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Fri 21st Mar 2008

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Punky commented on Wii U Games Struggling At Retail In The UK:

Nothing wrong with the wii u launch's simple really...they are too expensive in shops and most people are buying from online retailers where the prices are a lot more reasonable.



Punky commented on Nintendo Download: 30th November 2012 (Europe)...:

would like to see euro prices in these articles for all the games....seeing as it is the main currency in Europe....but anyway.
I think retail download games will almost always be high as long as high street game shops exist. Nintendo wont undercut the high street.



Punky commented on Iwata: We Don't Want To Emulate Xbox Live and PSN:

From what I understand achievements are in games if developers put them in.....just no overall gamer score. I don't think that is a big loss.
And after seeing user videos of the miiverse in action I think this is the feature the next Xbox and PS will be looking at most.



Punky commented on Wii U System Update Can Be Downloaded in the B...:

Background downloads are great and all but.....what if I get the console and hit cancel update thinking I will play some games now and do the update later. Finish playing a game and turn the console off. If the console is background downloading (without me knowing it because I hit cancel) it will be bricked? That cant be right????



Punky commented on No Voice Support For Sonic & All-Stars Racing ...:

Voice chat would be nice for when you are playing with your party chat on the Xbox. Not great playing with friends online and you can't chat. Wonder were saga just lazy and rushing for launch seeing as cod etc. have voice chat.



Punky commented on Unity Engine comes to Wii U in Major License Deal:

@erv I agree...I think its great news. More diverse game from more developers that wont cost a fortune to develop is a good thing. And because of the link between unity and mobile I can see a lot of developers seeing it as an opportunity to get games into both WiiU and IOS/Android markets. Ubisoft talked about this already.



Punky commented on Amazon Suspends 3DS Sales:

maybe the problem is with are still selling it.
No where in the quote from amazon does it say that a problem is with the 3DS. Its just a standard message from amazon for any product. Could be anything.



Punky commented on First Impressions: Nintendo Wii U:

well written impressions....but would have preferred to see impressions from someone who got to play all the demos available....I know they were not real games but still...



Punky commented on Review: Pilotwings Resort (3DS):

Good review...have this pre-ordered with my 3DS
I know there is no multiplayer but is there a way to see our friends score on the a friends leaderboard or something?