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Fri 5th June, 2009

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gblock commented on New Exploit Makes The 3DS Region Free Without ...:

f'n stupid that nintendo region locks....I wanna play Taiko no Tatsujin on the Wii U, but nooooooooooooooo, stupid US only I have to stick to my soft modded original wii and the 5 japanese releases on that system



gblock commented on Nintendo Reveals New Range, Details and Compat...:


If I can only have two, d@mn right those are the two I'm getting, but hopefully preorders drop instore at GS in the next day or two and I can preorder all of them (the SSB wave, not the MP10 wave) and not have to worry about choosing :)



gblock commented on Poll: Which is the Best Mario Kart Game?:

It was a near tie between MK Wii and MK64...until MK8 came out and blew me away, that and alot of my favoritre retro tracks being redone on Wii U in HD (with more to come in the DLC part 2 next year) puts #8 head and above everyone of the others.



gblock commented on Free Pokémon Alpha Sapphire & Omega Ruby Medl...:

Nintendo/Namco REALLY needs to release one of these in the US for Wii U! would be a day one pre-order for the drum bundle (and an extra drum).

Also since Wii U is picking up steam, how about Namco you go back on your "we aren't gonna release Pac-Man Collection w/ Pac-Man Battle Royale becaue the Wii U doesn't have an install base worthwhile" HMMMMMMMMM



gblock commented on Video: Toy Pizza Take a Look at Tamashii Natio...:

so I go to said gaming shop to play magic with some friends tonight and the manager says my stuff is in!!!

pricey ($65 for all three - the mario figure and the two packs) but it was well worth it. Best Mario figure ever!



gblock commented on Guide: Getting Started in Mario Kart 8:

Just got mine about an hour ago at Walmart in WV...played through two cups in it! I'd be playing now, but I gotta work in the morning, but I have aaaaaaaaallllll weekend to tear up some MK8 :-D



gblock commented on Nintendo Reveals The 2013 Club Nintendo Elite ...:

If someone has gold and doesn't want anything on there, I'll offer $10 shipped via paypal (when it arrives) for the calendar (could always use something video game related for my desk at work next year, PM me



gblock commented on Nintendo Reveals The 2013 Club Nintendo Elite ...:

@squashie you guys have KICK ASS rewards though. I'd take the Super Famicom Classic Controller that you all have any day of the f'n week over this lineup.

edit: damn, yaw must not have had it very long, but at least you had that option at one point

That said I got the CD....anyone wanna trade :D



gblock commented on Impressions: Multiplayer is a Big Deal in Nint...:

This "local multiplayer" experience is why arcade manufacturers of old ought to unite under this console and do what Microsoft and whoever the hell that company was that did it failed to do, Game Room, with REAL arcade games (not crappy Atari 2600 and Colecovision ports), the "virtual" arcade w/ cabinet representations, etc. There was nothing more social than the arcade scene in it's heyday. And Nintendo could kick it off with their biggest arcade title, Donkey Kong!



gblock commented on Review: Mario Bros. (Wii U eShop / NES):

I could see them doing a NSMBWii-style graphically upgraded version w/ 4 player multiplayer support (Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad) and do it as a couple level minigame in a future release of Mario Party (or unlockable, or even a downloadable game or something) would be neat. That being said, I like the arcade version.



gblock commented on Video: You'll Wish You Could Play Tetris As We...:

full version is actually available on the DVD or as a downloadable extra with the purchase of the DRM free version of the documentary. It's insane how good this man was/is at Tetris. Ecstasy of Order is well worth picking up!



gblock commented on Recent Taiko Drum Master Games Ship Over 500,0...:

I've "acquired" all 5 on the Wii (had the two that were on DS when I had one as well). Just need to get a drum for the wii to play them the way they're meant to be played :-(

Never understood why they never localized these to the US



gblock commented on Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D's Beastly Block...:

got the retail version pre-ordered at GS, only downloadable retail game I have is Mario 3D Land and that's only because of the free game promotion through Club Nintendo (recently upgraded to a 3DSXL and got a Club Nintendo code from the Pokemon game that you could register to get the free game offer.



gblock commented on Rejoice, Mario Kart Wii U Is Coming This Year:

Instead of rushing out the next full game in the series, they ought to do Mario Kart Arcade GP 1(and 2) as a Wiiware release (with upto 8 player online multi - the same # of cabinets that could be hooked up together in the arcade) then focus on MKU (or 8, whatever) by having a legacy mode with all the past courses from SNES, N64, GBA and GC.



gblock commented on F-Zero AX Found Hidden In GameCube F-Zero GX:

If only Nintendo would put the Mario Kart Arcade game(s) (except the new one that's coming out in Japan in the next couple months) on the next Mario Kart on Wii U, that would be awesome!