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Mon 4th May 2009

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Quiz112 commented on What's On Your Game Boy Camera?:

I never had the camera but I did have the printer when I was younger. The only thing I remembered printing was something pokemon related. I think one of the earlier games let you print pokedex entries and a certificate for beating the champion.



Quiz112 commented on Talking Point: Achievements, Trophies and Wii U:

I'd love to see an achievement/trophy-based system on the Wii U.
Medals seem like the best choice out of all the choices I've seen here.
As long as they use them correctly (I don't want a medal for completing a tutorial.. I want one for collecting all the collectibles or getting all the stars in a game... an actual achievement in the game where you'd deserve a medal)



Quiz112 commented on Pokémon Black and White Starters are Disappoi...:

I kinda like these starters.
Although the fire pig could've looked a bit better. It's not that bad.
An otter with a shell symbol for a water type seems pretty good. Kinda reminds me of Pascal from the Animal Crossing series. It's head looks a bit odd though.
I didn't like the grass starter at first but I'm kinda liking it now.