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Tue 4th Mar 2008

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slatters commented on $1.2 Billion Wiped Off Nintendo's Market Value...:

It's a shame to see such a great company going in the wrong direction.

Nintendo are a lot like Morrisons, they are stubborn and refuse to move with the times, adopt a clear online strategy and give the consumer what they want. Hell Morrisons can't afford window cleaning at the moment.

The 3DS is surely their saving grace financially at the moment, but I hate to see the Wii U in this predicament as it's a great machine. They need restructure, and sooner rather than later or we may just have trophies and achievements in a Mario game. It's not impossible, we all said Sega would never give up the gauntlet....

But I hope that never happens. Good luck Nintendo.



slatters commented on Miyamoto Can't Wait to Show Off Super Mario Br...:

I don't see that this will bear any resemblance to the orignal NES series. It'll be New Super Mario Bros 3DS as a few above me have said. Just so you're all not getting your hopes up for smb3 sequel or anything...



slatters commented on Nintendo's DS Line Out-Sells Competition in Mi...:

That's not bad at all to say the successor is just around the corner. Surely support for this machine will have to continue for at least a couple more years after the 3DS release?

What I actually find more interesting is the PS2 sales figures. You have to hand it to Sony, it's an fantastic immoprtal machine. There's still a few releases penned for the US and UK too!



slatters commented on Nintendo Download: 12th and 13th October 2010 ...:

Why do people keep hitting on sonic 4's £10 price tag. Yes I said it - £10 and a few pence. This is it's retail price on the 360 & ps3 so you're not getting screwed in that dept. Granted it's unfair Japan should have the pprice decreased but do their points work out at a different rate maybe?



slatters commented on Nintendo Power Claims Sonic 4: Episode 1 Will ...:

If this rumour is true then It personally doesn't take me by surprise. Think about it, in the UK 2000 points costs £14 direct from Nintendo so this weighs in at £10.50. Similar games on other digital services cost around £10 too. Rocket Knight on xbla and psn for instance is no more than a new version of a classic game but still carries what we may consider a high price tag. Just over a tenner for a game that's easily going to be as big as it's 16-bit forefathers is reasonable imo. Yes it's episodic but if the quality and quantity of level and design is there then price is highly justified.
Saying all this, Nintendo Power have come off a rumour so it may cost less and who knows, may cost more!



slatters commented on Kirby's New Ability is to Fly Fast, Fly Far:

It's only a Frisbee? What's so great about it??
I think Nintendo could get some much better incentives in club nintendo.
The only thing that intersts me atm is wii points.
Now to carry on saving my 6500 stars



slatters commented on Get Your DSi XL in Sultry Midnight Blue, North...:

@5 It looks like it could be doesn't it? Either way I like this. Maybe i'll get one for my Mrs who has taken to using my old lite all the time haha. But i'm also with others and would most likely wait for the 3DS.



slatters commented on LucasArts Bringing Classic Games to Virtual Co...:

Please please please please please Lucasarts, can we have the ultra rare N64 title Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine !!!!

God I would love you forever if you released it!

What do you guys think? Seeing as this was US only and I think only availible at Blockbusters, don't quote me on that though.



slatters commented on Red Steel 2 Delayed Until 2010:

I'm in agreement with the majority. Take your time and make it all the better!
I'm sure Mario and Sonic at the winter games will fill my time up over the festive period (well that and reruns of Chritmas specials on TV)



slatters commented on What SEGA games do you want to see on the Virt...:

SOLEIL, excellent rpg that many don't know about

What i'd like to see is something different from the usual re-releases that keep making their way onto compilations.

Fantastic Dizzy
Tiny Toons(bht and aas)
Micro machines!

Shame those will probs never make it though



slatters commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 2:

I loved this game when it came out but like others i also have it on a sonic collection.
Deffo one for download if you havn't played it though!