in Japan will influence a ton of the bigger Japanese companies (Capcom and MH4 for example).

The indie devs seem to be more receptive to what they have available to them in terms of power (Trine 2 for example) and pricing options.

I'd say their biggest concerns right now would be distinguishing between the Wii and the Wii U (advertising) and their game release delays.

@Chunky_Droid In some cases, the lack of an online pass was intentional. Ubisoft left out the online pass on purpose if I remember right (don't remember the reasoning though).



Pierceton said:

@WhiteKnight @SCAR392 I hate saying this because I am a Nintendo fan but when you look at the inside of the system that are basically playing catch up to the HD graphics that developers have been using for the past 6 years. In a way you could say that is quite a let down to many third party developers but until we actually see what the other next gen consoles have in store it is hard to say because as I said the next round of consoles should have a stronger GPU than CPU like the Wii U does. On the other had the CPU of a Wii U is quite a bit weaker than a 360 or PS3 so if Sony or MS even keep the same CPU and just up their GPU a considerable amount Nintendo could be caught on the back burner when it comes to graphic compatibility. Also Pachter isn't bad at his job he is just giving a business answer in a business setting to business men things that the average gamer don't look into.



SCAR said:

Elite pass or at least some DLC will come out for COD BO2 soon for sure, so I hope that helps them at least. I can see how it can hurt the support of a game not having to pay for online, but no one wants to buy those passes anyway, and would rather have them be free. Xbox Live has not proven to me that paying for interenet service for the console besides paying an internet service provider, is even worth $60 a year. I'm sure Xbox Live was more intense on the first Xbox no doubt, and needed money to support it, but it's been 10 years with millions of people paying well over $60,000,000 a year combined just for internet on Xbox. That should be more than enough to update, maintain, and support their servers. Free is the key word besides paying the entry fee. If you had to buy a movie ticket, and go buy another movie ticket for the second half of the movie, I'm sure that that people wouldn't even go see the first half. That's why they need to actually release DLC on Wii U, and a multiplayer only version, which is in no way is Nintendo's fault. They may have acted last minute, but Activision should have had it ready regardless. They knew there was going to be an eShop for months before hand.



Bankai said:

@Chunky_Droid - there are no online passes at all on the Wii U at the moment.

Is this really because every publisher decided to forgo the revenue opportunity, or is it because Nintendo has a "no online pass" policy? I honestly don't know, but generally speaking, if no one does something it's because they can't (especially when there's revenue involved)



SCAR said:

The fact is, that Wii U CAN have better graphics and work faster with the right people using the tech. That's why Nintendo always makes the best games on their console, because they use what they've designed and built best. It's not their fault no one knows how to use their tech as good ad they do.



HawkeyeWii said:

I hate this guy and I hate it whenever he is in the news. He is almost always bad talking Nintendo. He used to say the same thing about the Wii, guess what?? It's the best selling home videogame console of all-time, so up yours Pachter!!



SCAR said:

I like all the consoles for sure, and I just want to play the best games I possibly can on the best console available. As of right now, that console is Wii U. No matter how much support it has, it is the best console in terms of function and presentation. IMHO.



Ernest_The_Crab said:


Well it could also be that they're trying to attract a market first. The fact that they don't have online passes makes them more appealing to consumers. They may switch the policy down the line though if this is the case.


Well FrozenByte managed to make some pretty good improvements over the versions (Trine 2) on the other platforms (except for PC) and they did it, in what, 2 days? It's more like the majority of developers are lazy and want the easy way out (which was what also happened with the PS3).

I can understand them though, I'm a programmer as well, and frankly I wouldn't want to have to learn to optimize a new architecture either if I don't have to.

EDIT - Hm...I start a lot of thoughts with "well". I might need to work on this.............



Bankai said:

@ThePillowGolem - my thoughts there are that overwhelmingly, surely, people who buy games new don't care about online passes. People who buy games second hand are the ones that care whether a game has an online pass or not. Publishers could not care less about consumers that buy games second hand.

You might me right, but if so, I would be surprised by that rationale by publishers. I can't imagine how online passes would impact on people buying games new.



TheRavingTimes said:

At this point in time Patcher's idealism bares the resemblance of an aborted child's mangled corpse. In short, he was dropped on the head as a child.



SCAR said:

They just want the same game on multiple platforms, but if I were the game devs, I would just start a team for Wii U and make sure it gets on there too. I would make a team just to at least get the multiplatform games on there, and maybe try and get some cool exclusives to use the controller. PS and Xbox have smartglass and PS Vita now, so why the hell aren't they making more games to use the new control scheme even PS and Xbox are supporting now?



Chunky_Droid said:

@WhiteKnight: As I said, I haven't played a game that uses an online pass, Nintendo seems to have a greater deal with leniency, even so far as to saying that publishers can do what they want with their online model as far as gaming and DLC is concerned. By that regard I figured that companies such as EA and Ubisoft have forgone it for now, I could be completely wrong too but Nintendo just seems to be more lenient with things like this these days.



SCAR said:

Sorry Pierceton. I don't use online passes either. The only online pass I ever used was the one for Dead Space 2, that my cousin let me use from his PSN account. Especially with services like Xbox Live and having to pay for, there shouldn't be more added cost to play your game online. Nintendo pretty much has said, do whatever, like Chunky Droid has said, but people still don't know how to make use of the services.



SCAR said:

Whatever, I'm done. Does anyone want to go play COD: BO2 4 player team deathmatch online? Haha...



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@WhiteKnight People do some "strange" things to show support for publishers that do things that they approve of. The rationale may be that it'll make the companies look good now, especially considering they are part of the few publishers at the start of the launch (and hence much more "visible" unlike @Pierceton, haha I'm just messing with you).



brooks83 said:

I love Nintendo, but I think Pachter is right. I don't think the Wii U is going to have nearly the install base the Wii had, so that will make third parties even less willing to try and port AAA titles, much less develop new IP.



Moshugan said:

Is there not any other analyst? Why does Pachter get so much coverage?
I think Wii U will be enjoyable, it will have great games and it will be fairly popular, but I'm afraid it's going to be Gamecube all over again.
It's a great product, it would be a shame if people don't see it. Time will tell.



Moshugan said:

@Pierceton Haha, I feel pretty invisible too sometimes.
But it's the internet, you can't give the same amount of attention to everyone's comments when there's tens or hundreds in a single conversation thread.
It does feel nice when someone comments on your post, though. :3



retro_player_22 said:

Sorry Pachter but 3rd party is not just gonna ignore Nintendo. This guy must be ignorance or something, of every company in the gaming industry, Nintendo is the most well respected among fans, developers, and retailers. The reason Nintendo still exist is because they know their limit, they know innovation and they respect developers and competitors alike.



MAB said:

Pay to play COD online... Ha ha haha ha ha haha!... Crap analyst is really crap



drunkenmaster76 said:

This guys a joker! there will be loads of people online playing cod come christmas day & most of the wii u's sold wont even see the light of day untill then like my sons .



warvad said:

Can you please stop posting an article every time this guy says something?

How is this relevant? How are you improving the site by doing this?



Ed_Rod said:

Well I went all in for Wii U. Don't a ps3 or 360 anymore. Just a Wii U and 3DS.



cherrysunburst said:

I have reason to believe he's right. A little.
Nintendo should probably wait a bit for their consoles so they're on the same level as the competition. That way, it doesn't get left behind and there's more 3rd party support for it.

Still, Nintendo is a powerhouse in the market, tending to the families, girls, and little children. Let's just hope the Wii U doesn't become a dump for horrible party games like the Wii did.



kyuubikid213 said:

If you ever want to be put in a bad mood...
Simply do one of these things!
Slam your toe in the car door.
Listen to anything Pachter says.
Play Zelda II.
Listen to anything Pachter says,
Leave your car at work and walk home.



TourianTourist said:

Ah, come on... all he does is telling his investors what they want to hear. "Nintendo will fail, Nintendo is doomed, blah, blah", he's a broken record. And he probably doesn't care if he's right or not, as long as he gets the money to buy his 10th Porsche for saying that stuff. If someone pays you thousands and thousand of dollars just to hear you saying that Nintendo fails, you'd do that as well. Don't get me wrong, I like this guy as much as you do, but in the end he's the one with the millions.

And while he couldn't have been more wrong with the DS and Wii (this guy was a real joke at the times and still is), maybe he will be right with the Wii U. I mean who does buy a Wii U to play Call of Duty or Mass Effect or any other big PS/XBox/PC title? You usually buy Nintendo systems for the 1st party stuff, but they keep f*ckin up games like Zelda and lose more fans every day.

And it's completely lacking the Wii Sports / Wii Fit stuff, which made the Wii attractive for non-fans. The whole GamePad is the entire opposite of the nice and slick Wii controls, people just don't see the advantage of the new system. Because there's none. The Wii is still "good enough" for most people, I wouldn't wonder if the Wii Mini in Canada outsells the Wii U. And if Nintendo screws up games like Zelda (I fear Zelda U will look a lot like Battle Quest...), a lot of fans will skip on the system as well. The Wii U might be the next GameCube.



XCWarrior said:

Hey, Nintendo Life! Right here, beside my keyboard, is a SHINY QUARTER. I mean it's really SHINY. This QUARTER can by YOURS if you do one thing - STOP POSTING PACHTER STORIES! Think about what you could do with this SHINY QUARTER - play with it, look at it, stare at it... and dare I say... spend it?! Just please no more Pachter BS.

@TourianTourist You are insane sir. The Wii U can be played on the gamepad, which allows you to play a console game while your wife/girlfriend can watch TV and you can still spend time together. That is a HUGE advantage with the new concole. Wii U console sales surpass lifetime sales of Gamecube in the next 18 months, book it.



TourianTourist said:

"Yeah, finally I can play Mario, while my stupid girlfriend watches her soap opera Grey's Anatomy crap. Let's buy Wii U!"

I don't know.... The Wii was about playing together, the Wii U is about doing different things in the same room. You think your girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/whatever will be happy, when you pay the pad more attention than her? She wants to watch her favorite TV show together with you, if you just play Mario, you might as well leave the room and hang out at the PC. I don't think this is something people have been waiting for. It's nice for kids, when the parents want to watch something, but most kids already got a NDS or even 3DS, which (in the parents' eyes) serves the same purpose. No need to buy a 300 dollar system so the kids can play on their own device...

But Wii Fit U won't have any real advantages over the Wii version. The pad will just be in the way (you can't do sports with this thing in your hands) and the Wii version will be still "good enough". People will continue to buy and play the Wii, as long as it's "good enough". The GamePad doesn't have the same impact as the Wii controller.



Punky said:

"the Wii U is about doing different things in the same room"
I think you are missing one of the main selling points of the Wii U....asynchronous multiplayer gameplay.



Lan said:

Yeah, can NL stop reporting when he says stuff? We all know the only words that he knows are "Nintendo" and "Doomed", so we aren't missing much when he opens his mouth.



TourianTourist said:

It's called "asymmetrical". And please don't just try to quote Nintendo and tell me what is so attractive about it? What makes the "asymmetrical multiplayer" stuff so good that I just have to buy the Wii U for it? Like the four-against-one games? You always have to make one person into an "outsider", who gets hunted and hated, which is the problem with the whole asymmetrical stuff. Or one player gets to have the main fun, while the others act as sidekicks... Who wants that? People tend to choose games, where every player is equal, because that's fair and simple.

Sorry, but I don't see it. I see why the Wii was very attractive for "casual gamers", but I don't see it in the Wii U. Nintendo just innovated for innovation's sake and now acts like it's as revolutionary as the Wii. But it's in many ways the entire opposite of what made the Wii successful.

Pachter is an a-hole and he didn't have a single clue about Nintendo in the last years, but his broken record might be accidently on the right track for the first time... however, I'm not worried that "Nintendo is doomed". If the Wii U fails, the next console is going to be utterly amazing. And that's what I'm waiting for.



Dogpigfish said:

Pachter has been wrong most of the time during the last generation. He always says things in a way that twist on the truth and that way he can say he was right about a one liner. I don't understand why he continues to have a viable opinion.



Araknie said:

This guy pratically said: "New gameplay is bad, new graphics are good."

I'm not even angry, i just faceplam and laugh.



GameLord08 said:

@TourianTourist: The Wii U? Innovative? I believe the term you're looking for is intuitive. It's also currently the best approach for both Nintendo and developers right now for multiple reasons, given the flawed audacities of the Wii.



thanos316 said:

can someone please post a picture of reggie and iwata laughing with money all in the background. seriously why do yall still post comments from this idiot. i think yall do it to get a rise out of your readers. and to that i say well done, cause the comments section gonna be in the 200 plus range. well imma keep playing my ninty games and keep having fun.



thanos316 said:

@game lord.. flawed audacities of the wii you said. you must be kidding me. can you please tell me what was so flawed about the wii. um, yea the piles of money is blocking out the sound of your voice. oh yea ninty was suppose to die long time, you keep wishing along with patcher.



BossBattles said:

Its weird how some will defend this guy. Disinformation and propaganda always mix in truth with lies, or will offer up criticism to more than one target so as to not seem like his only job is to troll nintendo.

Nobody in their right mind would listen to this guy. He is known for being overly negative about nintendo. He was hired to do that. Perception is reality, and if he can convince easily swayed kiddies into assuming nintendo is always doomed, then he's done his job.



Jaz007 said:

On the subject of online passes, if I remember correctly Activision didn't know how dlc was going to work on the system a few weeks before launch so publishers might not have known how to put them on their launch games. It wouldn't surprise me if we saw online passes later on when publishers know more about the e-shop. The absence of the ME3's Omega dlc for the Wii U either further proves my point or shows that it is more troublesome than putting dlc (which could change or refrence my first point) on the PS of Xbox stores.



ThumperUK said:

I do wish people would stop calling this moron an 'analyst' (though perhaps just the first two syllables). Anyone who can call a company who sold several million consoles just last month "irrelevant" clearly does not know analysis from a banana.



PixelatedPixie said:

Based on Nintendo's continued ignorance of how the industry has changed, I'm almost inclinded to agree with him.



Edge_Diest said:

I would not say that Nintendo is at its best, but let us be sincere: he went quite overboard. I guess Nintendo should, like he said, focus on it's great first-party titles and support hardcore a little bit. I mean, why would I buy a Wii U when I can play Darksiders 2, CoD and a huge load of "hardcore" software on my computer? =P Specially when there is Steam, which sells games for a much better price then the eShop...
Come back to your origins, Nintendo! =D



eirikr said:

The opinion of this guy is completely irrelevant. Stop taking care of what he says, he is a dork.



armoredghor said:

yep. this console will fail just like the DS, Wii and 3DS and other companies like Sony will continue to see amazing stock growth and COD will continue be seen as the most innovative game year after year.



MeloMan said:

He has a point actually, but specifically on the hardcore FPS crowd... Hardcore FPS people tend to be torn between PC and Xbox360 for that fix-- the atmosphere in the online environment is the most conducive in those locations. Nintendo has openly admitted that this is the place the Wii U is trying to break into... but Nintendo has to fight it's own image that is engrained in gamers opinions for the last several years of people playing Nintendo games for their Mario/Zelda/etc. fix, not for FPS's. I admire Nintendo wanting to regain this sector of gamer and they've been chipping away at Sony and Microsoft for a while over the last couple of consoles and I'll be rooting of course. It will be interesting if they can succeed at breaking that stereotype, but it's a huge uphill battle.



GreenDream said:

Here's the reason why I don't listen to people like Pachter:

This link may be focused on political means, but Wedbush is a contributor to the defiling of political discourse through corporate money influence. Who's to say their Managing Director, Mr. Pachter, is not bending the truth to suit their plans in the games industry space?

I don't trust this guy nor his colleagues.



GreenDream said:

@WhiteKnight It's sad that it could ever be considered morally acceptable to trust someone based solely on credentials, regardless of whether they're right or wrong. Forget the so-called "liability waivers". You're basically saying that he's doing his job properly, even if it were to involve lieing or moving shadow money. That's called cognitive dissonance.



WesCash said:

Wow, there are over 200 comments.
Don't people get tired of arguing and posting the same things on all of these "so-and-so is bashing Nintendo" articles?
I haven't read the article or any of the comments, and yet I already know what I would find if I did read them.



Neram said:

Why is it that every time this guy says something bad about Nintendo, that it gets reported as news!? He must be basking in all the attention. So what does he do when he gets bored, and feels "irrelevant"? He just says "Nintendo sucks" and that gets hundreds of people talking about him. How many times is this going to happen before people finally realize how UNIMPORTANT Pachter is.



Neram said:

I can't wait for the day everyone collectively thinks "We really need to stop reporting about this guy now, it doesn't accomplish anything."



Gameday said:

Why do i click this everytime even though i know whats gonna happen ? lol man

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