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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Jolted85 commented on Nintendo Download: Rayman, Notebooks, Stress B...:

will download rayman and street fighter alpha 2, which means i need point cards, street fighter alpha 2 is good and all but the in-round load times is a bummer though.

All Capcom needs to do is release Super SF2 (genesis) version then we'll have them all, also 11 downloads is a good thing



Jolted85 commented on Review: Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (...:

this is now probably my favorite port of street fighter 2, at the heart of the pc engine it's an 8 bit machine, so all the graphic detail is being done on it's 16 bit graphics processor, amazing an 8 bit cpu can handle SF2..



Jolted85 commented on Nintendo Download: 24-25 November 2009 (Japan):

damn 18 games all together, question will MSX titles eventually make it elsewhere in the world?

I read that they eventually plan to bring it to other parts of the world, but I can't really confirm it for myself XD



Jolted85 commented on Nintendo Download: Bikes, Frogs, Dragons, Bomb...:

hopefully we can say that 2 games on the VC each week has returned, I'm glad we got another game besides Wonderboy, I'm waiting for the PCEngine SF2 game later this month, might get Fighting Street Thursday when I have points



Jolted85 commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (4th Nov):

i've been playing my pokemon ranch almost every day now, it's really not that bad and I think it should be just a little bit higher now, sexy poker might be off the top 20 by next week though