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Tue 14th Apr 2009

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fiddle56 commented on iPhone more powerful than Wii?:

I don't have a pitchfork but I do have a love for nintendo ( and if that doesn't work they can get taste of Uzi ) EAT LEAD IPHONE!!!!!!!



fiddle56 commented on DJ Hero:

dont really expect it will be as fun as the others



fiddle56 commented on What SEGA games do you want to see on the Virt...:

definite bloodlines ( castlevania series) and sonic and knuckles, KNUCKLES all the way!!!! And another old favorite that my family played all the time was about a cute little wildcat named BUBSY. Anyone heard of it?



fiddle56 commented on Review: Rhythm Heaven (DS):

demo= great, fun, and the longest ds demo ive played
game= TERRIBLE,AWFUL, and im just kidding! i wouldnt be caught dead saying those words, this game is the most, greatest, addictting, satisfing, replay valued.... what am i talking about? oh right, this game is truly heaven!



fiddle56 commented on Review: Contra 4 (DS):

i would get this... if only it had wi fi co-op and a save function. i mean who in the world would wanna play a game in which you are at the final level, and the power to the ds goes off. HARD WORK WASTED! but then again,i would get this game if stores near me had it. ah well im getting partners in time anyway