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NOA: "Never Say Never," But No Plans to Bring Sought-After Wii Games to NA

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Xenoblade Chronicles, Last Story and Pandora's Tower still not coming

Nintendo has just responded to the public outcry for the epic RPGs Xenoblade Chronicles and Last Story and the action RPG Pandora's Tower to see localisation in North America via their Facebook page. The company stated:

Thank you for your enthusiasm. We promised an update, so here it is. We never say “never,” but we can confirm that there are no plans to bring these three games to the Americas at this time. Thanks so much for your passion, and for being such great fans!

This comes particularly in response to Operation Rainfall, which has fans writing letters, flooding Facebook and preordering enough copies of Xenoblade Chronicles on Amazon via its placeholder page as Monado: Beginning of the World to make it, for a time, the top-selling video game on the site. Nintendo previously published all three in Japan and plans to bring Xenoblade Chronicles later this year to Europe and Australia.

What do you make of Nintendo of America's decision?


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MasterGraveheart said:

Translation: "Don't count on it, chumps." ;_;

EDIT - Y'know, if I had the guts to do so, I'd organize a boycott of their upcoming Zelda games until these three were confirmed for North America.

Not only am I convinced that'd NEVER work, I woudln't be able to stick to my own proposed boycott anyway.



SwerdMurd said:

lol as expected. They should just toss some minigames into all of them--then they'll make the jump overseas!



Joetherocker said:

Fans: "Oh, it's been three days since they said there would be updates, I'm sure they wouldn't wait that long just to say no."
Nintendo: "Dear Fans,




Burning_Spear said:

That means no. Let's face it: Nintendo has moved past the Wii and is totally about Wii U and the 3DS now.



Meta-Rift said:

If anyone knows a good site to import PAL games from, I'd appreciate it now more than ever.



koops330 said:

With the Wii dying in a matter of a year or two can't that atleast give us a few games that can make the wii last a little longer then the day after the WiiU launch



Corbs said:

Nice way to step up and show gamers you're serious about bringing back the "core" gamers you're always talking about Nintendo. Just for that I hope the Playstation Vita kicks the sh*t out of the 3DS.



Rapadash6 said:

I love Nintendo as a developer but as a company they have to be te most impersonnal out there. Whether these games would've sold or not, the fact remains that even in the face of angry fans, not only pleading, but putting actual money on the table, are still treated like they don't matter. I hate that the hobby I love so much is dictated by men in suits who have no compassion for what their customers want.



bro2dragons said:

"Never" have I been so poorly treated from any business in my life. I'll be looking to see what other companies have to offer for the first time in my life once they announce their next systems.



zionich said:

This was the point I was trying to make in my comment to the original post. BOYCOTT Nintendo. Forget all this lets spam there site, facebook, and phones. Hit them where it hurts, thier profit. Make Skyward Sword the worst selling Zelda title and they will know your serious.



Sakisa said:

Or just buy used...honestly i'm at the breaking point with Nintendo, so the big titles will be bought used. I will be buying Kid Icarus new though, that angel got a second chance, and i'll do what I can to help him. I'm buying Skyward Sword used though, no doubt.



Hardy83 said:

If people want something, they will get it. Legally or not.
This was pretty stupid on Nintendo of America's part.

Though I did call the carrot on a stick response and attitude by Nintendo. It's more common then you think.



DF2506 said:

Ok, I get Pandora's Tower and Last Story. Nintendo just doesn't want to go through the translation thing. But, I don't get Xenoblade. Its going to be released in Europe (including the UK right?) and Australia. So...those include English speaking countries right? Well, then that means Xenoblade is already translated to English. Plus, the game is a best-seller at Amazon. So, its translated AND its already a best seller somewhere. Um...what else do you need Nintendo? Why isn't this game coming here? I don't get it.



Ickaser said:

Y'know how they want the boundaries between "casual" and "core" to disappear? Methinks some sackings need to happen to achieve that ever at this rate.



Jnes4 said:

I really hope they change their plans regarding the localization of these three games, since I've been waiting for these games ever since I've saw those gameplay videos...



motang said:

Thanks Nintendo, you sure know what your customers want, more party games and none of those fun games! X-(



armoredghor said:

they don't want to sell these games because they most likely will not sell no matter how many core gamers we have on this site waiting for the games. If we only see one of these titles, it wil likely be pandora's tower. The update was obviously announced because of a meeting planned to decide if we would receive these games or not and lets face it- jrpgs don't sell especially well-even more especially on wii.



mickywill said:

I think Nintendo has decided based on $$ and sales forecasts vs. considering what their fans want. Xenoblade won't break 250K in the US, so why bother. A thousand internet gamers outcry barely got a response from NOA. It's disappointing but not surprising to me.



Retro_on_theGo said:

Come on! I'd actually buy a wii if these games come here. (used of course to show them they shouldn't have been jerks about releasing these.) Looks like I'll be sticking to my 3DS for now!



TheBaconator said:

Don't care. Smart financial move by Nintendo, I think. These games would have sold poorly without a doubt.



FluttershyGuy said:

***holes! I'm not a bit happy with this. I'm about as p***ed at Nintendo as I ever have. As a Wii owner, I feel abandoned. Abandoned probably a full YEAR before Wii U is out! I've never seen Nintendo give up on a system and it's owners before it's successor is even released like this! Decent games-starved Wii got about as much attention at E3 as the DS, and now this. So now there's Skyward Sword, Skyward Sword between now and Wii U that I really want (MAYBE Kirby too). Nintendo just gave a big "screw you" to Wii owners who invested in that console and still have a year till Wii U, as well as RPG fans and non "casual" gamers. Well, screw you right back, NoA! Except for a few 3DS games and Skyward Sword, you'll see VERY LITTLE of my money till Wii U. That's the puzzling thing. I thought they liked money and would want to get some more before Wii U's arrival. BS!!! Evidently, this crap (for stockholders) about thinking of the "core" gamers again doesn't until 2012. Until then, about all the Wii is going to be good for is weight loss and party games. Sony and Microsoft look better and better all the time, Nintendo...



Malkeor said:

This is BS.
Basically they are saying "Shut up...stop asking...don't set your hopes too high?...kay we done now? more mario and wii-esque titles on the horizon stay tuned! oh and ported 3rd party titles for Wii-U "

Please just listen to the fans. If you wanna start pleasing the hardcore, expecially RPG-starved Nintendo faithful, start NOW.



RonF said:

Right now I only think of abadomning Nintendo and spending my money elsewhere. Tomorrow I'll probably think otherwise but it is becaming harder and harder to be a Nintendo fan as they systematically show little interest in please their customers.



Malkeor said:

@38: That video summed it up perfectly TBH. This drought is really an issue...I don't care how much focus the claim is going on Wii U. The dang thing isn't even out yet and we have PLENTY of time left for the Wii.

3DS software is at least more than Wii at this point...but still not as much stuff as I would like to see.




Nintendo has become the new Bernie Stolar > Now that they don't want us to have the GOOD games WE want, how the hell do they expect to make us buy their next console/money printer? There is no point in buying a console if the company that makes it constantly starves us good games and gives us the shaft with a bunch of kiddy "casual"abominations. It's time for Plan B, Operation Thunderclap!!!



TwilightV said:

Can't find an image or video, so i'll just say it:

*Yawn * I'm bored. You're boring, Zoidberg.



PSICOffee said:

I expected this. It's kind of funny how all of you thought Nintendo would listen, as if what Reggie said at e3 (that they do) really matters. Well if they listen they sure as hell don't act very much. As an Earthbound and Mother 3 fan, I've given up putting up with their crap years ago, which is why I'm so bitter in my comments most of the time here. I'm honestly sick of new Mario's and Zelda's. I'll take a brand new Donkey Kong, Kirby, or Starfox instead any day. That's partly why e3 2010 was sooo good for Nintendo-- most of the games weren't just Zelda, Mario, or Metroid (like the year before).

Nintendo ALWAYS pushes aside games at the end of a console run to promote the next upcoming system. That's why games like Shantae for the GBC and Little Samson for the NES are very rare. It's also why I've been keeping my eye on recently released DS games that might be valuable rarities someday. It's sad we won't see these games, but it's definitely not the first time this has happened (hundreds of Japanese and European only games throughout the years).



Wheels2050 said:

@mickywill: They could do a small run for NA (say, 100K copies, or whatever expected sales are) to ensure a profit (if only small). The bigger advantage would be regaining some fan support, and giving more people reason to live up to their promise of supporting the 'core' gamer.

That, in itself, is an investment.



bonesy91 said:

in the words of Strong Bad.... What The Crap! 0.o the biggest troll in the world right now is NOA lol.



MasterGraveheart said:

To Everyone Threatening Nintendo With Less Sales: This doesn't work. If you threaten not to buy their existing products, it won't spur them to bring out the products they AREN'T coming out with. Quite the contuary. If you wanna try anything, it has to be the desire to want to buy those if they come out. That's your ONLY hope of reaching them.

Besides, 99.9% of you doing that aren't serious about it anyway. I call your bluffs and Nintendo's already done so.



Retroking1981 said:

Stupidity of the highest order. Look how poor core game sales are in europe, eg .Metroid other M. Nintendo chose the wrong market to release these games in. 1 in America would have outsold all 3 in europe!



Traxx said:

LOL, so its more like Operation "Reinfall" (german for "failure").



Gamer83 said:

In other words... 'Nice try suckers but you're going to take whatever we give you and love it.' I've had it with NoA, I made the mistake of buying Ocarina of Time 3D and doing stuff like that just encourages NoA's bs. I'm not buying their anymore. I hope 3DS sales continue to tank and that the Wii U is a bigger flop than Gamecube at retail. Maybe then these imbeciles will wake up. The Wii U will be easy to stay away from anyway since the only games they announced for it worth a damn can already be bought on PS3 or 360.



bonesy91 said:

@49 of course I'll buy the Wii U, but hopefully this will be a lesson to Nintendo in some way like "If we make a good game in Japan, release it everywhere"........ probably not, but who knows.



FluttershyGuy said:

Oh yeah. If any of you need something to take comfort in while watching the dust bunnies gather to playfully bounce around on your new game-less Wii until Wii U comes out, let it be this: With the Fruit Roll Up-thin games lineup Nintendo has for the Wii for the rest of it's lifespan, it's going to get it's a$$ handed to it on the console and console games front by Sony and Microsoft this holiday season and beyond. Skyward Sword alone isn't going to get the job done. Nintendo's not just punishing us for, you know, SUPPORTING THEM AND BUYING THEIR SYSTEM... they're also shooting themselves in the financial foot. Nice move, Reggie, you bonehead. Makes me miss ole Howard Lincoln! With smooth, "fan-pleasing decisions" like this, Nintendo may one day find itself making Mario and Zelda games for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox 1440, just as Sega's bringing Sonic to the Wii regularly now. To paraphrase the lovely Sex Bob-Omb Kim Pine, "Nintendo of America, if your life had a face, I'd punch it"!



Jockolantern said:

I don't think the current recession helps with Nintendo's decision making for three decidedly core games that also happen to be extremely niche in terms of their audience reach. I can't imagine the price for translating and producing these games would be cheap and we all know between the three of them combined they undoubtedly wouldn't even move 750,000 units.

I'm bummed that we won't be seeing these games just yet but I do hope Nintendo eventually changes their mind and brings all three of these stateside. Unfortunately, I can see some background reasoning behind the disappointing decision. And beyond their gorgeous art design, both Xenoblade and The Last Story bear little interest to me. Pandora's Tower is the one I'm interested in but the other two I could really do without anyway.



daznsaz said:

yea funnily enough the uk does have english speaking countries and heres the shocker one of them is called england go figure



Zsxdflip said:

That was the last straw. I feel like going to NOA's offices and punch every exec there in the nose (especially Reggie). I will NOT buy Wii Play: Motion, stop saturating mini-game compilitations Nintendo! You guys are turning into Ubisoft, and for the most part, that is a VERY bad thing for core gamers. They seriously have no respect for the core gamers in the Americas. I always read about European gamers complaining because it takes a couple more months for them to get games, but at least NOE cares about them, and it shows in their Club Nintendo service, pre-order bonuses, box art, etc. I would MUCH rather have games a couple of months late for a little respect, instead of a division that only cares about how many units they can sell to 40 year old moms and 7 year old boys when they consider publishing something. I swear in the next week or so Reggay gonna tweet a video or something saying something like "It seems some of our slave- eh, customers are disapointed because of 3 games that nobody cares about. But to show how much I care about my minions I would like to announce Wii Music: Encore will be exclusive to the Americas. Trust me, I know what the body wants"

Rant over, just needed to get some steam out



WolfRamHeart said:

I kind of figured that this would happen so I'm not really all that surprised by this news. Nintendo keeps talking about how they are determined to bring back the core gamers with the Wii U but their actions prove otherwise. I was ready to buy all three of these games but I guess now I will just spend that money on some more games for my XBox 360 and PS3 instead.



MasterGraveheart said:

Wow. You guys are funny. You wanna put that energy to good use? Don't let up on Nintendo. Continue to pound into it that you want these games. I'm going to. Persistance pays off and, unlike EarthBound, there's no alleged legal reason blocking it.

And for the record, most of you saying you won't buy a Wii U WILL buy a Wii U and, with or without you, we know it's going to be a success like the Wii was.

In all seriousness, you wana know whose to blame? You guys who DIDN'T go out to buy games like Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, Sin & Punishment, the original EarthBound release, and other games like that that THEY made and that didn't sell like they should have. You set the tone here in North America, guys. (A general statement towards the Nintendo consumer in general)



Mandoble said:

Dont put the blame on NOA as this decission comes from Japan. If Iwata says "A" Reggie says "A", if "B", then "B". Iwata, so you were planning to recover hardcorewhat with the WiiU???? Not that he cares, he will flood the world with marios/parties directly ported from Wii but in outstanding HD ...



kurtasbestos said:

I don't care about the other ones so much, but I'm sad about Xenoblade. But I'm not going to moan about it on the internet where other highly opinionated people will contribute their moaning and nothing will actually be accomplished other than a bunch of people wasting their time. The people who say they're giving up on Nintendo because of this are especially amusing... go ahead, I might enjoy my Wii U more knowing that I don't have to share it with people like you. It is nice to see that there are some level-headed people that realize that there must be logic behind Nintendo's decision (i.e. not a single one of these games will probably be financially successful), though, and I have to give credit for them for bringing intelligent comments into this meaningless internet discussion. Also, Zoidberg!



Sakisa said:

@61 Hey, I bought Sin & Punishment and Advance Wars around release, and I was 2 when Earthbound came out >_>



Cia said:

"Look how poor core game sales are in europe, eg .Metroid other M."
Other M's bad sales was because some were disappointed to it and it had more mixed reviews than Metroids usually.



StarDust4Ever said:

Truthfully, JRPGs just really don't interest me. I am a Mario fanboy at heart, so I have no problem whatsoever, so if they bring us an extra Mario, Kirby, DK, etc at the expense of one of those obscure games that won't sell anyway, I'm all for it. Truth is, there are a lot more platformer fanboys and casuals buying up all of the first party titles than hard-core obscure Japan-related games. The people clamoring in online forums and submitting requests for rare games are part of an elitist group of gamers who most likely represent the upper 1% of the gaming market as a whole. The same applies to people who play and collect retro games as a hobby. Retro gamers are a larger minority, many of whom don't buy new games. Nintendo has made their millions off of those past systems and still has every right to milk their old IP for even more profit.

All in all, I agree with post #61 MasterGraveHeart that it is the fault of those so-called "fans" who don't buy the domestically released J-related games, or evenworse, import them! I didn't benefit much out of Sin & Punishment N64 for VC, so why get the newer one if I sucked at the first game?

Bottom line is money. If me and a lot of other fanboys love the Marios and other 1st party IP, Nintendo will make more Marios and the like. If the soccer moms love the fitness and party games, then Nintendo will make more. If history reveals that RPG games which sell well in Japan may not necessarily do well in the Americas, then Nintendo will not devote the resources to translate and localize them.

And every time you import, you are telling Nintendo that those games are better off sold elsewhere!



Burny said:

To those who are calling for boycotts - stop fooling yourselves!

More importantly: To all people living in the Americas who really want to play these games: You actually can, if you want to look it up for yourselves.

If you're serious about playing these games, import the games from Europe. Do under no circumstances download/pirate the games! That would not hurt NoA, but instead NoE and Monolith Soft, Mistwalker etc. would suffer the damage.



Mandoble said:

@StarDust, you might be apparently right, if marios/parties sell better than anything else, why Nintendo should take care of anything else?
There is a clear reason, if Nintendo now has the 50% of the console market, that only means that Sony/XBoX have the other 50%, and might be that other 50% doesnt like to keep jumping from here to there, falling down into the lava, die and repeat the full level forever. Now might be the shareholders are quite interested into the money of this 50% of users, in fact PS3/PSP sales are increasing and Nintendo sales are decreasing or not increasing as expected.



edhe said:

"Thanks so much for your passion, and for being such great fans!"


As a European, I'm dissapointed we won't be getting Pandora's Tower or Last Story, but I will be picking up Xenoblade.

It's an outrage how Nintendo makes these games and then denies us "fans" the ability to buy and enjoy them. It's all compounded by the moronic region-locking they are now imposing on us across their new systems.



IronMan28 said:

Some people are acting as if us (fans) who want this game and are asking for it are whining. I don't see the connection considering we plan on purchasing goods from a company, if we want to purchase a certain product and that company can produce and doesn't, why shouldn't we at least request it? We aren't being unreasonable.



grumblebuzzz said:

Even though I really, truly could care less about these games (and would not buy them if they were released here — I don't do RPGs), I think that was kind of a crappy move on Nintendo's part. If that many people are interested, why shut them out like that?



SteamMistwalker said:

I was really only looking forward to Pandoras tower. but i think that nintendo having a new console on the horizon gabbing on about core and hardcore gamers, should atleast release those games state side (even if it is at a loss) just to show us fan (and future fans) that nintendo is ACTUALLY listening to their audience



DangerousDreams said:

I gotta go with ballkirby1 on this one, even though i favor RPGs the most. The fact of the matter is obvious when you compare the numbers, RPGs simply don't sell as much as, let's say, a movie based game or FPS. My advice to you fanatical RPG gamers, who, if you are reading this comment you probably are, is to branch out. Try Demon's Soul for the PS3, maybe Lost Odyssey for the 360, hell go retro and play Chrono Trigger!

Btw all this "thank you Nintendo", "you love us so much" sarcasm is really quite pathetic, it has got to stop! Your all sounding like a bunch diaper wearing babies waiting for their thrust to be quenched.



Vinsanity said:

Arrrgh. NOA blows.

At this point, we should petition NOE to release Xenoblade without region-lock on the disc, so any region Wii can run it, and we can import freely. That seems far likelier at this point. Even though I find the UK dub odd. Mainly because of the Irish (?) main character's friend's voice. Everyone else sounds fine, but the red head guy? Doesn't look like he should sound that way to me...

I'm curious as to what my UK Nintendo fan brethren think of the dub? I never really thought of it before — do you guys usually get UK specific dubs of games? 'Cuz I assumed North America and the UK/Australia share productions.



FonistofCruxis said:

@edhe I'be heard that The last story is being released in Europe next year and while Pandora's tower isn't confirmed, it seems likely for a European release.

Throughout the wii's life I was defending nintendo and trying to tell people that they do care about their fans by using examples like Punch-out wii, Sin and punishment: successor of the skies, DKCR etc. but now my faith in nintendo has greatly decreased after their wii U showing and how badly they're treating wii owners now with the sparse line-up the wii has, especially when two of these three games aren't confirmed for all western reigons and one isn't confirmed for any.



MrDanger88 said:

The thing that gets me the most is the fact that the Wii lineup for the rest of the year looks like the Sahara Desert except for SS. What a way to kill off the Wii.



TikiTong said:

Well what will peeople who wanna play games like these on the Wii U(and live in NA) do?.This makes gamers(IN THE NA) think these games will never be available on the Wii U



Ecto-1 said:

I actually am kind of surprised that they aren't bringing Xenoblade over. I had thought that the sight of it being the best selling videogame on all of Amazon would have encouraged them to give the game a chance over here.



jkshaz said:

Haha......thanks for the very committed answer there. Glad you straightened that out for us NOA.



CerealKiller062 said:

(Disapointment toward Nintendo of America)
@Alexneon Your in Nicaragua arn't you? If you bought a Wii there, you have a PAL system. No need to hack, just import.



Ichabod said:

You know, Reggie is the reason that I'm starting to consider abandoning Nintendo. His decisions are baseless and arrogant. Even his face makes me want to break something. Come on NOA!! Get your stuff together before you turn into Treyarch.



Tylr said:

Oh sure, bring Mario Party 9 and Wii Play Motion Plus over here but not Xenoblade. I see why Xbox is much more "core" than Wii now. >_>



justinr said:

What a chump, he's thanking us for being such good fans in the same sentence are telling us to go bother someone else? Sorry, this "fan" is pretty pissed off at you, NoA. And you wonder why region-control doesn't work? Keep up the smart marketing, I'm sure this will help your future sales a LOT, right?



Darkone008 said:

"In all seriousness, you wana know whose to blame? You guys who DIDN'T go out to buy games like Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, Sin & Punishment, the original EarthBound release, and other games like that that THEY made and that didn't sell like they should have. You set the tone here in North America, guys. (A general statement towards the Nintendo consumer in general)"

Thank You. Could not have said it better myself.



Colors said:

Meh. I'll just buy a PAL Wii and import this along with the other two RPGs



Lordy said:

Pffft. I'm not getting a PAL Wii. Not for a long while, at least. Oh well, nobody expects Nintendo to give us quality RPGs anyway, so we shouldn't be surprised, I guess. I just don't see why they thought Xenoblade would do any better in Europe than it would over here. It was the top selling game on Amazon, for god's sake.



Ryno said:

I remeber when Nintendo beant over backwards to bring games over to the USA.



MasterGraveheart said:

And you guys just kept at it all through the night/morning/early afternoon. Beautiful. Ooh! Hang on... I need to check my Fan Bingo Card!

A guy who thinks they know all about business...
A guy who thinks they know what petitions really do...
A guy suggesting illegal modifications (whose comment has since been edited by the moderation team)
A guy telling us to import...
A guy threatening Nintendo with fewer sales...

Sorry guys. I just think all this energy you're putting out into this aimless anger could be used for sending Nintendo calm and collected letters requesting them to reconsider. Kindness works more than hate and if many do it, they're going to open their eyes and take a look, even if they hand localization off to another company. Do something constructive. I've done my part.



Alexneon said:

@CerealKiller062 (Disapointment toward Nintendo of America)
@Alexneon Your in Nicaragua arn't you? If you bought a Wii there, you have a PAL system. No need to hack, just import.

*OMG dude u need to study a bit more, nicaragua is in central america, im american and my wii too...LOL



IAmNotWill said:

This sucks. I wanted to try the Last Story. oh well.
@61: Has a really good point though. The only thing that kept me from buying those games is lack of money and a job.



WhiteKnuckle said:

Am I not allowed to buy these games?
Are they on vacation?

Oh wait, I think I've got it. They must be pulling all their resources into Kirby for the Wii. That explains it.



Token_Girl said:

I just don't understand it. I mean, I get not translating the other ones, but I don't understand what the harm would be in not bringing out Xenoblade. Amazon preorders were through the roof. People put money where their mouth was. Sure it would probably only sell .25 million or so, but the only costs would be printing and distribution. It's not like their production lines are swamped right now with AAA Wii titles.



thesignpainter said:

by now i don't even care if any of these games come or not.
i'm done waiting for another time waster. i'm tired of games. i'm tired of waiting years for a game that will last... what? maybe a week? i'm tired of desperately hoping for them to say "yep! thera comeun!" only to get a "nope." burn in hell xenoblade/last story.



Capt_N said:

Nintendo should have just released those games over here, in limited editions. I mean, fewer, not necessarily "limited edition", as that generally means something else.



thesignpainter said:

wow, i really don't know what got into me earlier, but i'm feeling much better now. go operation rainfall!



shinesprite said:

I'm not really a RPG fan, so it doesn't really bother me. . . . For all those who are, (insert comforting advice here).



MeloMan said:

Xseed... Atlus... someone please pick up the publishing and translation (where needed). I'll even pay a premium for crying out loud! Guess I'll start gearing up for import. And I thought Nintendo learned from Sin & Punishment.



Boshar said:

Nintendo is letting us down big time. The release shedule for the Wii is barren, as a European I at least have Xenoblade to look forward to but I'm angry with Nintendo. It looks like they are focussing on Wii U. I have news for you Nintendo. You already have core gamers with the current Wii. They way yo are treating us now will make the Wii U a hard sell to your most loyal fans.



hYdeks said:

I say this is a let down as of right now, but later on things could probably change and we could maybe see a release of Xenoblade here, just later. No offense, but does anyone got Wii Play Motion? Game sucks _



saix said:




Retrogamer88 said:

wow NOA are being jerks now! why is it so hard to listen to your fans? we buy there handhelds and consoles ect and all we want is three awsome looking games and we cant even get that?, why dont they use this to make up for all the other awsome games from japan that never saw the light of day in america, NOA is starting to tick me off hardcore!



jaygo12345 said:

with all North America gamer's lining up to play dumb games like God of War 3 and comparing every new game to God of War it's really no big surprise to me that we are being left off the list for good games i have read dumb reviews ware gamer's compare Pandora's Tower to God of War and The Last Story to Final Fantasy instead of giving credibility to the game it's self. Nintendo Has great games even better, bigger games than anything on any of the other systems out there but Nintendo has Gamer's look for them instead of just handing them to you. but yet also Nintendo has yet to sell out. most Nintendo players are fine with Mario and Zelda and have not grown out of that state.

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