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Sun 28th Aug 2011

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jaygo12345 commented on Calling:

a very good game i forgot I had in my game case i just found Lol I think this might be Nintendo's way of saying we are trying to make a new Fatal Frame with out a Camera instead lets use a phone seeing as phones are big right now...



jaygo12345 commented on Arc Rise Fantasia:

good game boring story lagging in the fact it drags out and makes me put it down more than want to play it to be honest I have not turned it back on since I got to the island ware you find the little people in the mushroom city just it got boring....



jaygo12345 commented on NOA: "Never Say Never," But No Plans to Bring ...:

with all North America gamer's lining up to play dumb games like God of War 3 and comparing every new game to God of War it's really no big surprise to me that we are being left off the list for good games i have read dumb reviews ware gamer's compare Pandora's Tower to God of War and The Last Story to Final Fantasy instead of giving credibility to the game it's self. Nintendo Has great games even better, bigger games than anything on any of the other systems out there but Nintendo has Gamer's look for them instead of just handing them to you. but yet also Nintendo has yet to sell out. most Nintendo players are fine with Mario and Zelda and have not grown out of that state.