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Sat 29th Nov 2008

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linrek-1 commented on Swords & Soldiers:

I agree 2 very repetitive and the multiplayer mode does not have enough tactics just an endless building until one side falls over....
at first glance it seems like a 9/10 but now maybe a 6/10



linrek-1 commented on Crystal Defenders R1:

Graphics 6
Music 5
Controls 5
Durability 6 ( -4 to easy, you probably won't return after getting 100% )
*Still a fun challenge that should have been much harder! 6 / 10



linrek-1 commented on Pulseman:

Graphics 10
music 8 ( -2 for voices)
controlls 9 (-1 for bad controlls under water)
durability (8) (-2 for short length)
A challenge for anyone who thinks sonic was to fast and megaman to slow! 8.5 / 10



linrek-1 commented on TV Show King 2:

The original was great please make an option for removing the cutscenes =O
Removing the wheel should also be possible it felt rediculous when luck always decide the round! plus new questions and I gladly pay 1000 points! =)



linrek-1 commented on Review: Solomon's Key (NES):

Of all the games I played as a little kid this is actually one I remember pretty clearly for its cool theme. Maybe a 9 / 10 because it has aged a bit Kind of hard game but with patience you will complete it and with help of infinite continues



linrek-1 commented on Cave Story:

great characters 10/10
cool weapons 10/10
I completed it 2 times about 10 hours 8/10
Difficulty: a bit to easy with some weapons 7/10
Great sound and graphics 10/10
story: well above average 8/10

Feels like a mix of a rpg, shooter and platformer what can go wrong 9/10



linrek-1 commented on Icarian: Kindred Spirits:

Ionic columns are not supposed to have a frieze with (metope - triglyph). That is for the Doric order. Still fun to see all this Greek antique elements.



linrek-1 commented on Secret of Mana:

Yes clearly 5 stars!! Please release it in europe!!! I created an account to say that