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Fri 26th Sep 2008

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RoyOfTheRovers commented on Review: Resident Evil: Deadly Silence (DS):

I loved the PS1 version but never beat it. Since then I have bought it again during my PS2 days but didn't get round to playing it again and was tempted by the Wii-make but didn't pick it up.

If I find this version cheap enough I may give it a crack.



RoyOfTheRovers commented on DSi XL to Hit Europe on March 5th:

I have been considering a DS for a while so am very tempted by the XL as I have pretty rubbish eyes and don't commute to work so would only use it when at home and the GF is hogging the tv.

However, with Iwata's recent comments about the features that may or may not be in the next DS, and Michael Pachter predicting a slow year for DS (which I assume would mean a price drop) I wonder if I should wait a bit before investing in one?



RoyOfTheRovers commented on Review: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (WiiWare):

I have been considering getting a DSi for a while because I wanted to play the Phoenix Wright games, Professor Layton, Advance Wars and some of the other DS-only titles, however I am now hoping they will bring them all to WiiWare in the form of dodgy ports and I can save myself a few quid!!

Despite the bad review I am still going to pick this up when it drops in the EU as I have never played any of the series and for only 1,000 Wii Points I am prepared to put up with some ropey graphics and lack of IR.



RoyOfTheRovers commented on Review: Wii Sports: Resort (Wii):

Best review I have read so far.

The one query I have that Corbie touched on very briefly but no one else has mentioned at all - does it save your best scores for each event, showing the Mii that got that score?



RoyOfTheRovers commented on Game & Watch Games to be Released on DSiWare:

I had a couple of these in my youth but didn't know what I had, I just thought they were another electronic handheld and was blissfully unaware that they were made by Nintendo.

I had a Snoopy one where he played tennis and some sort of Donkey Kong one where you swung from branches avoiding crocs to collect a key, maybe Donkey Kong Jnr?

Great idea though, if it leads to a full handheld VC then I may well be tempted to take the plunge and buy myself my first DS.



RoyOfTheRovers commented on What SEGA games do you want to see on the Virt...:

Psycho Fox (sms)
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (sms)
Alex Kidd in Shinobi World (sms)
Micro Machines (Mega Drive)
Cosmic Spacehead (Mega Drive)
Night Trap (Mega CD - not sure this is possible but I want the world to know I want it anyway!)



RoyOfTheRovers commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. (Virtual Console / N...:

Can anyone give a bit more detail about the classic controller controls? What each button does etc?

I have never played any of the Smash games and thought 1000 Wii Points (£7) would be a good entry to the series to see how I like it, thing is I don't have a GC controller so will have to use my Classic, if the button layout really sucks then I will just save the extra cash and pick up a cheap copy of Brawl.



RoyOfTheRovers commented on Review: Boom Blox Bash Party (Wii):

Does anyone know if the game saves your win/loss record on multiplayer? A competitive element is what keeps me and the girlfriend interested in the more casual games, Link's Crossbow Training did it really well and we probably got about 4 months of solid play out of that!



RoyOfTheRovers commented on Namco Bandai Turns Up The Heat With Cook Or Be...:

I really enjoyed Order Up! so quite excited about this, although I have never heard of The Food Network, if that is a US TV channel then us Brits may not get it.

Glad to see MotionPlus is going to be used as Order Up! whilst enjoyable, did feel like a bit of a waggle-fest at times.



RoyOfTheRovers commented on Talking Point: Could The Conduit Be in for a R...:

I think the guy is right, The Conduit will probably be a fantastic game when compared to the other FPS'ers on the Wii, but compared to CoD, Killzone 2 and Left 4 Dead on the 360/PS3 it will be a far poorer option in terms of graphics, game modes, online etc.

This sadly is a problem with all of the recent 3rd party hardcore offerings for the Wii, which have not sold as well as similarly hyped offerings on other formats. To be honest I am part of the problem as getting a Wii 18 months ago and remembering how much I enjoyed games turned me back into a hardcore gamer, to the point that I bought myself a 360 a month ago as I felt I was missing out on so much. As a result, I bought CoD: WaW and Street Fighter IV for the 360 rather than Madworld (although I did snag HOTD for £18 in Tesco Easter weekend!)

One thing the Wii has in its favour with regards to FPS'ers is the IR, which gives a far more realistic feel of shooting a gun than you can get with analog sticks. Sadly, a lot of hardcore gamers have grown up using conventional control pads and therefore have not embraced the Wiimote for this purpose.



RoyOfTheRovers commented on Alex Kidd in Miracle World:

I have been trying to beat this game for approx. 20 years! (on and off obviously)

That ruddy jungle level gets me every time, with or without the bike, I can get passed it but it usually take a couple of precious lives off me.

I think the time has come to cheat - I read the original had a continue mode after game over, does this work on VC? I tried a couple of times but it was having none of it.



RoyOfTheRovers commented on USA VC Update: Sonic Chaos:

I have downloaded both Sonic 1 & 2 for SMS from VC and enjoyed both, as I did back in the day. I had moved onto the Mega Drive by the time this was released so didn't get it.

The gf got me a TV plug-in thing for Christmas that has various SMS and GG games on it, this being one, and it is pretty poor. The screen is very close in so I reckon it may be the GG version though.

It also had Snail Maze on it, remember that?!! Very basic but great for a bit of nostalgia.



RoyOfTheRovers commented on EU WiiWare Update: Lonpos:

Thanks Calculon, good advice.

I don't want to wander off topic too much but having never played an RPG in my life (and therefore not knowing if I will like them) is Paper Mario a good place to start or is it a bit kiddy and I will be better served with something like SoM?



RoyOfTheRovers commented on EU WiiWare Update: Lonpos:

As many have said, worst week ever.

Still, I have 2,000 Wii Points that I got as a Christmas present that I am yet to invest so maybe I can catch up on some goodness that I missed out on in the past. I'm thinking Bomberman Blast & Lostwinds if I go for WiiWare, or maybe Super Mario RPG/Punch-Out/MegaMan 2 if I feel like going retro.

Any suggestions on what is the better combo?



RoyOfTheRovers commented on EU WiiWare Update: World Of Goo And Lots More!:

Great update, been waiting for WoG for far too long.

I fear Orbient may go a bit un-noticed this week.

Niki would probably be an instant purchase any other week, but I want to consentrate on Goo.

Sudoku blows.

Just need Sonic 2 on the sms next week and all will be right with the world.



RoyOfTheRovers commented on EU VC Update: Last Ninja 3, Impossible Mission...:

Wouldn't bet on it, still Game were sold out so I picked it up at Tesco, had to queue for Customer Services to get the disc, had only paid for the standard version but the numpty behind the desk gave me the Wii Speak version!

Back of the net!



RoyOfTheRovers commented on EU VC Update: Last Ninja 3, Impossible Mission...:

Boring update - was hoping for Sonic 2 on the Master System.

I guess that makes up my mind for my weekend gaming, am going to trade in Fifa 09 and pick up my first ever Animal Crossing game. By tonight I will be smacking rocks and planting pears or something.



RoyOfTheRovers commented on Review: Yummy Yummy Cooking Jam (WiiWare):

Just to buck the trend, I am quite into cooking and have Order Up! coming from the chick this weekend for my birthday so I may actually download this once I have completed that just for the 2 player mode which Order Up! doesn't have.

Edit: Assuming it gets an EU release of course!



RoyOfTheRovers commented on Review: Space Invaders Get Even (WiiWare):

With regards to the storage issue that this release raises, am I not right in saying that you can delete any game you have downloaded from your Wii memory and re-download it at a later date from the Wii Shop Channel without being charged again? Presumably this is another option to add to the fine suggestions made by calculon in Post 33.

I haven't actually tried it out myself though so not sure how the SD transfer compares with a fresh download in terms of speed.

Back to the game itself, I will definately be getting the initial 2 missions for 500 points, if it grabs me then I may go the full 2000 points, if not then it is £3.50 for an hours fun, about the same as a movie rental but with better replayability.



RoyOfTheRovers commented on Mega Man 9:

Thanks Cally, haven't got round to getting this yet, think I will porbably start with Mega Man 2 to break me in gently!



RoyOfTheRovers commented on Fun! Fun! Minigolf:

Hoping for this sometime very soon, been looking forward to it for a while. Possibly my most anticipated WiiWare game at the moment.



RoyOfTheRovers commented on Mega Man 9:

I spent my console time with Sonic and Alex Kidd so Mega Man never got a look in.

Any comments on my other queries? Thanks.



RoyOfTheRovers commented on Toki Tori:

My first ever WiiWare purchase and for that reason (as well as the fact that I haven't beaten it yet!) it will remain on my Wii until the end of time!

A stonking-good game, worth every single point.



RoyOfTheRovers commented on Wild West Guns:

I quite like this game, although 1,000 points is a touch steep.

As I think someone else mentioned, you only have 1 profile so it doesn't record your performance to compare to a mate, no leaderboards, etc. Certainly not a s deep as Link's Crossbow Training, although that is to be expected for the price.

Probably a 6.5/10 for me, but the gf loves the shooting games so you can't really put a price on the brownie points I got for downloading this one!



RoyOfTheRovers commented on Mega Man 9:

Being a bit of a Sega boy in my youth, I have never played a Mega Man game - do you get lives/continues or just as many cracks as you need?

If I complete one of the stages and then snuff it on the next, do I have to go back and beat the previous stage again?

Thanks - will be downloading either MM2 or MM9 this evening, probably go for 2 as it is cheaper, although the time attack leaderboards of 9 do appeal!



RoyOfTheRovers commented on EU WiiWare Update: Mega Man 9, Strong Bad Ep 2...:

Great to get 3 games in a week, although as a relative newbie to the Nintendo world (and therefore having never played any of the MegaMan games), I am not that excited.

Was far happier with the recent Bomberman and Midnight Pool week, that was an expensive Friday! Hope you 'across the pond folk' get Bomberman next week.

p.s. First post on this site, love it!