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Ichabod commented on Wii U Controller Gets Intriguing New Wireless ...:

I'm "eh" about this. Sure, it avoids having to punch in the numbers for your Wii points, but moving towards the Skylanders scheme en mass? No thank you. I'd rather just have the option for DLC if they are going to charge you for more characters. Nintendo doesn't need another gimmick. Just give us good games! lol



Ichabod commented on Rumour: New App Store in Development for Wii U:

It's unlikely that the Wii U tablet will work independently outside the home. Nintendo has already said as much at 2011 E3. While it will let you play games on it, all that is run through the Wii U console, relying on it's processing power to do all the work and the tablet just to have enough power to stream to it.

If they did decide to make the tablet independent of the console, this would cause severe financial burden on both Nintendo and the consumer, as it would have to have enough internal power to run anything worthwhile.



Ichabod commented on Take a Bite of Chronicles of Vampires: Origins...:

"Solve challenging puzzles." And then you see them whip through 3 of them in 5 seconds. lol

Does it bother anyone else that they see to use the same head for that girl through every shot. Wide eye, open mouthed, with air nearly seeping out of it? lol



Ichabod commented on North America, Expect Xenoblade Chronicles Bef...:

Pre-order bonuses usually only appear as a way to draw consumers to Gamestop. As it is an exclusive, there's no reason for them to add more to it. Instead of ordering it straight from Nintendo (which won't get you anything special either), you should buy it from Gamestop to help show that it was a smart choice for them to take this risk. Ordering from Nintendo won't support Gamestop to try and take in the rest of the Project Rainfall games.

Shame on all of you that complained that NA doesn't get games, then the company that tries to help us out, you shun? Shame indeed.



Ichabod commented on North America, Expect Xenoblade Chronicles Bef...:


I have no problem with Gamestop getting exclusives, especially when it's a case such as this. As far as we know, Gamestop is the only reason we are getting the game, and will be the only reason there will be any adverts for it as well.

If other companies want to step up and make a deal with Ninty to make previously unavailable game available, I won't be barring the way. I just want my games. If you want your deals, just wait a few weeks and Amazon will be filled with copies for sale.



Ichabod commented on Aonuma: "Future Zelda Games Will Use Motion Co...:

I agree. While I love the idea of motion control in Zelda, I still think it was a mistake to not give players the option. Instead of letting the consumer make the choice, and play how they want to play, Nintendo instead forced players to use one, and only one, control scheme. THAT I think is a step back.



Ichabod commented on Nintendo Doesn't Want a 3DS Price Situation on...:

I think that most of you are correct with the $300-$400 range, but I'm guessing more towards the latter. This will allow them to still make some profit, and those consumers that own a Wii now, wont' have to bother paying for more controllers. Sure, the new controller for the Wii U is there, but I'm guessing that most games will only incorporate the tablet functions as nothing more than gimmicky, at least at launch.

So, consider this. How much did you spend when you first got your Wii? Games, controllers and all? I'm guessing about $500. At least that's what I spent. I don't plan on buying an additional Wii U controller (until I see that it's actually worth it), so even the $400 price plus a couple games will put me just over $500. I'll be happy with that.

Lastly, I don't fear a PS360 price drop in the slightest. I'm actually looking forward to it. Since what Nintendo is looking to add to their current user base is "hardcore" fans, this will be quit an incentive to buy the Wii U.
You have old systems that have been out for several years, and a new shiny one in the store. The price drop of the old ones make them look even older and out of date, while the nice, new, pricey one beckons to you. You now have hardcore fever and must purchase the new system to add to your gaming experience.

"Hardcore" is just a general term for gaming fanatics. A person obsessed with one system in exclusion of all others is a "fanboy". There's a difference. The fanboy won't be buying any new system until their chosen comes out. The hardcore fan will be buying at least two systems to keep up his passion for games. In addition, you have the "spoiled hardcore", commonly assumed to be that 13 year old, whiny brat that has to have his parents buy him every gaming device made. They are what is generally considered the "hardcore" market, right now. They actually make up a majority of the gaming market, and spend billions on games each year.

In conclusion, (wow, I've rambled!) even at a $400 price tag, and competition lowering its prices, I predict that Nintendo will do great. I mean, who doesn't like a new toy?



Ichabod commented on Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Wii):

I love the Cod series on the Wii. I have yet to see any other game get motion control as good as this one. Yes, Metroid was a good game, but (while sharing a similar genre) was a completely different kind of game, and it does neither game credit to try and compare the two. It's just wrong!

MW3 is a great addition. I can't say it's the best in the series, as each one has brought something special to the table, but it doesn't fail in many areas. The guns have weight, the maps are good, and leveling is fast. There are some lag/hit marker issues, but I'm confident that these will be fixed. A similar thing happened when BO came out. MW3 might be a little worse off in the regard, but we do have a patch system. We won't be seeing Reflex all over again. lol

I'd have to agree with the rating. 8/10 is an honest score, making it worthy of sales, but hardly a game one should be obsessed with... at least not without a little time in between obsessed gaming periods. Speaking of such, I think I hear the Wii calling my name.



Ichabod commented on Nintendo Patents Touch Pad for Wii Remote:

Look ridiculous, but I don't think it's too late. Everyone has to remember, despite the advances of the new Wii U remote, most are still probably going to fall back on the more convenient Wiimote. At least, I'll prefer the smaller, lighter controller that actually fits into your hand.



Ichabod commented on Iwata Unsure if Nintendo Will Sell Wii U At a ...:

I highly doubt bf3 will be coming to the Wii U. Everyone is excited about it, only because it just released. In a year, neither company is gonna bother with trying to gain interest through a year old game. Especially, not if the Wii U is capable of housing newer games.

I curious if Nintendo should fall back on it's old tactics. Why not release a popular, first party game with the system as a bonus. If the bundles, priced the same as a system alone, are only produced in limited numbers, this will obviously cause some shortages. But, if a customer is looking to get the system, and they can't find the bundle, they will most likely still get the system on its own. Nintendo has done this tactic before, and it's worked great.

Now, don't jump on me by saying this is a bad idea. This is unfair to the consumer. This is business, and if Nintendo can pull it off, sell the system at a small loss, and still come out big on top, I say do it!



Ichabod commented on Feature: Fun and Frights on Nintendo - Part 2:

Fabulous article. You really hit the nail on the head with your depiction of Maniac Mansion. If I had to chose one game, and only one game, that was my favorite on the NES, Maniac Mansion would win by a long shot. I'm still in a bit of distress over the fact that it has never been released onto the VC.



Ichabod commented on Nintendo America Creates New DSi XL Bundles Fo...:

I think the Nintendo is just trying to make sure that they don't put all their eggs in one basket. The price is the thing that gets me. When compared to the 3DS, it just doesn't make sense. If it sold at normal price with a free game, that might be the right selling point.

The major thing to consider, though, is that DS is still selling sooo much better than the 3DS. I think that's their main reason for continuing to push the DS. If it's selling, why not keep it selling.



Ichabod commented on Three Brand New Zelda Skyward Sword Trailers:

Don't worry, the videos don't really tell much of anything. They're just clips we've all seen already repasted together in a different way. I almost got excited for new videos. lol

There also seemed to be a lack of music in them. While there was some, I've grown used to the constant feed of continuous music in Zelda (or any game with 8 bit roots). Hope there's more audio in the final version.



Ichabod commented on Skyward Sword Nearly Had Button Combat Controls:

I'd have to agree with several people here. The motion controls will be fun, but it won't make the game. Plus, since they were finishing up the button controls, it makes no sense why they wouldn't include that as well. I for one will take this game slow. I like my motion control, but I'm in no way going to be swinging around that control for hours on end. 45 minutes at a time will probably be it. Kind of sad when you think of it. I'm the kind of guy that'll put several hours in at a time, but not now.



Ichabod commented on Brand New Cave Story 3D Gameplay Trailer:

I don't think any other game in history had gotten a visual upgrade as quickly as CaveStory has. Yes, it's an amazing game, but how many times in the past couple years can they continue putting out the same game with only and improvement to the graphics. Plus, I agree with previous statements that the game is better enjoyed in its retro style. Give me the pixels!!!! (And a sequel, not another remake. *Sigh)



Ichabod commented on Reconfigured Black Wii Heads to North America:

Wow, that actually doesn't sound like much of a deal. This should have come out a couple years ago... at this price. The sound track, if not already available separately, will be in a couple months as people rip the music and sell it on ebay. I don't know. Give up GC support for NSMB? Doesn't sound like a deal to me. Should have included both SMG games instead and I'd say it would be a great deal!



Ichabod commented on Feature: Remembering the Super Game Boy:

I loved the SGB back in the day. I, personally, have never really been overly fond of using a Gameboy (or it's predecessors) at home. It's great for out of the house, but when I have the option of using a full screen TV, I'm jumping at it. This little baby made that all possible back in the day, and saved my neck much pain from crouching over a small, hand held device. I really wish they had come out with one for the Wii/DS. Sigh



Ichabod commented on Ubisoft: "Nobody Proved Wii Does FPS Controls ...:

I just wanted to add to the dual-analog vs wii mote debate regarding CoD by adding an interesting bit of information. This regards accuracy, and should hopefully damper this argument. I've played quite a bit of both the BO Wii version and the PS3 version (and prefer the Wii version due to the motion control). There can hardly be any argument to the accuracy of the PS360 version because of one small matter.

The hit box on the PS360 is much larger than on the Wii using the Wiimote (never checked it with the CCpro). If you need proof, take a look at some videos of both and watch what is required to actually hit someone. Headshot and body shots can be dealt in the PS360 even if you hit outside the head/body area, but is not nearly so with the Wii. It takes much more accuracy to shoot someone with the Wiimote (unless you are a spray and prayer, lol) I believe this is the case because of the level of accuracy that motion control gives the player. This isn't an opinion of what is better, it's just common sense.

You use your wrist and forearm to guide the motion control, allowing many more muscles to play a part in aiming, while dual-analog only gives you your thumbs. While some people can get fairly precise, it still doesn't beet the physics of more muscles (and I don't mean bigger muscles) give you more control.



Ichabod commented on Ubisoft: "Nobody Proved Wii Does FPS Controls ...:

Motion control is the only reason why I buy FPS. I hate the dual-sticks. Too clunky for my taste. Every CoD on the Wii has been fantastic all because of the motion control (despite being left out of many features each game). Even when I got my PS3, I had to get the move because I won't touch a FPS without my motion controls.

I think motion controls on FPS will stick around. Even Xbox will eventually get into it (once they design a controller to work with the Kinect). While I appreciate those that prefer the dual-sticks over the motion control, I've found that 9/10 people that hate it is because they find it too hard. (That's why you play once through the single player. Try, you'll find out that you're good at it once you're done. )



Ichabod commented on Round Table: Remembering the Nintendo 64:

I miss the N64. Unlike the systems that come out today, the N64 was the last great system that felt like it brought something great and magical to the world. I remember sitting up for hours, ignoring my best friend next door (he got a PS1!) and never sleeping. It was the best time of my video game life.

Today, any system that comes out just feels like a new gadget to add to the plethora of others that a majority of us have filling the hours. Everything is so hi-tech now adays, that nothing feels revolutionary.... Not like the N64 did.(and come on Nintendo, bring the word Nintendo back to the system)



Ichabod commented on Zelda: Four Swords is Out Now in Europe:

I was wondering what was going on. lol. First thing I did this morning (5 am here), and couldn't find it. Got a little scared for us NOA. Thanks for clearing that up. lol



Ichabod commented on Talking Point: The Most Memorable Nintendo 64 ...:

The N64 is probably (no definitely) my favorite Nintendo system ever made. It was the first system that truly spelled out multiplayer action. Soooo many games had me and my friends huddled around the TV, roaring in laughter and screaming at each other pulling some bad trick out of the hat. These ranged from Smash Bros, Mario Kart 64, GE, Conkers (soooo much Conkers), Hexen (a brilliant game), and many more. This system was a master piece that was a crowning achievement in Nintendo's past. I hope Nintendo brings back this spirit of gaming, and give us something for us adults beyond a handful of meager titles.



Ichabod commented on Fresh Dragon Quest X Screenshots and Trailer I...:

I'm just soooo excited that the series has returned to a home console. The DS is cool, but if given the choice, I'd rather play it on my big TV than ruin my neck craning over a handheld screen. I've been a big fan of the series since Dragon Warrior. The game isn't going to compete well against others for newcomers, but it's a love and passion for us lifers.



Ichabod commented on Let's Play Xenoblade Chronicles Channel Reache...:

Eh, I'm tired of rooting for this game to come state side. I understand that EU and AUS historically get the shaft when it comes to game releases, but unfortunately that's not really much of an argument for those of us in NA. "I just sat tight and weathered it." No, not me. I might just make the Wii my last Nintendo system. Wii U, PU.

I still love the Wii and have many more titles to buy before I retire it, but unless they release those game that are so much wanted over here, I'll just contribute my money to consoles that deliver their titles with a little more interest in their consumers, like (console name omitted).

PS: Down with Reggie!!!! Does the guy even play video games?



Ichabod commented on Not n-Space's Decision to Develop Modern Warfa...:

I'd have to agree with you completely. Numbers are what it's all about. If I were in the shoes of Activision, I'd make the same exact decision. The DS has not only sold a vast amount of consoles, but still continues to outsell the 3DS, which is having a very bumpy start, anyway. The 3DS looks to be edging towards the path of the Wii (where it lacks much 3rd Party Support). I really hope not, but so far it's geared that way.

The DS, though, has been the bread and butter of the mobile gaming market for so long, and with amazing success. There's only a small selection of Nintendo fans that play FPS (and don't get defensive everyone, I'm one of that small number). There's even a smaller number that would play it on a handheld compared to a console version. Given the vast difference in number of DS to 3DS consoles out there in the world, it's not hard to see why they would go with the older sibling.

Plus, as said before, if developed for the DS, both DS and 3DS owners can enjoy this title.



Ichabod commented on Walmart Already Selling 3DS for $169.99, But B...:

I'm not going to do anything. lol. (I'm not a big fan of Wallyworld in the first place, and rarely shop there), but as many others have pointed out, this IS a capitalistic country.

I think it's brilliant that some people are able to get both. It just shows how to be a good shopper. If I were to get a 3DS, it'd be right now (but I'm not). Think of it as being like one of those coupon shoppers that holds out till they can get the thing for nearly free. Good Job!!!



Ichabod commented on Operation Rainfall Responds to Nintendo's "Nev...:

I'm patient. I can wait and see if NOA actually releases them. While some of you don't care about this because you aren't interested in RPG games, you SHOULD care about it because it's not the type of game, but the fact that Nintendo is showing how little they think of its consumer. All they want is an easy buck.

Like I said, I'm patient. If NOA releases them, I'll be ecstatic. If they don't, then I'll just move on and forget about buying a Wii U. Simple as that.



Ichabod commented on Talking Point: The Growing Storm of Operation ...:

I don't this campaign will make a difference to Reggie. I blame him a bit for the arrogance that Nintendo has shown over the past few years, resulting in poor release of games within the US. If the games are released in NA, of course Nintendo will lose money. I don't see how it can't, but I think that it is indeed a needed move. Loosing small with a few titles will more than make up for losing customers in the long run. As was said in the article, it would be very hurtful for Nintendo when losing customers that move on to another console. Those that leave rarely come back.

I for one will definitely be thinking about making that move. I do was PS3, and will be getting one in addition to my Wii, but if Nintendo doesn't make a move that shows it's just as concerned about the wants and needs of its consumers (instead of just trying to make those easy sales) it'll make it that much easier to just save my money and not buy a Wii U. (and this would be a drastic move for me, as I've never once failed to purchase a Nintendo console)



Ichabod commented on NOA: "Never Say Never," But No Plans to Bring ...:

You know, Reggie is the reason that I'm starting to consider abandoning Nintendo. His decisions are baseless and arrogant. Even his face makes me want to break something. Come on NOA!! Get your stuff together before you turn into Treyarch.



Ichabod commented on Nintendo has no Desire to be Number One in Onl...:

I really excited about the Wii U, but it's statements like these that make my faith waiver a bit. Online might not be much of an issue for some, but for a vast majority of the gaming community, it is!! (And hasn't Nintendo spouted that they are trying to reach us all in some way). If the best they got for Wii U's online capabilities is a comparison between DS and 3DS, I feel that I'm going to be disappointed.



Ichabod commented on Wii U Mii Characters Are the Same As On 3DS:

I'm really surprised that Nintendo never cashed in on a Mii expansion pack through the Shop Channel in the past. Maybe, they'll actually get their game together and offer something this time around.



Ichabod commented on Square Enix Pondering Dragon Quest X for Wii a...:

I'm just excited that they are releasing it for a home console, just as it should be. Don't get me wrong, I loved DQIX, but I only put in 1/4th the time I would have into the game if it was on a screen that actually allowed me to relax.

I think that they'll make a dual release. While TP had it's issues, it also sold. They want to make sure they have as large a market as possible for the game, and I don't seem them doing this any other way.

For the WiiU to be able to automatically upscale a Wii game, there would have to be software dedicated to each title already stored on the WiiU. So, no. The only thing I see them doing to re-releasing some of the more popular titles IF they think it'll make some easy cash.



Ichabod commented on Assassins Creed:

Soooooo, excited. I actually told my wife the night before e3 that I wished this game would port over to Nintendo. Never thought it actually would and this took me by complete surprise!



Ichabod commented on High Voltage Responds Badly to Scathing Condui...:

^^ @Ren
I'd have to agree completely. The big problem, though, is that the mass majority of the reviews towards the reviewer's book are most likely done by angry fans of Conduit 2. I won't deny it, I thought of putting in my two cents, but quickly came to the conclusion that this would only hurt HVS more than they already hurt themselves.

The facts:
1) The review was bull, created by a biased reviewer that was in to position to write a Wii FPS review.
2) HVS responded badly due to the email
3) There is no clear proof if HVS actually created many (if any) of those reviews against the book (and is actually moot, because any bad review is now going to be blamed on them)
4) People are now going to miss out on a chance to rate a game for themselves because of their emotional response to this overblown story.



Ichabod commented on Got an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3?:

I don't own a PS3 yet (will never own a 360), but what has kept me with the Wii for so long is their unique controls for FPS. Now that Playstation finally has some good games coming out that'll use their move, I'm definitely checking out that site. Thanks!