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Thu 4th Nov 2010

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Jnes4 commented on Review: ANIMA: Ark of Sinners (WiiWare):

Aw, and I was actually looking foward for this when it was first anounced !
It had an interesting premise, but then again, the main character looks... in the nicest term I can put out, "over the top".



Jnes4 commented on Neo Geo Tribute is Suitably Epic, Features Lot...:

Let me just say this: WOAH...
watching this is like watching a trailer for a NEOGEO movie ! (but then again, it's a short film according to the video title )
Major props for the people who made the video !



Jnes4 commented on Behold This Boppin' BIT.TRIP FLUX Trailer:

Oh ok, so that's how it plays !
Even though it looks like another bit trip beat, it still has some new elements that makes it look like a new game, and it looks fun !



Jnes4 commented on Review: Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii):

I've played and completed the original trilogy for 7 YEARS and man was it really difficult to do that (specially DKC2) ! and since then I was satisfied... until nintendo mentioned this in their E3 conference,and since I've heard that the game is good and REALLY challenging, all I am going to say is this...

Bring it on nintendo and retro !!!

Wish me luck guys, this is going to take me a long time...