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Jockolantern commented on NOA: "Never Say Never," But No Plans to Bring ...:

I don't think the current recession helps with Nintendo's decision making for three decidedly core games that also happen to be extremely niche in terms of their audience reach. I can't imagine the price for translating and producing these games would be cheap and we all know between the three of them combined they undoubtedly wouldn't even move 750,000 units.

I'm bummed that we won't be seeing these games just yet but I do hope Nintendo eventually changes their mind and brings all three of these stateside. Unfortunately, I can see some background reasoning behind the disappointing decision. And beyond their gorgeous art design, both Xenoblade and The Last Story bear little interest to me. Pandora's Tower is the one I'm interested in but the other two I could really do without anyway.



Jockolantern commented on La-Mulana Hits Japan On 21st June:

I Wanna Be The Guy was obscenely difficult for its own sake. La-Mulana is genuinely, legitimately challenging by design of the game world and mechanics themselves. Big difference.



Jockolantern commented on La-Mulana Hits Japan On 21st June:

Glad to finally hear news about this game's release. Love the PC freeware original and this update is shaping up to be absolutely fantastic. Just be ready for an unbelievably difficult game, folks. This one is noooooooo picnic; know what you're getting into. It's one of the hardest games I've ever played.



Jockolantern commented on 3DS Game Cases Look to be More Environmentally...:

I can't stand the flimsy, cheapo "green" DVD/Blu-Ray/Game cases so why on earth should I want Nintendo to go the exact same route with DS casing? Ugh. If companies were really serious about "going green", then why not make movies and games entirely digital to purchase? Cases be damned!

Not that I'm saying I want that (I love my collectible cases) but putting a few holes in a container and tossing instruction manuals is only going to piss me off at the fragility of the casing (especially if I'm paying $40 for it) and lack of any collector's value. It's about as "green" as putting your groceries in one or two paper bags and eight or nine plastic bags as opposed to ten of just the latter.

But if it makes you "feel better" about "saving the planet", be my guest.



Jockolantern commented on Cave Story Update Now Available:

Woot! It was a looooooooong time coming but it's great to play this game in the way it should've been released initially. The updates and fixes are absolutely fantastic. So, Nigoro, let's try and dot all the "i"s and cross all the "t"s on your next release, pretty please. _



Jockolantern commented on Jett Rocket's Return May Not be in Platform Form:

I loved Jett Rocket as a platformer and I'd be disheartened to see Shin'en go and change that. Bringing out a sequel as a 2D platformer would be neat but I do so love my 3D platforming the way Jett did it; just the way I remember my favorite 3D platforming experiences with Spyro, Mario, Crash, and Sly Cooper. Please don't change that too much, Shin'en.



Jockolantern commented on Don't Expect Lefty Link in Zelda: Skyward Sword:

I'm left-handed but still play all Wiimote motion-related games (Wii Sports, Red Steel, etc.) with my right hand so this news is of no concern to me. It's not a difficult adjustment to make; never has been for me despite performing most primary duties in life with my left hand.



Jockolantern commented on La Mulana Developers Discuss Religious and Rat...:

It's a fricking topless statue, for crying out loud. No, don't censor it! You can see those on a trip down to your local museum, after all. And we definitely don't see parents trying to keep their children away from ancient artistry exhibits.

As for the ritual sacrifice element, I say they should leave that just the way it is too, even if it does earn the game a Teen rating. I can't imagine anyone under the age of thirteen really wanting to give this game a whirl anyhow considering how involved, brutally hard, and retro it is.

Besides, they could just include an option for censorship; a "parental filter" of sorts. Leave the game the way it was originally and should be in remake form! If a few people get their tongues in a knot over some barely discernible, artistic statue nudity then so be it.



Jockolantern commented on Interplay Straps In with Descent for WiiWare:

One of my very favorite PC first-person shooters coming to WiiWare? Out of freakin' nowhere? Count me in. _ I'm just hoping the developer can really nail a great system of controls that feels as fluid if not more than a PC joystick. Time will tell, I suppose. Looking forward to it!



Jockolantern commented on Nintendo Download 1st March 2010 (North America):

Awwwwwwwwwwww yeah, Mega Man 10. Been waiting for this day for a long time; the next hour and a half can't go by fast enough. Can't express in words how excited I am to play the tenth installment in one of my very favorite ongoing series.



Jockolantern commented on Super Meat Boy Coming to Xbox Live Arcade:

Hate to see a WiiWare exclusive go but what's good for the geese is good for the gander. If the developers can make more money on their product by marketing it across multiple download services, it only means we'll be seeing more games from them in the future. And that's never a bad thing.



Jockolantern commented on Review: Blaster Master: Overdrive (WiiWare):

I just completed this game less than half and hour ago and can definitely say that Corbie is right on the money when he calls this one of the best gaming experiences on WiiWare. Truly an outstanding gem of a game and one hell of a great re-imagining of the NES classic. Rock-solid gameplay, slick visual aesthetic, solid remixes of the original Nintendo game tunes, and a fine challenge for any hardcore gamer. Sunsoft certainly has not forgotten how to make a tough game after all these years; the latter half of this game is downright brutal in parts. You'll also get a big amount of bang for your ten bucks out of this game; took me just under thirteen hours to complete it, so it is certainly money very well spent content-wise.

Can't recommend this one highly enough, folks. Absolutely one of my favorite games on WiiWare to date.



Jockolantern commented on Nintendo Download: 8th February 2010 (North Am...:

Quite the excellent update. Nicely makes up for last week's ugly releases. I've downloaded Blaster Master: Overdrive and so far it is quite fun and a welcome step back in the right direction for the series. Gets back to the gameplay greatness of the NES title's roots.



Jockolantern commented on Blaster Master: Overdrive Coming to WiiWare on...:

Wow. Haven't seen news this exciting jump out of nowhere since Mega Man 10 info dropped. And to think this new Blaster Master experience is only a day and a half away! Absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on this. Looks like a great return to the traditional NES structure of BM gameplay that Sunsoft should have been doing since the second installment. Here's hoping this is one terrific return to form for the series. From those screenshots, it looks like it has all the potential to be outstanding.



Jockolantern commented on Review: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (WiiWare):

The production values may be bare bones as a DS port goes (I really don't expect any more though considering I don't exactly expect graphics to be upscaled on even a VC game) but otherwise I don't have any problem with the visuals. The pixels don't look painful to the eye even blown up the way they are and the DS game required the same level of interactivity as this port does. I really see little difference between tapping the A button on a DS (or tapping your stylus on the screen) and tapping the A button on the Wiimote. You still have your D-Pad right above you for easy menu/dialogue selection and the plus and minus buttons are also used perfectly. All your functionality for the gameplay is right there in one spot for easy access; no better or worse than the DS counterpart. Not to mention the microphone gimmick of the DS game was about as poorly implemented as the waggle in this WiiWare version... but even that doesn't matter since there are alternate, superior, button-based methods of "objecting!". I find it quite fun to press the minus button whilst swinging my Wiimote at the screen, to be perfectly honest.

This port is one helluva' steal at just $11 for all the content; the DS version will cost you easily twice that (more if you're looking for a complete copy). So, 5 / 10? No. The actual content and character of the gameplay is what still matters here and it is those strengths which easily make this particularly faithful port of Phoenix Wright's eccentric dialogue-laden joys an 8 / 10 and a definite buy for those of us, like me, who never got to play the DS version. It's a reading-intensive experience and certainly not for everybody but, honestly, did a little reading every hurt you once in a while? Even in a video game? ^_~ The problem-solving puzzle elements and goofy, anime-esque humor definitely make Wright's entire gameplay experience a treat.



Jockolantern commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Speaks with Fox News:

That is one New Year's resolution I can definitely get behind. I certainly come to a place like Nintendo Life to escape politics, not get wrapped up in them. Video games are one of those few escapes from my few political junkie world so it would undoubtedly be for the best if we agreed to disagree since I'm sure we always will. I too definitely have that vice of getting wrapped up easily in political banter wherever I feel instigated by it but this is more a place to enjoy ourselves in our common love of gaming. Best to bury this particular hatchet.



Jockolantern commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Speaks with Fox News:

Say what you will about Glenn Beck. If you have actually listened to the man on the radio or watched him on TV with any amount of intellectual integrity you understand just how very passionately and honestly he teaches and puts into practice what he believes. The man's life story is a testament to the power of both willful self-destruction and that of grace and second chances in life if one is willing to take the responsibilities involved. The man is as honest as he is often times over-the-top and annoyingly apocalyptic; but he makes no bones about who he is and willingly confesses to his own personality eccentricities gladly, unashamedly. The man is an open book and constantly challenges his listeners/viewers to do their own research and never to take his or anyone else's word without doing their own digging. Those stories he covers are but a means to get his audience as deeply involved in a study for the truth as he is; such application is truly a never-ending pursuit and the most forthright when compared to its liberal counterparts of mindless roboticism, cult-like devotion, talking point double speak, and utter lack of logical reasoning. I'm willing to question everything Beck says and most certainly do not agree with everything he has said. I am willing to decide for myself and constantly apply myself to the hard intellectual decisions day-to-day politics bring me. Bottom-line: Glenn Beck has integrity.

It's just a shame people like you choose so willingly to overlook such honesty in favor of your own personal malice against a commentator who can literally do nothing to you in the way of governmental restriction, law-making, taxation, etc. The Washington powers-that-be whom Beck consistently asks to be held accountable for their actions most certainly can and are doing a great deal to all of us; not all of it so good or noble.

I do not intend to talk down to you; I want everyone to be up on my level with all of this sort of discussion and I constantly speak at a level that has as its goal raising everyone to my level of understanding and comprehension. It would please me more than anything to see you change your mind and join my own conservative mindset. Not the Republican or the Democrat mindset, mind you. I'm sure you're a very decent guy... and you're a gamer to boot. Definitely points in your favor. I am certainly a long-winded kind of poster, yes, but I do so to try and educate and inform. I don't deal in soundbites (much less the short attention span level of discourse involved in most vulgar chat room/forum arguments) and what I have to say encompasses a great deal of verbage. I don't care if you still disagree with me eighty years down the road from now but I most certainly am not going to be dishonest with you regarding my ideals and principles. Any decent debate deserves that much respect... on both sides, preferably. Hell, at least we can both find common ground regarding your profile quote. Without music, life most certainly would be a mistake.

I suppose you are just that special though. Carry on.



Jockolantern commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Speaks with Fox News:

It would be interesting to know just how often you actually watch Fox News to back up any of your hatred towards the network. The out-of-context, hack-job YouTube clip doesn't count either. Not that gaining any real perspective would clear your mind of its ignorance but still... To think any level-headed man like myself agrees with everything I hear on even Fox News is laughable. For example, I find Fox & Friends to be pap and pure fluff for the most part; Bill O'Reilly is becoming more and more of a parody of himself by the night; not to mention Hannity, who is frustrating in his inability to stop shilling strictly for the Republican party, regardless of his supposed anger towards them. Still, I'll take honest men like Neil Cavuto, Shepard Smith, Brit Hume, Bret Baier, Glenn Beck, and Chris Wallace any day over their laughably benign, leftist shills who pretend to be "competition." If you had the slightest honest understanding of the heirarchy of a network like NBC, you couldn't see it in any other way than being entirely slanted toward this current administration and its agenda. I don't expect you to change your mind though; you can only do that if you truly desire to seek out the truth for yourself. And I hope you do.

The fact that liberals have ruled the television airwaves for decades simply reinforces the delusion people have regarding Fox News' "bias." A fair and balanced perspective does naturally seemed slanted when the status quo for so long was ardently leftward in nature. And I called you arrogant quite accurately. I see no reason to not respond in any other language than that which you understand best.

To steer the conversation slightly back on the video game track, it's a pleasure to report that Castlevania The Adventure ReBirth is one damn fine little game. I really hope Konami keeps up this ReBirth series business. Truly wonderful little gems of games and excellent homages to their original counterparts.



Jockolantern commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Speaks with Fox News:

@34: Uh, yeah. That would be the very nature of any TV network's goals by definition of the medium. Just as all a video game developer or publisher cares about are volume of sales. Why shouldn't either care about producing a product that the consumer desires?



Jockolantern commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Speaks with Fox News:

You're damn right I'm arrogant and proud regarding my beliefs, both in politics and in my choice of video games. If someone happens to share those views, I'm damn well going to make it known that they do have a good head on their shoulders. I'm sorry if such confidence offends or scares you.

And do I need to be careful about voicing my opinions? Whoa. Scary. At least, I'm inferring that from your "glass houses" remark which you may need to explain further. I'm afraid I don't understand if that's an inference to being able to see right through me or merely some remark regarding how easily breakable I am or if snipers can see into my house more easily or perhaps if it's in reference to that horrendous Leelee Sobieski movie.



Jockolantern commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Speaks with Fox News:

@27: Quite correct. Nice to see someone here with a decent head on their shoulders, politically speaking.

@26/29: Quite incorrect. Please limit your fallacious arrogance to zero times per post.



Jockolantern commented on Intel in Talks with Nintendo:

I still have my doubts we'll see the true next generation of consoles start popping up until 2012 at the earliest. This particular generation of gaming seems well within its own to last another few years, at the very least.



Jockolantern commented on In-Flight Electronic Blues: TSA Bans Electroni...:

Ugh. The TSA is becoming more and more of an abject nuisance by the day. The good intentions of its founding are proving to be yet another inconvenience to the majority of perfectly harmless travelers across the states. Just one more big government entity far outwearing its necessity and welcome.

If it is within my power to take the train from now on, I believe I'll take that option. Far less of a hassle and more time to sit there and play my DS/PSP. ^_~



Jockolantern commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Speaks with Fox News:

Even being the fourth year of the Wii, it certainly has the most jaw-dropping amount A-list titles coming out to date for the system; so unless gamers just don't have the money to grab them all, I can't see this being anything other than another stellar year for Nintendo. With titles like No More Heroes 2, Sin & Punishment 2, Fragile Dreams, Epic Mickey, Endless Ocean: Blue World, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid: Other M, the new Zelda Wii title, Mega Man 10, Cave Story, La-Mulana, NightySky, Castlevania the Adventure Rebirth, Rage of the Gladiator, Super Meat Boy, the Phoenix Wright WiiWare redux series, and certainly another spread of as-yet unannounced titles, we certainly have a lot of gaming goodies to look forward to next year.



Jockolantern commented on Cave Story Development Update:

Good to finally hear from Nicalis on the status of the game after so long a period of silence. It may be fairly overdue, but I want them to take their time on it and make sure everything about the port and its follow-up DLC turn out just perfect and in spirit with how Amaya-san would want the game represented on WiiWare.

I am, however, confused and slightly concerned by the inference regarding Quote's name being changed to Mister Traveler. We've grown up on the game these past few years understanding his name to be Quote; I'll be damned if they're going to change that on us.



Jockolantern commented on New La-Mulana Test Play Video:

This update looks like everything I hoped it would turn out to be: gorgeous visual facelift, fluid 60fps animation, a killer remixed soundtrack of the great original tunes, and the same sinisterly challenging gameplay La-Mulanites have come to know and love about the game. Cannot wait to throw my support behind this particular title; it so very well deserves it.



Jockolantern commented on Mega Man 10 Heading to WiiWare!:

Dude. Best news of the year, in my opinion. Words can't express how excited I am for this release. I was hoping they would bring out a tenth game and I'm quite stoked to see that all the popularity and stellar sales of MM9 have paid off for us, the fans, in the form of yet another classic installment to the series! Woot!



Jockolantern commented on Flowerworks Blasts Onto US WiiWare Monday:

This has to be the biggest acid trip available on WiiWare this year. I have no freaking idea what was going on in that trailer I just watched... but I loved it. Count me in on picking this game up so long as it gets a solid review here.



Jockolantern commented on Pixmania: Wiimote Tech Is "Endangered":

Natal a Wiimote killer? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. I shall refrain from well-deserved laughter. The Wiimote, when used properly, has not replaced button-based gaming in the first place; merely enhanced it. If Natal relies solely on bodies moving around in front of it, the options for gaming remain severely limited. You're gonna' play a platformer by just standing in front of a camera? You're going to be able to rack up frags in an FPS by point your finger around in front of the TV and pulling your finger like a trigger? Give me a break. Given the hype, Natal has that particular "flash-in-the-pan" smell.



Jockolantern commented on Nintendo Download: Fights, Shooters, Sparkles,...:

So many releases and yet pretty much all of them... suck. Still no Void? Still no Castlevania? Still no Cave Story? Screw you, Nintendo of America. Absolutely pathetic.

If there's one bright side to this, at least every single one of these craptastic releases are out of the way.