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What SEGA games do you want to see on the Virtual Console?

Posted by Darren Calvert

Let the good people at SEGA know what you want.

Now that the rate of Virtual Console releases has slowed from a flood to a trickle, it is understandable that many VC gamers have given up hope of playing their favourite SEGA games in the comfort of their living room on the Wii with a Classic Controller.

SEGA are now releasing their classic arcade games on Virtual Console, in addition to Master System and Mega Drive (Genesis) classics. What better time to tell SEGA which games you would like them to release next?

To kick things off we’d like SEGA to release Psycho Fox (SMS), Shadow Dancer (MD) and Out Run (arcade). You don’t need to limit your suggestions to purely games developed by SEGA of course, there are many other outstanding games of note on SEGA systems which were developed by other companies. Just remember many of these developers such as Technosoft who produced the excellent Thunder Force series are now no more. Also licensed games are going to be more difficult to release on the Virtual Console too.

With all that out of the way, have a careful think and tell SEGA what you want. When the dust has settled we’ll pass your choices on to SEGA's PR & marketing department and hope that it doesn’t get thrown straight into the virtual trash can!

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KnucklesSonic8 said:

YES!! Finally! Just like Hudson, SEGA is finally doing this!! This is fabulous. I'll be editing my post with a bunch of titles I want!

(I'm a huge SEGA/Sonic fan as you can tell.)

Games by SEGA
Sonic and Knuckles!!
Sonic CD/Knuckles Chaotix - Right now it's not possible but if it's somehow possible later on then it's worth mentioning. I'd be SO happy especially for the latter one!
Super Hang-On (Arcade/Gen)
Sonic Pocket Adventure - see SCD/KC
Sonic the Fighters!!! (VCA) - Oh please! I've been waiting for this!!
After Burner (VCA)
SegaSonic the Hedgehog (VCA)
Waku Waku Sonic Patrol (VCA)
Super Monkey Ball! (VCA) - If possible...
Virtua Racing (VCA)
Virtua Tennis (VCA)
Outrun! (VCA)
SegaSonic Cosmo Fighter (VCA)
Congo Bongo (VCA)
Pengo (VCA)
Crazy Taxi (VCA)
ChuChu Rocket (VCA)
Air Trix (VCA)
Jambo Safari (VCA) - Yes, I know about the remake but it would make sense to bring this over too!
F-Zero AX (VCA)
Samba de Amigo (VCA)
Planet Harriers (VCA)
Emergency Call Ambulance (VCA)
Magical Truck Adventure (VCA)
Ollie King (VCA)
Ocean Hunter (VCA)
Brave Firefighters: Real Life Heroes (VCA) - Would be so sweet!
LA Machine Guns (VCA)
After Burner II (VCA)
After Burner Climax (VCA) - Would be AWESOME if they could bring this!
Sonic Blast
Tails Adventure
Sonic Shuffle - If there's any way they could bring it over even despite this being a DC game, I'd be ridiculously happy! SEGA, I love this game so much! I would LOVE a sequel/Wii remake also.
Sonic Drift 2
Jet Set Radio - again, if there's any way they could bring it over, it would be a great day for many!

On the note of VCA games, SEGA, if it's possible to take a lesson from Nacmo in the way the controls are approached for VCA titles, then please do! Namco has made some innovative strides with some of their VCA releases in Japan thus far (see Solvalou where game control is mapped to the pointer) and surely with some forethought, you can give the controls some innovation too!

Games on SEGA Genesis
Cool Spot - PLEASE!
Push Over!!
Trampoline Terror
Zero Wing
Aero the Acrobat
Family Feud
The Lion King - if only it were possible...
Super Off-Road
Eliminate Down
Tiny Toon Adv. Acme All-Stars - Again, if only it were possible...
Air Buster
Cosmic Spacehead

Games on Dreamcast - Just in case... SEGA, if it all possible for you to bring DC Games to the VC, please make it happen.
Looney Tunes Space Race
Pen Pen Trilcelon
Rippin' Riders

Games on SEGA Master System
Penguin Land
Psycho Fox
Global Defense

I can bet you anything someone's gonna mention Moonwalker.
Wouldn't it be awesome if Mario Kart GP Arcade came over? That's a big stretch though.



Shiryu said:

Arcade versions of Power Drift, Galaxy Force II, Rad Mobile, Virtua Racing, Daytona USA, Sega Rally, Virtua Fighter 2, Virtua Cop... well, all System16 games and Model 1 and 2 games, then.



Damo said:

@Link79 - Sadly Castlevania Bloodlines wasn't published by Sega, it was published by Konami itself.



Sean_Aaron said:

I'd love a nice back catalog of Sega arcade titles:

Alien Syndrome
Astro Blaster
Bonanza Bros.
Crack Down
Future Spy
Golden Axe - The Revenge of Death Adder
Shadow Dancer
Space Fury
Star Trek
Super Locomotive



LinktotheFuture said:

I never had a Sega system growing up, so I cannot name a particular title, but I say release as many as possible.



Pj1 said:

Sonic and kunckles PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! Oh and can EA release Desert Strike, Ice Hockey.......... I use to Love those games! PLEASE.



Sage_Joch said:

The only Sega game I really want is Warsong, which has already been released on the Japanese VC. Even if mine is the only vote, just pass it on to the people at Sega!!



Link79 said:

@ Rapadash6
I'm just about ready to slit my wrist because we haven't got Rondo of blood yet. At least give us something Castlevania related Konami. I want more.



JohnshiBRPG said:

  • Opa Opa (Released internationally as Fantasy Zone: The Maze) (1987)
  • Galactic Protector (1988) (JAPAN)
  • Space Fantasy Zone (unreleased) (SEGA Should be able to release it after getting the source code) (JAPAN)


Incognito_D said:

Get some Dreamcast games on VC - namely, Shenmue I & II, and Jet Set Radio. If they're too big for VC however, re-release them with Wii remote controls as full-on Wii games, and if sales are good enough to merit it, give the franchises new sequels (i.e. Shenmue III)



morphballer said:

Arcade Games:
After Burner (never played)
Daytona USA
Daytona USA 2
G-Loc - Air Battle
Golden Axe
Golden Axe - The Revenge of Death Adder
Michael Jackson's MoonWalker
Sega Sonic The Hedgehog
Shadow Dancer
Star Wars Trilogy Arcade
Virtual On - Cyber Troopers

@IncognitoD: Keep "Dreamin"



longtimegamer said:

Ghostbusters. I'm sure there are other, but this is definatly one of them ....and Splatterhouse 3.



Pj1 said:

I'd Love it if Disney were to change their minds and support VC, Aladdin rocked!!!



MarkyVigoroth said:

(I also want all of the Sonic games released on the Collections as well as all of the Sonic arcade games: SegaSonic the Hedgehog, WakuWaku Sonic Police Car, SegaSonic Cosmo Fighter.)

Oh, and I would not mind Sonic Shuffle (Dreamcast), Tails and the Musicmaker (Pico), Sonic the Hedgehog's Gameworld (Pico), Sonic Eraser, Sonic Pocket Adventure, and Sonic Studium, even though the Pico/WonderSwan games would be better served in Virtual Handheld...



Supermarioman said:

I'll take almost any game but the ones I most want are:
Moonwalker (VCA and Genesis)
Ghostbusters (Genesis)
Castlevania: Bloodlines (Genesis)
Splatterhouse 3 (Genesis)
Sonic and Knuckles (Genesis)



SKTTR said:



Master System:


Mega Drive:

  • WARSONG 1 & 2






danzap6 said:


Golden Axe
Out Run
Rad Mobile
Daytona USA (way better than Cruising b******t from Nintendo)



Toddr said:

Did you list every game that isn't out yet? I can't believe that you would buy every one of those games.
Anyway, I want the arcade and Genesis version of Moonwalker.



blackknight77 said:

Please give us SUPER MONACO GP SEGA pleeeaaaase! I have waited 3 years for that title. Ok so Super Monaco GP is my #1 pick here is the rest of my list.

Sega Genesis
Castlevania Bloolines (Konami)
Contra Hard Corps (Konami)
Trouble Shooter (VIC Tokai)
Aryton Senna's Super Monaco GP 2
Virtua Racing
Outrun (the most casual friendly game is still on not on the VC. Makes no sense)
Phelios (out in Japan)
Super Hang-On
California Games (much better than the C64 version. Much Better!)
Sonic and Knuckles

Star Wars Arcade
Virtua Fighter
Virtua Racing

Golden Axe Revenge of Death Adder
Turbo OutRun
Any Racing Game!!!!!
THE OCEAN HUNTER (cool HOD gameplay underwater)



JTC-Pingas said:

Oh yes thank you SEGA! This is great news!
Please bring
Sonic & Knuckles with the lock on feature kept intact
Sonic CD
Knuckles Chaotix
Virtua Racing
Sonic the Fighters
SegaSonic the Hedgehog
Super Monaco GP



Cheezy said:

Why won't Nintendo do anything like this? What, they NINTENDON'T want to???



Knux said:

Sonic & Knuckles
Sonic 3 & Knuckles
Knuckles the Echinda in Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Blue Sphere
Sonic CD
Knuckles' Chaotix
All Sonic Game Gear games
Sonic the Fighters
SegaSonic the Hedgehog
Golden Axe [Arcade version]
Golden Axe:The Revenge of Death Adder
...and plenty more.



Bass_X0 said:

We're going to be seeing all of Sega's games eventually anyway. They love to put their games on the Virtual Console. Even "repeats" of games on other consoles or the VCA.



Pit_42 said:

All of my picks are Genesis games:

Castlevania Bloodlines
Contra Hard Corps
Rocket Knight Adventures
Mortal Kombat



Sean_Aaron said:

Shinobi, Altered Beast and Golden Axe are all coming to VCA. Two of them are already out in Japan and Altered Beast is out in Europe.



Ziondood said:

I would love to see a new Jet Grid Radio Game =]|
As for the Virtual Console goes
Rocket Knight Adventures
Knuckles Chaotix
Sonic CD



Aenaida said:


After Burner I & II
SegaSonic the Hedgehog (if they can get past the emulation issues.)
Daytona USA
Radiant Silvergun

Mega Drive/Genesis

Crack Down (NA release)
Herzog Zwei
Shadow Dancer
Sonic & Knuckles
Wings of Wor (Gynoug)
Zero Wing



deshadow52 said:

the only game i want that is not on the virtual console already and hasn't been mentioned yet is the ooze and that one is definitely possible



Metroid133 said:

-Castlevania: Bloodlines
-Thunder Force Series
-Sonic & Knuckles (with bonus cartridge attachments if possible. )
-Knuckles Chaotix
-Sonic CD
-Golden Axe (Arcade version)
-Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder
-Vectorman 2



RoyOfTheRovers said:

Psycho Fox (sms)
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (sms)
Alex Kidd in Shinobi World (sms)
Micro Machines (Mega Drive)
Cosmic Spacehead (Mega Drive)
Night Trap (Mega CD - not sure this is possible but I want the world to know I want it anyway!)



Noire said:

Any and all Shining Force games please. Sonic CD would be sweet too.



Rapadash6 said:

@Link79 - Post 12
Now don't loose your mind over something so trivial. Not worth it. Maybe I'm being overly optimistic here but I see Rondo of Blood in our future, sometime this year in fact. Hopefully I'm right.



Drake said:

Can't believe no-one's mentioned Decap Attack (Mega Drive) yet, I find it really weird that still isn't on VC. It's on collections, it should be possible!



DrJonAngus said:

I want to see Snatcher, some good Dreamcast titles if at all possible (Shenmue, Bangai O, Power Stone, Rival Schools: Project Justice, Marvel vs. Capcom 1, etc) , Castlevania Bloodlines, Nights into Dreams, and it would be cool if Sega made a good Phantasy Star game online for the Wii Ware because a good portion of Wii Ware games are rubbish and I love Phantasy Star Online for the Game Cube. My list may be a bit unrealistic I know, but here's hoping!



BulbasaurusRex said:

You guys can get Sonic & Knuckles, Knuckles in Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic CD, Sonic the Fighters, and Sonic R (as well as Flicky, Vectorman, Vectorman 2, and Ristar) just by getting the GameCube games Sonic Mega Collection and Sonic Gems Collection.

Anyway, I really want to see NBA Jam: Tournament Edition, but unfortunately, there's some licensing issues with the real NBA players used in that game.



maybeway36 said:

Sonic & Knuckles would be nice to have, but it's almost useless without lock-on. If it has lock-on support and you can save at least 400 points by buying it together with Sonic 3, I might buy it again even though I have it on the GameCube.
Also, Konami should know that I would DEFINITELY buy any of the 3 Sparkster games on VC.



Mqblank said:

Yu Yu Hakusho - Beat'em up developed by Treasure (possibly Hanabi)
Castlevania Bloodlines
Dick Tracy
Rambo 3
Sunset Riders (Konami)
Tiny Toon Adventures:Buster's Hidden Treasure (Konami)
NHLPA Hockey'93 (best Ice Hockey game EVER)
Final Fight CD (on Sega CD) (or the arcade version obviously)

and of course...

Snatcher on Sega CD



Klaarover said:

A) Strider

B) Revenge of Shinobi

C) Castle of Illusion

D) Bloodlines

E) Moonwalker

F) Out Run



Sabrewing said:

Golvellius and the Valley of Doom (SMS)
Psycho Fox (SMS)
Shadow Dancer (SG)
Shining Force CD (SCD)



Outrunner said:

I've been hoping for Outrun since day one. We haven't seen it in any shape or form on VC yet.
Also I wouldn't mind seeing Rocket Knight Adventures from Konami, Sonic and Knuckles and Sonic CD (with the European music please). The 2 best Sonic games imho.
@SKTTR: I've been hoping for Chu Chu Rocket Wiiware too. It's a no-brainer!



CrazyOtto said:

Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Genesis / Mega Drive)
Vectorman 2 (Genesis / Mega Drive)
Knuckle's Chaotix (Sega 32X)
Tempo (Sega 32X)
Chu Chu Rocket (Wiiware)
Crazy Taxi with Miis (Wii or Wiiware)



Bensei said:

Those because I want them:

  • F-Zero AX (VCA) - wouldn't work because of Wii save limitations... or would it?
  • Sonic and Knuckles!
  • Knuckles Chaotix - Right now it's not possible but if it's somehow possible later on then it's worth mentioning.

Those because I would try them or liked their sequels:

  • Jet Set Radio (VCA) - don't know it yet, just from SSTennis
  • Outrun! (VCA)
  • Samba de Amigo (VCA)


Kelvin said:

Master System: Alex Kidd in Shinobi World, Populous, Psycho Fox and Phantasy Star. I know the latter has been confirmed, but it wouldn't hurt to hurry it up a bit!

Sonic CD would be nice (with a soundtrack choice if possible), but I'm not holding my breath. And while the Amiga versions would be best, I wouldn't say no to the Mega Drive versions of Cannon Fodder, Chaos Engine and Sensible Soccer, although I doubt Sega would have much control over their release.

Oh, and EA Hockey obviously, although there's probably no chance!



sirgrim said:

SNES: Shiren the Wanderer. I don't care if you only published the DS version, Sega. Make it happ'n capp'n.



blackknight77 said:

Wow! Sega is checking this out. Outrun is a game that would really attract the casual gamers on Wii. You should consider it Sega. Actually just put out everything. Another shout out for SUPER MONACO GP



DDR_Paladin356 said:

OutRun Arcade hands down.

As for other sega games. Zillion on SMS is also one I'd like to see. Of course I wouldnt mind seeing the Thunder Force games (namely 3) and Herzog Zwei...I have a feeling those might not come though due to the fact that they're third party developer is no more. Who knows, we got some of the Monster World games, so im not entirely losing hope. And wow, Sega listens. Nice.



Kevin said:

Sonic and Knuckles, Castlevania Bloodlines, X-Men 2: Clone Wars, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Vectorman 2.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

Yes, you nail it with Outrun. Seriously Sega, where is it? It's one of your most legendary games and you've had nearly 3 years to release the countless ports (MD, SMS, Arcade etc.). Don't make us wait another 3.

Right, list.


SegaSonic the Hedgehog (If you have to rework the controls, please do)
The Jurassic Park Lightgun games (Pleaaaaaaaaase)
House of the Dead 1
Virtua Cop
Virtua Fighter 1+2
Golden Axe
Dayatona USA
Sega Rally Championship
Typing of the Dead

Mega Drive

Sonic + Knuckles
Sunset Riders (Whatever version would do me fine Konami)
Flicky (Well, just so its out the way)
Megaman Wily Wars
Anything Disney (WE ALL WANT IT!!!)


Psycho Fox
And any other classics I ve not aware of


Chu Chu Rocket (Comeon, you could port this to Wiiware in an afternoon! Its no fun unless its onle )
Sega Mega CD and the 32X (If you can't, then at least make it known! A lot of us don't want to pay up to £100 for Knuckles Chaotix! Please, if not VC then another Sonic Collection please!)

Think that's it


I played that again recently. Its not as good as I remembered it. :/



Sage_Joch said:

Ok, after some research:

  • Sorcerian (MD)
  • Dungeons & Dragons: warriors of the eternal sun (MD)
  • Fatal Labyrinth (MD)
  • Golden axe warrior (SMS)
  • Ultima IV (SMS) (not sure this was actually published by sega)
  • Crystal warriors (game gear) (as I recall correctly, when the sega master system was announced, it was also implied game gear games would become available under this banner, so i'll include it)
  • Wing war (VCA)
  • Miracle warriors: seal of the dark lord (SMS)

on a side note I also like to see Dune 2 (MD) see released



James said:

So nice to see such enthusiasm for classic Sega games on the system - none of this Altered Beast nonsense! ::under attack!:: Also great to see so many of the titles suggested already reside at Chez Newton!

What would I like to see? Well, ChuChu Rocket WiiWare is a must - it'd be even better on DSiWare though! - but the only game that springs to mind is Girl's Garden on SG-1000 just to complete my Yuji Naka collection! Virtua Racing would be nice too, if problematic, but having looked at the currently available games, I have to say, that's a pretty damned good list!

Oh and I love you Sega



niner said:

I was never a big SEGA fan. Sorry SEGA, I just I don't think the Genesis holds a candle to the SNES. Still, there are a few good games for the Genesis and Sega CD that I would buy:

Thunder Force IV (Lightening Force)
Master of Monsters

Lunar the Silver Star
Lunar Eternal Blue
Road Avenger
Robo Aleste
Dark Wizard
Shining Force CD
Make My Video: Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch (kidding)



SwerdMurd said:

i mean I saw Castelvania Bloodlines and Hard Corps like 10 times while scrolling to the Post Comment window at the bottom....they should be on the next 2 updates--seriously, of the 5 people I know IRL with a Wii, all 5 would DL either game the minute they dropped.



Austrian said:

After Burner (VCA)
Arabian Fight (VCA)
Bay Route (VCA)
Thunder Blade (VCA)
Galaxy Force (VCA)
hell, release ALL of your arcade games for VCA on Wii and I promise i will purchase them i already did with Altered Beast and Space Harrier



Klaarover said:

I saw someone mention Zombies Ate My Neighbours. Well, if it isn't going to come out on any other platform anyway then please release it?

And come on; we already had enough Hedgehog compilations. I want Strider..



RadioShadow said:


  • Puyo Puyo Sun
  • After Burner
  • After Burner 2
  • Alien Syndrome

Mega Drive:

  • Earthworm Jim 2
  • Contra - Hard Corps
  • Air Buster
  • Puyo Puyo
  • Rocket Knight Adventure
  • Lemmings
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Hyper Stone Heist
  • Madou Monogatari I
  • Alisia Dragoon


SilentJ said:

I never really played many sega games when I was a kid so bring them all on!!!



gblock said:

You know, there is such a thing call emulation if you wanna play most of that stuff....



Jolted85 said:

lets see Alex Kidd in Shinobi World (SMS); Golden Axe (arcade); Secret of Shinobi (Gen); Sonic Triple Trouble (SMS/GG); and a few others I can't think of right now



madgear said:

Sonic CD, Chaotix and Snatcher are my top most wants (I know Snatcher is Konami but it's only came out on the Mega CD in the west).



brooks83 said:

Hey guys, unlike what Hudson did, this isn't SEGA asking us what we want. This is Nintendolife asking us what we want and they will pass it on. This isn't officially endorsed by SEGA or anything.



brandonbwii said:

Castlevania: Bloodlines, Contra Hardcorps., Strider (ESRB rated), Phantasy Star (released in Europe I believe), and all missing Shinobi games. I'd list more but my memory's a bit hazy on Sega titles at the moment.

Oh, and just to throw it out there, it wouldn't hurt to show more Wiiware support along the lines of Hudson.



worrybomb said:

Okay SEGA, if it's really possible I want the following games to appear on the Virtual Console because I will purchase them once they are available:

  • Road Rash 1, 2, and/or 3
  • Skitchin'
  • Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (maybe a portion of the sales will go to the estate of MJ)
  • Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder
  • Lost Vikings
  • Shining Force CD
  • Snatcher
  • Rocket Knight Adventures (please, please, please release RKA)
  • Castlevania: Bloodlines
  • Contra: Hard Corps
  • Ghostbusters (Genesis/Mega Drive)
  • Jewel Master
  • Outrun (Arcade)
  • Sonic CD
  • Mystic Defender

If you can make any of those games happen, that'll be awesome.



Metang said:

Hmm... being only thirteen, I don't know of a lot of SEGA classics, unlike a bunch of you. However, I'd love to see Sonic & Knuckles on VC. (I loved Sonic 1 and Sonic 2.)

EDIT: Oh, and Sonic CD, please.



Kelvin said:

Phantasy Star (released in Europe I believe)
Yep, definitely released in Europe. Great game.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I would also love to see Sega 32X support, especially Knuckles Chaotix, Star Wars Arcade, and Motocross Championship. Space Harrier was also on my 32X list, but now that I have the Arcade version, it's not necessary.



Chunky_Droid said:

Sonic & Knuckles, with some whacky support that recognises you have Sonic 2 and 3, or available as DLC for 100 points each instead.



ToneDeath said:

Jurassic Park

Road Rash II
Sonic 3 & Knuckles
The Terminator
Robocop vs. the Terminator
Desert Strike

I'd like to see Amiga games on the VC, but failing that how about Cannon Fodder on the Mega Drive, and the Sega CD version of The Secret of Monkey Island (both with pointer support)?



Twilight_Crow said:

Me desperately wants some Rocket Knight Adventure.
Also, all the Sonic games mentioned above, specially SegaSonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles Chaotix and Sonic CD (original japanese soundtrack pleaaaaaaase!).



JiliK said:

I know they're from (currently) unsupported add-ons, but Snatcher and Knuckles' Chaotix on the VC would be awesome.



King_Elemento said:

In particular:
SegaSonic Arcade (VCA)
Knuckles Chaotix (32X)

Anything listed in the above 114 posts. XD



timp29 said:

I can't believe I've only seen it mentioned twice so far, but what about strider? I would take the megadrive version, but the arcade version would be even better if it's possible. Strider would be an instant download and would surely get many positive reviews.

1. Strider!
2. Anything castlevania!



7th_lutz said:

Battle Out Run (SMS)
Bubble Bobble (SMS)
Master of Darkness (SMS)
The New Newzealand Story(SMS)
Ninja Gaiden (SMS)
Power Strike 2 (SMS)
Renegade (SMS)
Congo Bongo (VCA)
Zaxxon (VCA)
Super Zaxxon (VCA)
Space Fury (VCA)



Adam said:

I don't remember any good ones, so it doesn't matter.

I think a lot of comments are confusing games that were published on Sega consoles with games published by Sega. Big difference.



cornishlee said:

I'm amazed that no onw has mentioned Greatest Heavyweights yet, and equally amazed that only one person has mentioned The Lost Vikings so far - cartridges of that sell for a lot of money these days. Other games I'd like to see for the Mega Drive (I'm aware of licensing issues and different developers) are:

Bulls vs. Lakers and the NBA Playoffs
NBA Live 96
Weapon Lord
Eternal Champions
General Chaos
NBA Jam T.E.
Splatterhouse 3
The Pirates of Dark Water
Cannon Fodder
Another World
Lion King

And Duck Tales for the Master System (assuming it's the same version that I had for my Game Gear!)



JaredJ said:

Master System:
Golden Axe Warrior
Master of Darkness
Land of Illusion
Decap Attack
Crusader of Centy
Monster World IV
Sonic CD
Knuckles Chaotix
Chakan the Forever Man
Castle of Illusion
World of Illusion
Chiki Chiki Boys
Quack Shot



Token_Girl said:

I still have my genesis, so I'd really like to see some Sega Cd releases too:

Sega CD
Sonic CD
Secret of Monkeys Island
Sewer Shark (don't judge me)

Sega 32x
Knuckles Chaotix

Sonic Chaos and Triple Trouble. (Unless they were only released on Game Gear, in which case I would be happy to buy them on a DSi. Perhaps you can convince Nintendo? I will give you money for my pretty extensive GG wish list.)

Saturn (if possible)

thanks SEGA!



niggyt2004 said:

got to be outrun arcade. shinobi arcade. come on i know japan have it and so does xbox live. remakes of virtua cop 1& 2, even house of the dead. i had the mega cd, 32x, saturn & dreamcast. virtua fighter 2 was ace. maybe fighting vipers. lastly we must have shenmue remade on wii. will shenmue 3 ever see the light of day? panza dragon saga was ace



Shinobi (VCA)
Shadow Dancer (VCA)
Virtua Fighter 1 and 2 (VCA)
Virtua Racing (Genesis or VCA)
That Spiderman arcade game (VCA)
Moonwalker (VCA)
Virtual On (VCA)
Virtua Cop (VCA)
Sonic and Knuckles (Genesis)
Vectorman 2 (Genesis)
Star wars arcade (VCA)
I would love to see Castlevania Bloodlines and Contra hard cops too but those are from Konami not sega v_v



jhuhn said:

My Sega picks would be Out Run, Hang-on, Super Hang-On and After Burner for the arcades, as well as Safari Hunt, Gangster Town, Sonic & Knuckles and the first Phantasy Star.



HappyHappy said:

Sega CD- Knucles Chaotix
Sega Saturn- Nights into Dreams..
Sega Dreamcast- Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Crazy Taxi, Illbleed, Jet Grind Radio, Space Channel 5, Zombie Revenge, and ChuChu Rocket!



Slapshot said:

Ummm all of them ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I think you guys have about covered it for me already!!!



Nintendo64Dude said:

SG- Earthworm Jim 2
Sega CD- Sonic CD
Sega Saturn- Nights, Sonic Jam
Dreamcast (if possible...)- Sonic Adventure, Jet Grind Radio



Oh yeah! I forgot about Alien Syndrome on the SMS. That was a great game!



fiddle56 said:

definite bloodlines ( castlevania series) and sonic and knuckles, KNUCKLES all the way!!!! And another old favorite that my family played all the time was about a cute little wildcat named BUBSY. Anyone heard of it?



Sonic_tails1 said:

Chiki Chiki Boys/Mega Twins Genesis.
Zero Wing Genesis.
Vectorman 2 Genesis.
Decap Attack Genesis.
Castlevania Bloodlines Genesis.



Outrunner said:

Oh and SEGA if you're reading this, please, please port the PS2 NiGHTS remake to Wii.



fiddle56 said:

Oh i forgot, the full titlee of bubsy was Bubsy:Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind



astarisborn94 said:

Another reason why I love Sega. They actually support the Virtual Console. Anyway, here are games from Sega that I would like to see on the Virtual Console:

Virtual Console Arcade:
1. Outrunner
2. SegaSonic The Hedgehog
3. Micheal Jackson's Moonwalker
4. Sonic The Figthter
5. Virtua Fighter
6. Virtua Fighter 2
7. Golden Axe
8. Virtual Cop
9. Dragonball Z: V.R.V.S.

Sega Master System:
1. Alex The Kidd In Shinobi World
2. Rambo: First Blood Part II
3. Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap
4. Phanasty Star

Sega Genesis/Megadrive:
1. Sonic & Knuckles 3
2. Sonic & Knuckles
3. Micheal Jackson's Moonwalker
4. Vectorman 2

Sega/Mega CD:
1. Sonic CD

Sega 32X:
1. Knuckles Chatoix

All games were either developed, published, or both by Sega. I'll update this list as this goes on. Now this may sound a little fanboyish, despite being a Nintendo fan first (And still is):




BulbasaurusRex said:

@HappyHappy and Aquateen - Why the heck do you want the Sonic Adventure games when superior versions already exist as GameCube games. Don't forget that you can play GameCube games on the Wii.

For everyone who wants Sonic games other than SegaSonic and Knuckles Chaotix, I'm going to say it one more time - JUST GET SONIC MEGA COLLECTION AND SONIC GEMS OLLECTION!!!! Everything except SegaSonic and Knuckles Chaotix is already there, plus Flicky, Vectorman, Vectorman 2, and Ristar, and it's a lot cheaper than buying everything on Virtual Console.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Brooks83: Siliconera had to pass it on to Hudson. Similar case here. SEGA's Twitter confirms that they are, indeed, going to consider these seriously.



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

MASTER SYSTEM: Columns, Castle of Illusion
GENESIS: Gargoyles, Tecmo Super Hockey
GAME GEAR: Sonic Drift 2
SATURN: Sonic R, Virtua Fighter 2
ARCADE: Sonic Championship, Virtua Cop



marktheshark said:

Sega Sonic the Hedgehog (1993, VCA)
Knuckle's Chaotix (1995, 32X)
Virtua Fighter (1993, either VCA or 32X)
Kolibri (1995, 32X)
Virtua Racing Deluxe (1994, 32X)
GunBlade N.Y. (VCA, 1995)
L.A. Machineguns: Rage of the Machines (VCA, 1998.)*
Virtua Fighter 2 (VCA, 1995)
Virtua Fighter 3 (VCA, 1997)*
Sega Super GT (VCA, 1996)*
Sega Rally 2 (VCA, 1998)*
Fighting Vipers 2 (VCA, 1998)*
Virtual On: Oratario Tangram (VCA, 1998)*
Crazy Taxi (VCA, 1998)*
Dynamite Cop (VCA, 1996)
Sky Target (VCA, 1995)
Fighting Vipers (VCA, 1995)
House of the Dead (VCA, 1996)
House of the Dead 2 (VCA, 1998)*
Virtua Cop (VCA, 1994)
Virtua Cop 2 (VCA, 1995)
Virtua Cop 3 (VCA, 2003)*
House of the Dead 3 (2003)*
Last Bronx (VCA, 1996)
Top Skater (VCA, 1997)
Wave Runner (VCA, 1996)
*- Might have to wait until the next nintendo system's VC due to storage issues

& much, much more. I'm thinking all these games will make their way to VC sooner or later.



Zinjak said:

the only thing i can really think of is Knuckles Chaotix, since i have the other sonic games from Mega Collection and Gems.



Zinjak said:

any chance Blizzard is interested, because i want Lost Vikings 2 and Blackthorne



DreamWatcher said:

@Kevin (78) - Zombies Ate My Neighbors was released by Konami, not Sega. It's a good game but I'd rather see it on the SNES.

@Klaarover (91) - It may be because I played the SNES more than the Genesis, but the SNES version seems better. We just have to hold out.

Sorry Sega, but I was a SNES fan as a kid, although I did own a Genesis (Sonic 3 + Knuckles was a favorite mostly because of the save feature). Heh. I died a lot when I wasn't Tails and I couldn't sit there for hours trying to do everything in one playthrough. ^^; I support the lock-on feature (if possible on the VC). I have everything I want on the Sonic Mega Collection, but that doesn't mean I won't support the games in SMC being released on the VC. ^^ Lock-on feature all the way.

And on the off chance Konami is listening/reading things on Nintendolife (and other places where this game is mentioned), Zombies Ate My Neighbors on the SNES would be nice please. I can hear those chainsaws revving up once again...



aaronsullivan said:

Phantasy Star (SMS) - personal favorite of the series
Zillion (SMS) - Gave me new respect for the SMS at the time.
Thunderforce II (Genesis - This and the next two are Technosoft: deal with it please. )
Thunderforce III (Genesis - or maybe the rights are easier for the Tunderforce AC arcade port which is almost identical!)
Herzog Zwei (with online multiplayer please. )
Phantasy Star Generation: 1 (Requires translation and it was PS2. I can dream.)
Quartet (arcade) - the frantic, side scrolling sci-fi Gauntlet alternative.

Other games that are pretty cool:
Golvelius (sp? SMS)
Miracle Warriors (SMS - soft spot for this one, but it ain't pretty.)
Alien Syndrome (Arcade)
Galaxy Force II (Arcade)



aaronsullivan said:

Just noticed no one else mentioned Quartet! No one remembers this 4 player coop competition game that was cashing in on the Gauntlet --notice the "et"-- craze? It was crazy fun and I'd love to get a four player game with friends going. (Don't bother with the SMS version.)



aaronsullivan said:

Ah yes, I forgot:
Never played that through but my best friends loved it. (Didn't know if it was published by SEGA.)

And, btw, that's some hardcore arcade lovin' to bring up Star Trek. I'm not sure how great it would be without the captain's chair, but sitting in that thing was intimidating and awesome and the vector graphics really fit the theme.

Oh, and was it SEGA who brought out that holographic laserdisc-based game, Time Traveller? That was pretty awful, but seeing it in the Videotopia exhibit at the local museum was massively nostalgic.



brooks83 said:

@KnucklesSonic8: Thanks for clearing that up, I wasn't aware SEGA was officially involved in this. From the article it made it seem like they were gonna send the list to SEGA whether they want it or not, but I am very glad to hear that SEGA is taking this seriously. Now to come up with a list



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Why do you think I was so eager to list so many titles?
They said they'd take a look at the comments and see what the fans want. Truly exciting.



BlueFlameBat said:

I wouldn't mind Golden Axe: The Duel, Golden Axe: The Return of Death Adder, and the Dynamite Dekka series. I'd also like Fighting Vipers and Fighters Megamix, but only cuz I like the girl with the black panties. Yeah, I'm sick.



Kirk said:

Virtua Cop Series, Virtua Fighter 2, Virtua Racing, Sega Rally. All great arcade games.



cornishlee said:

@ Tony: Thanks, that was nagging at the back of my head even as I typed it!

And on that theme, all those asking for the Game Gear versions of the Sonic games. These are the same games that were made for the Master System, so they're already on VC.



Zork2 said:

Panorama Cotton, Herzog Zwei, Shadowrun, Sonic CD, Shining Force CD, Robo Aleste, Keio Flying Squadron



Outrunner said:

@bulbasaurus rex: Actually I think the DC versions of the Sonic Adventure games are superior. They have a lot smoother frame rate. Also we want the Japan/Europe version of Sonic CD because the Sonic Boom soundtrack isn't that great.



Spencer said:

If we cant get Rondo of the Blood then Maybe we can at least get
Castlevania Bloodliness




There's probably quite a few. Many of the Sonic titles as well as Outrun, Crazy Taxi, Goldenaxe, Afterburner, Super Monkey the top of my head...



linrek-1 said:




Fuun_Saiki said:

Castlevania: Bloodlines - we need it desperately. Aside from that the SEGA Mega Drive Collection has pretty much killed all my ideas, so to be honest before SEGA start releasing any more games I'd rather they sorted out the problem with the PAL slowness/ borders on import titles; the only thing putting me off buying MUSHA.



Aardvark_Soup said:

Sega CD support! This is mainly for Sonic CD and Snatcher (I know, not a Sega game) but I'm sure many people would like to replay some of the campy FMV cult classics.



Lotice-Paladin said:

SEGA, if you can, could you release both Triple Trouble and Tail's Adventure? I know the latter is on Game Gear but it's a great game and I think alot of people here'd like it .

I agree with everyone's list too.

P.S: Oh and that Dragon game you developed. All I know is that it starts with an A. I think RadioShadow said it.



blackknight77 said:

I know due to liscensing these are not possible, but Sega made the best 16-bit sports games. I loved NFL 94, and World Series Baseball. They had some of the best graphics and gameplay on the 16-bit systems.I think Sega did a Volleyball game for the Genesis as well. Anyway just include Super Monaco on the list to Sega.



kee said:

Zombies ate my neighbors (md)
Sub terrania (md)

Both third-party titles. If they got these two down I'd be content. (Maybe Sonic CD too if it's viable...)



marktheshark said:


Will Sega be looking at the wishlists here or do we send them to a person who will send them to Sega?

Anyways, here's what I also want:

Fantasy Zone Arcade version (VCA, 1986)
Fantasy Zone II arcade version (VCA, 1988)
Dynamite DUX (VCA, 1988)
Aurail (VCA, 1989)
Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams (VCA, 1991)
E-Swat: City Under Siege (Genesis, 1990?)
After Burner II (VCA, 1987)
Wrestle War (VCA, 1989)
Line of Fire (VCA, 1989)
Racing Hero (VCA, 1989)
Super Monaco GP (VCA, 1989)
Bonanza Bros. (VCA, 1990)
Galaxy Force II (VCA, 1988)
Power Drift (VCA, 1988)
Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder (VCA, 1992)



aaronsullivan said:

Like me some Chu Chu rocket, too. WiiWare/DSiWare, indeed.

What was that cooperative side scrolling fantasy game by Treasure for the Saturn... Guardian Heroes! Did Sega publish that, I can't remember.



SKTTR said:

Speaking of Treasure, has anyone mentioned Treasureland Adventure? Just get rid off that damn McDonald's license and edit some graphics. Make it "Dynamite Headdy Jr." or something.



Adamant said:

Outrun, the Hang On games and Alex Kidd in Shinobi World are all very high up on my list.



slatters said:

SOLEIL, excellent rpg that many don't know about

What i'd like to see is something different from the usual re-releases that keep making their way onto compilations.

Fantastic Dizzy
Tiny Toons(bht and aas)
Micro machines!

Shame those will probs never make it though



ICEknight said:

Just release Fantasy Zone 2 arcade, please.

Seriously, that game's ace, and even if it's pretty recent, it was made to run in old arcade hardware (the original was a home console exclusive).

EDIT: Oh, and Sonic CD running at 60Hz and with the European/Japanese soundtrack (or else I'm not buying), but it's not gonna happen anyway.

EDIT 2: And Outrunners arcade, not the MegaDrive trash port.



Crazed said:

Wow, I think I know about 5% of the games that everyone is talking about. Now I feel bad that all of these good games have come out that I have had no idea what they are. Is there a site where I can catch up to all the great sega hits by chance?

Oh, and so that my post is on-topic, I do have a small list that I would like (for VC and for possible Wii extensions.)

1. Power Stone (only have seen videos, but looks really cool)
2. Outrun
3. Crazy Taxi

1. Jet Set Radio sequel (this would be amazing!)
2. Wave Runner (This plus Wii Sports Resort will calm my Ski-doo craze)
3.Warsong (many people seems to really like it...)



Betagam7 said:

Before Sega thinks about releasing anymore games I want it to address its horrific VC PAL releases. Every one of them (bar arcade) has been 50hz bordered, slow and squashed INCLUDING THE HANABI TITLES (which makes no sense whatsoever!). Can someone at Nintendolife get in touch with SEGA and ask them why they keep doing this and why on earth they are downgrading hanabi titles to run this way when all other hanabi titles run at 60hz?



BulbasaurusRex said:

@Outrunner - The GameCube versions of the Sonic Adventure games have slightly improved graphics, improved Chao mechanics, a Mission Mode in SADX, and 2 Player Multiplayer Racing (through single player levels) and Battling Modes in SA2B, making them the superior versions despite any minor framerate problems. For Sonic CD, I believe the Japanese version of the opening song is available for listening in Gems Collection. Besides, why wait so long for it just for some better music when you can get it now with a bunch of other great Sonic stuff. "Sonic Boom" is a great song anyway, and the rest of the American soundtrack is just fine.

@Relevant Latty - Tails's Adventure is already on Sonic Gems Collection, and Triple Trouble is either on Gems Collection or unlockable in Sonic Adventure: DX (or both).



Outrunner said:

@Bulbasaurus Rex: Yes I know, I have the GCN versions. I prefer the DC versions because I think they made the character models look stupid in the GCN ones.
I disagree on the OST for Sonic CD. I prefer the Japan/Europe OST. The American one had a few good tracks (Tidal Tempest and Wacky Workbench presents) but overall I didn't like it much.



FantasiaWHT said:

Only seen it twice so I'm adding it again:


Also, what about the Phantasy Star remakes only released in Japan?



Kid_A said:

I'd really love to see some DreamCast games. Jet Grind Radio, Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure...lots of stuff.



Videoman343 said:

I want to see Phantasy Star, Castlevania Bloodlines, Contra Hard Crops, Desert, Jungle and Urban Strike, Outran(VCA), After Burner II (VCA), Micheal Jackson's Moonwalker, Quack Shots, Ranger X, Beavis & Butt-head, Paper Boy, Atomic Runner, Batman, E-Swat, Sonic & Knuckles and Earthworm Jim 2 on the VC Please



Kafei2006 said:

Outrun arcade (the original) and Outrunners. The arcade versions please, not the horrendous Sega Megadrive conversions. Played these two games for hours.



Backwards_Man said:

Alien Syndrome
Altered Beast
Double Hawk
Hang On
Golden Axe
Summer Games
California Games

Rockn Roll Racing
Contra Hard Corps
Fighting Masters
The original NHL Hockey or NHL 93 game(I can dream can't I)

Sega CD
Sewer Shark
Tomcat Alley
Ground Zero Texas
Mansion of Hidden Souls
Sonic CD
Eternal Champions - Challenge from the Darkside
Jurrasic Park
Star Wars - Rebel Assault
Road Avenger

I know many of the SMS games have been released on other platforms, but I prefer the SMS versions!



Adroitone said:


Virtua Fighter 1-3
Fightering Vipers 1-2
Virtua On
Virtua Cop
Daytona USA (more than likely not possible)
Sega Rally
AfterBurner 1 and 2
A.B Cop
super monaco GP 1-2
Racing Hero
Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder
SegaSonic the Hedgehog (probably can't happen)
Virtua Racing
Sega Touring Car Championship (probably can't happen)
Scud Race
Sonic Fighters
Virtua Fighter Kids
Last Bronx

Sega Genesis

Sonic and Knuckles
Vectoman 2
Contra: Hard Corps
Castlevania: Bloodlines



Alien_Jesus said:

Master System: because it doesnt get the love it deserves

Cloud Master
Spell Caster
Rescue Mission (with wiimote controls perhaps? Light gun games are long overdue on VC)
Outrun Europa
Fantastic Dizzy
Rainbow Islands
New Zealand Story
Psycho Fox
Dynamite Headdy(MS)
Ninja Gaiden (MS)
R-type (MS)

Mega Drive +32x:
Anything by Disney (unlikely but it has to be said!....This applies to master system too)
Sonic and Knuckles
knuckles chaotix



Ferret75 said:

Also, Pole's Big Adventure!

Where is that for us? =P
Don't forget Sonic and Knuckles. =3



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Monster World IV (MD)

Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder (Arcade)

Shining Force CD (Mega CD)
Sonic CD (Mega CD)
Snatcher (I know, it´s Konami but it kicks ass...)

Knuckles Chaotics (32X)



luigibro said:

Sonic & Knuckles (as well as it's lock-on games)
Sonic CD (and hopefully both versions of the soundtrack)
Knuckles Chaotix
SegaSonic the Hedgehog
Rocket Knight Adventures
Castlevania Bloodlines
Contra Hard Corps



Backwards_Man said:

Chuck Rock
Cool Spot

Master System
Bomber Raid

Sega CD
Night Trap
Dragon's Lair
Chuck Rock 2(much better on Sega CD with the CD quality music)
BC Racers



President_Leever said:

Here's my wishlist:

Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder
After Burner
Virtua Fighter 3
Sega Rally 2
Crazy Taxi
Virtua Cop
House of the Dead

Burning Rangers
Dragon Force

Mega Drive/Genesis:
Rocket Knight Adventures
Monster World IV
Panorama Cotton
Langrisser II
Yu Yu Hakusho: Makyou Toitsusen
Bare Knuckle 3
Micro Machines '96
Herzog Zwei
Contra: Hard Corps
Wiz 'n Liz
Castlevania: Bloodlines
Ranger X
Eliminate Down
Alisia Dragoon
General Chaos
Thunder Force II, III & IV

Power Strike 2
Golden Axe Warrior
Wonder Boy III: Dragon's Trap
Penguin Land
Ninja Gaiden

Sega CD:
Shining Force CD
Lunar: Eternal Blue
Android Assault: Bari-Arm
Lords of Thunder
Popful Mail
Mansion of Hidden Souls
Road Avenger



AUnkownFuture said:

After burner Climax and after burner 2 (Arcade) and please SEGA Put Daytona usa 2 On the VC Arcade i love that game very much and a few other games



AMK said:

There are so many classics that could be released & it really does feel that Virtual Console arcade hasn't really gotten going yet. Please give us Outrun (obvious choice), but also Powerdrift & Outrunners!



real_football said:

Star Wars Trilogy (Arcade) and any Sega Saturn (Nights) or Dreamcast game and i'm good besides the obvious sonic ones which are coming anyway



AMK said:

The SEGA Saturn is supposed to be one of the hardest consoles to emulate, so I don't think we'd ever see it on the virtual console & the Dreamcast is as powerful as the wii so wouldn't happen. I think the same would be true of Arcade games from the early 2000's onwards. We can but dream.



ig83e said:

Rocket Knight Adventures - Genesis
Earth Worm Jim 2 - Genesis
Robo Kid - Genesis
Target Earth - Genesis
Insector X - Genesis
Chakan - Genesis
TMNT Hyper Stone - Genesis
Super Thunder Force III - Genesis
Super Thunder Force II - Genesis
Shadow Blasters - Genesis
Toki: Going Ape Spit - Genesis
Quack Shot - Genesis
Mickey Mouse: Castle of Illusion - Genesis
Mickey Mouse: World of Illusion - Genesis
Mickey Mania - Genesis
Zany Golf - Genesis
Eternal Champions - Sega CD
Sonic CD - Sega CD
Cyborg Hunter - Master System



ICEknight said:

Betagam7 said:
"Before Sega thinks about releasing anymore games I want it to address its horrific VC PAL releases. Every one of them (bar arcade) has been 50hz bordered, slow and squashed INCLUDING THE HANABI TITLES (which makes no sense whatsoever!). Can someone at Nintendolife get in touch with SEGA and ask them why they keep doing this and why on earth they are downgrading hanabi titles to run this way when all other hanabi titles run at 60hz?"

Agreed. At least the Hanabi titles should run at 60Hz, since they were never meant to run at 50 (Nintendo always uses 60Hz for those, which makes more sense).

I'll be getting a few of SEGA's Hanabi titles (starting with Pulseman) only if they get an update to fix that.



Tannman42 said:

I have many SEGA games I'd like to see on the VC but for now I'm gonna say Moonwalker and Sonic CD.



DreamWatcher said:

I needed to add this.
NiGHTS into Dreams... (Sega Saturn)
Seriously. I'd love to see this on the VC. We don't have the PS2 port (it's apparently not available outside Japan), so this would be the next best thing. Only 3 other people listed this game...
Come on! We have JoD, so why not NiD? ^^
(I realize the Saturn isn't on the VC, but new systems are added now and then. Maybe the SS could join it... /hint hint/)



Courtest1 said:

I would say that Sonic and Knuckles would be the best thing for sega to release on the virtual console, and Virtua Racing as well! Those games are awesome!



SandMan said:

@ Post 178:
Hell's yes! Sonic Xtreme please!

Anyways, what ever happened to this list? Did SEGA actually take a look at it?

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