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Thu 20th Aug 2009

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mickywill commented on Industry Analysts: 3DS is Bouncing Back:

@Haywired haven't you seen a kid playing with mom or dad's phone while waiting at the dentist, doctor, rec. center or wherever parents and kids are hanging out? smartphone gaming is taking a dent out of the portable market but it won't stop the 3DS or vita from being popular. The games that come out will determine that. I just wish more developers were moving away from IOS and android to 3DS and vita, instead of the reverse.



mickywill commented on Hands On: Netflix for 3DS:

@TanookiMike The picture quality is better on the 3DS vs ipod touch (2nd gen). But the Search function is slower on 3DS. The wireless range for both systems is almost identical in my house.



mickywill commented on NOA: "Never Say Never," But No Plans to Bring ...:

I think Nintendo has decided based on $$ and sales forecasts vs. considering what their fans want. Xenoblade won't break 250K in the US, so why bother. A thousand internet gamers outcry barely got a response from NOA. It's disappointing but not surprising to me.



mickywill commented on Zombies Ate My Neighbors:

My kids and I had a great time playing it. The chainsaw guys got a few screams from my 13 year old daughter. Cool sound effects and music, a perfect game for Halloween.