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Talking Point: Achievements, Trophies and Wii U

Posted by Mark Reece

Achievement unlocked?

Back in 2005, Microsoft kick-started the HD console era with Xbox 360, at the time a technical marvel with online capabilities that were one of the jewels in its creamy white, far-too-easily overheating crown. However, while online play, reams of downloadable content (DLC) and a single, unified community were indeed admirable features, the one aspect of Xbox 360 games that has arguably been a major draw to consumers has been the Achievements system, something Microsoft made obligatory right from the start. This system meant that every Xbox 360 game — be they retail titles or games downloaded via Xbox Live — was required to contain Achievements, unlockable by meeting specific criteria in-game. Each one carries a numerical worth, which all adds up to form a player's Gamerscore. These Gamerscores are displayed on every single Xbox Live user's online profile, viewable by all their friends and every random opponent they encounter while partaking in online play, should their privacy settings allow it.

For some gamers Achievements are a driving factor, spurring them on, providing them with an extra incentive to gain 100% completion and get maximum value for money from each and every game they purchase, as well as a track record of accomplishments and awarding them with bragging rights among their fellow gamers. Some people take this to an even higher level, with Achievements even having so much power as to actually influence what games they buy. Then there are gamers who take it one step further, playing literally everything ever released for the Xbox 360 in a bid to unlock as many Achievements as possible. One notable individual who has taken this lust for Gamerscore to a whole new level is Raymond Cox — known as Stallion83 on Xbox Live — a man who currently holds the Guinness World Record for the highest legitimate Xbox 360 Gamerscore, having at the time of writing amassed a colossal total of 695,235 and still battling his way towards his ultimate goal: a Gamerscore of one million.

With so much enthusiasm surrounding Achievements, you have to hand it to Microsoft for conjuring up the system in the first place: after all, it couldn't have been an easy decision to give gamers an excuse to hang onto and play a game for as long as possible because, well, this could feasibly mean that they would hold off on buying anything else until they'd unlocked every Achievement. Alternatively, it’s not too much of a stretch to think that some games — especially the shoddy licenced tie-ins that more often than not throw Achievements at the player like they’re going out of fashion — might not have enjoyed as much success had the system not been in place.

So love them or loathe them, Achievements are a major component in HD gaming, so much so that Sony adopted the idea for PlayStation 3 a whopping 20 months after it launched. Upon its release, PS3 had no such system in place, yet Sony concocted its own version of it and made it mandatory for all games to include Trophies. These come in four flavours — bronze, silver, gold or platinum, depending on difficulty — and are also combined into a total count on every PlayStation Network user's online profile, whether that be on PS3 or on the upcoming PlayStation Vita. So while there are differences in how the player’s accomplishments are awarded, displayed and tracked, the similarities with Xbox 360 Achievements are most definitely there.

Despite the success of Achievements and Trophies, an all-encompassing accomplishment tracking system has remained absent from Nintendo consoles. Many games have contained their own sets of similarly unlockable accomplishments, but these have only existed within each game: self-contained and hidden from other players.

Despite the success of Achievements and Trophies, an all-encompassing accomplishment tracking system has remained absent from Nintendo consoles.

With Wii U on the horizon though, could this be about to change? The much lauded online functionality of Nintendo’s first foray into HD gaming, which will tie into the new Nintendo Network, could very well stretch to a unified online community complete with an Achievements/Trophies style system being in place from launch. But would this be a benefit to Wii U and its user base, or will it have a detrimental effect?

With the right online features and an accompanying accomplishment system, Wii U’s online presence could rise up to match those of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Should this eventuality come to pass, these accomplishments — or whatever name Nintendo might opt to christen them with — could result in a sizable community building up around it, in turn providing Wii U owners with reasons to take their consoles online beyond chucking red shells around in Mario Kart or shooting each other in the face in Call of Duty. It could offer them the chance to convene, confer and generally assist each other in how accomplishments are unlocked or the best methods to do so, acting as a community of friends should.

Additionally, websites such as Xbox360 Achievements and PS3 Trophies already offer players a convenient place to track their progress and view available Achievements and Trophies for every Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3/Vita game. Should a similar system be put in place for Wii U, you can guarantee that a relevant website will spring up to accommodate adopters of Nintendo’s next machine, helping the Wii U’s online community to grow even further and giving Nintendo a nudge in the right direction in its quest to position itself as a major player on the online console scene.

This could also have negative ramifications as well, however. As we mentioned earlier, Achievements have often been a major driving force behind what games people purchase. Many titles have lured addicts in with their promises of easily earned Achievements and another coveted 1,000 Gamerscore or platinum Trophy notch for their virtual bedpost, and been snapped up regardless of their quality, or lack thereof, in many cases. With an accomplishment system in place, all those games that regurgitate their achievements with unrelenting shamelessness could find themselves given a significant leg up in terms of sales. Great news for the developers and publishers of these games, of course, but the potential for the Wii U’s software library to become diluted with a deluge of shoddily developed third-party titles could be damaging to the console’s reputation.

Nintendo may have roped in the non-gaming crowd with Wii, but it arguably lost its hold on some of its long-time devotees due to the console’s supposedly lacking collection of what are perceived to be “core” games, lost in a sea of haphazardly crafted mini-game collections and party games. Whether that generalisation is fair or not, Nintendo has pledged its desire to regain this lost audience with Wii U, and an onslaught of the same types of games that turned many gamers away from Wii could be detrimental to its new console’s success.

There’s also the potential for developers to use accomplishments as a means to push consumers into purchasing DLC on Wii U that they otherwise wouldn’t have wanted. Many games on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have had DLC made available for them through their respective online services, with these additional levels, maps and such containing new sets of Achievements or Trophies. This is a major knock to the completionists who like to earn 100% success in their games, as they regularly watch in horror while their beloved list of completed games quickly diminishes as more and more DLC is released for each title.

What’s your opinion on Achievements, Trophies and these issues? Do you think Wii U — and even 3DS — would benefit from having a similar system put in place? Perhaps you have your own thoughts on how Nintendo could morph the idea into something better? Or would you prefer that Nintendo opted to leave the idea alone altogether when Wii U launches later in the year? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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blackknight77 said:

I think Nintendo should add Achievments or Trophies. Maybe they could call them stamps like in Wii Sports Resort. I think if they added some sort of achievement system it would add a lot more replayability to older Virtual Console titles. They could add an achievment for beating Super Mario w/o using warps or somthing.



19Robb92 said:

Nintendo should only add achievements if they DO something. You should be able to unlock more clothes and stuff for your Mii by getting Achievements points or something like that.

If they're just gonna put in the same worthless system Ps3/360 uses they might as well skip it.



Whopper744 said:

I agree with that statement completely.
I think they could take it a little farther than Microsoft and (the copy cat) Sony have. Maybe actually make more use for the 'Stamps' perhaps, or points.



RVN said:

I don't think nintendo is going to put in so easy achievements



Yosher said:

I'd love to have something like achievements available. They really do add lots of replay value. I noticed I've been playing Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D a whole lot just to get them all. Don't mind that much if such a thing isn't added though.



ecco6t9 said:

I am going to be in the minority but I actually do not give a crap about Achievements.



ville10 said:

I know that some people love them, so not including them seems like a bad choice.
That being said, I really don't think developers should be forced to include them, or any specific number of them. The primary reason I dislike achievements and trophies is that far to often they objectives are the kind of stuff you'd do simply by playing the game (Beat world 1, etc.), or simply "Do this x number of times". They are only good if they add any new challenges, which is why they should be optional for developers.

I also think it would be best if achievements/trophies were personal and no total score/number were counted, as to avoid the silly bragging and comparing, not to mention games selling just for their simple achievements.



shonenjump86 said:

I like getting achievements and trophies for games that I really like. Would be nice to have on 3DS and Wii U, but I can deal without it as well.



Sylverstone said:

Well, the StreetPass Mii Plaza on 3DS has accomplishments, so there's something.

I really don't care much about achievements, but they're a nice bonus for pushing gamers to do more with a game.



Wildvine53 said:

The stamps in Wii sports resort weren't what kept me playing the game, it was the fun I had playing WSR.
I don't see a need for them, but I know plenty of people who would like to see them included in Wii U.
Besides if they add achievements, then everyone will see all the licensed games I play.



Burning_Spear said:

I'm impressed by the guy on YouTube who collected all 150 of Luigi's purple coins, but I'm not impressed by the guy with 695,000 achievement points. That guy has probably never been outside of a 10-block radius of his house. As the author points out, so many of these achievements merely test your ability to endure a game, rather than beat it. It takes me a long time to 100 percent a game. Please don't diminish the fun of it by making me do many more hours of busy work.

Anyway, I guess Nintendo needs to do this to keep pace with what the greater gaming community wants, but I'm going to be pissed the first time New Super Mario Brothers Mii stops me in mid-jump to announce that I've just reached the millionth-jump achievement.



LoopyLuigi said:

The article says that having a trophy system could dilute the quality of games for the system, but nintendo systems already have that problem. What Nintendo needs to focus on is making sure their systems have a good selection of QUALITY games from third parties and to filter out the shovelware that is ruining their reputation as a great gaming company. And I say this as a long time loyal fan who would be devastated if the company failed.



zezhyrule said:

All I know is that trophies are really fun to have since PSN is a lot more social compared to the Wii, and it makes it easier to 100% complete a game.

They're also completely optional, and you can even turn notifications off and pretend you're not even earning anything if you like that.

I don't have a 360 so I'm not sure how its achievement system works, but I love PSN trophies
also since they're not individually put into each game it's more connected and makes more sense than it only being stuff inside the game itself



SteveW said:

They are a total waste of time, there are too many games to play, I don't care to spend my time chasing achievements in every title, I'd rather finish the game and move on.



AltDotNerd said:

I think they should be "coin"-based missions (or whatever they'll be called). Each Wii-U game has missions that reward coins for your profile, and maybe one super-hard "star"-based mission. And the amount of coins you get in a game doesn't necessarily have to be a set amount like the 360's 1000 point total. Imagine how many missions they could squeeze into Super Smash Bros?

But what sets it apart from the Trophy/Achievement system is you can unlock content for your Wii-U profile based on the amount of coins/stars you collect, like a Capt. Falcon helmet for your Mii when you reach 1000 coins, for example.



Ryno said:

As we mentioned earlier, Achievements have often been a major driving force behind what games people purchase.

If that is true, then that is the most ridiculous thing I have heard about "gamers."

Now for something that makes sense. Yes, Nintendo should have something.
I would like to see something that you haveearned from playing can be transferred to actually getting something like with the whole Club Nintendo coins thing.



warioswoods said:

I do not want my console to be part of some online social profile.

I prefer each game I play to be an experience all its own, with no overarching player profile to somehow tie them all together as part of one identity with stats and shared information. What an irritating thing to maintain.

There's a reason I shut down my Facebook, use different account names on every site I visit, and have multiple unrelated Twitter accounts. I prefer my entertainment to be separated into different spheres. Maintaining an identity is not something I'll do online; you have to meet me for that, or know me through professional connections, which are entirely separate.

Let me tell you, I just was not born for this Facebook generation. I hope Nintendo forgoes named accounts and keeps it like the eShop, but I'm certainly a minority there.



MrKenta said:

The main problem with achievements is that they're often not achievements at all.
"Oh, you killed a Goomba? Now aren't you a special little snowflake? Have the size of your e-penis increased by this meaningless feat!"
It's even worse when they give achievements for doing X thing Y times.



SkywardLink98 said:

I think nintendo should put "Achievements" into the Wii U and via an update the 3DS. Sure some games will be all about achievements, but I don't think it will drive the quality of games down much, if it all.



AVahne said:

Make them useful, give us an actual reason to get them. Because so far, all this achievement crap is useless.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Ryno If you consider that sentence in the proper context of the article and all that was said before, it's clear that Mark was referencing the examples, all valid, where Achievements do play a part in some gamer's choices. Considering that statements before qualify these comments to clarify that it's a certain group of gamers that think this way, Mark's continuing a valid point. Possibly my bad for not editing 'some' into that sentence, but the meaning is very clear within the article as a whole.

Anyway, I think Nintendo should definitely include achievements but make them optional, just like when a 3DS game asks whether you want to use StreetPass/SpotPass, for example. That way developers don't manipulate it too badly, and those like myself who couldn't care less can simply switch them off and forget they exist. Easy peasy.



Nanaki said:

Got to say, I love the achievements on the '360. There's nothing better than the bragging rights between mates when you have the higher gamerscore on certain games. Microsoft has done well with the whole social side of Live — Achievements are just one aspect of their multi-faceted approach to social gaming. I don't think Nintendo will ever have the correct mindset to implement something as successful, as they always seem to approach the subject from their own unique angle. I see a lot of the big N's 'social' gaming ideas (Friend Codes, Street Pass) and, well, they aren't the best executed. If I want social gaming on my Nintendo machines, I have to have the people I am playing with in the same room in order to get any decent experience from it; Microsoft and Sony are probably more geared to the opposite — online gaming.

Bottom line is, in my opinion, Nintendo need to get their online gaming to a standard where these social aspects will be able to flourish. Introducing achievements/trophies would be like writing a car manual for a car that hasn't been manufactured. I doubt they ever will quite get there, but it would be nice if they did.



Undead_terror said:

since xbox has achievements and ps3 got trophies,it would be nice if the wii u had a to do list or certificates,but im not really a fan of these things.



TheChosen said:

I always liked what they did in Brawl, with the challenge thing. Im okay with the achievements, but I'd wish unlocking them would give me rewards.

Also, achievements more or less indicate how much game you still have left to play and sometimes are kind of spoilery, especially progress related. Some even show you how many secrets you still havent uncovered and Id like to figure out that part myself.



C7_ said:

I think achievements are essential for a lot of games nowadays. It's just developers need to recognize where and when an achievement needs to be. I'd love a great "congrats, you beat the hardest boss in the game" award if not only to feel like it accomplished something more, but to actually show others that I was willing to spend that much time doing it. Which leads to how it needs to be implemented online just like high score games need to be updated with online leaderboards just to add more replay-ability. Achievements are a great addition and Nintendo should really consider supporting them a lot more.

They also need some way of showing which ones are harder to get, just to add even more reason to get them, which is one of my pet peeves about 360's and Steam's achievements. "Beat prologue" is not an accomplishment, nor should it be equivalent to "Beat secret end-game boss".

That being said, games that revolve around relaxing or some sort of simulation should not have achievements at all, it counters their purpose. So ultimately, the hardware should be able to support a system like it, but it should be up to the game developer as to whether or not they want to put it in.



Mr_Reece said:

@Ryno I agree with you: to an extent, achievements governing what games people buy is ridiculous. But these people do exist. I know a few of them myself, in fact.



WesCash said:

I couldn't care less about achievements. They are just a way to artificially extend the length of a game and are completely frivolous.



Noire said:

You should be able to get Power Stars when you do stuff so you can save the Princess!

... And that's where Nintendo comes in, because I can't think of anything family-friendly after that.



Hyperstar96 said:

There NEEDS to be achievements. I'm honestly surprised there weren't any achievements on 3DS.



she_gamer said:

I like the idea of having an online profile where I can check out my achievements for all my games in one glance. But then again, I stopped using Backloggery because I became too focused on reducing the "unfinished" and increasing the "completed" that I was just powering through the games and not really taking my time to enjoy them. Achievements sometimes turn into one giant, daunting to-do list.
Achievements do extend the life of a game though, that's for sure.



Rapadash6 said:

I hate that annoying little box popping up and chime noise when I'm trying to play my PS3 in peace. I'm also secure enough in myself not to need some inflated number that really just shows people the pathetic amount of free time I have rather than it is something to be proud of.



bezerker99 said:

I read this article and here's what I gathered: Xbox 360 games are so bad you need achievements (aka incentives) to play them. lol



FonistofCruxis said:

I'm not bothered about achievements and if they are included with the Wii U, I hope that developers aren't forced to put them in every game whether they would add to the game or not. I also hope that they are kept personal and aren't displayed on some online profile to prevent all the bragging.



Objection said:

Gotta say, I'm a fan. Trophies prompt me to play on higher difficulties and play through again, or do optional content. It can be done wrong, where it merely becomes a grind or whatever, but many of them are clever, either in name or in content, so I'd like to see Nintendo try it out in an overlapping system. (Accomplishments are a weak substitute.)

Also, has anyone else used UPlay? It's Ubisoft's "achievement system inside an achievement system" inside select games which awards U points which you CAN spend on downloads and stuff. It's pretty cool, so far.



Kyloctopus said:

It would have been awesome if Nintendo added achievements for 3DS, and Streetpass with other people to see who has the most achievements.



Lobster said:

As long as they are optional, not stupid, and not annoying (oh hey, let me interrupt your game to tell you you just left the first town!) then achievements are fine. Making them a peeing contest is just annoying and doesn't help anything. In fact, it may make things worse by adding to the stereotypical idea of the gamer who lives in the basement and never sees the sun because he has to 100% the game.

On the other hand, like anything, when well implemented they can be very fun.



Knux said:

Trophies and Achievements are effing awesome. They add replay value to games. It's a shame Nintendo missed the boat on the 3DS, so I hope the Wii U has them.



Ryno said:

@ThomasBW84: I didn’t really find the evidence in the article that supports people buy specific games in major force because of the particularly easy trophies/achievements they can acquire from them. Do gamers love trophies/achievements and collecting as many as possible? Sure, yes they do and this is supported in this article but for gamers to buy Playstation Move Heroes strictly for the easy trophies is the most ridiculous thing I have heard about gamers this generation. I never thought that a lot of people would buy a bad game to feed their trophy/achievement addiction but hey, I could be wrong and I am more out of touch with this current generation than I thought. I prefer the original points system as a way to show off your skills.

@Mr_Reece: Alright I'm convinced, I believe that these addicts exist.



Scissors said:

I don't want no stinkin achivements on the Wii U. Wish I could disable them on PS3.



steveex said:

Achievements would be great, as long as they are something extra to do, and not just collecting them through the main game. They should help developers show off the finer points of the games, and not just included because they have to be.



Quiz112 said:

I'd love to see an achievement/trophy-based system on the Wii U.
Medals seem like the best choice out of all the choices I've seen here.
As long as they use them correctly (I don't want a medal for completing a tutorial.. I want one for collecting all the collectibles or getting all the stars in a game... an actual achievement in the game where you'd deserve a medal)



Burning_Spear said:

If it's a Mario platformer, I have no problem with an achievement for each group of three star coins, an achievement for each red-ring challenge, an achievement for each blue-coin challenge, and a trophy for completing the entire thing ONE more time as Luigi or mini Mario or whoever. If we start adding stuff like, complete level 2-1 in 45 seconds without taking damage or using power-ups, then I'm out of it. I'm not going to sit there drinking Mountain Dew at 3:30 in the morning to get a stupid achievement for beating something three seconds quicker than I did five hours earlier. If that means I never 100-percent something again, then so be it.



DarkKirby said:

Achievements are only meaningful if they signify that you really did something significant in a game and they are displayable somewhere on your profile. Example would be going through Deus Ex: Human Revolution without killing anyone, or not setting off any alarms, beating the game on certain difficulties. I HATE achievements that pretty much mean nothing. For example, you finished this level. You get an achievement! You got your 1st kill. You get an achievement! When I see these I'm usually thinking "GET OFF MY SCREEN DAMMIT". My self esteem is not so low I need to be complimented and given a meaningless reward for a meaningless action.

Or "extend playtime" achievements that require to something meaningless like "you killed 3000 enemies" which would require you to play the game many times over and over again, in what isn't challenging, but simply showed that you were willing to waste a lot of time doing boring repetitive tasks.

Gamerscore? You have to be pretty stupid to care about upping your "score" in what CLEARLY is a scam by Microsoft to get you to buy more games on their system. Then again not everyone isn't that stupid. I'm still wondering why people are willing to pay Microsoft's ridiculous yearly fee to use the 360's online. Is it the best console online available? Yes. But it's not so good it's worth $60 a year. Another scam to make people continue to buy 360 games when a multiplatform choice is given so your yearly fee doesn't "go to waste" and you "get the most for your money" when you shouldn't have to pay at all.



Bass_X0 said:

Has anyone unlocked the "Collect 7777 Coins" achievement on Mario Kart 7 yet?

How about the "Collect all Star Coins" achievement in Super Mario 3D Land? The achievements are in the games already.

As long as they are optional, not stupid, and not annoying (oh hey, let me interrupt your game to tell you you just left the first town!) then achievements are fine.

On XBOX360, they show up on screen for a brief moment but do not interrupt the flow of your game.



FluttershyGuy said:

I don't understand the appeal of achievements/trophies. They're just arbitrarily thrown in accomplishments, often times achieved through natural game play, or something simply ridiculous (10,000 logged game hours or something). It's like playing a game one day with a friend and being so bored, you start randomly daring each other to do this or that (achievements/trophies, you are SO RANDOM).

I look at them cynically, as a way that developers to artificially inflate the length and value of games. They don't do so for me. There are no tangible benefits to the accomplishments. They don't open up new levels, or unlock new weapons. Then, I'd be QUITE interested, as I'm a real collector. Funny thing is, I'm often quite OCD about things like this (like items in a game, getting every piece of armor, sword, etc.). Not achievements/trophies, though. When I've finished a game, I've finished it. Furthermore, I don't have that kind of free time, to spend pulling off these arbitrary feats on one single game. If I did, my backlog would pile up to disasterous proportions.

Anyone who likes them, power to you, glad you enjoy them. I guess there's some merit to it if it enriches the game for some. Me, I just don't give a flying, um... leap?

I'll just put this here, since I didn't see anyone mention it (apologies if I missed it). It could be said that Nintendo has already introduced these, through the StreetPass Mii Plaza "Accomplishments".

ROTFLMAO! Winner, winner, chicken dinner! I think that's just what achievements/trophies are to a lot of people. A, AHEM, "measuring contest"!



CanisWolfred said:

They're trying to appeal to the hardcore, so of course they'd have to be crazy to not include some kind of achievement system. Like them or not, it's what the core demographic wants, and there are plenty of people who won't buy games that don't have them. Personally, I just hope Nintendo is a little more creative with the system than just some arbitrary numbers.

Also, for those saying they don't want them to be linked to their profile: That would literally remove the point of the system for a lot of people. They want to show off. "What's the point of doing something so hard if you don't get any recognition for it?" is exactly what my friends have told me on this issue. I highly doubt Nintendo won't link it to a main NFC profile. They're smarter than that.



accc said:

Achievements are the worst "innovation" of this gen, along with DLC.



Hokori said:

gahhh whats with people saying nintendo doesnt have achievements... what about unlocking stuff in games, isnt that proof enough? It all comes down to you and if you know you unlocked stuff or not



Slapshot said:

Nintendo not adding an achievement system to the Wii U would be them intentionally taking an arrow to the knee. Why would a core gamer who enjoys achievements buy a third party game on the Wii U if it doesn't have achievements, when they can purchase it on another of their system that does. A handful of extra control gimmicks won't override achievements for these gamers.



Chrono_Cross said:

Wasn't this discussion on the forums? Yeah.

Well anyway, I don't care either way. I've had more fun with games without achievements on the PS3 (Metal Gear Solid 4), than I did with games with them (Killzone 3).



Bass_X0 said:

why would anybody want to turn their hobby into a checklist?

Super Smash Bros. Brawl had tons of achievements.

Play as a certain character X amount of times, fight on a certain stage X amount of times, collect X amount of stickers, defeat X amount of alloys, play for an X amount of hours etc...

All are common achievements on XBOX 360 and PS3. Do people complain about Brawl's checklist?



FJOJR said:

The trophies system I'd like to see is the one instituted in Super Smash Bros. Then you can look at them in a channel and transfer them to the 3DS for 3D viewing.



Hawker said:

@MasterGraveheart I like the idea of stars for achievments, that would fit with Nintendo.

As far as should they be in the WiiU, why not? You don't have to do them, even though the people against the idea are making it seem like you do. I know plenty of people on the 360 that don't have a single platinum trophy & don't care, & I also know people that will play a game until they get that plat, or finally give up because it's just too hard & move on.

It's all up to how you want to do it. Knowing me, I'll try to 100% my games with or without any achievements.



Javin said:

I am so an completionists! I always have to beat the game 100% I would love for there to be achievements on the Wii U and 3DS! This would be awesome! And personally, I love stupid little achievements, just because there so stupid. But we don't need dumb accomplishments.



TTGlider said:

What if the Wii never had motion control simply because some developers would inevitably implement the feature poorly?



3dbrains said:

Achievements!! more like a marketing scam of a reason to imply a game is 100hours long. or has replay 'value'

hate them. ive seen a friend get a trophie for starting a game! lol



nesatnite said:

when you achieve those goals in brawl dont you unlock things like stages, characters and such? that being the case, i wouldnt call that a simple checklist. i can see the point your trying to make but i hope you can see the difference between achievements and unlockables..



MegaAdam said:

Achievements are possibly the worst thing to happen to video games. Playing to check off a list of achievements detracts from playing for fun, and turns playing games into a chore.

That said, it would be foolish for Nintendo to not include them. They're here to stay, and their existence will help increase third-party game sales.



Smooth27 said:

They bettee I was dissapointed it wasnt added ti the 3ds, they should call it accomplishmenta or medals, or just use the one from the Mii Plaza.



komicturtle said:

I want to use the points to purchase rewards- maybe even DLC. Trophies just sit there and collect dust and achievement points are just.. there..



Burning_Spear said:

"What's the point of doing something so hard if you don't get any recognition for it?" is exactly what my friends have told me on this issue.

This is why every tackle in the NFL is followed by an exaggerated dance; why Ashton Kutcher Tweets to tell us he bought a sweater; why the Kardashians have a TV show. You should do something difficult for the personal challenge of overcoming it. If you're playing video games for recognition, you need to rethink your priorities. These people with all their achievements? Guess what. ... Thousands of other people have done the exact same thing, and probably in less time and without losing any lives. Maybe the Wii U should come with a giant neon sign that you can install on your roof, to beam your achievements to other galaxies, where they suck at video games. Rant over.



BenAV said:

I don't really care about them myself.
They should probably add them for those that want them, otherwise many people are going to complain about their absence.
I'm unlikely to take much notice of them though, and I'm sure not going out of my way to complete ridiculous tasks or buy games I don't even want just for achievements.
As long as games don't go down in quality as a result, then I really don't care.



CanisWolfred said:


Hey, it's their reasons, and it seems to be why achievements work so well. And think of it this way: millions of people are good at painting, but when you do a work that was difficult for you, don't you want to show it off to people? When you score the Winning goal in a game, don't you brag about it? It's the same thing here. When you do something you're proud of, you usually don't keep it to yourself, you share it with others. That's what linking achievements to your profile allows you to do: show off your hard work.



JumpmanZ said:

The way for Nintendo to implement achievements into Wii U games is for the "achievements" to take the form of coins. These coins tie into you nintendo network/ club.nintendo account, these new coins being worth a hundredth of a normal club.nintendo coin. Nintendo caps the amount of coins that can be given away within a game, harder goals earn you more coins, pointless/easy goals can be worth no coins, and surveys are automatically made available for played games, because your account is monitoring your play history. Players' in-game accomplishments actually amount to real world products or more downloadable games. Other game companies could even offer their own real-world awards on club.nintendo. Everyone's problems are solved.



Megajack said:

ugh. i wish time would go back to the NES and SNES times. no acheivments, no online, and you and your buddy sittin on the couch playing mario kart or taking turns on super metroid...



Maggots said:

I think the 3DS should have system aceivements itself... not just for games or street passes... like take 1000 pictures... make 50 sounds... walk 10 miles... play 30 different 3DS retail Games... register 25 friends locally.. stuff like that



mantez said:

Nintendo should implement a coin system similar to the 3DS where your earn coins (instead of achievements) and you can spend those coins on unlocks in other games



Jr-Joe said:

I think stickers are a good idea, you could put them on your mii's face. Mii clothes would be cool too, like if you complete the first level of super mario bros then you would be awarded with an 8bit mario hat.



DraculaX said:

1. Achievements/trophies are only there for people that want to complete them. If you don't like them, ignore them. (Playstation's trophies have never affected the way I play a game but that's just me.)
2. Nintendo already has so many horrible 3rd party games even though there is no accomplishment system. Horrible games get made, it happens sometimes.
3. I'm pretty sure Nintendo Life just recently did an article about a new lap record on Super Mario Kart and nobody was complaining then.




Thank You this is a great topic to talk about I've been saying ever since WiiU 1st came out that they absolutly NEED to have Achievements/Trophies from DAY ONE just to be relevant to the main stream gaming media. I wish it wasn't like that but it's true even though I personally can't blame them because some of the greatiest moments I've experienced in modern day gaming is getting a Achievement/Trophie. I'm just saying it couldn't hurt WHY NOT NINTENDO!!



Radixxs said:

I don't like achievements. I don't hate them, I just think they are artificial "fun" and only work in arcade-like games. I would not like some notification popping up whenever I do something pointless and minor when I'm playing Zelda. And most of them are just that: pointless and minor.



Jarod said:

really hope they add some kind of acheivment system, there was a while where i could barely make myself play nintendo games anymore because it felt like there was no point, also when people check my profile having them see 100% on the next zelda would just feel great since im gonna do everything regardless



TrueWiiMaster said:

I like the idea of achievements to a degree, but Playstation and Xbox take the concept too far. I mean seriously, getting achievements for playing through the story mode normally lessens the value of the awards, and having to get 100,000 kills puts some out of reach for the vast majority of players. I want Nintendo to have a system in place, but I don't want what the other systems have.

Here's my idea. Badges. No more than 5 badges could be gleaned from any one game, leaving no room for superfluous extras (ie "Killed your first enemy!" "Bought your first gun!" etc.). This would also prevent sales of poor games just to boost one's score; each game would add too little to make one or two matter. Ideally these badges would consist of goals like beating the game, collecting everything, beating hard mode, and the like.

Now's where it gets interesting. Rather than a total point score, a person's total badge number would appear to the public, but not all of the badges would be viewable. The player would have to pick 20-25 favorite badges to put on display. In other words, when someone looks at your profile they would see the badges you're most proud of rather than a cluttered list consisting of dozens, and eventually even hundreds of awards. Each award would feel more significant when viewed in a small group too.

Personally I think this system would work well for Nintendo. It's unique enough that nobody could say they just jumped on the achievement bandwagon, and matches their overall themes fairly well. They've used badges or badge-like things for years, probably starting with Pokemon, but also appearing in Paper Mario, and somewhat in Super Smash Bros.

I love the idea of getting a badge when I beat New Super Mario Wii U's main game, and then getting another when I unlock and beat those inevitable secret levels. Perhaps the latter could say "honorary Super Mario Bro"... But realistically, this setup could work well with every 1st party game Nintendo would make. The only games I would wonder about would be COD-type games.



47drift said:

I've never been a fan of achievements. They kind of destroy the immersion when they pop up. And if you have them set not to pop up, there's really little reason to have them there at all.



grumblebuzzz said:

I don't really mind it either way. If they have them, cool; if they don't, I won't miss them.



rhythmheavenfan said:

It would be great if they added achievements. They've made me want to continue playing 360 games longer than I would have; they're very addictive.



Aviator said:

I really don't understand most of the disdain towards achievements. They're not mandatory, you are not required to collect all the achievements. Yes, some achievements may seem silly to some players, but very few people will focus on getting "3,000 Super Combo's with Ryu in Street Fighter 4". Most will play the game they enjoy, and collect those miscellaneous achievements along the way. Also to the people complaining that developers are using achievements to milk their game, what? Don't you want to get the most out of your money? In Australia, games aren't cheap, I don't want to be throwing down $100 on a AAA title, and not attempt to collect everything in it. If those achievements make me play and enjoy the game longer, then it's the best of both worlds.

Also, 360, PS3 and Steam (as well as other services) all enable you to turn off the notification. If you are really that affected when a tiny pop-up appears on screen, then that is not a problem.



Kage_88 said:

I have both an Xbox 360 & PS3, and I could not care less about Achievements/Trophies.

Now, don't get me wrong - when they're done right, they're a great little bonus for videogames. I'd be lying if I said I didn't gain any satisfaction whenever I heard the familiar 'ping' sound of an accomplishment...but I am not ruled by them. I flat-out refuse to be.

Miyamoto was right in expressing doubt over the Achievment/Trophy system. The FUN of playing a videogame should be the reward - NOT some arbitrary points for bragging rights. An engrossing game should stand on its OWN merits - and I've always aprreciated and respected Nintendo for following this philosophy (despite the protestations of most gamers).

Unfortunately, it looks as though Nintendo will be giving in to the peer pressure by incorporating the 'Accomplishment' system; as already seen in 3DS, and likely in Wii U.

Again, the Achievement/Trophy system can be great if used right...I just hope that Nintendo realise that they should be a SECONDARY incentive for playing games, not the primary reason.



theblackdragon said:

As long as I can turn them off, I don't care. I know other people get a lot of enjoyment out of these things, and that's fine, but I don't, so I'd like to be able to opt out. People have said over and over that 'oh you can turn off notifications if you want', but that's the other guys, not Nintendo. We have no idea how they'd go about implementing such a system. Please don't screw this up if you do implement them, Nintendo :/



Kirk said:

My general opinion is that these Achievement and Trophy systems are nothing more than thinly veiled but actually very sophisticated psychological systems designed to take advantage of some basic human needs to collect things, to succeed at tasks and be rewarded for effort etc.

It's like giving a child a badge or tick every time they complete their homework or clean their room, or awarding them a star at school for tidying the classroom, answering a question correctly or scoring highly in a basic test, and then giving them an even bigger star when the get all the little stars and so on...

They generally don't really make games any better imo. they just play on certain base level compulsive and addictive behaviors and traits in people, much like gambling does the same, and their need for validation and praise etc.

It's just like pretty much every single Facebook game and a lot of mobile games too. They're more like thinly disguised human psychology and behavioral experiments, that lock the players into addictive and repetitive action patterns, than good old fashioned challenging and fun games that have actual gameplay mechanics and stuff.

There's maybe some merit in Achievements and Trophies sometimes but I mostly just see the admittedly genius but rather superficial and sinister thinking going on behind the scenes by the marketing wizards and corporate think tanks more than anything else.

Note: If Nintendo does add them then I hope they at least give them some actual value, such as unlocking extra content in the games like bonus levels, in-game costumes or weapons etc. They could even reward you with a virtual currency that you can spend in the eShop or Club Nintendo etc, on random real world goodies like t-shirts, posters, toys etc (the kind of stuff they already offer on Club Nintendo), and they could call them something like Nintendo Stars, Star Points, Nintendo Star Points or something like that, which would fit in nicely me thinks.



The_Fox said:

I like how some are implying that those who go after achievements are essentially basement dwellers or losers. I'm guessing those posters are powered by a powerful sense of self loathing.



miletich3 said:

Achievements can bug some people, such as when you kill so many enemies by yourself without any help or by just starting a new game. On the contrary, they're pretty decent to have and their names are pretty catchy.



yuske05 said:

i think the achievements should be put as an optional app downloaded from the marketplace. The players who like achievements can act more as a separate community. More than likely, most people will download and become a member so they should just put it in their anyway.



Splat said:

I love Trophies but don't plan to get a Wii U so I don't really care either way.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I hate being late in posting this but i hope my thoughts will still be noticed by someone.

What i don't want is a Gamerscore that's a sum of achievement points. I don't think the reputation of a gamer should depend on how many games he plays but on how much attention he gives the games he's got.
So if there has to be some numerical gamerscore the average points reached in your games could maybe be acceptable. Say you'd get 7 points for beating a game and a 10 for completing it with decimal steps in between for reaching certain other achievements. People could easily see how passionate you are 'bout completing your games by viewing your score.

What i'd like more than scores would be "funny" captions to your username like "completionist" when you've completed more than 75 % of your games, "Tetris Ace" when you reached a certain score in one of these games or "Puzzle Master" when you reached a certain score in five puzzle games, ...
You'd automatically be assigned the newest one you've unlocked but could still choose older ones you got. Others could scroll though all of your "subnames" as well.

What would also be nice: a gamer's room with interior you unlock be reaching some achievements in a game. It could be Animal Crossing-eque and let you display your 25 most loved trophies, posters, ...
Maybe they could even have a online-multiplayer-game installed on every console where you unlock new items with your achievements ...

Combined with having groups of people á la Mario Kart 7 or Google+ overarching all of your games this could be one hell of a social online experience. Ninty's really got all it takes to make you feel awesome for showing off your in-game achievements. I hope they'll make something uniquely lighthearted out of it.

PS: Achievements for your online account shouldn't ever replace unlocking awesome stuff in the game itself.
PPS: Haven't read any other comment yet, sorry.



sunnygrg said:

Achievements work well on Xbox360 because Microsoft cracks down on cheaters. Sony doesn't do anything to stop the save hack cheaters & trophy teams thereby making the trophy system a joke. is a great site who treats their members with respect. has a reputation of disrespecting their new members and having a staff which acts elitist. There's many trophy-related websites like that is competing well versus

Wii will likely have its share of achievement website competition should they choose to have achievements.



JayceJa said:

achievements are a joke in most cases
steam for example, has most of the achievements in each game gotten simply by playing through the main story, with the others in most cases being grinding wins/kills etc.
these are NOT achievements, what they are is a small badge that says 'i actually played the game'
sure, it isnt steams fault that developers decide to cop-out on achievements, but the system in general is a pointless joke, that id rather not come to the wii u



Fang said:

I don't see why Nintendo shouldn't. For those of us who don't like it there should be and option to turn it off.



millarrp said:

I would be for them, as long as they provide something usefull, like Coins on the 3DS, or credits towards virtual consol purchases, or Club Nintendo points



Bass_X0 said:

The only thing I hate about achievements is that over time some are near impossible because no one is playing those games online anymore.



Zario777 said:

I don't mind if they add it or not, but if they do, they should call them medals. That seems about right



HaNks said:

i could care less for a formal 'achievement' system like the xbox, i always found it was kind of corny. i'll assign my own value to achieving or doing certain things in a game, i don't need a pop-up with an arbitrary amount of points popping up at random moments. hell, maybe the game will even reward me all by itself...120 stars on SM64...seeing Yoshi on the roof...worth it all by itself.

there's completing a game fully, collecting everything. but a lot of achievements are totally random, things i'd never normally do and only gain importance through the self-validating system. maybe i'm a purist and people love the achievements, but i'd rather be competitive and completionist in a normal sense.



diagonalcoin10k said:

As an owner of an xbox360, I think it would be sweet for the wii u to have achievements! But, it also has different affects on gamers depending on the amount of gamerscore and the kind of person that's looking. Such as, a very top notch call of duty player looking at another players profile to see that they have almost no achievements, will instantly make that gamer think, "This guy is terrible," when he might be a pro at the game. Or if someone has a lot, he'll be instantly tagged as an addict. I'm all for an achievements system of sorts on wii u, but I don't want it to start affecting how the game is played.



NeoTechni said:

"Since this system will costs tens of thousands of dollars to put into place"

I am a web developer. I'd literally be willing to do it (all the software. All I need are PHP servers) for Nintendo for a free WiiU and whatever future Zelda game comes out for it.



DerpSandwich said:

@Ryno Ridiculous, but definitely true. I've got a friend who bought Resident Evil 4 on the Gamecube, then got the Wii Edition, and even after all that bought it on XBLA for the easy points.

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