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Mon 19th Nov 2012

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Gigagator commented on Veronica Mars Star Kristen Bell Reveals Her Fo...:

I used to be an avid gamer when I was in school and doing A-Levels. Spent more time gaming than studying.
Sadly, real life does hit you square in the face and having a full time job, gaming takes a back seat and it's something I only do now if I have any free time, which is fairly rare.



Gigagator commented on Say Hello To The Nintendo 2DS - A 3DS without 3D:

Yay some comments from people that aren't jumping to silly conclusions.

This system makes perfect sense and it will sell well. Looks so much more comfortable to hold than a regular 3DS. I can't wait to get one of these.

You get all the benefits of a 3DS system but without all the drawbacks of portable gaming, i.e. cramped sizes, flimsy hinges.

Plus, it's cheap.



Gigagator commented on Say Hello To The Nintendo 2DS - A 3DS without 3D:

Holy Cow I want one. I NEED ONE.

My hands hurt quite a bit after a while playing my 3DS (original version) simply because my fairly large hands are all squished in the bottom half of the system and it's quite a cramped affair. This makes perfect sense. People need to open their minds up a bit.

Plus, I rarely take my 3DS out and I never use 3D. It's perfect.

Where can I order one, Nintendo?



Gigagator commented on Hardware Review: Wireless Super Retro 64 Contr...:

It's a crime against humanity that these controllers aren't in production anymore - or at least the analog stick. No manufacturer or hobbyist seems to have been able to recreate the original analog stick. They're always too sensitive or not sensitive enough or they just don't feel right to the touch.

Somebody needs to get the original moulds or whatever from Nintendo and make the parts out of metal or something and sell them. I'd happily pay ridiculous money for one.

I actually have a few immaculate original controllers but I'm too scared to use them as once the analog sticks are worn, there's no undoing it.

Surely all this 3D printing technology can sort out this timeless problem!



Gigagator commented on Feature: What We Expect From Nintendo's E3 Direct:

I find it hard to believe that hardly anyone has mentioned the next gen Zelda title yet. It's due in 2014, lots of other developers are showing their 2014 games already. A possibility we might get some teaser?

And while I don't necessarily feel it's Nintendo's style to show a title like that so soon, I would certainly be more than happy to just see a piece of concept art and a final name.



Gigagator commented on Ubisoft Wii U Titles Receive eShop Price Cuts ...:

Saw the article title and immediately considered picking up Assassins Creed 3 from the eShop. Down from £54.99 to £29.99? That's good as far as the eShop prices go.

Then discovered I could get the physical copy from ShopTo for just £21.85.
It's actually cheaper on there than the PS3 and 360 versions.



Gigagator commented on Rumour: EA Looking into Taking on More Sports ...:

I ask everybody to boycott EA from now on. After Most Wanted on Wii U, I will never be buying another EA game again. They represent everything that is wrong with the industry today. They are so greedy, so terrible to their customers - this whole SimCity fiasco is just the start of things, I'm sure.

EA are a cancerous growth on the industry and things would be better without them.



Gigagator commented on Rumour: Rayman Creator To Part Company With Ub...:

@Majin-Naruto Don't Microsoft have something in the contracts that publishers have to sign that state games can't be released earlier on other platforms? If that's true then that would be why the Wii U version isn't being released first. Ubisoft aren't going to ignore that and have Legends miss out on the Xbox 360 platform either.

I hope this whole situation doesn't turn Ubisoft completely away from Nintendo. Things are already looking somewhat shaky.



Gigagator commented on Watch Dogs Confirmed For Release On Wii U:

I watched the entire PlayStation Meeting (out of curiosity, of course - my heart is with Nintendo), but the biggest excitement I've got all night was reading this news.

Just give me somewhere to preorder this and you have my money Ubisoft.



Gigagator commented on Turns Out Destiny Could Be Coming To The Wii U...:

If games like this and Watch Dogs do actually come to Wii U, then people can stop worrying about the future of the system. They're both day one purchases for me.

I just wish one of the developers or publishers would have the balls to actually confirm that one of these games are coming to Wii U, maybe instil some confidence in the system.



Gigagator commented on Rumour: Ubisoft's Watch Dogs Is Coming To The ...:

We really need to err on the side of caution with this one. The source is dubious and with absolutely no confirmation from the developer or publisher, it would be foolish to get your hopes up about this.

That said, the Wii U is technically capable of handling the game with a little optimization and could be the best looking console version if they put in a little effort.

I can't help but feel that this could be the core title that really showcases what the system is about, if the GamePad is implemented well. It's a real system seller if this does turn out to be true.



Gigagator commented on Need for Speed: Most Wanted Developer Revs Up ...:

This is great news and backs up what I've been telling my friends for a while now since we had some leaked specifications. People that claim Wii U is on par with Xbox 360 don't know what they're talking about and it shows.

It also draws a very nice comparison with other developers such as Metro: Last Light developer 4A Games. They looked at the clock rate of the CPU, clearly, tried to get it to run with very little optimization and failed, and then blasted the console and it's CPU as 'slow and horrible.'

All that tells a gamer is that the developers at 4A Games are ignorant and lazy and I won't be buying Metro: Last Light on any platform because of that. They represent everything that is wrong with the industry right now.

Kudos to Criterion Games, though. Most Wanted is a preorder for me.



Gigagator commented on Codemasters Producer: Wii U is "The Future":

@ngamer155 Gotta echo that statement. All the hate on Wii U the past week has been ridiculous. Great to break the chain and get some positive comments.

@NintenU As a big F1 fan, I'd love a proper F1 racing game too, but Codemasters are not the developers to bring it to us, sadly. I played F1 2010 and had to give up on it due to game-breaking bugs - usually AI and weather related which F1 fans will know are massively important aspects. They released one patch which didn't fix it then abandoned the game to focus on F1 2011.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt and bought F1 2011 on release expecting so much more but it was exactly the same. Game-breaking bugs and broken AI. Totally lost trust in them so I don't bother buying their games anymore.

Rant over.

EDIT: Actually rant not over. People should boycott their games, as much as I like the fact that they've given kind words to Wii U. They do effectively the same as the developers of Call of Duty do - recycle the same thing barely changed every year just to pocket a load of fast cash. Very little in the way of creativity and innovation and quite frankly, it represents a pretty lazy, greedy industry right now really rather well.



Gigagator commented on Nintendo Is Strengthening Development Teams, D...:

@Ima_Gerd I agree. When did graphics go to peoples' heads so much? When did people forget that playing games is about how they make you feel and bringing a smile to your face (or a tear to your eye). The onset of HD certainly didn't help but now people care more about anti-aliasing than they do about how the game plays.

On another note, Wii U seems to have had the most hated release of any games console in recent history. The negativity for it is truly shocking. I went onto Google News about a week ago and typed in 'Wii U' (as I do when I want to see if any big news has come up) and every single article on the first page was critical of Wii U.

If Wii U survives all this negativity, then kudos to it and Nintendo. I love my Wii U, but it just seems like you can't convince modern console gamers that it's about the games and not the graphics.



Gigagator commented on Rumour: Sniper Elite V2 Coming To Wii U March ...:

This is great news for me! Played the demo on PC from Steam and really enjoyed it but never got round to buying it. Will definitely be picking this up on release for Wii U.

And, yeah, this is not a game for little kids so more software like this can hopefully shirk that old image of Nintendo is just for kids.



Gigagator commented on Wii U Software Sales Are "Struggling":

My one complaint about game pricing for the Wii U goes to the eShop, daaaaamn those prices are high. If you shop around, certain online retailers sell the same games in physical form for £10 - £15 cheaper. That eShop needs to be cheaper than retail otherwise it just defeats the object.

I also think marketing has been poor in the UK. Nowhere near enough TV adverts, and the adverts that are there are, in my opinion, still too casual-oriented.

I told a guy at work (who avidly plays on his 360) that I had bought a Wii U and his response was 'What is it?' It doesn't help when online retailers and high street stores keep mixing the Wii and Wii U sections - it just confuses people, they don't understand what Wii U is without doing some research and not every consumer is going to do that.

On another point I currently have 6 games for Wii U (one from the eShop), another on order, another on pre-order and I'm also planning to get Zen Pinball once that releases, so don't blame me for not contributing to the sales figures!



Gigagator commented on Pachter: "I think Nintendo becomes completely ...:

Every comment I've read on this article shoots Michael Pachter down in flames, but regrettably, I think he could be right. We already know a fair few third party developers are not bringing their games to Wii U for various reasons, because they can't work around this 'weak CPU' for example.

I don't think the next systems from Sony and/or Microsoft will be as 'Wow' as people think. I hear rumours that the next system from Microsoft has a 1.6Ghz CPU, which sounds about right when you take into consideration the advances that have been made in CPU architecture in the last half a decade. But despite all this, its inevitable that the competition will be more powerful than Wii U.

Im a big Nintendo fan and preordered my Wii U and I absolutely love it, but Nintendo make decisions that will put off third party developers. I think people should pay some attention to the mistakes that Nintendo do make. They need to move a little further away from the casual gamer market then they have done. It will do them wonders.



Gigagator commented on Wii U Version Of Grand Theft Auto V "Up For Co...:

I can't think of a good reason not to bring GTA 5 to Wii U apart from, maybe, Rockstar think the core fanbase just isn't there on a Nintendo platform.

The hardware is obviously perfectly capable, it's pretty well known now that anything that can run on seventh gen systems can be ported quite easily to Wii U.

I really hope Rockstar release this on Wii U. I think Nintendo owners the world over should get some sort of e-petition going to show Rockstar that there is a sizeable market for the game on Wii U.

When this comes out in the UK at the end of the month, I don't want to still have to go buying games for my older systems.