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Sun 27th Jul 2008

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Stijnco commented on iPhone more powerful than Wii?:

I bought Monkey Island on WiiWare today and the choppy framerate is really bugging. Should have bought it on Steam, >.>.
Also this TellTale guy is an ass. I already skewered him with my pitchfork



Stijnco commented on Mirror's Edge Wii Concept Art Surfaces:

I really loved Mirrors Edge, the PC version was the best.
How ever they would have maintained the same gameplay like the original, with cartoony graphics and inventive wii controls, this game would have been good too in my eyes.



Stijnco commented on ActRaiser:

Please square-enix, release E.V.O. for the VC!



Stijnco commented on First Impressions: WarioWare: D.I.Y.:

I actually own WarioWare Twisted
And it isn't even released in the EU, I just bought it in a videogame store. And it's a really great game to play, one of my favorite GBA games. And WarioWare Touched ain't bad either.



Stijnco commented on Super Mario Bros. 3:

This is probably the most populair Mario Bros. title ever so a lot of people have bought on the VC. No doubt



Stijnco commented on First Impressions: Mario & Luigi RPG 3:

I don't like the fact that you are in Bowsers stomach for most of the time, but oh well, I'm still going to get it because I enjoyed the other Mario and Luigi games so much!



Stijnco commented on No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle Is "Nearly ...:

I really loved the first NMH even if it got a lot of bugs and the city was really dull in comparison to city's in games like GTA or Saints Row. I just loved it's style and I'm definetly going to get Desperate Struggle, I'm happy it's coming to Europe in an uncensored version. I missed the blood in the original NMH European Version



Stijnco commented on Balloon Fight:

It was fun on Animal Crossing, getting away from your daily activities, but Animal Crossing was a rental so bummer:(. And it's a fun game, a fun 2-player mode (even if the second player can sometimes really piss you off by popping al of your balloons accidentally). The bonus is quite lame though.



Stijnco commented on Pokémon Snap:

I already own the N64 version, but it's a game that doesn't last very long. Still it's fun to play but keep this in mind if you want to buy this one.



Stijnco commented on Yoshi's Story:

You know, I'm actually quite suprised about how good this game really is. Don't be so rough on everyone's favourite green dinosaur.



Stijnco commented on Paper Mario:

First I've played The Thousand Year Door on Gamecube, and I loved it. I still play it these days sometimes. Of course I downloaded the original Paper Mario and it was good too, but I'm stuck at that Volcano level but what the heck, I'll get out of it someday:p. To conclusion a really good game, I must-download for the Virtual Console



Stijnco commented on Mega Man 2:

I've bought the Anniversary Collection as wel as the X Collection for my Gamecube (alongside a handy Freeloader disc:p) and Megaman 2 is just an awesome game. And for those who still want to play a Megaman game...Look for Megaman X on the SNES or pray that Capcom puts it on the Virtual Console, because it is an unspeakably good game.



Stijnco commented on Contra III: The Alien Wars:

I've played Contra 3 (Super Probotector in Europe-.- I don't want robots! I want the original warriors!) on the SNES back in the days, and I've downloaded it for the Wii pure nostalgic reasons, and I'm actually pretty shocked about how this game hasn't aged very well. It's still a fun game but I prefer others like Gunstar Heroes. Only thing that is still a bummer is that in Europe we have Probotector and not Contra-.-